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I Spent 250 Days on 3 Layers of DIRT

  • Publicado em 21 Set 2022
  • Yeah Jaron spends another 100 Days on a superflat world, but he doesn't go as crazy as he thought he would.
    My good friend Mogswamp posted a video like this a few days ago as well. No, he did not "steal" my idea. We had a good laugh that we came up with the same idea around the same time; I just happened to post mine first.
    Where I get my music: share.epidemicsound.com/30xq36
    Other Songs:
    "Andy Griffith Tribute" - Huseyin Aksu
    Quick Note: Also, I'm totally stealing LukeThe Notable's 100 Days format, I know. Usually, I'd make some reference, but I'm writing this description hours before posting, and I realized I forgot to credit. Rip

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  • Yeah Jaron

    Guys please subscribe so we can make 500 Days

  • Baconnwaffles0

    Jaron is more productive in a dirt-only world than I am in a normal one

  • Aaron King

    Now imagine what he could do with a single bucket of lava

  • Friezyboi08

    You know you gotta keep the series going when even BRclip loves it, can't wait to see the finale

  • DragonInSuit

    Imagine if someone made a quest based modpack around this whole idea

  • Snakicus123

    Fun Fact: The Stardew Valley music you play in the background got me back into Stardew and now I play it all the time

  • pika
    pika  +23

    hello jaron, i really love how you did the 100-250 days videos! please take time to make the 500 one, im looking forward to it!

  • Vermin
    Vermin  +1

    They really should give villagers a Lava bucket trade, it’s pretty much the last thing you’ll need

  • Mayson Folds

    It amazes me how he started with literal dirt and made a functional city. Beautiful

  • Occora
    Occora  +61

    I want more than 500 days to not be a finale, but I honestly can’t think of much more he could do

  • Chris Vos.
    Chris Vos. 21 dia atrás +1

    This is such an awesome series! I don’t think i’ve seen one like it yet and it’s so cool how much you’re able to do in this game with so little

  • YouTube
    YouTube  +6

    Dunkin is the coolest cat 🐈

  • Happy Pineapple99
    Happy Pineapple99 21 dia atrás +1

    I need a 500 days, my mental state is quickly deteriorating every day I have to go without this series. My soul craves the next part

  • Mogswamp
    Mogswamp  +967


  • heffalump16 VODS

    Fun collectibles are all the witch potions and if you kill a wandering trader while it’s drinking an invisibility potion it has a chance to drop it. Another VERY useful thing you can do is when you cure a villager with no workstations nearby it receives a random proffesion and you can unlock a bunch of items using these “ilegal” villagers. Hope this helps I love this series and have been doing the exact same thing for a couple months.

  • JesusIsKing

    Please don’t end your series at 500 days! This is so interesting to watch

  • One Rogue idea

    I was genuinely surprised I wasn't subscribed already, I find your videos so enjoyable!

  • pwn3r1
    pwn3r1  +8

    Jaron just makes the best videos, from his 100-100 world, through Lifesteal, and now a only dirt world... we really gotta give him a sub

  • Mijk
    Mijk 4 horas atrás +1

    Really like this, its just like Skyblock but in a way even more creative. Every little detail as a recourse gives the world so much more.

  • Squeegull
    Squeegull  +775

    Its kinda weird to think that the most entertaining things are the ones where we are very limited to what we have.