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World's Sharpest Tuna Knife!Superb yellowfin Tuna cutting skill, Luxurious sashimi / 最鋒利的刀!黃鰭鮪魚切割技能

  • Publicado em 24 Jun 2022
  • World's Sharpest Tuna Knife!Superb yellowfin Tuna cutting skill, Luxurious sashimi / 最鋒利的刀!黃鰭鮪魚切割技能
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Comentários • 9 810

  • Aman Jha

    Fun fact: No one searched for it but everyone watched it completely when it was recommended to them.

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob  +2

    As someone who lives far from the ocean it's always crazy for me to see how big fish can get.

  • Giancarlo Jerônimo Sartor Tumelero

    It's absolutely astonishing how precise and professional is this man! And what a beautiful creature is this fish!!!

  • Joseph Harding

    I enjoyed how skillful he was and that he was meticulous about his work area the entire time. He got every edible bite possible. Impressive

  • 252chr1s
    252chr1s  +957

    love how he cleaned his area and knife after just about every cut,very nicely done and i can tell you take pride and go to great lengths to get the best cute possible,nicely done brotha

  • Darr Venom Fier

    The sheer sharpness of that blade and how well it’s keeping its edge when it goes through the bone which you can hear it as it does (bone sounds different when you cut through it rather than break it) this man is an absolute master of his craft. He makes those knives not just cut but glide through flesh like it’s room temperature butter

  • Jay Odon

    As an Australian fisherman that has put my life on the line, fishing on long line tuna boats to catch these magnificent fish, it is an honour to see the respect and precision that is afforded to them at the consumer end of the line too.

  • TheJellymonty

    This is the most satisfying video I've ever watched in my life. No annoying commentary, no loud unnecessary background music, no ads just pure and majestic silence watching a pro doing his artistry. Amazed that there is still this level of professionalism left in the world. I wish all videos were like this. Totally love this! ❤👍🏻

  • Dennis Zimmerman

    I really appreciate the work that goes into these fish, nearly nothing wasted. I love how clean and precise every cut is.

  • Gav and win A.

    You can tell someone is really passionate about the work they do when they keep the work area so clean and and organized… this was great to watch 👍👍

  • alexcoolfree

    Siempre mantiene su área de trabajo limpia.

  • Severino Ramos da Silva

    Além da ferramenta precisa, há que se observar a habilidade imensa !

  • Keith Anthony

    This dude could butter a slice of toast and make it look like art.

  • ᴄᴏᴠᴏɪᴅ • 13 years ago

    Everyone: admiring how sharp the knife is

  • Syn
    Syn  +45

    I'm always amazed how big fish can get, when I was little I thought tuna were pretty small but when I found out they grew this large it blew my mind, sea creatures are always amazing

  • Péter Kovács

    Unbelieavable professional and what a clean process this man is a master!

  • Shadow sun

    Apart from the next level skill involved , please stop a moment to admire what an absolutely stunningly beautiful fish the Yellow Fin Tuna is .

  • Steven(kratos)

    I know this is about his knife skills but I really enjoy how clean he kept his area and the fish at all times

  • KIT
    KIT  +2

    Просто вау!!!❤