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DDG Goes Shopping for Sneakers at Kick Game

  • Publicado em 30 Jul 2022
  • Rapper & BRclipr DDG stopped by our Covent Garden (London) store to go Shopping for Sneakers!⁠ From the music to vlogs going worldwide, we find out about his history in sneakers, new upcoming music and a potential return to boxing. Could this be a sneaker shopping record-breaking spend for Kick Game? Watch the video to find out what he picked up! Hosted by Craig Mitch.
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Comentários • 964

  • @DDGMusicChannel
    @DDGMusicChannel Anos atrás +6079

    Me & Jayson Tatum went crazy!! 💰

  • @jsiloop
    @jsiloop Anos atrás +1377

    The ending is straight motivation for every hustler out there.

    • @barriii
      @barriii Anos atrás +1


    • @lunchmoney3700
      @lunchmoney3700 Anos atrás +39

      Lmao! If you hustling for this shit! You hustling backwards!

    • @neversecondary
      @neversecondary Anos atrás +14

      hustlers don't need motivation💯 it's already in em

    • @samooth
      @samooth Anos atrás +13

      @@neversecondary nahh everybody different, if you grow up with nothing and everyone in your life put you down, either it motivate you and you hustling frfr or eventually you gonna meet that person who gonna ring a bell in your head who you can relate to like a friend, teacher, man figure and then it will give you the motivation to hustle every single day. Some people need to know that someone believes in them

    • @joshuabeckford6815
      @joshuabeckford6815 6 meses atrás

      @@lunchmoney3700 not if u already worth millions and made it, if you worth that much then its not that bad to spend that much once in a while

  • @mhk3150
    @mhk3150 Anos atrás +1565

    I thought he was joking when he said he gone buy the air mags🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Love this guy fr💯🤣

    • @pplcallmekevin
      @pplcallmekevin Anos atrás +37

      ong I thought he was joking too

    • @UKtheTRUTH
      @UKtheTRUTH Anos atrás +13

      @@pplcallmekevin He didn't buy the Mags and Red October's, that was staged 🤣🤣.

    • @Unreleasedheat98
      @Unreleasedheat98 Anos atrás +48

      @@UKtheTRUTH nah ur hatin😂

    • @Chino-cz3fd
      @Chino-cz3fd Anos atrás +27

      @@UKtheTRUTH he got money like that he just picky with it😭😭

    • @yannyowane795
      @yannyowane795 Anos atrás +18

      @@UKtheTRUTH staged for what?? Lol!! You’re hater for real

  • @bro_iits_pacman9703
    @bro_iits_pacman9703 Anos atrás +355

    Glad he bought what he wanted. He said he wanted the mags and yeezy since he first saw them. Defiantly cool and inspiring to see people be able to finally afford what they always wanted.

  • @AJ-rz3cf
    @AJ-rz3cf Anos atrás +1121

    the comeup is CRAZYY. From watching his vlogs from the garage to him landing a successful youtube and music career. He deserves everything coming his way

    • @NoLimitReef
      @NoLimitReef Anos atrás +2

      yoo I make entertaining vids as well and still tryna improve 👌🏾🖤check em out and if not have a good day! !!

    • @ayocailen4123
      @ayocailen4123 Anos atrás +7

      @Fuckdaworld why you say he sold his soul?

    • @TheOne-ik3bi
      @TheOne-ik3bi Anos atrás +6

      @@ayocailen4123 only haters that have nothing going for themselves say this they just hate the next because they could never accomplish 😭🤣 just ignore them

    • @tpslando
      @tpslando Anos atrás +3

      @@TheOne-ik3bi facts bro cause I been watching this man from broke to transforming rich it didn’t take him a month😂

  • @jayzino1471
    @jayzino1471 Anos atrás +361

    From dropping out of college to becoming a millionaire and a Rapper look at DDG man so inspirational 🐐❤️

  • @serblomusic1142
    @serblomusic1142 Anos atrás +548

    40 Gs' for 2 pairs of shoes is crazy 😅 I wouldn't ask for a receipt after that. I don't need that negativity in my life😂😂

  • @rileycj
    @rileycj Anos atrás +288

    DDG winning and we love to see it.

  • @cazmilligan8
    @cazmilligan8 Anos atrás +267

    been watching ddg for 5 years now so it's sick to see him on UK channels now!

    @ITSYABOYKHALLID101 Mês atrás +1


  • @K3lvin.J
    @K3lvin.J Anos atrás +183

    😹😹😹we’ll be Expecting more BRclip videos from DDG after blowing the whole budget 😹😹😹

    • @kelvin2x838
      @kelvin2x838 Anos atrás +2

      Lmao right he will get that back easy

  • @BigCeo2xx
    @BigCeo2xx Anos atrás +176

    He finna make it back with the videos his gonna make with them shoes😂😂💯

  • @Jasonr2803
    @Jasonr2803 Anos atrás +46

    I wasn't expecting that! Lol
    Now that's how you shut it down.
    Great seeing DDG's journey.

  • @macoste1508
    @macoste1508 Anos atrás +255

    18:40 bro was like "I'm finna be in the History book of Kick Game with this"😂🔥

    • @khanyanqubelani1510
      @khanyanqubelani1510 Anos atrás +2

      Definitely 🤣🤣

    • @ghostie8905
      @ghostie8905 Anos atrás +4

      Fo sho he beat alhan’s total bill 😂

    • @spfeelme
      @spfeelme Anos atrás +3

      He definitely did that to show the world! 🔥😈 he worked hard he gonna show it off. He always says that🔥😫😈

  • @Cartiiwrld
    @Cartiiwrld Anos atrás +350

    Lol the ending that pressure got to him persuaded into spending 😅

    • @ChristianPrody
      @ChristianPrody Anos atrás +12

      How he said he wanted the red octobers and the airmags since he was a kid nobody get pressured into spending 40k

    • @Mx6D
      @Mx6D Anos atrás +12

      @@ChristianPrody bro he got pressed, but he didn’t give af he is rich

  • @theboysammyjay
    @theboysammyjay Anos atrás +238

    DDG went crazy fam
    Jesus Christ 😂😂
    My man copped the Air Mag right at the end

  • @3monthrun
    @3monthrun Anos atrás +132

    This was probably top 5 best sneaker shopping videos ever

    • @kennymjz
      @kennymjz 8 meses atrás

      Who are the other 4?

  • @freddie6591
    @freddie6591 Anos atrás +123

    DDG actually really funny bro😂

  • @Yarden.
    @Yarden. Anos atrás +26

    This man came a long way 💯.

  • @Musteh
    @Musteh Anos atrás +152

    I already knew DDG would spend a bag before I clicked on this but he really did surprise me when he said he wanted the Red Octobers and Air Mags

    • @prophet.3766
      @prophet.3766 Anos atrás

      Shouldn’t of been one he blows a lot of money of things he ain’t gonna use in the long run

  • @wealthy5702
    @wealthy5702 Anos atrás +45

    Brooo really came far….motivating me to get back on my hustle

  • @arvin2359
    @arvin2359 Anos atrás +46

    Give the cashier a raise, she said "don't worry u got that"

  • @blazeziken4200
    @blazeziken4200 Anos atrás +34

    She tried to hustle my boy at the end lmao but this was legendary!

    • @iBeanChillin
      @iBeanChillin Anos atrás +4

      she didnt try, she successfully hustled him. If she didnt say "you got this its finneee" then he wouldnt have got the 20K shoes.... AND THEN after that buy another pair of 20K shoes.... SHE HUSTLED HIM FOR 40K in like 30 seconds 🤯

    • @reallifehomerevealed1957
      @reallifehomerevealed1957 4 meses atrás

      There was no trying she definitely got em!

  • @rayshawnjordan2537
    @rayshawnjordan2537 Anos atrás +46

    Give the front desk girl a raise😂

  • @tomral7294
    @tomral7294 Anos atrás +5

    DDG seems like such a cool humble person

  • @LilManYT
    @LilManYT Anos atrás +161

    They finally got the goat in here🐐

  • @cashouttbready6529
    @cashouttbready6529 Anos atrás +33

    Love how ddg put on for the US 🤣🤣 we crazy & he a good soul bro said he’ll buy his girl anything bro definitely put on

  • @vince3106
    @vince3106 Anos atrás +185

    I know she didn't just say "You got this it's fine. It's 20k."

  • @jaisonayala5580
    @jaisonayala5580 Anos atrás +90

    he should make a song “$50k in london”
    i aint think he was droppin the bag like that😭

  • @ukaosim
    @ukaosim Anos atrás +12

    Just watching this now… Can’t believe who DDG was meant to 🥊 👀 … life 🥲

  • @zahairawilliams9125
    @zahairawilliams9125 Anos atrás +36

    Homegirl a hustler 😂 I love DDG but she played his ego 😂😂 “you got thisss” give my girl a raise!!

  • @Christianfante
    @Christianfante Anos atrás +20

    Ddg funny as hell man😭

  • @mscbaby3310
    @mscbaby3310 Anos atrás +12

    So glad to see yall showing @ddg so much luv!💯

    • @focus8400
      @focus8400 Anos atrás +2

      yeah we F with DDG in the UK.

  • @Dan-kb9vr
    @Dan-kb9vr Anos atrás +2

    Love seeing ddg in the uk he’s been my favourite BRclipr for years man. Decent rapper too fr

  • @youngkpromote1148
    @youngkpromote1148 Anos atrás +12

    Mad love for Kick game I love what you guys gat going on fan love from Africa Cameroon 🔥🔥🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲

  • @greendro6410
    @greendro6410 Anos atrás +16

    DDG is funny 😂

  • @advgym
    @advgym Anos atrás +5

    I’m motivated! Thx DDG!!✨

  • @max_lv4598
    @max_lv4598 Anos atrás +5

    ddg funny asf kept it 💯

  • @jerichojohnrones7417
    @jerichojohnrones7417 Anos atrás +8

    16:44 my favorite part of the video copping some heat

  • @Catchmotion905
    @Catchmotion905 Anos atrás +10

    ddg a lover boy fr “ ill get her anything she wont”🕺🏽 i felt that🖤🖤

  • @darrenlud2339
    @darrenlud2339 Anos atrás +3

    seeing this vid now hearing him say he was gonna box pnb kinda made me feel a certain way now knowing he’s gone 😢

  • @justaj1838
    @justaj1838 Anos atrás +8

    “How are you?” Got me dead 😂🤣

  • @renterianere1229
    @renterianere1229 Anos atrás +8


  • @Cartiiwrld
    @Cartiiwrld Anos atrás +33

    Fire need more USA rappers 🔥 shoes really do bring people together a whole culture

    • @KickGame
      @KickGame  Anos atrás +2

      Who do you want to see next?

    • @Cartiiwrld
      @Cartiiwrld Anos atrás +8

      @@KickGame Lil baby, da baby, tyga, I’d say playboi carti would be fire but he only like big black boots 😅💯

    • @woodruff87
      @woodruff87 Anos atrás

      @@KickGame Papoose, Tay Keith

  • @AE-on9il
    @AE-on9il Anos atrás +93

    He needs to colab with UK rappers

    • @Stevehboy
      @Stevehboy Anos atrás +5

      No one would fit his Category maybe KSI tho since hes a BRclip artist also

    • @blickyyy4408
      @blickyyy4408 Anos atrás +4

      he has a song wid Deno?

    • @liammichael1993
      @liammichael1993 Anos atrás

      Does he?

    • @Chino-cz3fd
      @Chino-cz3fd Anos atrás +16

      @@Stevehboy brk ksi trash💀

    • @kbreezy7308
      @kbreezy7308 Anos atrás +17

      He has an unreleased song with central cee

  • @Moneymanzzzz
    @Moneymanzzzz Anos atrás +14

    Da cashier said u got this da was hilarious 😂😂😂she needa raise fa dat😂

  • @freshinbuzz
    @freshinbuzz Anos atrás +5

    Finally he's on this show!

  • @martezbarbee8046
    @martezbarbee8046 Anos atrás +19

    DDG copped all heat..his come up was crazy from BRclip salute

  • @lanks1710
    @lanks1710 Anos atrás +8

    Boy aint no fucking way im spending 20k on those red shoes he got at the end 😭😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • @Okucci
    @Okucci Anos atrás +2

    Its crazy how they justify paying over a grand for a shoe.

  • @sizwemhlongo2455
    @sizwemhlongo2455 Anos atrás +3

    Lol this is why we getting vlogs everyday 😅😂

  • @clipzz9210
    @clipzz9210 Anos atrás +4

    My boy finally getting that Rapper Title

  • @ball_editz_2035
    @ball_editz_2035 Anos atrás +30

    ddg love your music 👟💯

  • @chiagoziemogbuehi5584
    @chiagoziemogbuehi5584 Anos atrás +5

    Been waiting for ddg to talk about ksi for so longgg. A link up would be noiceeee

  • @mzldn
    @mzldn Anos atrás +19

    A whole 40k on shoes😳😭😭 DDG Litt 👊🏾🔥

  • @onlyc4736
    @onlyc4736 Anos atrás +26

    crazy how pnb rock passed away and they never had the match, coming back and watching this video now hits different

  • @hubertflavius
    @hubertflavius 6 meses atrás

    Plethora , embellishment, ,the vocabulary 👍🏾😂😂 , again, a lot of information very detailed and informative, shout out to the cool Grays. Amen🙏🏾😂😂, as always love the Outro👏🏾👏🏾💐💐

  • @dashwave2610
    @dashwave2610 Anos atrás +3

    she got him with the peer presure at the end.

  • @mike1tc907
    @mike1tc907 Anos atrás +3

    Fucking ending mad!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • @ImChris.C
    @ImChris.C Anos atrás +23

    Nah Shordy made son ball out, I would of walked out that store with one shoe 😂👨🏿‍🦯

    • @tuneplan1392
      @tuneplan1392 Anos atrás +2

      Walking out with the Yeezy Slides. lol

    • @RunningRacks
      @RunningRacks Anos atrás

      Nah bruh he coulda stopped after the Red Octobers but he wanted to show he got it like that.

  • @carljeffery6736
    @carljeffery6736 Anos atrás +4

    DDG out here breaking records

  • @danielbuyaba5636
    @danielbuyaba5636 Anos atrás +2

    you was blowed as hell buying them air mags 😂

  • @DMaceLive
    @DMaceLive Anos atrás +8

    man just blew a BAG! 😭 i’m the same way when they come with the pressure tho 🤣

  • @quincydotson9092
    @quincydotson9092 Anos atrás +2

    He finna make a video every hour after this knowing bro 🤣🤣🤣

  • @flexgodmlbb
    @flexgodmlbb Anos atrás +2

    DD went crazy 🔥

  • @mansursaidu3980
    @mansursaidu3980 Anos atrás

    DDG went hard on this 🥶💯

  • @koolgamez3434
    @koolgamez3434 Anos atrás +10

    DDG come up is crazy

  • @MFeliix
    @MFeliix Anos atrás +7

    I told my husband, damn Tatum down bad after the finals bro started selling shoes 😅 also, $40k+ on shoes is WILD!

  • @thonyskii.1011
    @thonyskii.1011 Anos atrás +14

    DDG just got himself grails 🔥

  • @S_G_
    @S_G_ Anos atrás +3

    😂 hit em with the "what you been by that 🤔"

  • @demetrius3392
    @demetrius3392 Anos atrás +5

    When you think about it this store is pulling in some serious money. Easily over £100k in a month with celebs spending like this.

  • @heasley3
    @heasley3 Anos atrás +50

    Who spent more than DDG?? 43k is crazy

    • @KickGame
      @KickGame  Anos atrás +44

      A new record!

    • @yannyowane795
      @yannyowane795 Anos atrás

      That’s about $45k. That’s fucking crazy😭🤦🏽‍♂️

    • @taorenyt5427
      @taorenyt5427 Anos atrás +3

      He a BRclipr/Rapper so he bag must be nice plus dude lives in a mansion

  • @Tyrone2k11
    @Tyrone2k11 Anos atrás +9

    Give that Woman a raise damn

  • @ekejustin5064
    @ekejustin5064 Anos atrás +3

    I would never stop loving this nigga can’t wait to meet him

  • @unopamushango3752
    @unopamushango3752 Anos atrás +4

    That’s a cool thing to do at the start😂 checking if they want to shop at the ladies section 😂💀💀

  • @Ricksdeniro
    @Ricksdeniro Anos atrás +22

    She’s gotta get some commission 💰

  • @5StarSkarz
    @5StarSkarz Anos atrás

    Man went all in 💯

  • @IBdaDon
    @IBdaDon Anos atrás

    Some people could only dream of shopping like ddg

  • @bennythehancho2458
    @bennythehancho2458 Anos atrás +16

    DDG went crazy 😂😂😂 43k , damn 🔥🔥🔥

  • @prince-junior031
    @prince-junior031 Anos atrás +5

    DDG's Humor Bro 🤙

  • @prodbydoublea
    @prodbydoublea Anos atrás +4

    The beat at the end though 🥶🥶🥶

  • @rasts0316
    @rasts0316 Anos atrás +6

    Ddg style is crazy🔥🔥🔥

  • @ig.p3_8m87
    @ig.p3_8m87 Anos atrás +12

    W Craig he really the best at these 🔥🔥👏🏾

  • @trendztv9228
    @trendztv9228 Anos atrás +14

    This vid made me feel BROKE AF😭😭

  • @9.865
    @9.865 Anos atrás +56

    My man got pressured so hard to buy the 20k shoes 😂

    • @moseswanda1691
      @moseswanda1691 Anos atrás +26

      He definitely not gonna wear them..he will wait for the prices to go up..then resale them🤣

    • @Tru0801
      @Tru0801 Anos atrás +8

      I saw she just wanna to sell the shoes laughing 😂 after he Left the store

    • @BrotherNero777
      @BrotherNero777 Anos atrás +11

      @@Tru0801 she want that commission lol

    • @yannyowane795
      @yannyowane795 Anos atrás +3

      He pointed at them, so the girl just reminded him that he pointed at them

    • @Shenjow6
      @Shenjow6 Anos atrás +2

      @@moseswanda1691 they gonna be worth more since he owned the. The power of clout

  • @Isthatalliyah
    @Isthatalliyah Anos atrás +6

    DDG 📌🔥 Been watching him since he was in college ❤️

  • @KamSWFL
    @KamSWFL 6 meses atrás +2

    tbh I don’t think there’s no point for buying £20000 shoes. This is because you can buy so many other things and stuff you need in life. So in my opinion anyone who spent 43k on shoes is very stupid and would not look drippy at all and would be called a dummy. But don’t come hate on me, I still love ddg in my opinion so don’t come start a fight in the comments

  • @martinbrinegar1017
    @martinbrinegar1017 9 meses atrás

    This man got peer pressured at tha end😂

  • @Vidmentoring
    @Vidmentoring Anos atrás +9

    Didn’t expect this. Hard🔥

  • @zuri3606
    @zuri3606 Anos atrás +1

    The audacity to say "you got this" without telling him how much they cost.. Bish do you got this?

  • @Benny2huncho
    @Benny2huncho Anos atrás +3

    Cashier straight finessed him wow💀💀

  • @iikhalaii8784
    @iikhalaii8784 Anos atrás +7

    I bought the October's for retail when they first came out with my mom's credit card. She found out and tried to take them but I hide them and then when the price went up i sold them and gave her the money.

  • @finessercb3293
    @finessercb3293 9 meses atrás


  • @Banks160
    @Banks160 8 meses atrás

    This man folded at the end 🤣 he know he ain’t wana pay all that

  • @deanlowe2580
    @deanlowe2580 Anos atrás +3

    See I'm a supreme af1 man too but I catch hella heat for paying for the box logo, them and j4 retro lightning are my goto this year.

  • @henryalvares8147
    @henryalvares8147 Anos atrás

    DDG the goat fr and he dropped 43 bags 😮‍💨

  • @rkmerrick1848
    @rkmerrick1848 Anos atrás +33

    Nigga be setting records everywhere he be 🐐 🔥

  • @chrisabro2194
    @chrisabro2194 Anos atrás +5

    Crazy how he was going to fight PNB, and he ended up passing away about 2 months later

  • @antwallasimple5135
    @antwallasimple5135 Anos atrás +16

    DDG representing 333 RIP BEAST 🙏🏿

    • @pattywhite2079
      @pattywhite2079 Anos atrás

      Hey bro, is that the jumper he’s wearing? It’s sick.. do you know if they sell them anywhere?

    • @pattywhite2079
      @pattywhite2079 Anos atrás

      @@ukking08 thank you sir.. much appreciated

  • @chineduosuorji7382
    @chineduosuorji7382 Anos atrás +1

    Came from the shorts too confirm he really bought them mags 😂💪🏾