Vocal Coach Reacts -DEMI LOVATO- Anyone- Grammy Awards 2020

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    I am Rebecca and I am one heck of a passionate vocal coach/singer/songwriter/impressionist/health/fitness/self- improvement/anything that makes me smile!! I love anything vocal/singing related and geek out on it every day. I want to motivate and inspire others to follow their dreams…corny? Well maybe but it’s true. So what’s motivating me?? I had a huge tumour removed summer 2017 and my ovaries and fallopian tubes. The tumour was the size of a 20 week baby!! However, despite not being able to walk for a couple of weeks, and feeling generally awful…. It has made me create and do what I love! It wasn’t an easy time but I won’t let fear dictate my life. I didn’t think ‘why me’, there are plenty of horrific issues people have to deal with…it’s not always smooth sailing. It’s true when you hear, ‘Life is short’, the crazy thing is, I am glad it happened…I appreciate life even more and practice gratitude everyday…It’s so easy to get caught up with the little things…and I do sometimes, but look at the bigger picture, will it matter in a year or two…?
    Also thank you for all your support. It means a lot.
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  • Maxz
    Maxz 2 meses atrás +8194

    Trying not to be emotional but damn, I missed her so much. The fact that she admitted that she was a drug addict, and overcome it just prove that she is a warrior! Welcome back Demi!

    • L L
      L L 13 dias atrás

      She admitted to being an addict in the past and them went back to addiction

    • The Jewelry Store
      The Jewelry Store Mês atrás +1

      You know it’s so sad to hear people’s disrespectful comments. When i listen to Demi talk about everything she has gone through at a very young age and her not even knowing she was bipolar, I turn around and see a very strong beautiful woman and i pray she continues to stay strong. I also feel bad that no one understood her screaming for help when she sung this song the very first time. I mean her words are actually her screaming for help and its so sad and breaks my heart that after singing this song that she ended up overdosing four days later. In my opinion people who criticize Demi for what she is done I bet are so weak that I’m sure they haven’t had the guts to go on BRclip and tell their pain and struggles like Demi has and has the nerve to talk shit about her being weak is just cowardly. I believe that her being so opened about it will help others out there who are and have gone through the same thing. They are warriors in my eyes because i cant even imagine having addictions like she has. I do hope that Wilmer see’s her documentary and does still love her so much and finds his way back to her. Now that she is living on her own, I’d love to see these two back together. If I was him, I would definitely be back in her life. He does seem to be the love of her life and I’d love to see Demi happy from here on out. No more struggles, no more pain, but her having her own family, she would NEVER be alone again. I love you Demi, you are amazing, so very strong and I pray you find your happy in your life and always know you have so many fans that are always here who will help you any way we can. And we as fans really need to LISTEN to her songs more carefully so we know when she needs help again. Hopefully that will never every happen. I pray God gives her strength and keeps her so strong and safe forever and she does experience having a big happy family of her own.
      To the people who talk shit, please make a video and open up to all of us. Tell us your life story, all your mistakes and bad choices. There are skeletons in everyone’s closet and they say it so therapeutic to be opened about it and that the love and support you receive hopefully will save a lot of people going through the same situation.

    • Austin J
      Austin J Mês atrás

      @Ola Ric Matchbox 20 any song

    • No Memes Here
      No Memes Here Mês atrás

      @Zak Edwardz you must not know anyone who has struggled with addiction. It can happen to literally anyone. You're right, starting drugs is a misstep for sure in someone's life and it just happens to be one that leads down a long dark road. It doesn't mean they are any less human or any less deserving of love and compassion. Coming back from addiction is one of the hardest things and people who struggle with it deal with it for the rest of their lives. Nothing says strong like becoming sober after messing up. Especially being able to admit it to the whole world and keep on living.

    • ಬჩítიeყ elaíიe
      ಬჩítიeყ elaíიe Mês atrás

      @Zak Edwardz I'm sorry but that is that such an ignorant comment made by someone who has apparently never faced these battles.
      It's not about glorifying the addiction or even the recovery...
      As a former addict, it was never about the drugs. It was about the tremendous tragedies experienced in my life, the hurt and pain that I couldn't bear any longer, the intensity and immensity of the emotions that I couldn't escape from and that were so dark I wanted to die; but not because I wanted to die but simply because I wanted, I needed to be numb.
      The warrior aspect to which you're referring has nothing to do with drugs, but the ability to survive and overcome.
      You can say that we all experience bad things and that some are able to cope without drugs or without making bad choices and that's true and they too are warriors. What you cannot do is belittle those of us who fell and got back up.
      We're all different. We face different adversities in life, different levels of darkness and have differing systems of support and resources to fall back on.
      There's often a common thread of people who follow this path and they are often including a lack of support from friends and family, an event or tragic occurrence that triggers, a struggle with mental health issues, negative surroundings...
      For me it was sexual assault & abuse, abusive relationships, total estrangement of family, homelessness at one point... it doesn't justify my actions but the fact that I'm still standing today having managed to live the life I've lived and overcome these circumstances I was dealt is something I'm proud of and you have no right to judge my choices nor will you belittle my survival through it all.

  • Emma Pennington
    Emma Pennington 4 horas atrás

    I think you are amazing I literally felt every part of her emotions throughout each stage of that song I cry every time I listen to it. Loved your comments on her performance x

  • Tracy C.
    Tracy C. Dia atrás

    you're a vocal coach.... you're also an empath my dear.

  • Shawna Howley
    Shawna Howley Dia atrás

    Gah! I'm so glad I found you! Your reaction is so amazing and empathetic. I would have loved to have you as a vocal coach the way you explain how emotions effect singing and that you don't judge people who get pitchy when emotion is involved. I am so emotional when I sing and I had a coach tell me I would never be able to make it if I couldn't control myself because I would stop and start again in practice when I got too emotional. Instead of working with me she just made me feel like a cry baby. You are awesome!

  • John Forrest
    John Forrest 4 dias atrás

    Ive heard this song before and cried last time... Watching this she just started and immediately I had a knot in my throat. So freaking sad. And relateable to me and anyone who has experienced addiction. Props to rebecca- you seem like such a lovely person

  • David McPherson
    David McPherson 5 dias atrás

    You should listen to a big fan of Demi’s cover this. Connie Talbot. She does an incredible job of it.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 6 dias atrás

    She is such an incredible vocalist and person.... the way she did her comeback is absolutely beautiful, it’s amazing how she puts all those emotions in this

  • Rikpunzel
    Rikpunzel 8 dias atrás +1

    I covered this on my channel, this song is really helping me. I hope you all can take time out of your day to listen ❤️

  • Samar Al
    Samar Al 8 dias atrás

    No one can understand depression and feeling alone even though you're surrounded by many other than those who are going through the same as Demi ... Everyone can leave comments, react and try to help. But only the person herself can heal oneself, with the help of Allah.
    I've been through and is going through the same, even worse and without drug addiction... I understand Demi... I really do...

  • Giovanna Greco
    Giovanna Greco 9 dias atrás

    Check out my new cover of Anyone! ❤️ brclip.com/video/nNiKCfO5lvI/video.html

  • Dave Waslo
    Dave Waslo 11 dias atrás

    Here is a women fresh out of Rebab and all you guys are doing is analyzing her voice. same on you. did you ever listen to the words of the song. of course not.

    • Sally
      Sally 9 dias atrás

      Yes, we noticed.

  • Ghoti Hook
    Ghoti Hook 11 dias atrás

    Only Demi Lovato song I've ever intentionally listened to. Glad I did.

  • Lori Jeffries
    Lori Jeffries 12 dias atrás

    Glad I clicked this video! Rebecca girl, you're cool 💋

  • Sego T
    Sego T 13 dias atrás

    Can I just make a little comment ? The sound of your voice is way more loud than the song

  • Sean Meehan
    Sean Meehan 13 dias atrás

    Hi rebecca I'm newly subscribed to you...love your channel and your voice is beautiful....demi lavato is always one singer who makes me tear up every time I hear her sing and tell her story...phenomenal and this was such an inspiring performance showing no matter how low you get you can always soar to the top❤❤❤❤. Also I dont know if you reacted to or not but disturbed...sound of silence remake...enchanting song i think u would love it

  • Ayesha Shahzad
    Ayesha Shahzad 13 dias atrás

    Phossh, and i thought i was the only one who cried like a baby!

  • Brittney Michelle
    Brittney Michelle 14 dias atrás

    Demi is so talented and real! This performance was completely beautiful and amazing.

  • Charlie Castro
    Charlie Castro 14 dias atrás

    You should react to Amanda Miguel brclip.com/video/zbZhHfksN_o/video.html
    She's a whole different level 🤩

  • Wynn Bastianelli
    Wynn Bastianelli 14 dias atrás

    LOVE THIS SONG SMMM Check out my cover/music video here brclip.com/video/6e63vvyNMIE/video.html and SUBSCRIBE !!! :D

  • Little Sadness
    Little Sadness 15 dias atrás

    Just a reminder that you’re amazing and hit 1 million views! Keep killin it 🍆

  • Charlie B. Barkin
    Charlie B. Barkin 15 dias atrás

    You should NEVER "start over" like that, but in this case.... because of the song and the backstory, it is easily forgiven. You can't listen to this song and NOT feel something, but also, you can't listen to this song and NOT point out that she sang very sharp in several places... but then she belts out Anyone, please send me anyone and then she goes HIGHER, and HIGHER. Truly amazing, beautiful, lovely. But she was very sharp here and there. Singing live isn't easy, and when you are singing that LOUD it would be difficult to hear your voice and the piano so I can see how she might go off-key a little. But, still a great performance that will be remembered for the rest of her career and longer. .

  • 1236547899874563211
    1236547899874563211 15 dias atrás

    Quick reminder: I love you

  • Omar
    Omar 16 dias atrás

    "just like yourself" i almost blushed

  • RVJC
    RVJC 16 dias atrás

    Hey, check out my cover of this song! Let me know what you think.

  • Denise Vanderlick
    Denise Vanderlick 18 dias atrás

    Apparently Demi is praying to the wrong God!!

  • jerrie thirlwards
    jerrie thirlwards 19 dias atrás

    Please react to oceans by hillsong live in caesarea, oppss hehe. 😁Have a nice day ♥

  • GerardWayxo 133
    GerardWayxo 133 19 dias atrás

    We almost lose Demi in 2018 due to her overdose
    We already lost We already lost Juice WRLD,Pop Smoke,Nipsey Hussle,Lil Peep,Mac Miller & XXXTentacion
    Please no more legends no more

  • woodsnhoods
    woodsnhoods 19 dias atrás

    I hate the fact I cried over a celebrity but when she hit that highest note the tears started streaming!

  • MGM
    MGM 21 dia atrás

    Great reaction to her singing, I felt the same...

  • Wudruff Wildcard
    Wudruff Wildcard 21 dia atrás

    I don't like here voice at all, to me it sounds like a chipmunk trying to sing. But that is just me.

  • omg tt
    omg tt 21 dia atrás

    Becky with the good hair

  • jerrie thirlwards
    jerrie thirlwards 21 dia atrás

    Please react to oceans by hillsong live in caesarea, oppss hehe. 😁Have a nice day ♥

  • Gail A.
    Gail A. 21 dia atrás

    This is my first time on your channel. Why are you making those faces?

  • Mama- -Rua
    Mama- -Rua 22 dias atrás


  • Piano Guy
    Piano Guy 22 dias atrás

    Check out the piano cover tutorial of Demi Lovato's new song I love Me!😍

  • Randi Faye
    Randi Faye 22 dias atrás


  • kate elizabeth
    kate elizabeth 22 dias atrás

    She wrote this song, I believe, four days before her overdose, actually. I COULD be wrong, but thats what I thought.

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    The piano player in this song is amazing

  • Indoor Cycling Bike Repair and Service

    My girlfriend is in addiction recovery similar situation as Demi Lovato.
    In our relationship how important it is to move past the old life and into the new life. How is Demi going to move past your old life if she keeps reliving it with this song?
    Guarantee you this song is not therapy for her - what it looks like is her opening the wounds every time she sings it.
    I hope she's able to figure it out.

  • Garrett LaFleur
    Garrett LaFleur 25 dias atrás

    Demi lovato is the most talented singer in the history of the world. You literally cannot change my mind.

  • Emanuela Queiroz Araújo
    Emanuela Queiroz Araújo 25 dias atrás

    React jericó-kemuel pleaseeee

  • Tripp 34525
    Tripp 34525 26 dias atrás

    Stop no one cares about demi

  • Username • 15 years ago
    Username • 15 years ago 27 dias atrás +1

    Is there anyone who didn't cry during Demi's performance? 😢😭😢😭

  • We ThePeople
    We ThePeople 27 dias atrás

    yup, i'm a Big Crying Ass Pussy.....

  • ava commissiong
    ava commissiong 27 dias atrás

    I love her❤

  • ClaraBell3452
    ClaraBell3452 27 dias atrás +1

    My name is also Rebecca and I now want to say my name like this. 😂

  • Wendy Kristal Diaz
    Wendy Kristal Diaz 28 dias atrás

    Ariana Grande orrrrr Demi Lovato?

  • Hani light
    Hani light Mês atrás

    Please react to Ernie Zakri -Ku Bersuara AJL 34 live 🙏❤

  • Rainbow Pegacorn Productions

    I LOVE Demi so much and she has made strides to get better after her relapse

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Mês atrás +1

    The lyrics are so raw, no not worrying about referencing anything, just words that are meant to reach people. It’s like she wasn’t even trying to write a song, more like she was trying to cry for help. It’s all her frustration perfectly captured in a song. I could never understand how it feels to go through addiction, but you can feel it.

  • Mc Sauce
    Mc Sauce Mês atrás

    Analyze this please

  • Jo Ris
    Jo Ris Mês atrás

    Why did there was a 30 is to 1 ratio of dislikes and likes?

  • Victoria Gauthier
    Victoria Gauthier Mês atrás

    Demi is a Goddess no one can tell me different. I heard you sniffling it's okay if you cry we all did!

  • joselynpaul3308
    joselynpaul3308 Mês atrás

    Please react to my daughter singing at a talent show Watch "Jazzy singing how far I'll go" on BRclip

  • Jasmine Flower
    Jasmine Flower Mês atrás

    I never get tired of listening to this, her voice, and Demi is just beautiful. I am so glad that she is back and doing music she inspires me so much!!!

  • Lena Braungart
    Lena Braungart Mês atrás

    Love your video, buttttt your mic is way to sensitive, like its almost like I’m watching an asmr video of someone chewing or something

  • Fazidah Osman
    Fazidah Osman Mês atrás

    Hii please react to Ernie Zakri - Ku Bersuara AJL34 LIVE (from Malaysia)
    Link : brclip.com/video/kxq3TV4Wyag/video.html

  • Veeshow gh
    Veeshow gh Mês atrás

    brclip.com/video/bcCtUxBX9aE/video.html check out this documentary on her

  • Sleeping Panda
    Sleeping Panda Mês atrás

    I cry everytime I listen to this

  • Technically Taylor
    Technically Taylor Mês atrás +2

    It makes me mad because this was recorded right before her overdose. The number of people who heard this song before this and didn’t say anything or do anything

    • Sabreen R
      Sabreen R Mês atrás

      Technically Taylor so true. It would have literally gotten my attention the DAY she recorded this.

  • Rick R
    Rick R Mês atrás +1

    Congrats on over 1,000,000 views. You deserve it.

  • Travis S
    Travis S Mês atrás

    She wrote this 4 days before overdosing, she was gone at had to be revived.

  • taekwandokid89
    taekwandokid89 Mês atrás +49

    This performance caught me off guard as an addict myself. My doc was different then hers but addiction is addiction. Clean over 8 months.

  • Paul Dickey
    Paul Dickey Mês atrás

    What a brilliant review...❤ A perfect.assewment of Demi's pained state of mind and ability to overcome... God bless you and Demi

  • WhoDat
    WhoDat Mês atrás

    I just can't not cry when I hear this. Geez...

  • Gumi Vocaloid
    Gumi Vocaloid Mês atrás

    Demi is one of the female vocalists I look up to. She's amazing. But, if you haven't already, may I suggest looking into Sara Bareilles? She is my all time favorite. My idol even. Her vocals are off the charts and her songs are so emotional and meaningful.

  • About Facts
    About Facts Mês atrás

    Your unspoken responses were so revealing. A great reaction to a powerful, raw performance. Demi--you are so loved AND listened to!

  • Elizabeth Villamizar Hernandez

    Greetings from Colombia!🇨🇴 love your videos!

  • Benjamin Araneda
    Benjamin Araneda Mês atrás

    Greetings from Chile! I need so much a reaction of the beautiful voice of Nai Palm from hiatus kaiyote, building a ladder is such a beautiful song.

  • Vicky Machin
    Vicky Machin Mês atrás +2

    Imagine how many downloads that song got after this performance.

  • john byrge
    john byrge Mês atrás

    It would mean a lot to me if you reacted to my cover of fire away by Chris Stapleton and give me some tips and pointers

  • Lorraine Mollena
    Lorraine Mollena Mês atrás

    Yeah she started crying once those piano keys started up

  • Adib Danial
    Adib Danial Mês atrás

    Please react to this singer from Malaysia 🇲🇾

  • Pam F.
    Pam F. Mês atrás

    Just a Very Important P.S. that I forgot to comment on yesterday. YOU'RE AMAZING, GIRL !! 🤩
    For the first time, cos I'm a slack arse, I scrolled down and read your "About me" section. Wow. OMG. I was crying even before I watched your Reaction to Demi.
    You inspire me. Just Wow!! Almost speechless. (Quick NB : I was a Registered Nurse for 35 years, till forced to retire at 51, Bummer!!, as I became too disabled by my Lupus. Anyhoo, So, I know the extent of surgery you have endured.)
    You are so brave, beautiful, charismatic, funny & talented. Beautiful voice too. You're so positive and YET What The Hell you went through. You're so young!! 😥 Sorry. Crying again. Your strong attitude, passion and drive remind me so much of the same positive attitude & strength of our sweet angel 😇 💕Freddie 😔.
    Feel so very humbled by you both & as I said above, really inspired by you.
    So, I am now working through as many of your videos as I can. I was, and loved being, a classically trained soprano singer in my mid teens. Church choir & then, more seriously, in my School (all girls) choir. Trained long & very hard every morning before school & on Friday evenings, training with the choir from our "Brother" school, (Hmm..😘 💕yum! Well, I was nearly 15 💓) We performed the big choral works of Bach, Handel, Hayden and Gabrielle Faure, at Sydney Town Hall & the Sydney Opera House. So uplifting! Such a buzz. 😊😍😎
    The way you effortlessly skat over the top of some songs, of any genre that you're reacting to, makes me think that you were clasically trained. Your voice is so crystal clear and always note perfect compared to ANY of the other Voice Coach "Reactors" that I've seen on Utube.
    Anyhoo, I've prattled on alot. Really wanted to pay you the credit you deserve for your personal strength.
    You're a Warrior!! 💖💖💖

    • Rebecca Vocal Athlete
      Rebecca Vocal Athlete  Mês atrás +1

      Thank you so much for your words. Means alot! You are very kind. Thanks for sharing too. You rock 💗🍵💚😊

  • Brandon Pecina
    Brandon Pecina Mês atrás

    Watched this a few times now. I just love watching you react to these types of videos. You’re so genuine and have such a sweet spirit about you. Really enjoyed it.

  • Pam F.
    Pam F. Mês atrás

    Always love your reactions so much, Rebecca. They're all so genuine, hearfelt & respectful and sometimes really funny. I think it's because you're so REAL💓
    So glad I found your site. Thank you +++. 👍💖

  • Michele Nicole
    Michele Nicole Mês atrás

    Side note, your place is beautiful!

  • Joseph Scally
    Joseph Scally Mês atrás

    All I can say is that many years ago, I was in the place she describes in this song. Yes, that was a difficult listen. Thank you for yet another wonderful reaction.

  • E VH
    E VH Mês atrás

    Yeah that was very strong

  • Willports
    Willports Mês atrás +1

    She did so well, i think the emotion of it came across so well. It moved everyone.