Only Can Get Better (Official Video)

  • Publicado em 26 Jun 2018
  • Official Video | Silk City - Only Can Get Better (feat. Daniel Merriweather)

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  • msnn
    msnn 2 meses atrás


  • Tyler McNeil
    Tyler McNeil 4 meses atrás

    OG Tempo

  • walter goodwin
    walter goodwin 7 meses atrás

    Shout out to the old crew of many club nights and worldwide travels;
    To BLICAN; sauve n crazy, "the Black Puerto Rican." Will never forget the Hotel scene of you wrapped in a sheet being running down the hallway, chased by three nude Filipino women screaming your name. Crazy!!!
    T.C.; Always coming back to the table saying; "who stole my drink?" It was that sister that seemed to be every place we went n always trying to holler at you.
    To CARR; being so persistent to hang out with the group. London was terrific, after three times you caught the hint to get lost, while I was rapping to that beautiful redhead in nearby park.
    To RENEE; for always having the keen sense for the best restaurants, cruises, and bargains in some of best well known Hotels and events anywhere on the planet. Always keeping the group out of trouble, thank you💖
    To MUDBONE; MR GQ himself, a man of impeccable taste of clothes n Wines. Making sure everybody was on point on fashion, even to the swimwear. And we all looked darn gooood! The one in the group to never shy away from photo ops, particularly in tokyo.
    To WADE ; mr gorgeous to the ladies. Almost causing a riot on the cruise ship because some of husbands were not happy about their wives being obsessed with you, cutting the cruise short and getting off in the Bahamas. Very expensive stopover.
    To the exquisite n Beautiful Sheila
    Saw a different side of you while at the Atlantis Resort Hotel. Real refreshing. We both were hurting, I believe Wade knew that. Renee always made sure by plane, car or at dinner that you n I were in each others company. It worked, and Barbados is where I was ready fof life again but not before settling in Europe for a bit. Love the coming home bash after we all came back from Singapore and South Korea.
    Love you all and life can only get better for having known all of you.
    WADE, I'm glade you talked us all into making a Worldwide Travel Blitz! Do not know how you did it, dsrn glade you did. You n Renee out did yourselves in planning the Kenya gig. Much love💖💖😎

  • Giovanni Sansovini
    Giovanni Sansovini 8 meses atrás +2

    Listen to this brilliant track and feel your spirit uplifted and your body begin to be moved by the beat

  • Frida Noroeste
    Frida Noroeste Anos atrás

    Le veo potencial a este proyecto.

  • Junior Batista
    Junior Batista Anos atrás

    Oi tudo bem 🎶🎵🎵

  • MrsHotChocolatet
    MrsHotChocolatet Anos atrás

    first LSD, now SIlk City, it's your year Diplo !

  • Israel Jimenez
    Israel Jimenez Anos atrás

    Underrated song!

  • Furkan Balbay
    Furkan Balbay Anos atrás +10

    I'm cryinggg😭😭😭.I miss old school..Look at that vibe and people.Look at that old tape machine.That's a masterpiece.

  • Gianluca Perani
    Gianluca Perani Anos atrás


  • my Blogs
    my Blogs Anos atrás

    This reminds me of How deep is your love

  • Royer Adam
    Royer Adam Anos atrás


  • shish kebab XD
    shish kebab XD Anos atrás

    Onli can get batteri🥇🏅🎧🎙🎸🎺🎻🎤🎶🎵🎹

  • Sofia Ramires
    Sofia Ramires Anos atrás

    Me moje!

  • Riddled Rhythms
    Riddled Rhythms Anos atrás

    I know that I am making music that is different to this, although I really love all of your tunes! Really great!

  • Cuarzo Software
    Cuarzo Software Anos atrás +1

    Song: Only can get better!
    Lennon: Can't get much worse...

  • Tara the cat
    Tara the cat Anos atrás

    so true 🐱

  • Collette Post
    Collette Post Anos atrás

    I adore this it should be No1

  • welile Congwane
    welile Congwane Anos atrás


  • Steven Renaldo
    Steven Renaldo Anos atrás


  • Tangled Tunes
    Tangled Tunes Anos atrás +2

    Dammit stop taking up all of my free time! I should be working on music although I have all of your videos on repeat. Thanks for the great content! 💕💔💘😉💗

  • russky68
    russky68 Anos atrás

    Wtf?! Different but still shite.,

  • José Augusto dos Santos


  • Loretta Cheung
    Loretta Cheung Anos atrás

    This sucks

  • Black flag/Muita Treta


  • Qwerty
    Qwerty Anos atrás +1

    Mark No! I see what you are trying here but we dont need mindless 90s music to have a comeback.
    Sthap it now!

  • Rodrigo Colina.
    Rodrigo Colina. Anos atrás


  • Djoumana 04
    Djoumana 04 Anos atrás


  • A5017 韋小蝶 S5B03
    A5017 韋小蝶 S5B03 Anos atrás


  • A5017 韋小蝶 S5B03
    A5017 韋小蝶 S5B03 Anos atrás


  • Joshua Rainwater
    Joshua Rainwater Anos atrás

    Any more collabs with Mystikal in the future?

  • Miles Metrum
    Miles Metrum Anos atrás

    Two legends together genius ❤️

  • Dianne
    Dianne Anos atrás

  • gamorth
    gamorth Anos atrás

    ngefans ket ETAM show lik, lagumu yahud!

  • Daniela Rock
    Daniela Rock Anos atrás


  • Jimmy Alonzo
    Jimmy Alonzo Anos atrás +2

    BACK TO THE 90's!!!!

  • Dj An-Mar
    Dj An-Mar Anos atrás


  • Keyz Lyon
    Keyz Lyon Anos atrás

    one hit wonda

  • Andrea León Narvaez
    Andrea León Narvaez Anos atrás +1

    I loved the music Mark Ronson

  • Maria Rasmussen
    Maria Rasmussen Anos atrás +3

    Love it! Mark impresses me everytime - such a musical genius.

  • kitti milkgore
    kitti milkgore Anos atrás

    llegue denme mis likes

  • Anderson Barbosa
    Anderson Barbosa Anos atrás

    How deep is your lovee

  • Abner trejo
    Abner trejo Anos atrás

    Llegue tarde prras :v

  • Adzy
    Adzy Anos atrás +28

    Said it once and I'll say it again: Quality house. Really excited to see what comes from this project.

  • Laura Guillén
    Laura Guillén Anos atrás +2

    Mark ❤️ Looking really hot! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Joseph Hirmiz
    Joseph Hirmiz Anos atrás

    New wave 🌊

  • 브롤러
    브롤러 Anos atrás

    I'm korean but I luv this song

  • Ziam shehzad
    Ziam shehzad Anos atrás

    Who’s else’s day got better after coming so early?💚💚💚🤗

  • Sxlectiv_e
    Sxlectiv_e Anos atrás

    Finnaly also hi

  • Roxanne McManus-Walker
    Roxanne McManus-Walker Anos atrás +8


  • Марина Петруня

    So cool vintage vibes!

  • The Music Box
    The Music Box Anos atrás +5

    Wow! Really excellent! I am always amazed at how great your videos are! Feeling like it is time to get to work on my own page as well. ❤️😄💞

  • grozvy machaca ccalla
    grozvy machaca ccalla Anos atrás

    No pasa nada..

  • Yue Hern
    Yue Hern Anos atrás

    Amazing video and song !

  • Louise Beaumont
    Louise Beaumont Anos atrás +1

    This featuring is amazing !!!!

  • jim plays
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  • Natalie Harris
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  • pro doc
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  • Stella Aster
    Stella Aster Anos atrás

    Awesome video I love it ! ♥️
    Keep up on the good work!

  • Toast
    Toast Anos atrás