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Best Candy Art Wins $5,000!

  • Publicado em 22 Set 2022
  • We made art out of candy! Watch until the end to see who wins!
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  • Cats
    Cats  +109

    Kind of surprised that nobody's talking about Vinny's piece. It was absolutely stunning in my opinion.

  • Angelica Danielle Macatangay

    McKenzie's baaaaack! ♥️ I'm loving the new people/contestants added to the team, but ngl I miss seeing Jaz, Izzy and Viv.

  • Piper Bromley

    The rivalry between Kenzie and Jake is hilarious 😂

  • Izzy May IS ready

    These all looked SO good! The talent within your team of artists is crazy!

  • *stareditkf*

    I love how Michelle didn’t give up and being confident that she was gonna win!

  • Daisy Estrada

    Michelle's piece was amazing! The pez feathers were such a great idea!

  • C Kay
    C Kay  +549

    Bruh at this point just give Michelle a win, she deserves it for the constant losses she takes 😭

  • Flora  playz

    You did great Michelle!! Go and keep your work up and just remember we all love u <3

  • Yashuop
    Yashuop  +172

    Your consistency and quality of content never disappoints! ❤️

  • 🌼Jenny🌼

    Who knew that you could make candy into art! You guys are so creative and amazing. Well done Jake :)

  • vicky c
    vicky c  +50

    I love how you inspire and get people involve in art keep up the hard work ❤😊

  • Sporty girl ⛸

    Even if Michelle didn’t say this, her art piece was great and she has improved so very much 😊

  • •sophie•

    Honestly, Michelle deserves more wins! ❤

  • Tara Minerals

    I loved Michelle, Vinny and Jake's art piece

  • Bojie
    Bojie  +11

    I really love McKenzie's art❤️

  • Super Mario

    in my opinion the top two should’ve been jake and ben. i love architecture and ben’s was amazing with a bunch of detail, jake’s dragon was awesome! i absolutely loves dragons sooo

  • Pls Help me to my dream of 6k subs

    ZHC never fails to entertain us

  • Robyn Cust

    Is it just me or zack never fails to impress us 😂😂😂 have a great day

  • Maya Birrell

    They’re all such amazing artists!!! What i would give to be as good as them… Also congrats on the lifetime supply of candy!!!! 🍭