Film Theory: Venom is the VICTIM! (Spiderman)

  • Publicado em 11 Out 2018
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    Venom - the symbiote with a taste for... well, people. Not only does Venom have a human host in Eddie Brock, but he chomps down on a few as well. Is that ACTUALLY good for him? You see, I think that Venom is being HURT by the humans he needs to survive! How? Let me show you!
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  • Black suit spidey
    Black suit spidey 6 meses atrás +18400

    Don't tell everyone my secret

  • Otter Man
    Otter Man 5 horas atrás +1

    Venom and entity in which their venoms species name is called The klyntar and they lived on their own planet but it was destroyed by galactus sending the klyntar everywhere and venom was the first One on earth in this particular species has to bond with those survive sentence without his planets atmosphere type of organism that he is is a symbiote they are not a parasite venom benefits eddy Brock

  • Stephanie Ford
    Stephanie Ford 17 horas atrás

    I just have one thing to say to marvel. PARASITES AREN"T THAT COOL!!! I happen to have one and it's no fun. They aren't cool. It's not fun what so ever. Sorry for my rant but had wanted to day something. I wish my parasite was that cool

  • Ivy Deatherage
    Ivy Deatherage 21 hora atrás

    i have cats i’m gonna die 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Zeref Uchiha
    Zeref Uchiha 23 horas atrás

    I heard venom bonded with deadpool before spiderman that why he is messed up

  • Moon Taone
    Moon Taone Dia atrás +1

    Time of comment- 0:33 Waitwaitwaitwaitwait.... People think he's a villan!? After the movie (ps I'm 10) I just thought he was an anti hero like dead pool

  • It's Just Me Aidan!!

    Actually about the benefits of infecting humans,
    One of the symbiotes (I forgot) did say they wanted to take over Earth. They take over alien planets in order to create new environments to SURVIVE and REPRODUCE

  • It's Just Me Aidan!!

    We have 3 cats. Best thing to do is neuter/spay them and don't let them outside.

  • It's Just Me Aidan!!
    It's Just Me Aidan!! Dia atrás +2

    I watched the movie with my mom.
    I made a joke that she was like Eddy and I was like Venom
    Eddy: is on phone
    Venom: FOOD

  • Xeno Goku Black ultra instinct

    -hi- B**CH

  • Black Moore Cherries
    Black Moore Cherries 2 dias atrás

    What if I eat the cat

    • E Yankowitz
      E Yankowitz 6 horas atrás

      Black Moore Cherries please don’t

  • Brian Royce Balen
    Brian Royce Balen 2 dias atrás

    Theory confirmed!!!

  • Blade Fox
    Blade Fox 2 dias atrás

    Watching theorys, like a potato on my bed

  • Tanner McCoy
    Tanner McCoy 3 dias atrás

    The new movie venom are legal

  • Christopher Ramirez
    Christopher Ramirez 3 dias atrás

    Is venom Spiderman

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik Dia atrás

      No, but he once bonded with Spider-Man. But Venom made Spidey selfish and quite evil, so Spidey got rid of Venom.

  • Skyelar Roberts
    Skyelar Roberts 3 dias atrás

    Really mat

  • Aryan sandeep
    Aryan sandeep 4 dias atrás

    this is fake because

  • Science is the best
    Science is the best 5 dias atrás

    Hi 👋 ( we all know that we’re not normal )

  • Glen Botzong
    Glen Botzong 6 dias atrás

    In the comics Venom is the victim of Deadpool

  • Ry Guy Rampage
    Ry Guy Rampage 8 dias atrás


  • Jenna Cao
    Jenna Cao 8 dias atrás

    "eddie might just be the one who end up purifying venom" y-yeah....we know.....thats literally the movie eye-

  • I Tran
    I Tran 9 dias atrás

    4:00 Stanley Stan lee

  • Hybrid Dino
    Hybrid Dino 10 dias atrás

    Hold on a second matpat venom needs Eddie to live and Eddie needs venom to live as separation can be fatal for both of them for long periods of time and venom also helps Eddie by keeping him alive so venom can live they need each other to survive it's all Spider-Man fault cause he abandoned venom even though venom wants to be a hero in the comics after he merged with a genocidal alien maybe to suppose that behaviour

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik Dia atrás

      Venom made Spidey selfish and quite evil, so Spidey got rid of Venom.

  • Saint Wachter
    Saint Wachter 12 dias atrás

    MatPat promoting his sponsors tend to be the best part of the theories. Sometimes the segues are good. Sometimes bad. Always funny.

  • Jordan Matthews
    Jordan Matthews 12 dias atrás +1

    Venom is more of mutualist than a parasite.

  • Reda Ouadi
    Reda Ouadi 12 dias atrás

    Do a Kung fu panda theory

  • poke panther
    poke panther 13 dias atrás

    This was before he foused with spider Man ...just saying

  • poke panther
    poke panther 13 dias atrás

    He was close for 15 min

  • KillJoy Animationz
    KillJoy Animationz 13 dias atrás

    *one day ago I watched this movie* Thanks MatPat... a good movie ruined....

  • Alexis Alexander
    Alexis Alexander 13 dias atrás +1

    I love the Parasite the Maximum reference

    LILIANA GUZMAN 16 dias atrás

    In the movie venom has the host of a dog

  • Dahmi orezaeti
    Dahmi orezaeti 16 dias atrás +1

    Your editing had me wheezing.😂👍
    Thanks for the insight!

  • Mr. Pineapple
    Mr. Pineapple 16 dias atrás

    Isnt the relationship between venom and eddie called mutual symbiosis? Because venom said "you die, i die" to eddie

  • ZodiacWolf183 Gacha
    ZodiacWolf183 Gacha 16 dias atrás

    Is it weird that for this video I got a ad to do with marvel?
    *SpAcE jEsI*

  • Case
    Case 17 dias atrás

    (Paricite): pulls out Fortnite gun

  • Block Gaming
    Block Gaming 17 dias atrás

    r u gonna cover the whole ant-man/docter strange time stone theory

  • Destroy stuff
    Destroy stuff 18 dias atrás

    So the persist is a cat

  • Ghastly gamer In Getty
    Ghastly gamer In Getty 18 dias atrás +1

    The funny thing is he said “Give me 15 minutes,” and it’s just a tiny bit smaller that

  • Hunter von Felden
    Hunter von Felden 18 dias atrás


  • Lil Cute butt
    Lil Cute butt 18 dias atrás

    I watched the movie and i actually thought that he was a good guy and not a villain

  • BillyBobBros
    BillyBobBros 19 dias atrás

    5:03 proves that some cats are bad (notice SOME, I like cats)

  • Rogue Carrick
    Rogue Carrick 19 dias atrás

    venom properly bonded is a symbiote not a parasite, eddies his host but venom makes him faster stronger bullet proof etc. symbiotic interaction not parasitic.

  • -darkyun
    -darkyun 20 dias atrás

    When I first saw Venom I was like *"Wow... That's so gay"*

  • Braylen Hubbard
    Braylen Hubbard 20 dias atrás

    Fuck you Bitch

  • Joshua Meyer
    Joshua Meyer 20 dias atrás

    You're the best BRclipr

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 21 dia atrás

    14 minutes and 35 seconds.

  • Junior Elite seven
    Junior Elite seven 22 dias atrás

    But hey it's just a theory a film Theory and that's the whole video for you

  • PuddleKitStudio DIY and vlogging

    Hijacked like Peeta? God damn it you made me make a Hunger Games meme!

  • Crocoman 723
    Crocoman 723 26 dias atrás

    Bye Mr Fluffy

  • EvanPlayzGames - Games and Vlogs

    There are no secrets to it, I can explain what venom is. VENOM. IS. BADASS.

  • Colton Cary
    Colton Cary 27 dias atrás +2

    But actually the Klyntar weren’t designed to bind at all as the race started with a sword called “The All Black” which in turn just happened to be able to bond with biotic cells. Also love your work here so farewell thee fellow theorist.

  • Tomas Alves
    Tomas Alves 28 dias atrás

    the parasyte anime ahahaahh good one

  • Cyka West
    Cyka West 28 dias atrás


  • Nelson Arguijo
    Nelson Arguijo 28 dias atrás +1

    This was not a good theroy i have subscribed but i have to say that it was a good effort but it just didnt turn out like that

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik Dia atrás

      +daethclaw He just said that the theory didn't come true...

    • daethclaw
      daethclaw 12 dias atrás

      He tries his best one bad video that actually isn't bad should not effect a sub and u shouldn't be so rude can u do all this research for fun

  • the real k3
    the real k3 28 dias atrás +1

    Thanks matpat first you make me get rid of my computer and now I got to shoot me cat welp look away honey


  • Leonardo Delgado
    Leonardo Delgado 28 dias atrás +3

    *Eddie Gets in Elevator*

  • Dark Archer
    Dark Archer 29 dias atrás

    Reached 0:30 and i already know Venoms an Anti-Hero neither good guy OR bad guy

  • Geeky09Gamer
    Geeky09Gamer Mês atrás

    This science is BS

  • Goth Nerd
    Goth Nerd Mês atrás

    This might be a lesson about invasive species

  • Baby Master
    Baby Master Mês atrás

    This should be debunked because a symbiote chooses to go on something it could just leave Eddie but it stays with Eddie because it thinks it would be a good victim and side note he try’s to attack spidey because he thinks he’s a better victim

  • Sy Washington
    Sy Washington Mês atrás +1

    venom is cute

  • Capissotor
    Capissotor Mês atrás +1

    He... he

    Changed my mind

  • Stripedgillette
    Stripedgillette Mês atrás

    "Why does the Symbiote eat people in the open and get into fights?"
    Because they are naturally violent? Not evil, but even on their home planet they we're meant to bond with other organisms to help them fight.

  • Chrismatt Gardner
    Chrismatt Gardner Mês atrás


  • Chrismatt Gardner
    Chrismatt Gardner Mês atrás +1

    In the begining of the movie yes he was a parasite cuz he was literally eating Eddie's organs venom is benefiting and eddie suffers but towards the end of the movie they bond emotionally where Venom even likes Anne (Eddie's love interest) and more importantly not eating Eddie's organs and is willing to compremise eatting something a little more normal tatertots and chocolate and letting Eddie make the rules instead of taking over Eddie cuz Venom learned from Eddie cuz it better for both there survivial. Making Venom and Eddie finially mutualist between one another where both benifit and everyone's happy well except the guys Venom ate but no judgement they probably diserved it lol

  • Chrismatt Gardner
    Chrismatt Gardner Mês atrás

    If Toxoplasmosis Gondii causes scitzophritia why arent they treating people for it or even creating a Vacine for it so more people will be better protected from it?

  • Chrismatt Gardner
    Chrismatt Gardner Mês atrás +1

    Also in the Venom movie, the symbiotes are dying cuz they cant adapt to the earths oxygen and atmosphere so they have to bond with humans to survive so if u think about it yes they are victims

  • keeganshigh
    keeganshigh Mês atrás

    Rats eat dead humans.

  • Mirza26052007 Sarajevo2007

    I think i have venom in me becuse i have his voice....... im for real

  • Michael Beers
    Michael Beers Mês atrás

    Parasites don’t kill the host, unless you never known a symbiote, or you play plague inc. and made a parasite that kills all of humanity.

  • ST MC
    ST MC Mês atrás

    12:19 "hey whats up bro, ive been good you?"

  • Pibion B
    Pibion B Mês atrás

    I love the louder with crowder show. So a nice reference at the beginning.

  • Micah Clark
    Micah Clark Mês atrás

    You were half right

  • Final Lord Aizen
    Final Lord Aizen Mês atrás

    your making me too scared of cats and bacteria now

    AYA MASTER Mês atrás

    I don't have a cat.

  • kartini oppo
    kartini oppo Mês atrás

    KAKAWhy Venom 2

  • Justin Moran
    Justin Moran Mês atrás

    If venom is speaking in his ear, thats not a hallucination.. a hallucination is something that does not pertain to reality..

  • Dr.Potatoz
    Dr.Potatoz Mês atrás

  • Fft
    Fft Mês atrás

    14:47 is soooooo funny

  • Gage Boyer
    Gage Boyer Mês atrás

    7 people

  • Winter Wolf
    Winter Wolf Mês atrás

    In the 4000-6000 Hertz range, Venom and Riot becomes unstable and starts to retract from Eddie to get away from the noise, and Eddie (and Carlton) suffers with them. This could be in a sense a sensory overload, which is very common in people with mental illness. Especially with loud or awful continuous noises.
    Eddie doesn’t really get any sleep. You could chalk it up to having literal militia level agents trying to detain and murder Eddie, or in Carlton’s case experimenting on him, but if we’re going with the idea that Venom can cause schizophrenia, it’s not uncommon for schizophrenics to stay awake for one reason or another. (Or even for mentally ill people to develop insomnia)
    Eddie is also suffering from major depression, and there’s actually a form of psychosis known as PTSD-Induced Psychosis. Sure, Eddie isn’t abused or facing life and death everyday but he loses everything in one day. It’s his fault of course, but that doesn’t change that he’s a rattled man. Could also explain why Venom and Eddie get along pretty quick. Eddie probably already had a few psychotic episodes over the course of the few months in the movie. (Same goes to Carlton. He was a sadistic man with a god complex. Of course he’d have some form of psychosis)
    The comedic scene of Eddie in the restaurant with Dan and Anne is pretty much a great example of a mental breakdown to the umpth degree, especially when you consider the mixture of confusion and aggressive behavior. Even the hunger makes sense to me because for a lot of people, when they breakdown they eat like pigs.
    Eddie also seems to have issues with alcohol. It’s not outright but it’s implied via him drinking at the bar after the scene of him and Anne breaking up. It could be possible that’s been his coping mechanism and it fucked up his mental state.
    In short
    Although I don’t think Venom is a villain or a parasite, I can see why one draws those conclusions and why you would correlate the cat parasite to Venom via the schizophrenia link. That said, I like this theory. But in a “I think this fun” way not “This is informative”. Thought I’d point out those things though :)

  • George Walker
    George Walker Mês atrás

    my mom said venom looks like a kiss reject

  • The Slenderina's Daughter Of The Day

    That "guy" at the store is the end clip. He is eating a robber and the one that venom is eating at the street, he's still in his evil part

  • Anand Murugan
    Anand Murugan Mês atrás

    Hell nah bro, Venom ain't no parasite, it's a symbiote as it's name suggests so you're kinda wrong @ 2:20

  • Terence Banasen
    Terence Banasen Mês atrás

    Venom is an anti hero delivering justice in not a justiful way he kills villains

  • T2C_AlphaNuke 4567890
    T2C_AlphaNuke 4567890 Mês atrás

    Came here to learn about Venom but instead was diagnosed with Schizophrenia

  • Absolute Newb
    Absolute Newb Mês atrás

    14 minuets Matt Patt, you were close

  • Mr Payback
    Mr Payback Mês atrás

    Man eating cat?Do you mean FLERKEN?!

  • ???
    ??? Mês atrás

    And Kids that’s why you poop in the toilet ;)

  • A living Microwave
    A living Microwave Mês atrás

    Great venom has depression

  • Henry Royster
    Henry Royster Mês atrás

    Sooo... why do diseases kill people???

  • Gabs Gaming
    Gabs Gaming Mês atrás


  • kelly daniel
    kelly daniel Mês atrás

    1:59 PARASITE !!

  • Julien studios
    Julien studios Mês atrás +2


  • Shandy Leng
    Shandy Leng Mês atrás

    God damn I love venom

  • Koala on a Whale
    Koala on a Whale Mês atrás

    web bam thank u maam. hmm.

  • vectropolis -
    vectropolis - Mês atrás

    Finally a venom theory(waiting for subnautica and Bandersnatch)

    • vectropolis -
      vectropolis - Mês atrás

      I realize that by the end of the show, he doesn't actually answer why he says that Venom is a victim and how its related to spiderman since its a different universe from MCU

  • Zap Craftihoof
    Zap Craftihoof Mês atrás +1

    Huh, you actually predicted some important parts of the movie...why do I feel like that isn't coincidence

  • Black Dot
    Black Dot Mês atrás

    Anyone that knows anything about Marvel already knows that the symbiotes aren't aggresive. They only enhance the emotions humans already have and the specific symbiote Venom took on a lot of its traits from aggresive humans its fused with previously.

  • S.V- Born Artist and Gamer

    12:21 Looks like Venom and Jeff the Killer into one entity