Your Engine Guy - Rebuilt vs Mass produced

  • Customer always say "I can buy _______ cheaper online"....well this is what you can sometimes get, problems right out of the box! We take nothing for granted. No new part is removed from the box and installed without first being checked for defects. This video shows why our methods are better than the average crate engine program. We aren't a cookie cutter, mass assembly line type operation. Every clearance and every part is thoroughly checked, and double checked, by our engine specialist prior to final assembly.

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  • dennis conti
    dennis conti 8 dias atrás

    on a corvair 110 should u rotate the motor in the opposite direction? thank u for u feed back

  • Butch Cassidy
    Butch Cassidy 14 dias atrás

    Throw ATK VEGE lkq company in there while you are at it!

  • Cryo Gyro
    Cryo Gyro 20 dias atrás

    Why the hell did you find it necessary to do this crap? Not very graceful or good for your business to sit here and bitch while at the same time giving yourself pats on the back. You are not mechanically acute, and I can tell you get way too frustrated over trivial shit.

  • Curtis Anderson
    Curtis Anderson 21 dia atrás

    Good stuff.

  • Gordon Corey
    Gordon Corey 27 dias atrás +1


  • Daniel Lawson
    Daniel Lawson Mês atrás

    Anything mass produced needs to be checked and redone. Unfortunately there's nothing made to exact specifications anymore

  • David Miller
    David Miller Mês atrás

    as a transmission guy, let me just say that with manuals the gears are shit. The best are the ones from Italy, but the korean/asian ones are just shit. Burrs, sloppy clearances and shitty cones just means a return or a lot of grinding to get them to work. I no longer just "use" out of the box gears.

  • kevin king
    kevin king Mês atrás

    Never truer words spoken.
    Mediocrity is the new norm.

  • JCElzinga
    JCElzinga 2 meses atrás +1

    welp, i live in Ecuador, bought a ATK 350... believe me when i tell you, importing that stuff here is NOT CHEAP. so wish me luck :D

  • Mike G
    Mike G 2 meses atrás

    Ken Ellison is the man, he found the issue with my brand new motor......afr 165 s sbf heads out of the box, valve guides shot, he found it and corrected it thanks Ken

  • Jose Bazil
    Jose Bazil 2 meses atrás

    Where is your shop located i would send a block for you to build for me

  • Dan Dixon
    Dan Dixon 2 meses atrás

    Can I give you a call about a few things tomorrow?

  • Bryan Ball
    Bryan Ball 2 meses atrás

    You 100% correct, I rather bring my engine to a good machine shop. Some things can be bought and out of the box does work. Sometimes you have to check the checker.

  • MrBender
    MrBender 3 meses atrás +1

    Thank you for the great info! I would never have thought to check my long block when it comes in!

  • shoominati23
    shoominati23 4 meses atrás

    Going to upload more videos? saw your ford race inline 6 engine and saw it got a great response on facebook

  • Tom Noller
    Tom Noller 4 meses atrás

    Very well said! Thank you for taking the time to make that point.

  • Jure Bozanic
    Jure Bozanic 5 meses atrás

    Thanks a millions!!

  • TheFrameoff
    TheFrameoff 5 meses atrás

    great vid ... Build on

  • Phillip Rusakov
    Phillip Rusakov 6 meses atrás

    Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to post this.

  • Joeys48
    Joeys48 6 meses atrás

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Specially liked the one on setting Valve lash.
    I know nothing about vacuum gauges but would like to make a tester similar to yours.
    Would this gauge be appropriate for checking if a valve is seated ?

  • Jay Bisky
    Jay Bisky 6 meses atrás

    please make more videos

  • Tom Maika
    Tom Maika 6 meses atrás

    Do you rebuild BMW slant 6 cyl engines? I have a 1993 525 i with 210k on the clock that I would like to have rebuilt.

  • Robert Boulware
    Robert Boulware 6 meses atrás

    Another fine video. Thank you again for your time!! 😇✅

  • Randy Oehlert
    Randy Oehlert 7 meses atrás

    Every new set of heads i buy they get torn down and completely checked. I also have found some pretty ridiculous work come from different manufacturers of aluminum heads.
    I call them Friday 5 o clock heads.
    95% are good but that one that's not.
    If you don't have time to do it right when will you have time to do it over?
    Good video, just stop bitchin . LOL

  • Marks Music Place
    Marks Music Place 7 meses atrás

    Thank you for making this video. I tell this to buddies of mine all the time and they think " oh its brand new, " I just bought it. I done lots of engine builds and sometimes I have to get another set of bearings or the crankshaft is off specs or something because the so called new parts were not right. I don't know how to get it through their thick skulls that parts are mass produced and the machines they used eventually lose tolerances. I person should never keep using the same torque wrenches because they are supposed to be calibrated after so many uses or months, Bad torque wrenches equals engine failures later on.

  • Tom B
    Tom B 7 meses atrás

    Wow , Awesome again. Quality work, super hard to find now days.

  • cletus vanndam
    cletus vanndam 8 meses atrás

    Ken where are you located sir

  • heynow
    heynow 8 meses atrás

    This video is a rare reminder why the internet is good

  • Ryan David
    Ryan David 8 meses atrás

    This is unfortunately a lost art. True engine guys like this are the real deal. Listen up.

  • JDPower 55
    JDPower 55 9 meses atrás

    Thanks for the video, very much appreciated sir!

  • jason lenihan
    jason lenihan 9 meses atrás

    Great advice, great video

  • Greg K.
    Greg K. 10 meses atrás +9

    Easy fix, tap the top of the valves in question and re-check. 99.9% of the time, problem solved. ( 41 years of engine work )

    • John Jackson
      John Jackson 5 meses atrás +1

      @Frank Crowell
      Frank I'm sure that what he is saying that if the cylinder heads were done correctly "the valves and seats were ground with proper angle/angles, valve stems and guides, springs are good" there is No reason for valves/seats themselves not to hold. Tapping the end of the valve stem with a small ball peen hammer is part of the procedure. If not get another shop to do your valve work.

    • Frank Crowell
      Frank Crowell 5 meses atrás

      So Greg, are you saying there is no issues where he wasn't getting enough vacuum? Tap that valve and all is well. Can you explain further. Just trying to understand as much as i can about engine so I can get my A1

    • John Jackson
      John Jackson 5 meses atrás +1

      My first thought tap the end of the valve stem. You can hear it when it seats. That was my get to do thing (8 to 12 years old) when my Daddy did a valve grinding job on cylinder heads.

  • Jeremy Dickman
    Jeremy Dickman 10 meses atrás

    Nothing worse than spending good money, and not getting what you paid for.

  • Jon Brockman
    Jon Brockman 10 meses atrás

    Who the hell would thumbs down this video???? Your videos are great. Your information is spot on. Just used your zreo valve lash adjustment procedure on a 4 bolt 350 today. Runs great no valvetrain clatter whatsoever. Anyone would be wise to watch your videos attentively.

  • Allan Smith
    Allan Smith 10 meses atrás

    Where can I get one of those gauges? That would help me out alot

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 11 meses atrás

    Good. Fabulous!
    I trust very few individuals but you've already proved yourself to me.
    We have two projects going (one Mopar; one Ford). We've been considering complete engines; however, I may just purchase the parts and have it custom built... checking and testing every piece that we touch.
    For the Ford, we might just purchase a new Siamese Eliminator block; 460 Ford (385 series)...bored to the limit and stroked as far as humanly possible, while making certain that it will hold together; we would like to realize as many ci's as possible... maybe 572 ci or more, if someone thinks it's possible, again, without risking a complete disaster engine failure. I am looking for Alan Root heads but so far no luck, so I may end up going with Trick Flow... but only "maybe." I have not given up on the search yet. I did find an entire car with a custom performance engine, and with Alan Root heads but I don't need the entire car. It's far too nice to suggest parting it out... and, I wouldn't trust the engine build anyway; I have no idea who assembled that engine.
    I would also like to find an Alan Root intake but that might be impossible by now... too many years have passed since the 70s and 80s time period.
    On the Eliminator site, the Eliminator Premier block is noted as being rated at 2,500 plus horsepower; if that's true, that might be the only block worth considering.
    The Mopar is another story and this post is already too long. But, that one will likely be some sort of a Hemi, again, pushed to the limit.
    Obviously, these are expensive projects but when I'm ready, I will contact you; I did find your site so I do have your contact info.
    Thank you for portraying your detail-oriented mind; in today's world, that's rare.

  • Hank Hessig
    Hank Hessig 11 meses atrás

    Great content Ken, the truth every quality machine shop knows.

  • Dennis Huppe
    Dennis Huppe 11 meses atrás

    Thank you very much .
    You have been very helpful
    Peace be with you

  • Aaron Wilcox
    Aaron Wilcox Anos atrás +7

    Wow. I'm no mechanic, but I was going to have a remanufactured motor installed in an 94' Chevy Silverado. Now I know that I need to shop around and find a shop that does quality engine work instead of cookie cutter mass sales stuff. Fully understand that quality pays off in the long run.
    You saved me a lot of time and money. Thanks

  • JackintheBox
    JackintheBox Anos atrás

    I just bought a brand new set of ARP head bolts for my 289 Mustang. I had to buy a whole set because I'd misplaced one and you cant buy singles. But there in the brand new box was a long middle bolt that had a 20 degree kink in it. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was obvious but how many are just not straight by a tine fraction? How would that affect the torque? I've no idea so I just throw them into their holes and pray.

  • Donald Green
    Donald Green Anos atrás

    We're living in a plug & play world. Guys like you are few and far between. The catch fraze now is "it's all good" Don't know if I should laugh or cry.

  • Ken Switzer
    Ken Switzer Anos atrás

    Thanks Ken. Your knowledge is invaluable to most of us. I am on the process of building my fifteenth engine with new Dart heads and have checked the decks and valves. I checked the valves by using alcohol bet have everything Needed to build the vacuum system you use. I use a vacuum gauge to tune engines. Man you da Man!

  • J Can du
    J Can du Anos atrás +1

    Show us a big cam engine idle correctly without loping ....that i gotta see and hear

  • J Can du
    J Can du Anos atrás

    Well blow my nose

  • Ben Brower
    Ben Brower Anos atrás

    Possibly not lapped in correctly..

  • Allan Brogdon
    Allan Brogdon Anos atrás

    Just helped a guy with a 5.4 ford .He would not listen it was horrible pistons in backwards camshaft caps in wrong place rod caps idk.Engine would barley move with a 2ft. Cheater bar i tried to fix it While he was asleep but i was exhausted.Woke up he said one of the timing chains was off 2 teeth but it should run.I left him to destroy it .Waiting on startup!Only thing he replaced was rings almost didn't replace a bent valve.He needs to learn I was rebuilding engines before he was born .

  • Steven Prince
    Steven Prince Anos atrás

    I hope I have a local builder as dedicated as you are to doing a proper job, getting ready to do a mild 351w build on my bronco, and this basically sold me on NOT doing it myself hahaha

  • Lee Stewart
    Lee Stewart Anos atrás +1

    You need to make more educational video's. You have a lot of great experience and knowledge.

    BELO-ZERO LT-1 Anos atrás

    i just throw the shit together

    • Maynard Reed
      Maynard Reed Anos atrás

      Bet it will run fine if you are not looking for maximum horsepower.

  • joe zuniga
    joe zuniga Anos atrás +6


  • Rite Sideup
    Rite Sideup Anos atrás


  • Jose Duran Jr
    Jose Duran Jr Anos atrás

    All I want is a low mileage 1994 Cadillac 4.9 engine. Please help me

  • Jack Assman
    Jack Assman Anos atrás

    Wish You would make more Videos ...

  • scott Pace
    scott Pace Anos atrás

    As a local engine machine shop cant agree more.. I argue all the time with people that what me to do an engine and just slap a set if edelbrock heads on . sure i slap them on AFTER i redo them . i hate to say it edelbrocks look great out of box they made in usa but there tolerances are horrible.. Insane amount of out of round seats, bad valve grinds . guides mostly to tight. I piss alot of customers off when i charge another 150 - 200 bucks to redo do heads that are brand new but i got burned to many times giving in to customers i learned my lesson cheaper to lose job than assume heads are good.. As this guy said all new parts need to be gone through. As in case of edelbrocks never had a set i did NOT have to recut seats and guides lapping does not fix bad tolerances !!

  • Michael Laverty
    Michael Laverty Anos atrás

    Hey I had to hang around for 12 minutes waiting for you to get to the head's.. Yes anyone who know's, know's better to NEVER take anything out of the Box and drop it on a motor and bolt it up .. So let's quick zoom on over and see ? So I watched you talk 95% of the video...I would rather hear you Narrate and show the viewer's something ! Because nobody like's to be spoken at bro.....

    KICK BACK Anos atrás

    What about the turn key crates

  • Willy Pp
    Willy Pp Anos atrás +2

    I feel like sending my engine to him 👍🏻

  • scott d
    scott d Anos atrás

    good video!!!!

  • Dennis Sloan
    Dennis Sloan Anos atrás

    thanks ken I am always thankful when someone is willing to share from their experience to help the rest of us

  • heavymechanic2
    heavymechanic2 Anos atrás

    I took a GM Vortec to an engine rebuilder, worst experience ever. There is noise in the valvetrain, coolant leaks inside the engine, and the timing cover leaks oil.. In my career, I did enough engine work to see that its just sloppy workmanship and the use of low quality gaskets and other components. The guy who did the install even stripped the oil pan drain plug and the rebuilder blamed it on another shop.. The engine shop denies any liability for coolant in the oil and its only been driven 2,650 miles and never abused.

  • Dirk L-L
    Dirk L-L Anos atrás

    The realist talk ive ever heard. Thank you for helping people understand the very frequent inconsistencies with aftermarket parts.

  • TheBikemaster94
    TheBikemaster94 Anos atrás +2

    Some of the guys working at the warehouses are probably coming from a staffing agency with less than 6 months experience

  • Our Savior Jesus
    Our Savior Jesus Anos atrás +1

    Sir, please educate me, I have a 1991 Chevy 350, I was told if I use new hydraulic lifter to replace my old one, it will damage my old cam. Thank you

    • George Cummings
      George Cummings Anos atrás

      Our Savior Jesus always new cam new lifters. For a long running results. Wheel bearings new bearings race.

  • Clay Carnes
    Clay Carnes Anos atrás +6

    I'm a retired auto mechanic. And I can't agree more. My saying for years has been "just because it new and in a box doesn't mean it's not junk. I've pissed of a lot of parts people in my time.

  • chaison badajos
    chaison badajos Anos atrás +15

    That's a mechanic I want working on my truck, double, triple, quadruple check before he sends it out the door !

  • jack mcminn
    jack mcminn Anos atrás

    I can tell when someone knows their shit.and you sir know your shit.

  • Adrian Ramos
    Adrian Ramos Anos atrás

    Dame it just put some Chevy heads on from Indy didn't for vac leaks

  • StraightCashHomie
    StraightCashHomie Anos atrás

    pretty much heard enough....looking to see how close you are to my house.

  • Jay Bo
    Jay Bo Anos atrás

    brand new.OUTA DA BAOX!lol

  • artdecco
    artdecco Anos atrás

    Nice, informative language, from someone who Really knows what they are doing.

  • JR M
    JR M Anos atrás

    I have a '76 305 GM marine engine in an older boat and the valve train is a little noisy. Would this method work to help this with the engine in the boat, and can the contact with the pushrods be effectively "felt" without the intake manifold removed (rotating them from the top portion vs down toward the lifter)?

  • H Evans
    H Evans Anos atrás

    Great video except I need the info on solid roller lifters and roller cam. Also roller rockers

  • Diesel Nitro
    Diesel Nitro Anos atrás

    Wanted to tell you thank you for this helpful video!! I appreciate it!!

  • jim jam
    jim jam Anos atrás +1

    would you please give my 4.2l v6 98 ford f150 a freshen up???? i think it could use it after about 320k. i just wish you were in dallas.

    • mr 16
      mr 16 Anos atrás

      Hey I'm in the dfw area. Who would u suggest for a remanufactured engine? 2004 f150 4x4 5.4 crew cab

  • Josh D
    Josh D Anos atrás +1

    Can't you lap the valves? I'm not a mechanic by any means but I rebuilt a lawn mower engine and I used a grinding compound to reseat the valves.

    • Allan Brogdon
      Allan Brogdon Anos atrás

      Yes if don't lap them with solid lifters the clearance will change and you will have to adjust the valve clearance several times especially if you have them machined at a shop

  • Conky Conker
    Conky Conker Anos atrás

    How are the edelbrock victors? and the RPM

  • trillrif axegrindor
    trillrif axegrindor Anos atrás

    ONE thing is a "parts changer" and the other thing is "BALANCING AND BLUEPRINTING"
    these are two completely different things and not in line with each other.balancing and
    blueprinting an engine is pure art and almost doctor level skill.

  • trillrif axegrindor
    trillrif axegrindor Anos atrás

    im a machinist and i see burrs,poorly bored holes,threads not tapped correctly,
    misalignment of you said,its important to check EVERYTHING when
    building or assembling ANYTHING.

  • Volk Revel
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  • acwren
    acwren 2 anos atrás

    Appreciate your commitment to your work. Videos are very helpful to DIY's like me.