”kono Giorno Giovanna ni ha… yume ga aru” -Giorno Giovanna (60fps1080pHDR)

  • Publicado em 14 Nov 2018
  • “I, Giorno Giovanna have a dream!” -Giorno Giovanna
    I used a different HDR editing in this video hope you like it
    Enjoy watching it at 1080p60fpsHDR
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  • Attylus
    Attylus 12 dias atrás +62

    Worth noting... the phonetic symbol for "ha" is pronounced "wa" in certain grammatical contexts. That might be why it sounds like he's saying "Kono Giorno Giovanna ni wa yume ga aru."

    • Jordÿ Cortés Terán
      Jordÿ Cortés Terán Dia atrás

      It depends from the romanization system.
      In Hepburn romanization «は» is written «wa» when it sounds like that.
      In Nihon shiki it's written always «ha». The same goes to «し, じ, ち, ぢ, つ, づ, す, ず, を» (si, zi, ti, di, tu, du, su, zu, wo).

    • lordshogun11
      lordshogun11 Dia atrás

      Dont u use romaji like the way you hear it

    • Jordÿ Cortés Terán
      Jordÿ Cortés Terán 5 dias atrás

      In Nihon-Shiki romanization is actually properly written.

  • _qwïkx_
    _qwïkx_ 4 horas atrás

    Che è sta spermata di cammello?

  • a name
    a name 18 horas atrás

    Me, Giordude Gorgonzola, Dreams

  • bpyuna
    bpyuna Dia atrás

    AHAH Comment il c'est fais planté😂😂

  • Maxwell Sheppard
    Maxwell Sheppard 2 dias atrás

    this is smooth as heck

  • reecq
    reecq 3 dias atrás

    0:19 0:22

  • Saitama
    Saitama 3 dias atrás

    0:37 Bruh

  • TrophPlayz
    TrophPlayz 3 dias atrás

    this is beautiful part 6 should be animated like this.

  • TrophPlayz
    TrophPlayz 3 dias atrás


  • RazSings
    RazSings 3 dias atrás

    Everyone: every Villain dead when they hear piano
    Also giorno when piano plays:

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme 4 dias atrás +1

    0:18 Me everytime I am going to ult in overwatch
    0:22 my teammates who doesn't watch jojo

  • Arima Kousei
    Arima Kousei 4 dias atrás

    This graphic's quality is going to make me cum

  • A Penguin with a Gun
    A Penguin with a Gun 7 dias atrás

    Girls when they see a cockroach: *Screams*
    Boys when they see a cockroach:

  • Alejandro Sanchez
    Alejandro Sanchez 8 dias atrás

    Que gey me he vuelto joder

  • Lagoz
    Lagoz 8 dias atrás +1

    "So what makes you think you're perfect for this job ?"
    ”kono Giorno Giovanna ni ha… yume ga aru"
    "ok you are promoted to director"

  • Huron
    Huron 9 dias atrás

    is it a he or she and what the fuck is this ?

  • Francesco Barbetta
    Francesco Barbetta 9 dias atrás

    R.I.P. Abbacchio, Bucciarati and Narancia

  • Jason Paul-Tekani
    Jason Paul-Tekani 11 dias atrás

    Kono Diorno diovanna

  • The Devils of Paradis
    The Devils of Paradis 11 dias atrás +1

    kureji no yarou

  • tzexuen ee
    tzexuen ee 12 dias atrás


  • Supermushroom 12
    Supermushroom 12 13 dias atrás


  • Brayan B.n
    Brayan B.n 13 dias atrás

    Noo mararon a Batman del hombre araña 6 y furiosos :v

  • ThatGamingNobody
    ThatGamingNobody 15 dias atrás

    the 60 fps feels so good

  • ShaD K-Mon troopa
    ShaD K-Mon troopa 15 dias atrás

    You though that the main protagonist was Dio but it was I Giorno Giovanna.

  • You Tube
    You Tube 16 dias atrás +1

    *Gets stabbed at the back then starts to deflate*
    But then the piano starts to play.
    Me: "Yep he ain't dead"

  • Aidan Guillen
    Aidan Guillen 16 dias atrás +3

    Use me as a reply button
    1 press = 1 like lol

  • Богдан Кривошея

    Teacher: Why should I give you 5?
    I: 0:18

  • Pal Hair
    Pal Hair 18 dias atrás +3

    N i n t e n d o

  • Vale K01
    Vale K01 20 dias atrás

    Scientists : perfection doesn’t exist
    Giorno : 0:19 bitch pleas 😏

  • Au delà
    Au delà 20 dias atrás

    0:10 yare yare daze

  • DIO
    DIO 21 dia atrás

    Kono Diorno Diovanna Ni Wa Yumi Garu

  • Yandere_ Kun
    Yandere_ Kun 21 dia atrás

    I'm sorry.. But did you mean
    *kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru*
    *I Giorno Giovanna have a dream!*

  • Mohammad M
    Mohammad M 21 dia atrás

    Abbacchio: "Let's just get tec-9's and rush B"
    Giorno: "If we just go in rushing we will certainly d-"
    *Abbacchio has started a votekick on Giorno Giovanna: 1/3 votes*
    Giorno: "Fck this team I'm done playing this sht"
    *Giorno has committed suicide*
    *Giorno has been kicked for dealing excessive damage to teammates*

  • xdavthreeeダビデ
    xdavthreeeダビデ 23 dias atrás

    yo , i forget which episode is that

    FOLK KUNG CH 23 dias atrás


  • Felipe Moraes Muniz
    Felipe Moraes Muniz 26 dias atrás


  • Jimmy Hopkins
    Jimmy Hopkins 28 dias atrás

    Kono, Giorno Giovanna, niwa yume ga aru

  • solal terrat-nenot
    solal terrat-nenot 28 dias atrás

    0:32 tuching da ass boi

  • TylerSSZS
    TylerSSZS 29 dias atrás +5

    Still one of the most badass scenes in all of JoJo.

  • Elvice OS
    Elvice OS Mês atrás +1

    0:18 When you are Giorno Giovanna and have a dream that think is just

  • Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez
    Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez Mês atrás

    I havent watched part 5 BuT it's that polnareff?

    • Beny
      Beny 18 dias atrás


    • Threesauce
      Threesauce 20 dias atrás

      @Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez abbacchio is white haired and hate giorno, and the black haired is Bruno Bucciarati.

    • Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez
      Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez 20 dias atrás

      @Threesauce so the guy that stand giorno is abacchio?

    • Threesauce
      Threesauce 20 dias atrás

      No its abbacchio, Polnareff is at the end as a cripple and a turtle who.

  • tzexuen ee
    tzexuen ee Mês atrás +1


  • RyGuy040
    RyGuy040 Mês atrás +1

    Soft Machine is the most powerful stand because it beat Giorno when the piano was playing.

  • Gaymer
    Gaymer Mês atrás


  • Gaymer
    Gaymer Mês atrás


  • n0t2maD
    n0t2maD Mês atrás

    What is that season?

  • This is Legion
    This is Legion Mês atrás

    I, Giorno Giovanna, Have a wet dream, is to suck Mista's benis

  • Kakashi
    Kakashi Mês atrás +5

    The only enemy who didn't lose to giorno when piano music is playing props to the guy

  • NEET Freak
    NEET Freak Mês atrás +1

    Why does Giorno have foreskins on his head

  • Hachi Byou Keika
    Hachi Byou Keika Mês atrás

    0:11 Shiza

  • Rezamahesa Maulana
    Rezamahesa Maulana Mês atrás +1


  • Swaggidy
    Swaggidy Mês atrás


  • Alejandro Lopez
    Alejandro Lopez Mês atrás +1

    Giorno was defeated with the paino theme, hes the most powerfull stand user ever xd

  • Ryan Reffert
    Ryan Reffert Mês atrás +1

    The first and last time Abbacchio had anything resembling respect for Giorno

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando Mês atrás

    My son 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Raphou MNG
    Raphou MNG Mês atrás

    Kono giorno giovanna

  • Breazy
    Breazy Mês atrás +4

    Truly, this is the *GOLDEN EXPERIENCE*

  • TheZombster
    TheZombster Mês atrás

    Dang this is actually really good quality

  • Faiz R. AD
    Faiz R. AD Mês atrás +1

    I giorno giovanna have a dream.... to be stabed from the back

  • Amadeus Skada
    Amadeus Skada Mês atrás

    This editing is so beautiful