Wisconsin teens appear to do Nazi salute in viral prom picture

  • Publicado em 12 Nov 2018
  • A Wisconsin school district is investigating a photo showing a group of high school boys apparently making the Nazi salute. A school official denounced the image on Twitter and police said they were assisting the investigation.

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  • bathtub toaster
    bathtub toaster 2 meses atrás

    That’s hilarious

  • Frank Bowman
    Frank Bowman 3 meses atrás

    81 dislikes? From Nazis? Klansmen?

  • Let Up And Ride Hard Tail Hack Mark D'Angelo

    The USA is full of nasty people raising nasty kids, just face it, its our true colors.

  • Proud Momma Bee
    Proud Momma Bee 5 meses atrás

    Beautiful! *The goyim know.* I love it.

  • mangaka08
    mangaka08 6 meses atrás

    Making the "Ok" symbol? I mean, if that doesn't scream Hitler, I don't know what does. After all, Hitler pretty much invented it. There's nothing okay about the okay symbol.
    *Choking on sarcasm intensifies*

  • mangaka08
    mangaka08 6 meses atrás

    Not only does CBS News not understand jokes, but, apparently, they've never heard the concept of "edgy teenagers" and "high school."

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army 6 meses atrás

    I live in Wisconsin and I was like 😒

  • Ebony Watts
    Ebony Watts 6 meses atrás

    Those kids aint do nuffin jus demonstrating what they learned from others or home life like children of the other's but see unlike them these parents or any like them wont be held to account this will jus be swept under the rug an they move on its not talked about cause we're told it doesn't happen in their home but back to the point they jus waving bye to their parents and little jonny at the botton with his gang signs/ not so secret im on of u signs were all in good ole family fun. I take it not all were amused huh

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine 6 meses atrás

    Wonder how the WW2 vets feel

  • NoPiggyBanks 21
    NoPiggyBanks 21 6 meses atrás

    *look at all the kids in the front* 👌

  • Shubham Sharma
    Shubham Sharma 6 meses atrás

    Aww... Did they offend the snowflakes?

  • Jim Valdez
    Jim Valdez 6 meses atrás +1

    Students everywhere should start doing the same salute on their prom photos to protest the sjw's attacking our freedom of expression! Why can't they just take a damn joke!

  • Jim Valdez
    Jim Valdez 6 meses atrás +1

    This is so stupid; it's just a damn joke. There's no point in "investigating" and police don't need to be involved; nothing illegal happened!

  • ba55letmysoulfly
    ba55letmysoulfly 6 meses atrás

    How are ppl not enraged by this?! It’s a salute to the group that tried to commit genocide!

  • Audrey Hartman
    Audrey Hartman 6 meses atrás

    So freedom of expression just...isn't a thing anymore? Just because you don't get the joke you have to call the cops? Aight.

  • akidin06
    akidin06 6 meses atrás

    if they are waving goodbye... why are ALL the hands extended?

  • Ralph Garrett
    Ralph Garrett 6 meses atrás

    Wowww blessed video!

  • Ralph Garrett
    Ralph Garrett 6 meses atrás

    Powerful Video!

  • Cappy 22
    Cappy 22 6 meses atrás

    he level of buut-hurt in the comments is awesome 😆😆. Freedom of speech... Freedom of *expression.* It's ok to be white 👍🇺🇸👌🏌

  • D Wilson
    D Wilson 6 meses atrás +1

    They are just kids.. Freaking kids.. Don't turn it into something controversial.. Kids do stupid things..

  • I now have to wait 90 days to change my username

    I salute the guy doing this👌

  • Antonio Kinsey
    Antonio Kinsey 6 meses atrás

    But if it was supposed to be a “waving, say good bye to your parents” gesture, what a dumb photographer. If it were true, wouldn’t all the waving block a lot of the kids faces for the picture ?

  • markyhabs
    markyhabs 6 meses atrás


  • motor. Eeee.
    motor. Eeee. 6 meses atrás

    whats to complain about? have you ever seen the Olympic salute( don't show it to the person that had the mental problem with this picture,she'll freak out)? had a ww2 German soldier that saluted like the school waved would still be doing push ups .note many ww2 German officers (many Jewish) saluted the same as US soldiers do.

  • Tool Box
    Tool Box 6 meses atrás

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen, why are police investigating this? It’s a joke 😂

  • kkajj5
    kkajj5 6 meses atrás

    White trash all of them. And their parents to.

  • Steve Waddell
    Steve Waddell 6 meses atrás +2

    Why is this even news?

  • zuko 57
    zuko 57 6 meses atrás

    they are waving goodbye to their parents you fuking racist leftie loonies

  • Richard Worthington
    Richard Worthington 6 meses atrás +1


  • Jennifer Garza
    Jennifer Garza 6 meses atrás +1


  • Lori Bennett
    Lori Bennett 6 meses atrás

    That didn't happen in my school. Such a disgrace this photo and the school that allowed this to be developed. The school should never have allowed for the development of this prom picture. Hopefully some of these kids will many eventually learn and understand what a national disgrace this prom photo actually is. Shame on that school.

  • Shazal Ali
    Shazal Ali 6 meses atrás

    The one kid in front got emmm 👌👌

  • Kathryn Boyle
    Kathryn Boyle 6 meses atrás

    Actually, it looks as if they are waving!

  • ultimateDOOMPOOL
    ultimateDOOMPOOL 6 meses atrás


  • Israel Mpika
    Israel Mpika 6 meses atrás

    damn trump really wants to be like hitler he even got his own youth lol

  • Louis Woodard jr
    Louis Woodard jr 6 meses atrás

    White Thug’s

    • Dandelion Ducks
      Dandelion Ducks 6 meses atrás

      Louis Woodard jr
      Thug's what?
      You used an apostrophe so there must be more to this sentence. 😎

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 6 meses atrás +1

    Is it at all possible that they were...wait for it...waving?

  • Draggo
    Draggo 6 meses atrás

    police are helping the school investigate what? what crime was committed?

  • tbyjb
    tbyjb 6 meses atrás +1

    Do these stupid parents and kids realize that this picture with their faces is forever embedded in history. This picture with your face will haunt you as you enter your adult life and interview for jobs. Just stupid!!! Idiots!!!!

  • Moomoo dancer
    Moomoo dancer 6 meses atrás

    Fake crap news

  • Moishe Weinberg
    Moishe Weinberg 6 meses atrás +2

    Oy vey! This is another shoah!

  • Marilu Arcila
    Marilu Arcila 6 meses atrás

    Evil and Dangerous.

  • Jon M
    Jon M 6 meses atrás

    The photographer said wave good bye to parents. So I wonder if that's all it could have been.

  • I'mBlack&I'mProud X
    I'mBlack&I'mProud X 6 meses atrás

    Appearing? 🤔 That's it?

  • bongo fury
    bongo fury 6 meses atrás +1

    How is this any different than the “Black Power” raised fist?
    You must respect ALL “cultural expressions”!

  • lazy gamer
    lazy gamer 6 meses atrás +1

    When adults get offended by children, the adults should do some growing up.

  • Nadine Jisa
    Nadine Jisa 6 meses atrás

    joking around, there are about 10 boys not doing it. Probably not the best time to be doing it though especially after that shooting in a Jewish church. Wouldn't blame some people to get a chill.

    • Adam
      Adam 5 meses atrás

      Nadine Jisa you’re....

    • Nadine Jisa
      Nadine Jisa 5 meses atrás

      +Adam I can count to 1 for example your 1 nut

    • Adam
      Adam 5 meses atrás

      Nadine Jisa you still can’t count

    • Nadine Jisa
      Nadine Jisa 5 meses atrás

      +Adam I said "ABOUT" you dork

    • Adam
      Adam 6 meses atrás

      Nadine Jisa you can’t count

  • SpiralstaircaseTV
    SpiralstaircaseTV 6 meses atrás

    I went to this highschool. I think its just kids being stupid with no malevolent intent

  • Jason Mason
    Jason Mason 6 meses atrás

    They knew what they were doing because its a full on representation of who they are.

  • rickiex
    rickiex 6 meses atrás +1

    anyone noticed the black guy to the right? lol

  • palmshoot
    palmshoot 6 meses atrás +1

    Here we see the Northern, male Caucasians courting the females of the species with the customary five-digit salute.

  • Alabama Thorne
    Alabama Thorne 6 meses atrás +3

    They White back at it again.

    • Llama Cebu
      Llama Cebu 6 meses atrás

      Yep. Time to make some more BLM signs and while youre at it, let's put some La Raza signs as well because you know, white people are the only racist

  • MyEyesBled
    MyEyesBled 6 meses atrás +1

    Wisconsin = Republikkklan Red Cap Central

  • White Noise
    White Noise 6 meses atrás

    I hate the media. All they do is push liberal agendas, attack Trump, and divide people. Anyone with half a brain can see these kids were just f*cking around.

  • laststand
    laststand 6 meses atrás

    Goyim KNOW

  • mrmashedpotato
    mrmashedpotato 6 meses atrás +1

    Jew media is gonna ruin these kid's lives.

  • hunkgod
    hunkgod 6 meses atrás +4

    Local police involved why...this far from criminal. Stupid but nothing the police should be "aware" of.

  • MasterCarguy44
    MasterCarguy44 6 meses atrás

    Rather Natzi and Fascist of the police to investigate "free speech" in itself. Shame of the adults and police for this. The police and officials need to go tell those bothered by this to go get a life and chill or move out of the country.

  • MasterCarguy44
    MasterCarguy44 6 meses atrás

    Seems the adults of society are the ones that need to be caught up with things or deported. Actions taken to shut these students down is equivalent to becoming Natzi Germany itself. So any groups angered by this can just go away. I'll help them pack

  • MasterCarguy44
    MasterCarguy44 6 meses atrás

    The adults running the country and everything else don't mind young adults and school kids using vulgarity, yet the vulgar language is censored out of movies, and a simpLe hand in the air is being treated like it's the middle finger. Please, People have rights, free speech. Any challenge to these rights is an attack of those rights and shows a society trying to take those rights away. And therefore these students should fight and remind any adults that they must abide by the Constitution of the US and if not, they (the adults), can leave. The group that was bothered by this needs to grow up and move on. It is 2018 not 1945...

  • Arthur Don't
    Arthur Don't 6 meses atrás

    Thank Trump for this crap

  • 45-70 Henry
    45-70 Henry 6 meses atrás +2

    Brah ive seen mexicans, asians, and one black guy do the salute. I knew they were joking and here too

  • Mario Angel Ruiz
    Mario Angel Ruiz 6 meses atrás

    Hitlers great great great grandchildren

  • Jackie Pfister
    Jackie Pfister 6 meses atrás

    bunch of idiots.

  • the truth
    the truth 6 meses atrás

    Find out what collages they are going to .

  • AwesomeAlex! Adam
    AwesomeAlex! Adam 6 meses atrás

    Wheres Waldo

  • Eloy Celis
    Eloy Celis 6 meses atrás

    So why are cry about Kaepernick?Also freedom of speech..pendejos

  • Ricardo Elmundo
    Ricardo Elmundo 6 meses atrás

    Honestly i'm to their identity so none of them can enter my family & friends companies.
    (i don't take jokes anymore due to recent incident of killings)
    edit: except to that one kid who did not smile/participated on that photo.

  • joe kewl
    joe kewl 6 meses atrás +1

    These guys should file suit on their school for saying they're considering legal options. They had no right to identify them to the national media as students at that school & put them and the rest of the school in danger of reprisal by a fringe group. It wasn't on school property and NO laws we're broken. Saying they're considering legal consequences against those who you know have broken no law is slanderous & telling it for the media to print is libel. This isn't Europe where words and symbols have to be approved by the eliets. Let them outlaw this then what? Outlaw fear mongering and hateful thoughts. Like the koran, the book of Mormon, the Bible, books on evelution or global warming. Let's outlaw the word love because that leads to jelousy that leads to hate & violence?? Europe is still free because we are. Go down this path and freedom is dead in the world. I don't like that salute any more but than you do! Trust me. In Germany this is 3 years in prison. What if they get a picture of you "hailing" a cab?

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 6 meses atrás

    He who controls the youth controls the future.

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz 6 meses atrás

    Thank You Bernie Babies for giving the US a nationalist president. Thank You Bernie Babies for 11 deaths in a synagogue. Thank You Bernie Babies for a mail bomber sending bombs to Trump's Hate List, Thank You Bernie Babies for the death of a young woman protesting Nazis in the streets of America. Bernie Babies Have MAGA Blood On YOUR Hands.

    • Adam
      Adam 6 meses atrás

      RIXRADvidz so you’re blaming Bernie sanders supporters?

  • dirtydobby8
    dirtydobby8 6 meses atrás +6

    Sounds about white

    • Llama Cebu
      Llama Cebu 6 meses atrás +1

      +Spam Sandwich they have to steal from each other. It's pretty common in the black communities on the comments and reality

  • Kimi Bracho
    Kimi Bracho 6 meses atrás +1

    Just a little joke, people! Let boys be boys. I am an Asian and my feeling were NOT hurt by this photo. It's a wild world. We could use some jokes from time to time.

    • Kimi Bracho
      Kimi Bracho 6 meses atrás

      +I'mBlack&I'mProud X Being an Asian in his 50s, I don't think that I will ever have a party with a group of white boys in the first place. So I am not particularly concerned about a party situation. I don't know them and I never will. But if you ask me, I DO NOT think that any of them will commit such a horrible crime. And if I board a plane and have to choose between you and one of those boys, I will choose the latter any day.

    • I'mBlack&I'mProud X
      I'mBlack&I'mProud X 6 meses atrás +1

      Boys will be boys huh.. so I guess you won't mind when you're groped or gang raped at a party by them!!

  • Frieda A
    Frieda A 6 meses atrás +9

    Never stop kneeling and expressing your freedom of speech. As you'll see there are a lot of people on here posting that they too support freedom of speech 100%! I'm going to get my students to do a Black Power salute. Thanks for all the support, folks!

    • Llama Cebu
      Llama Cebu 6 meses atrás

      Frieda, you already have signs up. It's called BLM.

    • smeary sword
      smeary sword 6 meses atrás

      +Starr Mayo is the same as white power

  • Adam
    Adam 6 meses atrás +2

    Deport every single one of them

  • H Pn
    H Pn 6 meses atrás +5

    I don't see it. It's looks like they are waving
    Slow news day for liberal progressive Fascists press..

  • David Wilton
    David Wilton 6 meses atrás +3


  • Steve Waddell
    Steve Waddell 6 meses atrás +14

    Police are investigating white boys putting their hands in the air? Black power salutes are of course not investigated.

    • Monkey Mutant Boss
      Monkey Mutant Boss 6 meses atrás

      @Last Patriot
      Says the text chat e-Nazi. 🙄

    • Connor Riggs
      Connor Riggs 6 meses atrás

      Steve Waddell It’s not a black power solute, it’s just black people putting their hands in the air

    • Last Patriot
      Last Patriot 6 meses atrás

      Steve Waddell Diversity code for White Genocide. Fine group of young men.

    • Monkey Mutant Boss
      Monkey Mutant Boss 6 meses atrás

      @NPC 54327
      You really should check into psychiatric care as pathological lying is the sign of a sociopath. But then again, you have to be a sociopath to be a part of the "Cult 45".

    • Llama Cebu
      Llama Cebu 6 meses atrás

      +I'mBlack&I'mProud X why would you not go back to Africa? ...oh that's right.. Your own native people want nothing to do with you because you're spoiled crybabies

  • Trolls Will Be Ignored
    Trolls Will Be Ignored 6 meses atrás

    I would not be happy if my kid participated in this to even "fit in." I'd like to hear from the parents.

  • MF M
    MF M 6 meses atrás

    These boys represent their family upbringing, social and political environment. Rather than uselessly destroy the lives of these boys, address and correct the systems, influences, and actors that allow hate to flourish in this age.

    • Adam
      Adam 6 meses atrás

      Calvino DaMario wait we don’t have to be equal? Hmm yet you want everyone to have the same rights?

    • Adam
      Adam 6 meses atrás

      Calvino DaMario white supremacy is not tolerated

    • Adam
      Adam 6 meses atrás

      Spam Sandwich these “men” are not decent. Only one decent is the one now bowing down to hitler

    • MF M
      MF M 6 meses atrás

      Spam Sandwich brclip.com/video/zemrWBIc_hE/video.html

    • MF M
      MF M 6 meses atrás

      Calvino DaMario No, sir, America is by definition not free while inequity, bigotry, and prejudice are not merely accepted but celebrated. America is a global dream of democracy, freedom, and equality. That dream is yet to be achieved but luckily America always moves forward after brief setbacks like the present political reality.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 6 meses atrás

    Boi 👋

  • some body
    some body 6 meses atrás +1

    Oh for gods sake. People are seeing injustices where there are none.

  • DrMD
    DrMD 6 meses atrás +1

    Trolls who staged this photoshoot, knowing some mainstream media will make a story on it. Congrats, you played right in their game

  • K Pee
    K Pee 6 meses atrás

    Not surprised. From mn, lived in LA 10 years. WI BY FAR THE CREEPIEST PLACE IVE EVER LIVED.

    • Spam Sandwich
      Spam Sandwich 6 meses atrás

      you wanna see creepy come to east brooklyn where you can't go out after 11;00

  • Gretchen Moats
    Gretchen Moats 6 meses atrás +4

    Ya this isnt more fear mongering from the media.

  • Jason Muga
    Jason Muga 6 meses atrás +3

    Do not see a problem with this photo! People are way too sensitive these days. Keep up the great works guys! 👍

  • JJoe
    JJoe 6 meses atrás +1

    Multiple elections were just stolen in Wisconsin, but CBSN would rather ignore that and focus on some teenagers goofing around.

  • This Guy Miko
    This Guy Miko 6 meses atrás +29

    Still funnier than Amy Schumer...

  • darkjqguar0969
    darkjqguar0969 6 meses atrás +4

    White Nationalist have a lot to thank President Trump. Under his presidency Amer has become more divided than ever.... Imagine that

    • Sarcastic Squash
      Sarcastic Squash 6 meses atrás

      +Calvino DaMario You're also part of the problem

  • AllMight 99
    AllMight 99 6 meses atrás

    If everyone minded their own business and we left each other alone the world would be a better place

  • BBC african warrior
    BBC african warrior 6 meses atrás

    Hella edgy

  • SolidSWAT
    SolidSWAT 6 meses atrás

    What are the police investigating? They look like a bunch of pricks, ok, nothing criminal to investigate.

  • November Rain
    November Rain 6 meses atrás +1

    total BS.

  • In Da Cut
    In Da Cut 6 meses atrás +2

    Not all of em did it but hey better than one of them shooting up the school

  • Luay
    Luay 6 meses atrás +33

    Uhh why is the local police involved?

    • Monkey Mutant Boss
      Monkey Mutant Boss 6 meses atrás

      Jed Lawson
      At least the Left tolerates and accepts homosexuals like yourself.

    • Aiden Wall
      Aiden Wall 6 meses atrás

      Luay Because people just can't handle offensive jokes anymore, that's why.

    • bongo fury
      bongo fury 6 meses atrás

      Right, they should have sent in the Marines.........

    • D Munz
      D Munz 6 meses atrás +1

      +Jed Lawson Unpopular speech! Try " Hate speech".

    • markyhabs
      markyhabs 6 meses atrás +4

      AliKat #SketchEm / police don’t investigate non crimes...,

  • MagneticQubzian %
    MagneticQubzian % 6 meses atrás

    I want you Devils to have the same fervor u had for Kap

  • Kitty Barbieto
    Kitty Barbieto 6 meses atrás +5

    Their parents and grandparents must be sooo proud. Must have showed them how it is done!

    • Jennifer Garza
      Jennifer Garza 6 meses atrás

      +Calvino DaMario soo true

    • Adam
      Adam 6 meses atrás +2

      Kitty Barbieto they are, they raised their racist kids like this

    • Dandelion Ducks
      Dandelion Ducks 6 meses atrás

      Kitty Barbieto
      Yayyy! 👌🏼

  • 93241
    93241 6 meses atrás +3

    FBI watch list...

    • Dandelion Ducks
      Dandelion Ducks 6 meses atrás

      1. Archie Bunker's Place.
      2. All In The Family
      3. Married With Children.
      4. Any shows that have the FBI in it.

  • shane lauer
    shane lauer 6 meses atrás +1


  • local thankyou
    local thankyou 6 meses atrás +1

    They did nothing wrong. No reason for police to be involved. Dumb