Dating a Gold Digger (Part 2) | Anwar Jibawi

  • This was filmed before any quarantine and we respect social distancing.
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    Wow 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Cool video

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    Bro that shit was dark 😂😂

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    Bro before hos

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    I love this series 😀😁😂😅😃

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    Muchas gracias me estaba encojonando esto 03:07 😑

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    "She's a digger she's literally digging"

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    Everybody needs Adam in their life

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    Anwar just doesn't learn😁😁

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    He's going to clean her pipes

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    Everyone needs a friend like adam 😂

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    Who else loves a transition from the vid to outdo?

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    This is how many gold diggers anwar met

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    U should kill her in till she kill u but don’t do that

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    Her gf looked preety

    COCONUT MLG 12 horas atrás

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  • rap brothers
    rap brothers 14 horas atrás

    Anwar dont belive anybody theres a picture of him in the newspaper
    Me boy she trying to kill you

  • Massih Taufiq
    Massih Taufiq 15 horas atrás

    Same old boring predictable style, please come with new creative ways to present your videos

  • Jeffy rap 4 life
    Jeffy rap 4 life 15 horas atrás

    Bro if I’m rich and a girl ask me out and I’ll say but I find out she is a gold digger I will say I’m done b#tch but Anwar u are the best

  • SaWcE
    SaWcE 15 horas atrás

    "She Has A Shovel"

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    Lil Sito 16 horas atrás

    Shes acting for your deadliest allergies 🤣🤣

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    You should make a vid(about corona virus)

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    I love you guys so much 💟 💟💟

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    2:24 the look she gave Adam really scared me

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    Meiyun Chen 18 horas atrás

    You are the worst at judging anwar

  • Hung. Yang.13
    Hung. Yang.13 18 horas atrás

    TOLD YOU HER!!! You should’ve listen to Adam.... LOVE your vids

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      opzz xsin 17 horas atrás

      Always trust ur best friend....

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    Bali Pemandu 19 horas atrás

    4:06 this is anwar best one charakter!

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    Your friend was right last time so just believe

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    Traduction arabic ❤❤

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    Why twists like these are not even twists anymore : (

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    Done this all before???

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    Gold digger

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    والله مبدع انور اتمنى بس شي ليش ماتنزل ترجمه تحت ساعد معجبيك ف الوطن العربي ع فهم إلى تسويه إذا كنت تهتم

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    Can you make part 3 pls

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    احبك ياانور متابعك من السعودية 💔

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  • haja tareq
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  • Natalie Mcphail
    Natalie Mcphail Dia atrás

    Adam just makes everything fucking worse and he literally just said that she was a gold digger them to break up and he doesn't have any respect to woman that's why he doesn't have a girlfriend so he's lonley

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    I fucking hate Adam cunt

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    Same concept, same 'twist' at the end. Same fkn plot. literally nothing new. No comedic aspects to it whatsoever. Y'all need to get off of BRclip ffs

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