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  • Publicado em 21 Mar 2019
  • just a kid with a camera
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  • Deshae Frost
    Deshae Frost  2 meses atrás +1934

    Who won the roast battle?

  • Just Daisha
    Just Daisha 34 minutos atrás +1

    He was about to send you win feel

  • Periné Bronwyn
    Periné Bronwyn 6 horas atrás

    The things he does
    Just to make us laugh!
    Damn !!

  • Rcjr53 Rcjr53
    Rcjr53 Rcjr53 6 horas atrás

    Fake ass Hood niggas

  • Staya Staya
    Staya Staya 6 horas atrás

    Poor deshae 😭

  • C Red
    C Red 7 horas atrás

    Some stuff you can’t play about lil homie

  • Keep It Funny
    Keep It Funny 14 horas atrás

    Man I didn’t like this prank tbh that’s his family bruh don’t go that far. Of course y’all not gonna be friends he ain’t have no snails on his face bo

  • Brittany Herrera
    Brittany Herrera 18 horas atrás

    Don’t play with Mike

  • Federico Franco
    Federico Franco Dia atrás

    This nigga said how u got diamonds in ur mouth and crust on ur lips 🤣💀 after that i woulda just left aint no comin back after that

  • HollyHoodTrell
    HollyHoodTrell Dia atrás

    Didn’t u kno that niggas kills niggas u buggin 😂😂😂😂

  • Youtube Viewer
    Youtube Viewer Dia atrás +1

    Deshae won that whole roasting battle 😂😂

  • Renay Phillips
    Renay Phillips Dia atrás

    Thank runick because he saved your life

  • Genesis Toliver
    Genesis Toliver Dia atrás

    Shit fake mike was post to do sum shit😂💯💯

  • Kelly’s Crazy Lifestyle

    This man really not tryna live

  • Kelly’s Crazy Lifestyle

    Prank starts around 10:49

  • Jay’s World
    Jay’s World Dia atrás

    13:50 deshae flew over that couch

  • ShmooveDGAF
    ShmooveDGAF Dia atrás

    Us?u going to da movies u gotta bring us 😂

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams Dia atrás

    Y'all know this fake right?

  • Danni P.
    Danni P. Dia atrás +2

    Real pranks like this really be hitting different 💀

  • Shawn Millien
    Shawn Millien Dia atrás

    Mike whould kill a nigga

  • Shawn Millien
    Shawn Millien Dia atrás

    Deshae a try hard

  • Yosvanny Ortiz
    Yosvanny Ortiz 2 dias atrás

    Why the hell was chad teper there lol

  • Forever Jkab
    Forever Jkab 2 dias atrás

    I thought you had a car why you keep riding in Uber

  • Only Sadiq
    Only Sadiq 2 dias atrás


  • Josh O’Neal
    Josh O’Neal 2 dias atrás

    I respect the BRclip community whether you a big BRclipr or small youtuber continue the grind but these prank be fake as hell funny mike had more then enough opportunity to lay shawty out of he wanted to he kept pullin his self back and funny mike far from a hoe so ik if this shit was real funny mike woulda rlly gave dude something to think bout next time he think bout pullin some shit off like that again 💯

  • Benard M
    Benard M 2 dias atrás

    Never play with a mans family, and Us Louisiana niggas don’t play so watch yoself

  • Anti Ghost
    Anti Ghost 2 dias atrás

    He brought up the fight with DDG

  • Jailan Kleen
    Jailan Kleen 3 dias atrás

    Nigga deshae look like the smallest build on 2k17

  • Thomas Dancy
    Thomas Dancy 3 dias atrás

    Sey bruh that nigga mike a g bruh dont be playing him like that bruh and das real talk😤😠

  • Antonae boysaw
    Antonae boysaw 4 dias atrás

    LMAOOOOOOOOOO I’m screaming 😂😭😭

  • Genae Leopold
    Genae Leopold 4 dias atrás

    March 21 is my birthday

  • spacejam jai
    spacejam jai 4 dias atrás

    Deshae the south dont play like really was finna fucking die😂😂😂

  • MiyaSmooth Tv
    MiyaSmooth Tv 4 dias atrás

    You are the worst youtuber ever im glad im not subscribe to u because that shxt was wack asf like u don’t say that to a real hood nigga and then u acking like a child like the shxt was so funny anit nothing was funny about this

  • Vanesa L
    Vanesa L 4 dias atrás

    Deshae is a BITCH you don’t mess with someone that can fight if you can’t even fight

  • Javier Alvarez
    Javier Alvarez 4 dias atrás

    Dumbass😂 don’t fw street niggas

  • Rayvrien Dawson
    Rayvrien Dawson 4 dias atrás


  • babyxCüte 1
    babyxCüte 1 4 dias atrás

    13:46 that fall tho!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • babyxCüte 1
    babyxCüte 1 4 dias atrás

    How you make so much money on BRclip but can’t afford no Chapstick how you got diamonds in your mouth but crust on your lips!😂😂 you got’em red dot em😂 4:22 so we just not gonna talk about dem jokes

  • Rhonda Hall
    Rhonda Hall 5 dias atrás


  • Reckgaming
    Reckgaming 5 dias atrás

    That nigga was scared 🤣

  • Heaven Townley
    Heaven Townley 5 dias atrás +1


  • Joven Malvado
    Joven Malvado 5 dias atrás +5

    You play too much💯🤦🏽‍♂️

  • kemartie evans
    kemartie evans 5 dias atrás +1

    Funny Mike

  • kemartie evans
    kemartie evans 5 dias atrás +1

    Do more with funny Mike

    ITSYAGIRL TINY!! 5 dias atrás

    who is diss..wat DO he eat ?? PEoplE

    ITSYAGIRL TINY!! 5 dias atrás

    dang ik u feel so nervous surrounded by all them niggas like dang let em breath...u always get tightened up with things like dis its cool ho ik u dont like to fight soo yhh i understand..

  • Lil Serg
    Lil Serg 5 dias atrás


  • Liam Edwards
    Liam Edwards 6 dias atrás

    Bruh yo ass look scared asf

  • Jay Tillah
    Jay Tillah 6 dias atrás

    Gotta be careful with jokes sometimes though real talk mike buried a dude he built for this that was a bold prank 💯

  • singalaka namba
    singalaka namba 6 dias atrás

    wtf is kristen doing around street niggas

  • Jay Tillah
    Jay Tillah 6 dias atrás

    You laughing the hardest at your own jokes calm down and all that yelling we can’t even hear mike roast you 😂🤣 dude deshae look like a whole piranha big ass teeth nigga about to eat thru the camera

  • Willieda Silly
    Willieda Silly 6 dias atrás

    Nigga you dumb asf

  • Droopy Mane LaFlare
    Droopy Mane LaFlare 6 dias atrás +1

    Is it me r dat runik be actin a scrate dicc rider mayne lmao...

  • Kris Collins
    Kris Collins 6 dias atrás +1

    Who else think funnymike will whoop on ddg

  • Kris Collins
    Kris Collins 6 dias atrás +6

    So ain't nobody notice how jigga just walked tf out 😂🤣🤣

  • King Mar
    King Mar 6 dias atrás

    13:47 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • King Mar
    King Mar 6 dias atrás

    I’m dead when that nigga came outta no where thinkin he finna do somethin🤣🤣 @ 11:53

  • TeegoCrazy
    TeegoCrazy 7 dias atrás +1

    if you fw deshae like this

  • Chonky30_JR oficial
    Chonky30_JR oficial 7 dias atrás

    Is just me ??
    When funny mike see the cámara he want to act tuff like no🤣🤣

    • TeegoCrazy
      TeegoCrazy 7 dias atrás

      Chonky30_JR oficial shut yo donkey smellin ass up das why you don’t got no likes on this comment tf wrong withcu funnymike rlly built wit the shitz

  • Jermine Goldsby
    Jermine Goldsby 7 dias atrás

    I think Deshae nigga weak ass hell when it come to some real shit though

  • Christopher Villalon
    Christopher Villalon 7 dias atrás

    Chad tepper was with funny mike 😂

  • Heartlxss
    Heartlxss 7 dias atrás

    U won the roast he was finna beat yo sht

  • ZoFN
    ZoFN 8 dias atrás

    funnymike wit the shit remember that

  • TheVoice Of A Young BlackMan

    🗣LADIES!......When niggas love they girl frfr u won't EVER have to question if u have to he don't love ya🤷🏾‍♂️😭🤣

  • Arial Preston
    Arial Preston 8 dias atrás

    Deshae pussy ass scared 😂

  • Jaedon Richards
    Jaedon Richards 8 dias atrás


  • Jawad Johnson
    Jawad Johnson 8 dias atrás

    never play wit a man's daughter or you will be on a T-shirt

    LHAKPA LAMA 9 dias atrás

    Your a pussy deshae u ran away from him like a little kid and u tryna act cool but your not

    BIG TAHJ 9 dias atrás

    This shit fake asf 13:32 the paid actor fucked this video up 😭 how do y’all get all these views for acting

    BIG TAHJ 9 dias atrás

    12:30 is the funniest part of this entire video. I’m fucking dead 🤣

    BIG TAHJ 9 dias atrás

    Dude in the yellow has too be a PAID ACTOR. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Brown sugar
    Brown sugar 9 dias atrás

    Why would you risk new friendships and your life just to entertain strangers ...
    Don’t let the love of money, subscribers and likes get you hurt

  • Aviah Menefee
    Aviah Menefee 9 dias atrás

    Dashae is gon die one day he gon get shot

  • Murphy Blic
    Murphy Blic 10 dias atrás

    Definitely fake

  • Frank Carter
    Frank Carter 10 dias atrás

    Mike said get me the tools and frost what tool 😭😭

  • BigKelz Smov
    BigKelz Smov 10 dias atrás

    How this man come to funny mike crib and start roastin his ass 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • DJ’s Life
    DJ’s Life 10 dias atrás

    You never bring peoples kids into this bru no matter what you doing bru that’s disrespectful

  • ysb von
    ysb von 10 dias atrás

    Dam he flamed the shit outta mike😂

  • C! C!
    C! C! 10 dias atrás

    Deshae low key though he really doesn't give af

  • mj aderholt
    mj aderholt 10 dias atrás

    had 22 go to gangster to youtuber

  • Jaida Savage
    Jaida Savage 10 dias atrás

    Lawd mike said he finna put him on a 👕

  • jamal Evans
    jamal Evans 11 dias atrás

    He said where are this niggas coming from 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • OmgItzChillbill
    OmgItzChillbill 11 dias atrás

    Watch how girl have mike

  • ybn alex 242
    ybn alex 242 11 dias atrás

    You should make more video with funny Mike

  • T_ boss
    T_ boss 11 dias atrás

    This nigga funnymike say why u put chips in my hands

  • briiaa monet
    briiaa monet 11 dias atrás

    That nigga was finna get zipped 😭😭😭pussy ah his heart dropped out his body nigga ain playin certified steppa

  • Trent Proctor
    Trent Proctor 11 dias atrás

    “ I don’t like London that’s kinda lame” 😂😂😂

  • E Z O
    E Z O 11 dias atrás

    Niggas run on too flawda zoejas we on dat 🇭🇹👣

  • Boo Boo
    Boo Boo 11 dias atrás

    Just finished his gay prank on DDG and instantly read this as “I told funny mike I wanna be his baby momma”

  • Will Humphrey
    Will Humphrey 11 dias atrás

    I appreciate this risk

  • Tracie Mathews
    Tracie Mathews 12 dias atrás

    It was a prank so fighting is definitely weak. But that big dude was weak asf. Mike could've handled that hisself. Big dude jumping in made Mike look weak to me. On all Oakland, CA. I would've folded him or her in the chair/couch he or she was in.

  • Floridaboiiant
    Floridaboiiant 12 dias atrás

    this not handy mandy😂😭😂

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson 12 dias atrás

    Funny mike looking stupid trying to act tough . Good video but you should chill bro

  • sahar guy
    sahar guy 12 dias atrás

    Deshae Frost !!

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark 12 dias atrás

    U need to learn when to chill

  • lost soul
    lost soul 12 dias atrás


  • lost soul
    lost soul 12 dias atrás +1

    Dashae telling Mike to calm down but he the main 1 screaming

  • INVADER 615
    INVADER 615 12 dias atrás


  • Eric Lara
    Eric Lara 12 dias atrás

    White boy came out like he finna do some ahah

  • Emmanuel Afuwape
    Emmanuel Afuwape 12 dias atrás

    Now this was legit