[M/V] Park Bom(박봄) - Spring(봄) (feat. sandara park(산다라박))

  • Publicado em 13 Mar 2019
  • [M/V] Park Bom(박봄) - Spring(봄) (feat. sandara park(산다라박))
    Park Bom's New Single Album [Spring]
    Now Available on :
    ▶Bugs : music.bugs.co.kr/album/860912
    ▶iTunes : itunes.apple.com/us/album/spring-single/1455957011
    ▶Spotify : open.spotify.com/album/7nJRHOtyVewhREGYcGUtHg?si=c97DexFTTYub3tzJ6bGdRg
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  • marlen adame correa
    marlen adame correa 11 minutos atrás

    Park Bom canta como los ángeles

  • Mhariela Chantal Castillo
    Mhariela Chantal Castillo 12 minutos atrás

    Fourever 2ne1! Iloveyou BOOM STILL UR NO 1 FAN 😍💙

  • Rahmat Ali
    Rahmat Ali 13 minutos atrás

    perfect voice

  • Tazi Cruz
    Tazi Cruz 14 minutos atrás +1

    The queen is back🖤🖤

  • takimagic
    takimagic 15 minutos atrás

    한국사람 없음?!

  • Theodore degert
    Theodore degert 15 minutos atrás +1

    oh drug power

  • hei 08
    hei 08 18 minutos atrás

    Don’t call yourself a music lover, if you keep on insulting Bom’s face. This song is beautiful regardless of what she looks. Haters can’t deny it.

  • Khae lin
    Khae lin 24 minutos atrás


  • Kosal Kampongcham
    Kosal Kampongcham 24 minutos atrás +1

    10M views Calling 💜

  • Linh Tang
    Linh Tang 25 minutos atrás +1


  • Linh Tang
    Linh Tang 25 minutos atrás +1


  • 김훈
    김훈 25 minutos atrás

    아 ~ 얼굴 왜 그지경이니 안쓰럽다,,, 얼굴제능 어쩔 ㅠ.ㅠ

  • vita dolce Moderato
    vita dolce Moderato 25 minutos atrás +1

    Here we goooo 10M 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Joel Nahuel
    Joel Nahuel 33 minutos atrás +1

    I know to this year 2NE1 comeback

  • elly aurelia
    elly aurelia 35 minutos atrás

    Please make a collaboration with every 2ne1 members!!!!!!!

  • 불끄고옷벗어
    불끄고옷벗어 37 minutos atrás

    어떻게 시간이 흘러도 이분은 곡스타일이 안바뀌는거같냐

  • 2NE1 black jack
    2NE1 black jack 45 minutos atrás +2

    CAN WE STREAM FASTER FOR 10000000 VIEWS 😭IT JUST 943K before BOM birthday 😭we just have2 days😭 please😭

  • Khae lin
    Khae lin 45 minutos atrás


  • Thanh Nguyễn
    Thanh Nguyễn 49 minutos atrás

    Chị hát hây quá. Mãi yêu chị. LOVE PARK BOM ❤

  • huwaida jihans
    huwaida jihans 51 minuto atrás +2

    Please vote for park bom in the show by using starpass, she currently in 5th.

  • dwi dwi
    dwi dwi 52 minutos atrás +2

    Please 2 ne 1 BACK 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏
    Sumpah artis korea yg pertama w suka 2ne1 biar mreka sempat hilang w ttp nonton youtube dan denger lgu mreka

    B SARAH 54 minutos atrás +1

    Her voice is not bad but tbh when i see her i only see surgery her face looks very fake she was pretty before i saw pictures its just sad😥

  • Gigi 97
    Gigi 97 54 minutos atrás +1

    The thing is.... Ppl can't overlook how she looks now, it's sad but true..but at least if I was her stylist I wud do my best to make her look less "unnatural" no need for the excessive eye makeup, no need to make her eyes look more unrealistic, I wud do lip makeup to reduce them not make them look even bigger, I wud style her hair differently too, part it from the side to give her face more length instead of it looking cramped up and finally I wud choose clothes with less ruffles and and stuff at her chest! Like srsly WTH is wrong with the stylist

    • Essi Kah
      Essi Kah 30 minutos atrás +1

      Why should Bom hide who she is. If she had a stylist who tried to hide her face that stylist should be fired. So thank you for your opinion noone requested. NEXT!

  • Jennie marina Villalva hilario
    Jennie marina Villalva hilario 56 minutos atrás +1

    Lo Ameeee❤💕💕😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Diana Banlaygas
    Diana Banlaygas 57 minutos atrás +1

    Watching this video everyday ❤️❤️...
    Miss 2en1 so much .
    Keep it up Bom 🙏😊

  • Nightcore Flawless
    Nightcore Flawless Hora atrás +2

    Vote for Park Bom

  • Nightcore Flawless
    Nightcore Flawless Hora atrás

    Gogo fighter queeens

  • the seventh god
    the seventh god Hora atrás +2

    CMON 10M!!

  • xoxojhaja_xoxo ssi
    xoxojhaja_xoxo ssi Hora atrás +1

    *Lets vote hard for bom please*

  • Brian Y.
    Brian Y. Hora atrás +1

    Queen of Plastic Surgery
    아 씨발 존나 징그럽다

    • 니키미나즈
      니키미나즈 56 minutos atrás

      니애미^^는 뽕넣어서

    • Essi Kah
      Essi Kah Hora atrás

      Thank you. NEXT!

    • Han Duong
      Han Duong Hora atrás

      Brian Y. Lol. Do you forget that your country is the plastic surgery nation?

  • Devan Daily
    Devan Daily Hora atrás


  • Jessica_ Army
    Jessica_ Army Hora atrás

    BOM and DARA❤❤❤❤❤ Love you!!!

  • Rizal Afandi
    Rizal Afandi Hora atrás

    My Queen 😍😍😍

  • K.J. Leung
    K.J. Leung Hora atrás +1

    I love this song soooooo much!!! Her voice is so attractive!!!

  • arlene r
    arlene r Hora atrás +1

    Pre-voting on mwave now up... voting open friday til monday

  • Omer Slezovic
    Omer Slezovic Hora atrás +4

    Guys, there's something you should know. I recently found out that many European countries can't have access to many polls on their application, and as such, Park Bom's song never appeared for them. It appears that Mnet cut out half of blackjacks from voting, which is why Park Bom lost in spite of having amazing sales

    • Kevin Jade Mendoza
      Kevin Jade Mendoza 35 minutos atrás

      One of the Biggest fandom of 2ne1 before is from europe

    • King Blackjack
      King Blackjack 59 minutos atrás

      +Omer Slezovic That would make sense. I only know one that is possible to vote on the domestic Idol Champ. It's called veliduck and your vpn will appear to be in SK. Perhaps we could inform fansites to further the info to European blackjacks so the domestic votes rise?

    • Essi Kah
      Essi Kah Hora atrás

      +Omer Slezovic keep going! Fighting!!

    • Omer Slezovic
      Omer Slezovic Hora atrás +3

      +King Blackjack It's very low, I couldn't vote for Park Bom even once, and I tried multiple times. Perhaps if we try with some VPN applications to fake our IP addresses as Korean?

    • King Blackjack
      King Blackjack Hora atrás +3

      That's unreasonable and low of Mnet but Im not surprised as they still categories us as YG stans. I saw some blackjacks from twitter comment on that matter but we need to inform as many blackjacks who can still access the votings on here, twitter and on other kpop platforms. It is crucial since we are only running on 1/6 active blackjacks global wise.

  • Asmadi Azmi
    Asmadi Azmi Hora atrás +3

    “When winter passes, spring follows, you know that” - GoodBye, 2NE1
    So the lyric was true! 😭😭

  • King Blackjack
    King Blackjack Hora atrás +3

    1. MWAVE: www.mwave.me/en/vote/mcountdown/vote VOTE!
    2. IDOL CHAMP APP both domestic (download the vpn veliduck and do as you normally do) and global!

  • Chanbaek Park
    Chanbaek Park Hora atrás

    Omg. The Queens are back! 💖

  • Navi
    Navi Hora atrás

    dara bom do love it

  • Blackpink New
    Blackpink New Hora atrás +1


  • cheristar
    cheristar Hora atrás +1

    Yay 10 million here we come. Thanks everyone for loving our Bommie.

  • _ lexiamaeya
    _ lexiamaeya Hora atrás

    wow seems dara rapped lel

  • King Blackjack
    King Blackjack Hora atrás +18

    Blackjacks remain the only fandom to stick together even after their group disbanded. They are the only fandom to fight and challenge 3rd gens popular youtube views with only 15% of the fandom active. They are the only fandom to still make their idol a digital monster even after 8 years of being inactive as a solo act and 5 years inactive as a group member. Blackjacks, we are in a David and Goliath situation ever since we were born in 2009, let's not give up. We have overcome so much competition and challenges with 2NE1 and made the impossible possible. 2NE1 will always be the definition of a power group who went from underdog to champions. And blackjacks made that possible with every odds against us. Even the company who produced 2NE1 doubted us. We are more than just stans, we are a family and will always be a family untill the day we no longer exist. Nolza!!!

    • NIZE Pagaspas
      NIZE Pagaspas 54 minutos atrás +1

      Well said 😭😭😭

    • Essi Kah
      Essi Kah Hora atrás +1


    • CL forlife
      CL forlife Hora atrás +3

      I cried for this:'(( forever blackjack

    • cheristar
      cheristar Hora atrás +2

      I ❤ you Blackjacks.

  • Joel Caccha
    Joel Caccha Hora atrás +9

    9 million of views is pretty high for a soloist

  • Spring Phea
    Spring Phea Hora atrás +1

    I am still listening 👂

  • Otravez9
    Otravez9 Hora atrás +2

    Park bom you’re the best 💙💙💙

  • Christine Tagle
    Christine Tagle Hora atrás +1

    I can't get over with this song

  • queenkaching tagle
    queenkaching tagle Hora atrás +2

    i don't like the video but her voice is so calming

  • Lin Lin
    Lin Lin 2 horas atrás +3

    Wow, 9.4M!

  • Huu Le
    Huu Le 2 horas atrás +1

    Fuck park pom

  • 祥
     2 horas atrás +1

    박봄の봄 かならずくるよ♡わたしの봄は、ぼムちゃんが歌ってくれていること🌸BOM 고마워 사랑해🥺❣️

  • 祥
     2 horas atrás +2

    Daisuki BOMchan😭

  • 비투핑크윤하
    비투핑크윤하 2 horas atrás +2

    다라언니 36살인데 진짜우주최강동안♡
    봄언니 목소리 오랜만인데 역시 넘넘 좋네요!!!

  • alleen magdale
    alleen magdale 2 horas atrás +11

    Boomie we voted many times. I hope your happy.
    You have strong contender to defeat thru online voting.
    I am so sorry. 😭😭😭

  • hana kotoba
    hana kotoba 2 horas atrás +3

    Eventho 2ne1 is no longer a group, this song is still a 2ne1 style. It still has a 2ne1 color. I love it.

  • blackjack 21
    blackjack 21 2 horas atrás +3

    10M here we gooo

  • Lolyxli
    Lolyxli 2 horas atrás +2

    I missssss u

  • Lolyxli
    Lolyxli 2 horas atrás

    I''m cry :(

  • blackjack 21
    blackjack 21 2 horas atrás +2

    [#10M_GOAL] BOM'S BIRTHDAY IS NEAR! Let's celebrate the date surpassing 10 millions views in #SPRING MV on BRclip! Help us!

    WATCH OFFICIAL MV: (link: brclip.com/video/dnQflYjicms/video.html) brclip.com/video/dnQflYjicms/video.html

    DEADLINE: 19.03.23 ~ 11PM (KST) PLEASE SHARE! #ParkBom_Spring #ParkBom #Spring #박봄 #봄

  • Lolyxli
    Lolyxli 2 horas atrás


  • rockthe _femme
    rockthe _femme 2 horas atrás +2

    Not a noisy kpop song.. its very soothing to the ear.. i love it..

  • Winona Sebastian
    Winona Sebastian 2 horas atrás

    2ne1 would've nailed this too. :( My blackjack heart is aching but I'm so happy for Bom and for Dara being featured.

  • J B
    J B 2 horas atrás +4

    10M here we come! Let's go Blackjacks!

  • King Blackjack
    King Blackjack 2 horas atrás +10

    bommie is currently charting #9!!!! even after a week. this is good, but she needs to be in Top 5. K-blackjacks work harder!

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee 2 horas atrás +8

    guys please vote Park Bom "Spring" in M Countdown!
    I'm not BLACKJACK or BOMSHELL, but I vote for her just because this song is sooooo great!

  • Nelson Mvondo
    Nelson Mvondo 2 horas atrás

    Can we hope for 2ne1 special someday?

  • Neya Cem
    Neya Cem 2 horas atrás +1

    Vote vote n keep str34aming guys.

  • mimi chat
    mimi chat 2 horas atrás +3

    Sorry to say this but nothing compares to the 2010 gen of kpop artists ❤️❤️💯💯💕💕👏👏 wish bom lots of success her songs helped me get through hard times before and now this too. Hope she knows how awesome she is!

  • CL forlife
    CL forlife 2 horas atrás +3

    group vs solo atleast kht gnon umaangat. nman tyo kht ppno bsta keep str34ming nlng guyss

  • King Blackjack
    King Blackjack 2 horas atrás +6

    this is my every day medicine since release. park boms voice just fills my world with joy

  • Emma Combo
    Emma Combo 2 horas atrás +4

    I’m crying seeing you back to the stage 😣I remember my high school moments, when I listened to you guys voice. I remember every moment of me and my best friends. We sing 2ne1 songs in class😭😭😭

  • Narong Nolza
    Narong Nolza 2 horas atrás +1

    Vote please guys and keep streaming

  • dinh dung
    dinh dung 2 horas atrás +1

    Love you

  • 유나 오
    유나 오 2 horas atrás

    눈화장 왜저래

  • dinh dung
    dinh dung 2 horas atrás +1


  • H just H
    H just H 2 horas atrás


  • Sone Insomnia
    Sone Insomnia 2 horas atrás +2

    vote Bom on starpass!
    Come on BJ & Bomshell

  • Marian Alleje
    Marian Alleje 2 horas atrás +6

    i've watched this for 7 times already this day. let's go bomshells and blackjacks. park bom needs your support!✊🤗

  • Shamsa.s.s S
    Shamsa.s.s S 2 horas atrás +1

    I cant get enough from this song ❤

  • Shamsa.s.s S
    Shamsa.s.s S 2 horas atrás +1

    I love you 💕

  • nssaffyra
    nssaffyra 2 horas atrás +2

    9.4 done...9.5 palli yeorobun💚💚💚💚

  • King Blackjack
    King Blackjack 2 horas atrás


  • eden lin
    eden lin 2 horas atrás

    so.glad.to listen.to Boomies comeback.song.with Dara. yeah.beautiful.flowers will surely bloom.in.ur heart unnies. love the.lyrics tho

  • hunt3rxxii25 ngx
    hunt3rxxii25 ngx 2 horas atrás +2

    I'm here always checking the views...fighting unnie...I'm addicted with this song...😍😍😍

  • passarita sopasirinoppakun
    passarita sopasirinoppakun 2 horas atrás +2

    Love you 😘😍

  • Syahaddah Nik Nor
    Syahaddah Nik Nor 2 horas atrás +1

    It is a good song.

  • Joanne EnnaJo
    Joanne EnnaJo 2 horas atrás +2

    Behind The Scenes is so cool! Go to DaraTV

  • Cloud
    Cloud 2 horas atrás +3

    Hey Hey STREAM 🔥🔥🔥🔥 DON'T BE LAZY!

  • M4tthew Gamer
    M4tthew Gamer 2 horas atrás +2

    10M for bommie . BLACKJACKS❤

  • Ku Tuấn
    Ku Tuấn 3 horas atrás

    Giống Cẩm Lan Sục quá...

  • King Blackjack
    King Blackjack 3 horas atrás +3

    We are currently #3 in idol champ global, #7 in idol champ domestic and #3 in mwave prevoting! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT BLACKJACKS.

  • Vy Trần Thúy
    Vy Trần Thúy 3 horas atrás

    Chị tôi chưa bao giờ làm tôi thất vọng 👌❤

  • honeypeach4
    honeypeach4 3 horas atrás +3

    Lets stream and vote online so we can givea win trophy for her... Besday gift.. On 24 march

  • Trang Nhung Đỗ
    Trang Nhung Đỗ 3 horas atrás +2

    I love Park Bom and 2NE1, I LOVE ALL

  • CL forlife
    CL forlife 3 horas atrás +1

    No.3 n tyo s online voting kainis

  • Elvis Van
    Elvis Van 3 horas atrás +2

    _☁5PM Mar 22 2019~_

  • Jiingfang
    Jiingfang 3 horas atrás +5

    Idolchamp we went up from 10% to 13%.. we can do this blackjacks and bombshells !!!!!! Push to 20% then 30% .. we have 3 votes a day.. we wanted bom’s comeback.. let’s give her our best.

    • King Blackjack
      King Blackjack 3 horas atrás

      exactly!! i believe in our power even tho we are a few active blackjacks

  • Andrea Ante
    Andrea Ante 3 horas atrás +3

    I love to listened to this song everyday and everynight

  • Jiingfang
    Jiingfang 3 horas atrás +4

    It will be Bom’s birthday on 24th March.. blackjacks and bomshells can we give her the best birthday present .... !!!!!!!! 10m views and spring 1st win !!!!!!! Please continue voting on starpass.. idolchamp and mnet guys