Film Theory: Movie Sonic is BEST Sonic! (Sonic The Hedgehog 2019)

  • Publicado em 23 Mai 2019
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    The Sonic in the new live-action movie is the BEST interaction of the blue hedgehog we've had yet! At least, when it comes to his speed. For all the complaints being leveled at this movie about it's Sonic design and possible plot problems, this is the best showing of Sonic's true speed that we have EVER seen. Over on Game Theory, I've talked in LENGTH about Sonic and his unbelievable abilities and now we have come full circle. Today, we PROVE that movie Sonic is the BEST Sonic!
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    Writer: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, BanditRants, and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Comentários • 19 146

  • bernadette young
    bernadette young Dia atrás

    30 feet

  • Matthew Writer
    Matthew Writer Dia atrás

    Sorry for coming so late to the game.
    Those lines are 30 feet apart, and 10 feet long, so it is 40 feet from the start of one, to the start of the next one.

  • Christopher Jr
    Christopher Jr Dia atrás

    Good trailer

  • s and s bro's
    s and s bro's Dia atrás


  • Dalton Sansone
    Dalton Sansone Dia atrás

    You're not just wrong, you're stupid!

  • Kamiel Voets
    Kamiel Voets Dia atrás

    1 meter

  • Adam Link
    Adam Link 2 dias atrás

    You know it is coming out in 2020 and not 2019 now, right?

  • Eddie Almaguer
    Eddie Almaguer 2 dias atrás

    no one
    litterly no one


  • Chara Dreemrr
    Chara Dreemrr 2 dias atrás

    3 meters

  • Shadow Thief
    Shadow Thief 2 dias atrás

    MatPat: Siri play Gangsters Paradise.

  • Aleksa Radakovic
    Aleksa Radakovic 2 dias atrás

    What's a feet?

  • themiecraft pro
    themiecraft pro 2 dias atrás

    Yet the flash will always be faster going multiple times the speed of light

  • Galaxy ore gamers
    Galaxy ore gamers 3 dias atrás

    Is sonic faster than flash?

  • may keegan
    may keegan 3 dias atrás

    5 ft

  • gold creeper
    gold creeper 3 dias atrás +1

    2:27 produces lighting and runs really fast welp that confirms it Sonic is a speedster

  • Antiknight 47
    Antiknight 47 3 dias atrás

    5 feet

  • Jacob Plays
    Jacob Plays 3 dias atrás

    1 foot

  • Fazbears Plush
    Fazbears Plush 4 dias atrás +1

    It’s now coming out in 2020

  • Elafi Milo
    Elafi Milo 4 dias atrás

    *hears math and relaxes
    This is what I came for.

  • Dj Richardson
    Dj Richardson 4 dias atrás

    this sonic movie is CRINGE and i hate it

  • Matt Sullivan
    Matt Sullivan 4 dias atrás

    Paramont needs to see this

  • PlayzDew
    PlayzDew 4 dias atrás

    10 feet!

  • Pablo Barrondo
    Pablo Barrondo 4 dias atrás

    7 feet

  • godzillaking 5678
    godzillaking 5678 5 dias atrás

    So basically sonic is a child-sized,super fast version of a M.U.T.O
    Edit:a M.U.T.O is a kaiju/titan ftom godzilla 2014 movie

  • LotsOfLogan49
    LotsOfLogan49 5 dias atrás

    Two rulers length for each dash on the highway?

  • ElectricGacha
    ElectricGacha 5 dias atrás

    That trailer is the only thing that rivals surreal entertainments trailer

  • Lance Alrayes
    Lance Alrayes 5 dias atrás

    13 feet

  • Raymond Rosa
    Raymond Rosa 5 dias atrás

    Is it 10ft??

  • Thundercracker YT
    Thundercracker YT 5 dias atrás

    Long story short (Watch the vid its good)they got his speed right

  • Spacewizard With spells for all beings

    How are there humans in this movie? You said it yourself in your chaos emeralds aren’t emeralds Video. that a giant nuclear bomb went off melding human dna with animal dna to make sonic and the other creatures. Also where is tails and knuckles and everyone else?

  • MJ The DJ
    MJ The DJ 5 dias atrás

    1 ft

  • Liberty Oaks
    Liberty Oaks 5 dias atrás

    10 inches to foot

  • MarceloU1924 Motta
    MarceloU1924 Motta 5 dias atrás

    I say 16inches

  • Ashton Morgan
    Ashton Morgan 6 dias atrás

    The THRUST SSC is the worlds fastest non-production car

  • Ashton Morgan
    Ashton Morgan 6 dias atrás

    The THRUST SSC is a little bit faster then sonic sonic's speed was 760mhp and the THRUST SSC speed was 763mhp

  • The try hard Kaiju
    The try hard Kaiju 6 dias atrás

    One meter

  • KrazytheKat
    KrazytheKat 6 dias atrás

    I love that they used a Cyclops model for James Marsden's police guy

  • Trenton Chenault
    Trenton Chenault 6 dias atrás

    Aw crap here comes sonic .sonic"Meow?.AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

  • Stephanie Yeromin
    Stephanie Yeromin 6 dias atrás

    Gosh! With that speed I'm 2000% more exciting for the movie!

  • Harrison Miller
    Harrison Miller 6 dias atrás

    Wdym? No offense but the name of this video makes absolutely no sense sorry for being rude

  • Hudking009
    Hudking009 6 dias atrás

    Holdup sonic ain’t that fast!! That’s chaos crystal crap

  • Sword Stalk
    Sword Stalk 6 dias atrás

    6 ft?

  • Miguel Angel Archila Sierra

    Next comes the speed of DBZ characters XD

  • Junie Cupplo
    Junie Cupplo 6 dias atrás

    Stan and Ford are the same person. Can you put their names together and make Stanford . Isn't that the same name Stan went by

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins 6 dias atrás

  • EeveeKat
    EeveeKat 7 dias atrás

    a foot or two

  • T Virus
    T Virus 7 dias atrás

    Is Sonic faster than the Flash?

  • Blue_Squirrel
    Blue_Squirrel 7 dias atrás

    The dashes are 10 ft

  • The Remixer
    The Remixer 7 dias atrás

    The beginning is flipping funny

  • carlangas world
    carlangas world 7 dias atrás

    Every videogame movie Is garbage except detective Pikachu

  • Muhammed AlRajab
    Muhammed AlRajab 7 dias atrás

    10 feet

  • Isaiah Larmond
    Isaiah Larmond 7 dias atrás +1

    20 cm?

  • gecko_ 6ix
    gecko_ 6ix 8 dias atrás

    which will run out first at area 51 the internet hero's balls or the us ammo

  • gecko_ 6ix
    gecko_ 6ix 8 dias atrás +1

    so this dos not apply to sonic

  • Kerri Brooks
    Kerri Brooks 8 dias atrás


  • lelanie Schlechter
    lelanie Schlechter 8 dias atrás

    That is 14000 x 47 then a Koenigsegg

  • Stacy Shoemaker
    Stacy Shoemaker 8 dias atrás

    ???????????? On the a bind the merchant what are you talking all this math

  • Avia_ Slick
    Avia_ Slick 8 dias atrás

    so if he did that sonic boom, i really feel bad for the people in the hospital with Life Support on..

  • TheDarkBlueBlur Playz
    TheDarkBlueBlur Playz 9 dias atrás

    *_Relax boi_*

    MALACHY STONE 9 dias atrás

    10ft?????? (I cheated) 🤫😉

  • the amazing world of jaeden

    Me :Sees thumbnail
    Also me: first you say how to train your dragon sucks ans now this . I'm , I'm sorry but I'm done

  • Gabriel Houde
    Gabriel Houde 9 dias atrás

    3 ft

  • Xxx_ShArInGaNnOjUtZu _xxX

    If sonic moves at the speed of the rotation of the earth... Is he really moving?

  • Aboody Ahmed
    Aboody Ahmed 9 dias atrás


  • Aboody Ahmed
    Aboody Ahmed 9 dias atrás


  • Aboody Ahmed
    Aboody Ahmed 9 dias atrás

    767 - 7 = 760 7 less than the original

  • Zane Burnett
    Zane Burnett 9 dias atrás

    It’s funny since I really thought it was 2 ft at first

  • CJ Funzone
    CJ Funzone 9 dias atrás

    1 foot

  • Dazzling Pelonchas
    Dazzling Pelonchas 9 dias atrás

    Who thinks that his version of sonic is sanic xD

  • Veixx Black
    Veixx Black 10 dias atrás

    3 ft

    10 the fucj

  • Gaming with Gavin
    Gaming with Gavin 10 dias atrás

    6-8 feet

  • SeabeePorkChop
    SeabeePorkChop 10 dias atrás

    6:46 My brain hurts

  • Guacamole Edwardson
    Guacamole Edwardson 10 dias atrás

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't Sonic, as he runs at hugh velocities, create enough friction with the air to create enough heat to make plasma? Which means a whole lot more weird stuff going on. This is because, if so, how would a being like him store the energy from the plasma?

  • Nojorooney
    Nojorooney 10 dias atrás +2

    I knew sonic could run faster than light.