Who benefits from Amazon's HQ2?

  • Publicado em 13 Nov 2018
  • New York City and Northern Virginia pledged over $2 billion in subsidies to be chosen for Amazon's East Coast expansion. Eric Gertler, who sits on the board of New York's chief economic development agency, joins CBSN to discuss who wins and loses in the deal.
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Comentários • 70

  • Cj James
    Cj James 12 dias atrás

    that man is a bullshitter

  • doomtomb3
    doomtomb3 15 dias atrás

    Why did the woman think this was some kind of revelation? All her questions had fairly obvious answers

  • Chris Ventura
    Chris Ventura 20 dias atrás +1

    Gentrification to the max.😱

    • Mike W
      Mike W 18 dias atrás +1

      It's already been happening in the DMV area.

  • bovnyccc operalover
    bovnyccc operalover 21 dia atrás +2

    Local talent? I suspect 25K more H1B workers from India.

  • Mike Russo
    Mike Russo 22 dias atrás +1

    I live in DC. I'm just happy Amazon didn't choose a Trumptard state. LOL

  • crazyjojp
    crazyjojp 22 dias atrás

    When A.I. takes over there will not be anymore jobs.

  • Aristerico Joel
    Aristerico Joel 24 dias atrás

    A profile and All of the White/African-American a share of Amazon in America that point for 99%. a Congratulations 👈👏, and why are you feel to support to Africa is share for Amazon?.

  • Martez Jones
    Martez Jones 26 dias atrás

    The rich benefit.

  • A J
    A J 26 dias atrás +6

    Anyone that has lived in Seattle for 10 plus years knows that amazon has destroyed Seattle

  • Kevin Owen
    Kevin Owen 26 dias atrás

    No way would I consider living in New York.

  • Guan Sim Teh
    Guan Sim Teh 27 dias atrás +1

    Amazon said they wanted to set up HQ2 in cities with public transportation, which need tax money to keep running. Taxes that they don't want to pay. They want to enjoy the benefits without paying for it. Good for the city? I don't think so.

  • Rich Action
    Rich Action 27 dias atrás +1

    He's such a pawn

  • Ludus DayTrading
    Ludus DayTrading 28 dias atrás +1

    Who benefits from Amazon's HQ2? is a dumb question because Amazon can only make decisions that would befit them as a company. Making decisions that would negatively affect them as a company is illegal because they are a publicly traded company.

  • JoshuaNY93BX
    JoshuaNY93BX 29 dias atrás

    I like how they talk as if the community is no good and needs to learn new skills. Also in no way is this good for housing in my area, I pay 22 plus utilities and can barely make it, I don't use public assistance and I work off the book. My total in bills cones out to 25 to 2800 a month on rent and utilities. Again I can barely afford in and live on the waterfront so yeah if Amazon moves here I'm sure my landlord will love to kick me out because other similar properties already asking for 45, meaning Amazon do I have to move if you move in. I love lic because it's quiet I love it for my apartment. The other thing of you moving into my neighbourhood means it won't be quiet anymore because I work nights, it's already bad enough with so much construction going on so now when construction just finishing it telling me I'm going to have more construction and possibly more ppl in a neighbourhood that when I moved in for the sole reason of quiet will now be changed do to influx of outside workers coming in. I also know each owner personally I know the cops in my area, I feel with Amazon moving in it will disrupt the very reason I moved to lic and force me out.

  • Matt Sezer
    Matt Sezer 29 dias atrás

    What breaks do people in the Queensbridge Homes get? How about the fact that the government pays your rent, health insurance, and food bills, while on average only one person in a household is working half of a full time job at minimum wage? Look, a lot of these people genuinely need the help and Amazon definitely doesn't; I have no issue with public housing, food stamps, et... However, the idea that people who would be homeless on the streets starving without the help of the government are saying that the government is screwing them over is messed up. The additional jobs that Amazon will create aren't of any benefit to them because at least based on the statistics provided in the report, most of them don't work.

    • Matt Sezer
      Matt Sezer 24 dias atrás

      +Ace Ocean The report specifically mentions Queensbridge and says the median household income there is $15,843. In about a month, minimum wage in NYC will be $15 an hour, which means that based on that data, one person in each household is only working about 20 hours a week. Therefore, most people there do not work full-time jobs. The city spends hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars more to run public housing than they collect in rent from residents, so last time I checked, that's a form of welfare. Again, I have no problem with this; I just think people need to stop pretending that it's something that it isn't.

    • Ace Ocean
      Ace Ocean 24 dias atrás

      Matt Sezer yea dude not all people in housing projects are on welfare a lot of those people are working poor emphasize on working. They can’t afford a standard apartment but that doesn’t mean they are on welfare.

  • Donna T
    Donna T 29 dias atrás


  • H Lee
    H Lee Mês atrás +3

    Amazon did this scam to get people data from the cities without paying for it. This guy never mentioned the 2 HQs are conveniently few miles for 2 of Jeff Bezos mansions. Bezos was never going to pick any of the other cities, Bezos wasted the other cities money.

  • Obie antonio
    Obie antonio Mês atrás +1

    De Blasio and Cuomo are sellouts. Thank god I don't vote for incompetent bozos.

  • Cel Asegamay
    Cel Asegamay Mês atrás +1

    The rich only gets richer

  • Victor Taube
    Victor Taube Mês atrás

    Corporations create jobs,
    Jobs gets votes,
    Politicians keep the same party...

  • sayfami sayfami
    sayfami sayfami Mês atrás +8

    Queens brace yourself for gentrification 😳, rent and property 0-100

  • orphan200
    orphan200 Mês atrás

    A lot of crap must have happened to get these 2 together. 150k to load boxes? REALLY. I understand it is a tough place to work for. The apts in LIC rent for 5k.

    • OhPrestige Player
      OhPrestige Player 26 dias atrás +1

      orphan200 i Think It’s teach jobs

    • Mike C
      Mike C 28 dias atrás +3

      Mainly White collar tech jobs and media jobs

    • MrWhileloops
      MrWhileloops 29 dias atrás +2

      Software developers, data analysis, engineers, etc? It's not just boxes and warehouses.

  • Timothy
    Timothy Mês atrás +7

    Amazon owner Jeff Bezos approves every hit piece done on President Trump by the disgusting Washington Post, which he also owns. Please remember that when considering your holiday shopping this year.

    • Kara Middleton
      Kara Middleton Mês atrás

      That is a lie, he has nothing to do with what WaPo publishes. Zero. And you can't prove to me that he does. If he did, though, I would totally do all my shopping at Amazon.

  • CyberPunkHowl
    CyberPunkHowl Mês atrás +6

    Wow democrats really love mega corporations and socialism? Wonder how that works? Just lying to the poor while serving the rich.

    • Benjamin
      Benjamin 28 dias atrás

      America is simply a little capitalism and the rest Corporatism ... corporates own America .

    • Beecher Adams
      Beecher Adams Mês atrás +1

      The cooperate Democrats do, but the justice Democrats (eg Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Cortez)

    • CyberPunkHowl
      CyberPunkHowl Mês atrás

      ani ramani the truth is both republicans and democrats have been serving the ruling class for a long time. What is the most upsetting to me is that everyone knows and calls out republicans for cutting taxes on the rich even if they also cut taxes for the middle and lower classes too but no one calls out democrats for only cutting taxes on the rich. Their two sides to the same coin but because one side pretends they are socialist and care about the poor everyone ignores all the money these mega corporations pay them and the massive tax cuts, loopholes, and tax breaks they give them.

    • ani ramani
      ani ramani Mês atrás +1

      +CyberPunkHowl I agree, especially in this current time trump just messes up in front of everyone like an idiot, but this type of action and corruption has been there in america for a long time. The withdrawals on the epa in this administration are sickening tho unlike ever before

    • CyberPunkHowl
      CyberPunkHowl Mês atrás +1

      John Smith republicans don’t pretend to be socialist and care about the poor. They make it pretty clear they care about the working and upper class and support capitalism. At least they are honest with their tax cuts. Democrats cut taxes for the rich and raise taxes for the poor all while pretending to be the good guys. You could say they are the same only one will tell you the harsh truth and the other will lie to your face.

  • Appalled ByFurries
    Appalled ByFurries Mês atrás +14

    Well it's obvious why they went to Northern VA. There's been growing rumblings about Google, Amazon, and other big internet and tech companies as being monopolies. Antitrust arguments are starting to emerge in Washington. Amazon has moved there to have big influence in DC; both physical and economic. Expect a surge in pro Amazon, Google, etc lobbyists to start appearing on Capital Hill and all around the DC area...

    • Guan Sim Teh
      Guan Sim Teh 27 dias atrás

      Don't be naive. They've already bought all the politicians. This is probably just part of the deal.

    • fauxbro1983
      fauxbro1983 Mês atrás

      Yep, people keep on grumbling about the tax breaks. Those will be just a drop in the bucket compared to the legislative influence Bezos is trying to exhert

  • Hank Terreros
    Hank Terreros Mês atrás +1

    Something smells fishy. A giant online store. You have your order takers, The delivery people that are in house. How can these people make over $100,000 plus a year. Plus you have free postage. ??? This seems to one of those "last one out" gets the "ponzi".

    • greg varghese
      greg varghese 10 dias atrás +1

      People who design, code and manage the website are the one’s who get the 100k+ salary

    • Tony P
      Tony P Mês atrás +1

      Software Engineers

    • daniel junior
      daniel junior Mês atrás +4

      Your an idiot.

  • a. barker
    a. barker Mês atrás +3

    Why Virginia or New York? The highest real estates prices in the country. 2 places that do not need employment of any kind or salary increase's. These areas will have negitive imput to help the neighboring communities in residual trickle down effect compared to a Carolina, Southern Indiana, Kentucky Ohio Valley effect. Both, rich with University's to pool off.

    • J. Jo
      J. Jo 28 dias atrás

      +Drew Malhotra you also wouldnt want to live in nyc either. this is not 1985. you are naive to think they'll be living in nyc. most of them will be commuters from neighboring areas like long island, jersey, ct, upstate ny. 150k is not much.

    • a. barker
      a. barker Mês atrás

      Drew Malhotra. 1st of all I'm from Chicago and commute to Dallas. I lost out on both my opportunities. Im in large scale commercial construction so i lost out on that also. But dont for one instance think they are looking for MIT Harvard or Yale. The looking at Boston college NYU and Temple for 90% of their work force. I lived in Northern Virginia last last year. You can keep it only California is worse. Austin would of been my choice. For labor for them but an area in need is the one i posted. If you wanted to do good to a community. Lastly, Chicago offered them 2 billion and for one location. Labor on the tri state area would of been .50 cents on the dollar to build it. That alone would of been $2 billion in labor construction savings.

    • Drew Malhotra
      Drew Malhotra Mês atrás

      The problem is that you're purely at real estate and tax purposes. They're looking for talent. If you're a young graduate from Yale, MIT, or Harvard you're not going to want to live in Kentucky. Sorry bro that's just not going to happen

  • Asmo van Deus
    Asmo van Deus Mês atrás +1


  • Alamo Defender
    Alamo Defender Mês atrás +13

    For the Billions of Tax Breaks Amazon gets, raise property taxes on everyone to make up for it.... Democrats are going to love the spin in order to explain it... Cuomo will just laugh at them and say "Get Over It Wussy's"....

    • Alamo Defender
      Alamo Defender Mês atrás

      I agree let's start with 75% of all Democrat's pay starting with Cuomo

    • 7Habits
      7Habits Mês atrás

      Alamo Defender Why not cut spending to make up for it?

  • Philip Forest
    Philip Forest Mês atrás +4

    This white supremacist said the people living in these areas will have the starbucks and janitorial department s in which to work

    • CyberPunkHowl
      CyberPunkHowl Mês atrás +1

      Philip Forest that’s Democrat’s for you, pretend to care about the poor and spout socialism propaganda then serve the rich and enjoy the benefits of capitalism while tricking everyone else into wasting time with socialism so they give up their rights and freedoms in hope of free stuff.

  • Kenzie T
    Kenzie T Mês atrás +12

    Bull. Keep saying talent though it might catch on. Don't talk about that $2,000,000,000 the East coast coughed up. It's not about talent he's already a billionaire. He went where the other billionaires are. Yay! Us. 🙄

    • CyberPunkHowl
      CyberPunkHowl Mês atrás +2

      Maybe I’m wrong but pretty much everyone says silicon valley is where all the tech talent is. Sounds to me they just want to corner and control DC and have more influence on government regulations that will destroy their competition.

  • Daniel Reid
    Daniel Reid Mês atrás

    Does it benefit the homeless or just illegal immigrants?😕😰😳😶