Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)

  • Publicado em 13 Mai 2019
  • The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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  • mamocd
    mamocd Dia atrás

    im very disappointed ;/

  • rumoj auqaf
    rumoj auqaf Dia atrás

    Dislike it as much as so it can break the record of youtube rewind.

  • Максим Токовенко

    концовка полное дерьмо! весь сериал зря смотрел!

  • Terry Bleu
    Terry Bleu Dia atrás

    The writters are saditics peoples who like to make hope and entertainment before to disappoint almost all of the fans. CROOKS !

  • Ganesh Patil
    Ganesh Patil Dia atrás

    I think if Knight king rule over the 7 kingdoms that would be a better story than this Shit

  • Ritchie125
    Ritchie125 Dia atrás

    I think they're afraid to post the "inside the episode" for episode 6 haha

  • Mari Leonardo
    Mari Leonardo Dia atrás

    where are the Dothraki??????? after he kill Daenerys?????

  • Akash Kumar
    Akash Kumar Dia atrás

    John Snow is *the king beyond the wall* he was neither a Stark nor a Targaryen. He is and always has been 2nd *Mance Rayder*

  • florin preda
    florin preda Dia atrás +1

    "Three Cheers for Sansa who always treated Jon like garbage for being a
    Bastard and was noticeable angry when the North chose him as king
    instead of her. Even after he just almost gave his life taking
    Winterfell back for her.

    The when he went back with Danerys never stopped conspiring against her,
    (both who fought and lost once again to protect winterfell and stop the
    zombies while she did jack shit) and immediately betray his trust by
    proclaiming Jon as the one true king. Not because of his best interest
    but because of hers.

    Shot out to Bran, Catelyn's favorite who has being secretly
    orchestrating all of this to become King of Westeros. Knowing the heavy
    turmoil it will take Jon to kill the person he loves and letting
    hundreds of innocent people burns to death.

    And who can forget Arya Stark, Jon's closest sister. She is all about
    remembering Jon that he is also a Stark and that family must take close,
    only to get the hell out of Winterfell and do whatever he wants, then
    have the balls to say she won't even visit him while he is punished by
    the actions he was coerced into doing.

    The Starks send their regards."

  • IronFromIce Y
    IronFromIce Y Dia atrás +2

    in the end we almost got everything we wanted and we had to pay it with Dany's life even tough I hated that they made her the villain I am satisfied with the end of game of thrones. It was as they always sad it would be bitter sweet. (And her dream of breaking the wheel came true)(and making Bran king was the best choice nobody hates him nobody loves him)

  • John O'Terry
    John O'Terry Dia atrás +1

    Ich hab jetzt alle Folgen von Game of Thrones gesehen....und davon ist keine einzige schlecht....

  • Тимур  Галиаскаров

    Jaime so much kingslayer, so that tried to kill Bran, before he became king.

  • Adiel Amado
    Adiel Amado Dia atrás

    Wuhu! So happy with the writters of the final episode! 😁can someone tell me where to find them? I want to thanks properly 😄

  • Anne Scholey
    Anne Scholey Dia atrás

    Today the iron throne tomorrow the world

  • Rupal L
    Rupal L Dia atrás

    GOT YOU taught me so much from season 1 to 7 and all of a sudden after E3 of season 8 you just become something filled with disappointment , it’s not because you left but because you left abruptly.

  • lupaspc
    lupaspc Dia atrás

    ojalá el dragón quemando a los guionistas

  • Tobias Bratter
    Tobias Bratter Dia atrás

    Am I the only one who liked it? 🧐 Great Job! D&D

  • Денис Щурин
    Денис Щурин Dia atrás +1

    Now I understand why John had such a sour face for the entire 8th season. He just read the whole script from the very beginning)))

  • emre karaca
    emre karaca Dia atrás

    The crippled is king. The dwarf is king’s hand. The woman is queen. What is that? Aesop's Fables

  • Shubham Singh
    Shubham Singh Dia atrás

    You know what happens Larry.... when a writer fucks u in the ass ...u know what happens..

  • Maria45891
    Maria45891 Dia atrás

    Guys, the petition

  • zila khaleesi
    zila khaleesi Dia atrás

    The heartbreaking painful and disappointed finale season. My Queen die by her lover? After all she has done? Cmon... Jon has to die to!!!
    I so angry because of dany die 😭😭
    Daenerys you'll always be my queen and always be remembered 😭😭😭💔❤️❤️❤️

  • Sergio Jaén Lara
    Sergio Jaén Lara Dia atrás

    You should be ashamed for this ending.

  • Alexander Zamani
    Alexander Zamani Dia atrás

    Such a bad ending, the entire season was rushed it needed at least 3 seasons more to do it justice.

  • ioana ilea
    ioana ilea Dia atrás

    Alright. Let's wish mr. GRRM a long and healthy life so he can finish the books. Because that is our only chance. Maybe someday a reboot will make us cheer too. I feel cheated. Because it's all D&D's fault, for TURNING DOWN THREE EXTRA SEASONS 10 EP. EACH because of their GREED.
    FOR ALL THOSE saying ,,you can't put everything on tv" or ,, i thought it was good". 1 - THEY put restraints on themselves because THEY were interested in Star Wars. If the writers couldnt genuinelly do a better job it was BECAUSE OF THEM. 2 - Go watch again Battle of the Bastards, Winds of Winter and The Red Wedding. THEN if you still can you dipshit, come back and tell me season 8 was as good as it could have been.

  • kim savage boi
    kim savage boi Dia atrás

    after this ending i think thanos was right

  • Thomas
    Thomas Dia atrás +1


  • Strohhuthunter42
    Strohhuthunter42 Dia atrás +2

    The last episode had so much great moments. Brienne writing down the stories of Jamie, Drogon flying away with Dany, Jon going where he was happy back then. I think this ending was great and alomst every charakterark came to an pleasing end with Bronn getting what he wanted, Sam becomming the Archmaester and Tyrion the Hand. Brienne and Podrick beeing knights of the Kingsguard was the best conclusion for them. And someone who sees the past and the present should definetly rule becouse he literaly knows everything that happens at that moment.
    The only thing to complain about is, why are there still so much Dothraki and unsullied left?
    But all in all this was an ending worthy for Game of Thrones. Ill miss the feeling of seeing a new episode for the first time :'(

  • Vijay Sahni
    Vijay Sahni Dia atrás +1

    From now on Jon would be known as ""QUEENSLAYER""..😂😂

  • Elia P.
    Elia P. Dia atrás

    Drogon is going to erebor

  • Max Mescaline
    Max Mescaline Dia atrás +1


  • clara jane
    clara jane Dia atrás +2

    I love GOt from the start to the ending.... It's like real life... You think there is a point or purpose... But you are just a speck of dust of the universe 😌 this is GOT not fairy tale... We expected something big to happen everything has to have a reason... that's why everyone is disappointed with the ending
    I cried when drogon nudge dany... Even though he is a scary beast that destroy a whole city when his mother died he doesn't want to accept it and nudge her.... 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Lina L
    Lina L Dia atrás +2

    big disapointment.. why Bran.?. John musted to become the King.. or the king of North.. :(

    • Ris_Bo
      Ris_Bo Dia atrás +1

      +Maxi Di Darío He was rightful heir to the iron throne, he was the promised prince not fkin Bran

    • Maxi Di Darío
      Maxi Di Darío Dia atrás

      Jon showed all the time that he belonges to free men

  • vinayak D joshi
    vinayak D joshi Dia atrás +2

    Drogon had more character development than the new king of westeros

  • Rüdiger Rübe
    Rüdiger Rübe Dia atrás

    Do you remember last week when we joked About bran sitting on the throne in the end?
    well……… Worst joke ever

  • Nahid ALAOUI
    Nahid ALAOUI Dia atrás

    mrehba bikom 3ala 9anati liljamilat fa9at 😘

  • Man from Vault 11
    Man from Vault 11 Dia atrás +1

    Jon Snow, the hero of his era, is relegated to oblivion beyond the wall? Probably scrubbed from the history books? Not even Davos said goodbye? Hardly anyone on that new council cared, they were just bullshitting around about money? This goes way beyond. The prophesied hero Azor Ahai and the Prince that was promised just skipped over and fucked off to live with wildlings in solitude for the rest of his days? D&D just wanted to wrap it up to make their shitty Star Wars thing. 20 years flushed down the fucking toilet.

  • ioana ilea
    ioana ilea Dia atrás

    ,,yOU wOuld bE UPset not maTTER how it ENDED"//,,YALL UpseT iT didNT end hoW you IMAgined"

    No. The series was too good to deserve sloppy second hand writing at the end. *Pay offs are everything in every story!* We all knew some of us would be happy and some of us unhappy with the ending, depending on who sits on the throne. But they managed to disappoint like 90% of us, so it's not that we can't handle a show ending or that we expect too much- people would be making memes about crying that it has ended and rejoice there will be prequels. It's not that much about who sits on the throne either, although the choice doesnt make sense the way they've given it to us. IT'S THE BAD WRITING. Plain and simple. They failed to make the story believable, they failed to make us FEEL. I know you probably read complaints all over about it, but it really is true. They made huge mistakes and they should be held accountable. I myself know I am unsubbing and pirating from now on.

  • Fire Break
    Fire Break Dia atrás +1

    Wtf should’ve focused this whole season on the fight with the white walkers. One episode only for the biggest war of the whole show, the enemy was exaggerated. Disappointed that Daenerys had to die

  • Felissa Sandra
    Felissa Sandra Dia atrás +30

    Game of Thrones Final Season fiIm:

    Leurs états de santé
    respectifs les empêchent
    de s'approcher trop
    près l'un de l'autre.

  • Ria An
    Ria An Dia atrás +1

    So many years..waiste of time! 8 seasons for a bullshit ending.... Disappointed .

  • Deathpool 23
    Deathpool 23 Dia atrás

    This final was great

  • Sasha Yastrebov
    Sasha Yastrebov Dia atrás +1

    Damt you HBO who can make me forget this shit

  • Neddy Stark
    Neddy Stark Dia atrás +2

    How shit was that finale??...Jesus!

  • Ishara K
    Ishara K Dia atrás +1

    Bran would have never made it beyond the wall or anywhere if it wasn't for hodor. A king? Does he even know how to use a sword?

  • Gintare Zabutkaite
    Gintare Zabutkaite Dia atrás +2

    Unsubbing from HBO. They murdered the Vikings, True Detective and now GoT. If I ever decide to watch anything from them, Ill pirate. What a waste of money to watch two monkeys perform a circus. DnD revealed themselves as the dumbest shits in the world. But who else behind the scenes were rewatching the episodes and thought fuck yeah these are good to air?

  • Mr. H
    Mr. H Dia atrás +2

    I am vomiting. This ending is complete nonsense.

  • Kevin J.
    Kevin J. Dia atrás

    Damn, I feel so bad for Drogon. He has lost two siblings and his mother... :(

  • 석빈 김
    석빈 김 Dia atrás +1

    이건 아니잖아 내 9년 어케 책임질래 ?

  • Philipp Koch
    Philipp Koch Dia atrás +1

    Hey where is the "inside the episode 6" spot? I am really interested if it will get 70, 80 or even 90% thumbs down.
    Or is there nothing... Cause everybody had something like... meeehhh fuck that shit..?!

  • Trance InMyMind
    Trance InMyMind Dia atrás +1

    Lost: we had the worstest finale season
    GOT: hold my beer...

  • iCookies
    iCookies Dia atrás +1

    💩 episode 6 💩

  • Shawge .
    Shawge . Dia atrás +1

    I guess the series is just to good to accept the fact it now ends no matter how it ends really .

    • Shawge .
      Shawge . Dia atrás

      +ioana ilea Its bad i know... But whats worse for me is the series itself has ended.

    • ioana ilea
      ioana ilea Dia atrás

      No. The series is too good to deserve sloppy second hand writing at the end. Pay offs are everything in every story! We all knew some of us would be happy and some of us unhappy with the ending, depending on who sit on the throne. But they managed to disappoint like 90% of us, so it's not the ending - people would be making memes about crying that it has ended and rejoice there will be prequels. It's not that much about who sits on the throne either, although the choice doesnt make sense the way they've given it to us. IT'S THE BAD WRITING. Plain and simple. They failed to make the story believable, they failed to make us FEEL. I know you probably read complaints all over about it, but it really is true. They made huge mistakes and they should be held accountable. I myself know I am unsubbing and pirating from now on.

  • Aloy Computer
    Aloy Computer Dia atrás

    Worst Ending, Very disappointment, why all tv series finale is su*k, so sad!
    No happy ending.
    I hope The Night King kill everyone and he sit the iron throne!

  • emre karaca
    emre karaca Dia atrás

    Which suggestion of tyrion ended up positive thing? So they still listen this fucking idiot.

  • Sebastian ioan
    Sebastian ioan Dia atrás

    No No No No NO NO NOO!!! HBO, you greedy corporate son of a gun, you've ruined the best show of this decade. Hats off to the brilliant actors and everyone else who made this show, but the story was completely ruined......

  • Sheila Moura
    Sheila Moura Dia atrás

    horrivel pior final possivel

  • Sharad134
    Sharad134 Dia atrás

    Kit Harrington is epically disappointed

  • Nikola Lasica
    Nikola Lasica Dia atrás

    Unsullied take john’s sword when he visit’s the imp in the cell, but somehow when he visit’s their queen, she is all alone! Not to mention the weird awkwardness throughout the episode after Danny’s death :’D shame, shame, shame

  • emre karaca
    emre karaca Dia atrás +2

    There will be tens new versions of GoT in the future. But you, David Benioff - DB Weiss, are always will remain as the worst sceenwriters.

  • Abbi Ravindhran
    Abbi Ravindhran Dia atrás

    Daenarys said she was going to break the wheel, but GOD made the wheel builder the king. Too bad people are too stupid to understand this (ie Bran the builder).

  • Łukasz Krause
    Łukasz Krause Dia atrás

    Please tell me why you did THIS to your fans? After all this years. 😡

  • Vasyl Lylo
    Vasyl Lylo Dia atrás

    HBO you company evil! Caught off a great TV show!

  • Arun Kshatriya
    Arun Kshatriya Dia atrás

    if directors of GOT wouldn't bring dany back then they will die same way as ned stark died in first season. you are inspired by avengers end game, where iron man died and his film created history in film history, that's not gonna happen with your show. you are nothing without jrr , that's why your last season nothing but a disappointment.

  • Phumzile Sinorita Nyawose

    Shame😩😞 shame shame shame shame shame shame 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💤💤💤💤💤👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😵

  • Hassan Javed
    Hassan Javed Dia atrás +1

    Season review in one word.
    " Shame".

  • Julian Wetzel
    Julian Wetzel Dia atrás


  • emre karaca
    emre karaca Dia atrás

    Children of the fucking Catelyn. One is killer of the night king, one is a king, one is a queen. The real hero and protector of seven kingdom jon snow? going to the wall. Fuck you!

    • Nik Olo
      Nik Olo Dia atrás

      Why did they even ressurect him?

  • Mika Dege
    Mika Dege Dia atrás

    The eighth season was okay :)

  • kodex modex
    kodex modex Dia atrás +1

    Bonne vojage Dothraki

  • Kily Gonzales
    Kily Gonzales Dia atrás +1

    nobody says this ending was Justice for House of Starks.
    From the begining of series until the end of season 7 their life was a f nightmare and u complain about Dani? She killed innocent people and Starks were the victims all those years SO the good won the bad at the finale end of story and yes i am happy about the last episode.
    The North remembers.

  • EpiKuro
    EpiKuro Dia atrás

    The humor was forced and Daenerys insane heel turn felt too sudden and waved off with her Targaryen heritage.
    Otherwise, I enjoyed this season a lot more than the previous one, which was pandering to the highest degree.
    Also, Jamie and Cersei was a less cringey and more believeable couple than Jon and Daenerys, and that's saying something.

  • Investidor Rico
    Investidor Rico Dia atrás


  • Depression Talks With Immanuel

    Terrible smh...

  • seomaster99
    seomaster99 Dia atrás

    - Серый Червь уплыл?
    - Похоже на то.
    - Лол, Джон, можешь остаться, теперь все хорошо. -_-

  • seomaster99
    seomaster99 Dia atrás

    Настоящая причина почему Арья отправилась на Запад:
    Она поплыла в США, потому что два новых человека были добавлены в ее список: Дэвид Бениофф и Дэн Уайсс

  • Estebahn Geo
    Estebahn Geo Dia atrás

    Sansa : You are good at this, U know? A ruling! but.
    Bran : I don't want to be a king but..

    Jon : Everything before the word 'but' is a horse shit!

  • Reivax
    Reivax Dia atrás

    De la vrai merde

  • b sa
    b sa Dia atrás

    it was like unwrapping a present slowly, savouring every second (bloody eight seasons) get to the prize- bang, some bastards given you a turd! a special place in hell for you HBO, 2 f''in years my arse

  • Phumzile Sinorita Nyawose

    The WINE I'm drinking not enough to forget this horrible last episode
    OMG please tell me there is Episode 7 coming out or need to just buy whole F#ck cellar

  • oohgoditsbees
    oohgoditsbees Dia atrás

    God this episode sucked so much.

  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen Dia atrás +4

    In the end Drogon was the most loyal of all

  • Phumzile Sinorita Nyawose

    #pissed pissed on how your ended the season, Jon deserve better your did him a in justice sorry to say pissed

    They did injustice for Jon Snow Hbo, GOT writers Fuck your

  • Tyrion Lannister
    Tyrion Lannister Dia atrás


  • Moopoo Moooyoouu
    Moopoo Moooyoouu Dia atrás +1

    I just watched the episode last night. It was such a twist ending when Shrek appeared and told all the people how pathetic they were.

    • Alfa
      Alfa Dia atrás

      ANd than Tywin bitch slapped everyone else casue SHrek demands it

  • kodex modex
    kodex modex Dia atrás +1

    John Slow is pretty fast with his knife game tho lol

  • L S
    L S Dia atrás

    SJWs ruins the arts

  • dennis tam
    dennis tam Dia atrás

    so disappointed

  • Roshan Thomas
    Roshan Thomas Dia atrás

    I will say these teaser trailers were amazing then I watch the episodes and I'm like what happened?

  • Ольга Танасюк

    Полное разочарование от 8 сезона.


    Death is imminent for the queen but, what about justice?

  • PraseSuperStar
    PraseSuperStar Dia atrás

    OOOH JUST F*CK YOU D&D... Dumb & Dummber....

  • HBK23
    HBK23 Dia atrás +3

    knock knock
    who's there?
    disappointing who?
    got 8


    I didn't like the last episode totally unfair to leave john alive since he made a big and unforgivable mistake. Big bang treason.

  • TheShubbah
    TheShubbah Dia atrás +2

    Waited 2 years for this dogshit season lmfaoooooooooo good one!!!

  • namiSWANN1
    namiSWANN1 Dia atrás

    Do you guys think there is going to be a spinoff.

    • The Crazy Boy
      The Crazy Boy Dia atrás +1

      Yeah a spin of is coming. 2020 i think. Its about the first fight against the white walkers. Google it for more informations

  • Dennis K
    Dennis K Dia atrás

    Funniest part of this season:
    D&D got paid millions for this kind of bullshit.

  • The Brah
    The Brah Dia atrás +3

    Am I the only one who really liked this season? They made the viewer feel really into the show and made everything very unexpected which just maked the season even more exciting to watch. My only complaint is that they rushed it a bit otherwise it was a perfect season. It's usually very hard to make good endings in shows especially a show like this one who wants to keep everything unexpected. People are always going to want more but it has to end somewhere. Even if they made 3 och 4 more episodes it feels like people would still complain. Yes the season had a different pase than the other ones and not as much dialoge but thats because every single season has led up to this great war which is the whole season 8.

    • The Crazy Boy
      The Crazy Boy Dia atrás

      I agree

    • The Crazy Boy
      The Crazy Boy Dia atrás

      +Samwell Tarly everyone has his opinion!

    • The Brah
      The Brah Dia atrás

      +Samwell Tarly Ur the one with bad opinion

    • Samwell Tarly
      Samwell Tarly Dia atrás

      Such a trash opinion! Delete this comment immediately!!!

  • Dennis K
    Dennis K Dia atrás

    I cannot belive it. I hereby plegde to never whatch a GOT-Spinn off until they remake this Season. There is no word that describes my disappointment. How can you not notice, that the script you are writing is that shitty.

  • lovedoggos
    lovedoggos Dia atrás

    Beautifully crafted show. The sets, the costumes, cinematography and the acting were beyond amazing. That is what made the show so much fun to watch. Having said that, I believe there was a huge disservice done to the biggest factor of all - the books. The show should have stayed true to GRRM's vision and not tried to put the same, tired PC spin on everything. There's enough material in the books to make ten or more epic TV series', but the writers and HBO were selfish and greedy and took the entire franchise down a shit hole. I mean, seriously, did their small children give them the ideas on how the show should proceed without the source material, because to me, it was very juvenile and messy. At the very least, the creators of the show should have ended it when the books ended and given themselves a chance to make two spectacular series instead of one that ran amok after season five.