American & Scottish People Swap Snacks

  • Publicado em 17 Jun 2019
  • It’s like everything I wish a chip could be.
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    Scotland flag
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    Scottish Flag Button - Flag of Scotland Badge 3D Illustration
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    American Flag Button - Flag of America Badge 3D Illustration
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Comentários • 2 637

  • Flying Llama
    Flying Llama 34 minutos atrás

    That dude's shoulders built like CP0.

  • Dhruv Gupta
    Dhruv Gupta 5 horas atrás

    3:40 you can see the background good job 😂😂

  • Meme Alsalihi
    Meme Alsalihi 7 horas atrás

    Milk 🥛 or 🍵

  • Meme Alsalihi
    Meme Alsalihi 7 horas atrás

    Milk or tea 🍵

  • Crazy Brothers
    Crazy Brothers 11 horas atrás

    The Scottish guy looked like captain price and talked like him

  • Torran Irwin
    Torran Irwin Dia atrás

    Lays is a british company

  • elison massih
    elison massih 2 dias atrás

    The scottish girl always dont like the American snaks

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos 2 dias atrás

    i mean fanta was invented in Germany but ok

  • Ian Worthington
    Ian Worthington 2 dias atrás

    Omg can someone Scottish send me some Haggis crisps 😜

  • Em L_X
    Em L_X 2 dias atrás

    Iran bru definitely isn’t a cream 🤢😂

  • Kathryn Ashworth
    Kathryn Ashworth 3 dias atrás

    I was over the moon to find Irn Bru in Singapore it was expensive but a nice surprise to find.

  • Eoin m
    Eoin m 3 dias atrás

    Hate how whenever it's anything to do with Scotland Americans always use something to do with haggis nobody is eating that stuff you fools same when they do English they'll always add spotted dick to the list aswell braindeads

  • Matilde Tortorella
    Matilde Tortorella 3 dias atrás

    fanta is italian

  • Bill Ahmed
    Bill Ahmed 3 dias atrás


  • Tim Hudson
    Tim Hudson 3 dias atrás

    I think the Americans may have a different opinion on irn bru if it was from a cold can? The best way to have it IMO

  • 田中桃
    田中桃 3 dias atrás

    Scottish people and Japanese people swap snacks.

  • Demoman TF2
    Demoman TF2 3 dias atrás +1

    There's Fanta in scotland I'm starting to think this is fake.

  • Peaches Jackofski
    Peaches Jackofski 4 dias atrás

    That Scottish quines accent changed a lot, maybe she’s been bidin in America fir a file, at wid explain it.

  • Peaches Jackofski
    Peaches Jackofski 4 dias atrás


  • You Kan't Compete
    You Kan't Compete 4 dias atrás

    i thought fanta was german.

  • cube boi
    cube boi 5 dias atrás

    I mean that's some weird medicine that ur moms giving you if it tastes like IRN BRU

  • Meyassar Dayoub
    Meyassar Dayoub 5 dias atrás

    That Scottish girl looks like Nicholas cage

  • Gilly Savard
    Gilly Savard 6 dias atrás

    Irn bruh tastes like bubblegum

  • Ach. Chaki.
    Ach. Chaki. 6 dias atrás

    Fanta Is italian

  • Gary Jamieson
    Gary Jamieson 6 dias atrás

    Where were the neds I will not forget this misrepresentation of my homeland

  • Stranger things Queen
    Stranger things Queen 6 dias atrás

    Wonder Fanta don’t you want a wonder Fanta guy: don’t know this girl:😂

  • conner buchan
    conner buchan 7 dias atrás

    Get a proper Scottish person on it

  • Owen Bundy
    Owen Bundy 7 dias atrás +1

    Why do they get the worst American snacks for this

  • Nathan Kerr
    Nathan Kerr 7 dias atrás

    The flag fa Scotland was light blue it is DARK BLUE

  • Oldmankc -officiall
    Oldmankc -officiall 7 dias atrás

    I thought Fanta was german

  • zen kai
    zen kai 7 dias atrás

    Iron brew isn't as good as it used to be

  • paru N
    paru N 7 dias atrás

    That American girl looks so much like Jeniffer Goodwin.

  • Aubrey Woe
    Aubrey Woe 7 dias atrás

    Drinking children's Motrin

  • Oopss7
    Oopss7 7 dias atrás

    OK, the first couple flirting so much... 'makes you wanna burp, and stuff'

  • Billie Longstaff
    Billie Longstaff 8 dias atrás

    Omg am i the omyl one loke talking to myself sayong the americains vetter like the things i eat and wjar they think caise im scortish

  • Rick Nathaniel
    Rick Nathaniel 8 dias atrás

    Why in these videos do Americans always give us walkers crisps labelled as lays with some boring flavour we’ve been eating for 30 years and the Brit acts like they’ve never seen em before

  • Hammer 001
    Hammer 001 8 dias atrás

    SSSSHHHHH Don't tell everyone, but in Europe all Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Fanta, Irn Brew, Tango Doctor Peper are made by the same English company they are known as the ECCP AKA Schwepps/ Britvic

  • Josh Nelson
    Josh Nelson 8 dias atrás +2

    The American boy looks like jimmy Kimmel as a teenager

  • Kyle
    Kyle 10 dias atrás

    The Scottish sound very American and the Fanta isn’t American. It was created in Germany and it was in the UK before it was sold in the USA

  • Luna_Lumos
    Luna_Lumos 10 dias atrás +2

    Finally another Charisse. I'm with a Y though not an I but even so... ❤️

  • Danny
    Danny 10 dias atrás +2

    I like how the Scottish girl changes her accent to sound more American

    • Lola Coke
      Lola Coke 7 dias atrás

      Danny or she just doesn’t have that much of a natural accent and it just naturally changes while she talks and she’s not actually changing it

  • Time traveler
    Time traveler 11 dias atrás

    0:05 shame, you have missed the perfect opportunity to put bagpipes music and you didn’t do it

  • reon desu
    reon desu 11 dias atrás

    Love me irn bru. Also gimme the shortbread. 🤤😍. I have irn bru cans last longer. Lol. Xx

  • Ethan Berry
    Ethan Berry 11 dias atrás

    Clearly they do

  • Ethan Berry
    Ethan Berry 11 dias atrás

    Want a Fanta, don’t you want a want a Fanta

  • moon lxght
    moon lxght 11 dias atrás

    we have iron bru in england as well

  • s m
    s m 12 dias atrás

    Pity fanta is a german invention as well

  • 42 gp
    42 gp 12 dias atrás

    We have Fanta over here in the UK so its not really an American only thing, also Fanta originated in Germany anyway.

  • Ashji Puff
    Ashji Puff 12 dias atrás

    What is this music its rubbish its worse than boris johnstons spotify playlist

  • Sean Newhouse
    Sean Newhouse 13 dias atrás

    Irn Bru sounds GOOD as like an orange cream soda

  • MC King
    MC King 13 dias atrás


  • MC King
    MC King 13 dias atrás

    Mackie's' look like they were the first chips ever made.

  • -Trash _bag_
    -Trash _bag_ 15 dias atrás

    Their pronouncing it iron brew WTF you say it like iurn broo

  • isa Ahmed
    isa Ahmed 15 dias atrás

    What is better
    Like England
    Comment America

  • Palestine Will Break Free
    Palestine Will Break Free 16 dias atrás

    Wwwwwhhhhhhhooooooo loves orange soda!!!!!!!

  • kyle Wicks
    kyle Wicks 16 dias atrás

    Scottish people are the most selfish people I've ever met. They have no manners, no education, no honour and no regards for people outside Scotland. They only care about themselves and football. They're a bunch of drunken haggis munching thugs and low-lifes. They don't care about what goes on in the rest of the world. They don't deserve a cure for cancer.

    • The Doctor
      The Doctor 16 dias atrás

      Hits Scottish person here. I can’t stand football and can speak for many when I say we do have an understanding of what goes on outside our country. Scotland also outranks America in terms of our education system. (I’ve worked with several Americans who have came over here to study and said just that) you are clearly uneducated yourself and a very angry individual. I’d look into that if I were you. It’s a nasty trait to have.

  • Archie Atkinson
    Archie Atkinson 16 dias atrás

    Fanta German anyway

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 17 dias atrás +1

    Fav actor is Scottish
    His name is David Tennant

  • Edens World 95
    Edens World 95 17 dias atrás

    I’m live in scotland

  • Libby Smyth
    Libby Smyth 17 dias atrás

    I live in England and iron bru is amazing 😍😍😍