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I Was Banned For Saving This SMP

  • Publicado em 27 Set 2022
  • I Was Banned For Saving This SMP... This Was Insane...
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    Like ParrotX2 and his School's Minecraft Server / School SMP Series where he Started a War or Ended a War. Not Technoblade / TommyInnit / or any other Dream SMP member. This is a new and original Minecraft idea / challenge where you can steal SMP Minecraft player's lives. Survival is harder than Hardcore Minecraft because PVP is a thing.
    This series is inspired by ParrotX2 and SpokeIsHere's SMP Minecraft Series, as well as TommyInnit and Dream on the Dream SMP server. However, instead of it being SpokeIsHere, ParrotX2, TommyInnit or Dream, it's actually just PrinceZam, POG. I like to make super epic traps, and this is similar to a Custom Minecraft Challenge video, except the Custom Minecraft Challenge is to survive. You could call this Minecraft, But Lifesteal SMP.
    I Was Banned For Saving This SMP
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  • PrinceZam
    PrinceZam   +660

    hey guys! this footage is from June but because i went on vacation for a month and a half right after the finale, i never finished this! on top of that, the video before this one is even older then this video and the one before it! I'm just really slow lmao, but don't worry, I haven't uploaded anything from season 4 yet, and all my season 4 uploads are gonna start right now, so yeah! the next one is gonna be really cool and im so excited to release it. see you guys then also please subscribe i havent slept properly in 5 days

  • kappuccinokat

    Holy the storytelling on this one is insane man, really hit the feels when talking about everything that happened with you and Spoke. Your style at the start being more upbeat and happy but as the video goes on dragging more and feeling like there's no end in sight, then the whole getting spawn trapped by Spoke and the sick one liners, this is such a masterpiece. Makes me feel the same way I did watching the finale when it was live, incredible job Zam.

  • Pangi
    Pangi  +110

    Leo betraying us was definitely a top 10 anime betrayals...

  • LavaMelxn
    LavaMelxn  +241

    2 minutes in the video, the storytelling is great as hell

  • Komia
    Komia  +14

    This video is amazing. You put all of the key parts of Lifesteal into one video. This video is full of ups and downs and this story is amazing. This actually feels like I was experiencing this along with you. You talk about how two people (You and Spoke) were on two different paths for so long. Props to you, this video is amazing and was really entertaining to watch.

  • dest
    dest  +98

    dude your storytelling is so RAW, and i love the progression from lighthearted to damn thats a lotta pain (also the most emotions i got from a minecraft vid). honestly you absolutely deserved the 100k and so much more

  • Anaoa
    Anaoa  +27

    PrinzeZam your style in storytelling is just insane man, I've never been so emotional in something like this in a long time. You've somehow made me feel the emotions and hardwork you went through. You're a great inspiration and I look forward to the next season 💚

  • NULL
    NULL  +108

    I love how there is just wholesome moments and then the chat is just fighting lol

  • SunnyBoi
    SunnyBoi 14 dias atrás +3

    Damn. I've never seen better storytelling and effort put in a video. I almost cried during the end there. You just got a sub bro.

  • Aquaspect
    Aquaspect  +32

    The in between transitions are absolutely insane 🔥

  • loveletterz

    this storytelling in this video is something else, I'm not gonna lie... the way it starts light and hyped and proceeds to get darker each minute? the sense of despair slowly creeping in as the video goes on? like, the feeling like there's no good ending in sight growing more and more as the events proceed to go? base, after base, after base, betrayal after betrayal, gosh darn!

  • YaBoiJSmith

    There isn’t a single member of lifesteal that I don’t look up to, you’re all such phenomenal storytellers and do so well to keep attention throughout every video you make

  • Simak Naveed Akther

    Even though the video was delayed it was a masterpiece the storytelling was absolutely perfect the characters roleplaying all of the fights making friends absolutely one of the best minecraft smp videos ever watched kudos to you zam and kudos to all the lifesteal members

  • Nugget
    Nugget Dia atrás

    This was one of the best lifesteal videos I’ve seen and it almost brought me to tears. Love you guys

  • Rhyder Wu

    Everyone should remember this as a story of resilience and doubt. Zam went the way of resilience, never giving up even if things didn’t go the way he expected. Base after base, he kept going. Spoke on the other hand, dug himself into a hole of doubt, thinking the server has lost hope. But Zam’s team won at the end. It may look like clown’s team won, but Zam’s team had resilience and that’s how they won.

  • 4xSpirit
    4xSpirit  +14

    Thank you Zam.. just watching a simple video on an smp us the viewers can’t even join u can teach us something NEVER GIVE UP!!

  • AgentJosh

    The story telling and build up in this is amazing, this might just be the lifesteal video ever. I’m saying that seeing the season 2 finale. The whole stuff with spoke is so great, the built to the final battle, bravo zam!

  • Annette Parker

    Makes me feel the same way I did watching the finale when it was live, incredible job Zam.

  • ExNIcs
    ExNIcs  +2

    That ending made me cry so much. The storytelling was very good and I cant wait for the next season♥️

  • Superking 100

    This was like an entire movie with the storytelling jeez... Well done!