• Publicado em 11 Nov 2019
  • It took me so long to get this video out we got 2 more million views then what we had when I recorded!! WHAT!!
    THANK YOU ALL! I'm thrilled so many are enjoying what we made! I promise you the future of Hazbin Hotel is my number one priority, but in the meantime I have lots to share about more cartoons and goals for this channel moving forward!!
    Stay tuned for an official Helluva Boss trailer soon as it's nearly done and ready for be seen! Helluva has been in production from a new team since the summer and thanks to the amazing artists I worked with for it Hazbin was able to finish in time for it's October release!! So you can thank Helluva for Hazbin being done when it was! I can't wait to share these new characters with you all soon and clue you into the BRILLIANT people who helped with it!!
    If you'd like to be part of funding more Hazbin content like comics (possibly even shorts if things take too long to sort out for a season), or brand new cartoons produced for your free entertainment please consider donating on patreon or buying any merch that might strike your fancy!
    Video Edited by Fakanza!
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  • tokyo wolf
    tokyo wolf 40 minutos atrás

    I already have a few ships in Hazbin hotel

  • Gustav Leipoldt
    Gustav Leipoldt 45 minutos atrás

    I really loved this vid. Wish i could donate some cash but i dont have any but hopefully you guys get everything you need for this show

  • Vinh Huynh
    Vinh Huynh 2 horas atrás

    The sky's the limit! Waiting for Hazbin to continue.

  • Minecraftgrl26
    Minecraftgrl26 4 horas atrás

    I found Hazbin Hotel from memes, but I was certain that I've heard of it before. When I found out that it was on BRclip, I figured that it was a show. But when I found out that it was just one episode, I was really sad. But now I watch this video, and I'm extremely happy! Your work is amazing, thank you for bringing your ideas to life!

  • Foxy_ Afton
    Foxy_ Afton 5 horas atrás

    I flipping love hazbin hotel!

  • Some Lightskin
    Some Lightskin 7 horas atrás

    Please😂💯 this is an amazing work

  • Jeremiah Hyde
    Jeremiah Hyde 7 horas atrás

    Don't know why but I.M.P reminds me of the IMPS from doom

  • Wizjonerski Krzysztof
    Wizjonerski Krzysztof 9 horas atrás

    How about helluva boss?

  • Lily O'Moore
    Lily O'Moore 9 horas atrás +2

    "we want to make an entire season"
    **happy alastor-fan noises**

  • Xxserenity GachaxX
    Xxserenity GachaxX 12 horas atrás

    It should be on a DVD

  • Xxserenity GachaxX
    Xxserenity GachaxX 12 horas atrás

    I'm 10years old and i love it soo make pt2

  • juhbar wolfy gacha
    juhbar wolfy gacha 13 horas atrás

    Welp le sad

    RUSSIAN GAMING 14 horas atrás

    I wait for episod 2. The pilot one was so amazing

  • Typhon0993
    Typhon0993 16 horas atrás

    "We want to make a whole season"
    *everyone liked that*

  • Dillon Winstead
    Dillon Winstead 16 horas atrás

    I don't have any money to give you but I've shared the hell out of Hazbin Hotel!!! You guys have amazing talent and I really hope it gets picked up! I could see it being played on on Adult Swim. Wishing you happy holidays and best of luck.

  • Stardust YT
    Stardust YT 16 horas atrás

    The pilot is almost at 19M

  • That one kid ._.
    That one kid ._. 18 horas atrás

    Alastor x angle 😭❤️

  • Sally Richards
    Sally Richards 20 horas atrás

    Can you make a part 3

  • Rediffusion Productions
    Rediffusion Productions 21 hora atrás

    itv nightlight.


  • Tyler Montgomery
    Tyler Montgomery 21 hora atrás

    this should be on adult swim honestly

  • Junk_ Bear
    Junk_ Bear 21 hora atrás


  • Bella Playz
    Bella Playz 22 horas atrás

    But how long will it take????! D:

  • Stephanie Castaldi
    Stephanie Castaldi 22 horas atrás

    It’s great that they have other ideas and interests for shows but if they could just focus on finishing a hazbin hotel season that would be great 👍🏻.

  • Xx Moon Artz xX
    Xx Moon Artz xX 22 horas atrás

    Can you mabey show us how to draw Alastor mabey

  • Jamie Riley
    Jamie Riley 23 horas atrás

    I have watched the hazbin hotel pilot over 6 times already. I had learned about it from memes on instagram. I havent been interested in tv in years, and this is the only show I've ever really loved. Its not over-gorey, the jokes can be funny, and it's very good imo. This show has a lot of potential for a killer story and ending, and I can't wait to see what you'll do with it. 🔆🔅🔆

  • cool zzys
    cool zzys Dia atrás

    I fucking love this shit

  • Mr Paps
    Mr Paps Dia atrás

    Im excited for this show but also terrified for you and your group. BRclip has been known to not be too nice to animators for whatever reason. First examples that come to my mind are psychic pebbles and oneyng, oneyng specifically because his views for his animations were absolutely off the charts yet youtube treated him so poorly (meaning no matter how big you get you’re never safe from youtube). What i recommend is to find another source of income along side youtube income (advertising without it being too intrusive maybe? Sponsors?) because youtube will turn on you on a dime trust me on that one I’ve been around youtube for a loooong time and heard everyones story, not just animators and this rings true for pretty much everyone on youtube who wants to do something that isnt spiderman and elsa.

  • soft strawberry mochi

    Vivzie: We are not making an episode two.
    Me: **sad noise**
    Me: **happiness noise**

  • Michelle Onyango
    Michelle Onyango Dia atrás

    If big mouth can make it on Netflix the Hazbin hotel and helluva boss sure as shit can👍🏿👍🏿

  • Kyle Mendonca
    Kyle Mendonca Dia atrás

    I love the idea of prequel comics for an awesome show! I just adore these, and I really want a full season

  • awesome gamer classified

    Question, in the short film TIMBER, we see a woman with a double x shirt, but she can't join in a party because she has more than one eye. So is Veckie(sorry if I got the name wrong) the hell form of that girl?

  • Jedidiah Whitfield
    Jedidiah Whitfield Dia atrás

    Yo Vivziepop sorry I’m a little late on commenting but I’ve been on combat maneuvers for a wile I absolutely love your BRclip videos in fact seeing your animation illustrated has helped me bring my artistry to the next level, I’ve gotten way better in my down.
    anyway sorry I haven’t subscribed yet but being a Marine you don’t make a lot of money however my wife and I recently started a an amazing business and it’s growing extremely fast once we get off the ground I’ll be more than happy support you.
    Anyway please bring back Jay the werewolf I been waiting for one of those videos for such a long time and please do something with Zoophobia I’m so looking forward to it.
    Keep dreaming and keep going, you’re doing great.
    PS pre-much every marine I come in contact with knows your videos And Loves them you have a lot of fans here in the Corps.

  • italyfighter games2
    italyfighter games2 Dia atrás

    Hazbin hotel and helluvaboss are without doubt one of the most well made, entertaining and beautiful things I've ever seen on BRclip! It's hard to find quality content like yours these days! I can't wait for the new episodes to come out! 😊❤️

  • Nixxie the Twintailed

    I know this is my second comment BUT I also wanna see more of this universe. A dark side to our angels? A twisted plot on Earth? I feel like this could go in so many directions and I can officially say I’m pumped to see this unfold.

  • Nixxie the Twintailed

    All I can say is YEEYEE

  • Ant Bar
    Ant Bar Dia atrás +1

    Well no sh*@ this is the best animated thing ever it inspired lots of us and creativity is pure gold

  • Hard Cora
    Hard Cora Dia atrás

    Really happy you made this a reality! 🔥🔥🔥

  • alvin ma
    alvin ma Dia atrás

    More plz

  • Shadow Neko
    Shadow Neko Dia atrás

    So is helluva boss a one time thing?

  • Guillermo Rodriguez
    Guillermo Rodriguez Dia atrás +3

    This doesn’t seem like a project, if it was on adultswim as an special video I would think is was an actual cartoon

  • Zato Akuma
    Zato Akuma Dia atrás

    Great and Hard magnificent work I wish and I hope you continue enjoying the time that you take to work on this masterpiece

  • Quinn Evans
    Quinn Evans Dia atrás +1

    Who thinks Adult Swim will pick up this series once there are more episodes?

  • firework potato chips

    Why dont you guys go backwards and keep the pilot as the season finale

  • SERVIN_EMUP Servin
    SERVIN_EMUP Servin Dia atrás

    Why do people hate you ur freakin awesome

  • Sl4gga S1ayer
    Sl4gga S1ayer Dia atrás

    This show will only be perfect of there is a part or sence for the Doom Slayer

  • Melinda Lindsay
    Melinda Lindsay 2 dias atrás +1

    This should be on Netflix XD

  • Anonymous Dee
    Anonymous Dee 2 dias atrás

    I'm excited for the full season aaaah you guys are amazing keep up the good work!!!

  • Braylen Boykins
    Braylen Boykins 2 dias atrás

    I now love u I will donate 123 dollars if u do 3 seasons

  • Braylen Boykins
    Braylen Boykins 2 dias atrás

    Make another one bitch

  • some one
    some one 2 dias atrás

    This is the good shit. Keep it up.

  • KolourfulNeco
    KolourfulNeco 2 dias atrás

    I vote Netflix

  • huevito cocido :v
    huevito cocido :v 2 dias atrás

    I want to see Alastor and angel together. 😅❤️
    Are there any odds?

  • AntiSepticGirl
    AntiSepticGirl 2 dias atrás

    If I don’t get anymore hazbin hotel I’m gonna go INSANE

  • BSG_ Mysticッ
    BSG_ Mysticッ 2 dias atrás

    I have a similar problem I'll start a project get half way through it and start a new one lol.

  • Miss Quirky
    Miss Quirky 2 dias atrás

    Adult swim should pick this up

  • The Butterducks
    The Butterducks 2 dias atrás

    I loved the pilot episode of Helluva Boss and I will never be able to get enough of it

  • Jackson Worthman
    Jackson Worthman 2 dias atrás +5

    Vivziepop: We're probably gonna make an entire season

  • Marcus Connet
    Marcus Connet 2 dias atrás

    What The Heck Vivzie

  • Queen Thictoria
    Queen Thictoria 2 dias atrás

    I love both Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. Y'all have no idea how happy this has made me. I never get invested in series or anything honestly, but I'm fully invested in seeing the future of these animations.

  • Karishma Sharma
    Karishma Sharma 2 dias atrás

    18 million now BOI