Tom Kenny (Voice of SpongeBob) Talks Fan-Favorite Lines IRL 🎂 Happy Birthday! | SpongeBob

  • Publicado em 13 Jul 2019
  • We wish a very Happy Birthday to Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob!
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Comentários • 4 494

  • SpongeBob SquarePants Official
    SpongeBob SquarePants Official  5 meses atrás +4354

    What is YOUR favorite show quote? 💯

    • Ghøst
      Ghøst 2 dias atrás


    • 미술
      미술 4 meses atrás

      Either IT WAS HIS HAT MR KRABS. HE WAS NUMBER 1! or Licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets

    • XFire21
      XFire21 4 meses atrás

      I am 16 and still watch spongebob!

    • KD Gamer Girl
      KD Gamer Girl 4 meses atrás

      Omg hi, SpongeBob! That’s my fave tv show!!!

    • Mykela Brown
      Mykela Brown 4 meses atrás

      Leedle Leedle Leedle

  • Gacha Prodigy Pup
    Gacha Prodigy Pup 18 horas atrás

    Isn’t SpongeBobs b-day July 14?

  • Miss Ladwig
    Miss Ladwig Dia atrás

    I'm ready

  • Stephen RBX
    Stephen RBX Dia atrás

    I can laugh like SpongeBob

  • baked gost
    baked gost Dia atrás

    when you realize the voice actor for spongebob(Tom Kenny) plays mr.jellybean from rick and morty

  • мария
    мария Dia atrás


  • the leader of project zorgo

    My name is Kenny too

  • Globe's Productions
    Globe's Productions 2 dias atrás

    Line=The words That he always Said

  • Pokemon ShinyHunting
    Pokemon ShinyHunting 2 dias atrás

    Hey! Great musical Patchy the pirate! XD

  • Floof The Cartoonist
    Floof The Cartoonist 2 dias atrás

    I have got Spongebob on Netflix and watch it every day.

  • Check Creeper
    Check Creeper 2 dias atrás +1

    Look at me! I’m naked -spongebob

  • Mission Accomplished
    Mission Accomplished 2 dias atrás

    Rest In Peace Stephen Hillenburg. Thank you for bringing us the cartoon of so many of our childhoods.

  • thiskidisagamer 58235
    thiskidisagamer 58235 3 dias atrás

    Lol when I was little like 2 or 1 I loved spongebob but I couldn’t pronounce his name so instead of sponge bob I said “POJA” XDDD

  • Walk Band Videos
    Walk Band Videos 3 dias atrás

    His best voice is Patrick's pet rock. It sounds so beautiful

  • Logan Jankosky
    Logan Jankosky 4 dias atrás

    My favorite quote is "If you don't get out of here, then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife!" 😂

  • Tai Hung
    Tai Hung 4 dias atrás

    Spongebob is such an icon.

  • clyde jones
    clyde jones 4 dias atrás

    When pat said I wich I lived ther it was a roast next time spongebob funny

  • Denise Raffaele
    Denise Raffaele 4 dias atrás

    Today's the big day Gary! Look at me! I'm naked!!!!!!!

  • Marg Playz
    Marg Playz 4 dias atrás

    Wait if the voice of sponge bob and Gary isn’t spongebob talking to himself

  • Raging Adam
    Raging Adam 4 dias atrás +15

    "Is mayonaise an instrument?"
    \/ press if u know this.

  • Duckz Duckz
    Duckz Duckz 5 dias atrás +2

    “Is mayonnaise an instrument”

  • Cameron Ash
    Cameron Ash 5 dias atrás

    Thank you everyone at Spongebob for being a big part of my childhood and for shaping me into the person I am today!

  • coolvideos gaming
    coolvideos gaming 5 dias atrás

    My fav quote is "we should take bikini bottom and push it somewhere else!"

  • Cathy Hawkins
    Cathy Hawkins 5 dias atrás


  • Cathy Hawkins
    Cathy Hawkins 5 dias atrás

    Hi SpongeBob!!!!!

  • Chugglze K
    Chugglze K 6 dias atrás +1

    It’s been twenty years...

  • badreedine Djellali
    badreedine Djellali 7 dias atrás

    happy birthday and I thank you for bringing the most funniest iconic character to live

  • Dario Welch
    Dario Welch 7 dias atrás

    Oh please I have no soul squid word said that

  • Everly Macias
    Everly Macias 7 dias atrás

    ITZ NOT ABOUT WINNING ITZ ABOUT FUN! F is for friends who do stuff together U is for u and me! N is For Nywere and Nytime at all DOWN HERE IN THE DEEP BLUE SEEEAAAAA!!!Lol

  • Everly Macias
    Everly Macias 7 dias atrás


  • Jaya Sudhir
    Jaya Sudhir 7 dias atrás

    Blah ha ha ha baritidos (squidward patrick spo

  • Rottweiler Dude
    Rottweiler Dude 7 dias atrás


  • Glitched
    Glitched 7 dias atrás +1

    *m i l d s e a s o n*

  • hazardous material
    hazardous material 8 dias atrás +1

    My favorite spongebob quote is when squidward was yelling: "FUTURE!"

    Im twelve and the very first show I've ever watched was SpongeBob, i LOVE THE SHOW plz heart me to show that i am a true fan!

  • GreenGaim 91
    GreenGaim 91 8 dias atrás


  • Mazie Hyer
    Mazie Hyer 8 dias atrás

    to be honest patricks voice actor looks like human patrick

  • Sari Stringfield
    Sari Stringfield 9 dias atrás

    ArE yA fEeLiNg iT nOw Mr. KrAbs

  • ngo 901
    ngo 901 9 dias atrás

    that background is scaring me

  • Kaypho Beat Saber
    Kaypho Beat Saber 9 dias atrás

    Too bad the show had gone down hill.... a lot....

  • Sam Hurley
    Sam Hurley 9 dias atrás

    Is it weird that the voice actors look like the animated characters?

  • YUnG_b0o-Bo0
    YUnG_b0o-Bo0 10 dias atrás

    How old are you Tom

  • idk at life _
    idk at life _ 10 dias atrás

    Does spougbob :hahahahahahahahahah

  • Simaya Dixon
    Simaya Dixon 10 dias atrás

    #best day ever

  • Samuel Liam Patrick Glover

    3:38 working of spongebob in randomland

  • Ryann Camperud
    Ryann Camperud 10 dias atrás

    SpongeBob SquarePants is the best

  • Julissa88
    Julissa88 10 dias atrás


  • Tilly_Tully
    Tilly_Tully 10 dias atrás

    If u would take a screen shot of the old spongbob and then take a screen shot of the new spongbob or the latest and then put them side to side its so mind blowing😂I love spongbob I've been watching it seens I was 3. And it gets stupider and stupider😂 but it's my favorite show in the world!>3

  • Unicorn 1950
    Unicorn 1950 10 dias atrás

    Happy late b day :D

  • Unicorn 1950
    Unicorn 1950 10 dias atrás


  • RedNoseGaming
    RedNoseGaming 10 dias atrás

    I loved spongebob squarepants since the first episode and it the best cartoon in the whole entire earth

  • Jose Ruiz
    Jose Ruiz 11 dias atrás


  • First llama With 1000 subscribers

    I met this dude at comic con

  • Shark puppet Fan
    Shark puppet Fan 11 dias atrás

    0:21 that sounded like me krabs

  • Ciara Cookie
    Ciara Cookie 11 dias atrás

    Happy birthday spongebob I love spongebob tv show

  • human
    human 11 dias atrás

    i feel like every voice actor looks like a lot of their characters

  • Chrissi Paine
    Chrissi Paine 11 dias atrás

    Ha ha

  • YaBoiRedz
    YaBoiRedz 12 dias atrás

    My favorite show quote is "NO! THIS IS PATRICK!" It's just hilarious.

  • Leo Grosso
    Leo Grosso 12 dias atrás +1

    It's not a boulder, its a rock!

  • Norma Salazar
    Norma Salazar 12 dias atrás

    Happy birthday tom Kenny

  • Persais White
    Persais White 12 dias atrás

    Omg i cant belive he lived that long lol