Irish People Try Weird Whiskey Mixes

  • Publicado em 18 Mar 2019
  • MERCH MADNESS: - Irish People Try Whiskey with...pickle juice?! Oh no...
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    We all love whiskey - have we mentioned that? Who doesn't! So to mix things up, we decided to get a variety of drinks to mix up with whiskey, and see how 'weird' each of our Irish People thought these concotions we were...
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Comentários • 2 090

  • Kendria Jones
    Kendria Jones 21 hora atrás

    Foynes airport

  • Kaitlynn Carter
    Kaitlynn Carter 22 horas atrás +1

    Don't mix it. Pickle back it. Class!

  • Dewayn
    Dewayn 23 horas atrás

    I regulary drink beer with spirits, but honestly, not for the taste. Buuuuuuuuuuuut its a thing at least. Picklejuice though...

  • samppa
    samppa Dia atrás

    what's the name of the song he was singing in the intro about whisky and cigarettes and the lord saving his soul ? I couldn't find it... or did he make those lyrics up?

  • samppa
    samppa Dia atrás

    beer and whisky.. the good old Canadian tuxedo

  • Eric brett
    Eric brett Dia atrás

    Brian's comments about "you evil people" is correct. Some people, like the people who come up with this shit to drink, are pure evil.

  • Totally Not a Ninja
    Totally Not a Ninja Dia atrás

    They don't have Boilermakers in Ireland?

  • sman7290
    sman7290 2 dias atrás

    "Shouldn't be doing whiskey-beer. That's not a thing. Nobody drinks that."
    It's called a Boilermaker.

  • fireballjames10
    fireballjames10 2 dias atrás

    Ciara, the literal legend of these videos.

  • Rose Treiger
    Rose Treiger 3 dias atrás

    The whiskey beer is wrong. It is supposed to be a glass of beer with a shot of whiskey still in the glass dropped into it. That way the whiskey stays in the glass until you finished almost half the beer and then you're hit with the whiskey. It isnt supposed to be mixed in together, no wonder they didn't like it.

  • Andrew Nelson
    Andrew Nelson 4 dias atrás

    If y’all like Big Macs y’all trash

  • Jason Batteiger
    Jason Batteiger 5 dias atrás

    i'm surprised irish aren't aware of boilermakers

  • Arabella Maria
    Arabella Maria 6 dias atrás

    Okay I came for their reaction on what I thought was a pickle back but they just said fuck it and mixed the two in a cup 😂😭. Tbh pickle backs are amazing because when you take the shot of pickle juice after the whiskey shot you don't taste anyyyyyythingg

  • Rhonda Brown
    Rhonda Brown 6 dias atrás

    I so need to add Ciara

  • Jack Dr.Freak
    Jack Dr.Freak 7 dias atrás

    Ciara you’re a beautiful Irish lady🌹🌹😱😱

  • HotaruZoku
    HotaruZoku 7 dias atrás

    Sometime for one of these drinking ones I want the entire crew in one room at a giant around table.

  • John Kaptur
    John Kaptur 7 dias atrás +1

    Beer with whiskey in is called a boilermaker

    • spiff2268
      spiff2268 4 dias atrás

      And you're supposed to drop the shot into the beer and then chug it. I think we need to give Irish a drinking lesson.

  • gridsleep
    gridsleep 8 dias atrás

    Ciara is a darling. My heart is broken.

  • gridsleep
    gridsleep 8 dias atrás

    It's called a Boilermaker.

  • Worthybiceps
    Worthybiceps 9 dias atrás

    "Can I get an irish coffee without the coffee". Well you don't get more irish than that.

  • McGregor
    McGregor 9 dias atrás

    Pickle back shots are actually really good shots

  • Johnny Cox
    Johnny Cox 9 dias atrás

    Irish coffee is from San Francisco. Not even lying.

  • Lessly Aragon
    Lessly Aragon 9 dias atrás

    i love PICKLE BACKS!

  • grimgrinners
    grimgrinners 9 dias atrás

    Ciara called the producer a scallywag. Laughed my ass off.

  • Mike Weston
    Mike Weston 10 dias atrás

    Donegal is the origin of Irish Coffee

  • Joel Bremner
    Joel Bremner 11 dias atrás

    You're supposed to to the shot of whiskey, THEN a shot of pickle juice.

  • D Hayashi
    D Hayashi 11 dias atrás +1

    Brian and Ciara like everything

  • SpeakerfortheDead
    SpeakerfortheDead 11 dias atrás

    Boilermakers are beautiful.

  • Derrick Neely
    Derrick Neely 11 dias atrás

    I love your alls videos, but I will never mix my whiskey with anything ✌😁

  • Allen Silman
    Allen Silman 12 dias atrás

    Oi Johnny can fackin sing eh?

  • John Waschka
    John Waschka 12 dias atrás

    How do I get to drink with these people???

  • Silvia Summers
    Silvia Summers 12 dias atrás

    Beer with a shot of whiskey in it is called a "Boilermaker". It's been around for a hundred years or so.

  • Cerillion Blue
    Cerillion Blue 12 dias atrás

    any other lazy bastards not bother googling Brian's home town?

  • Jim Beam
    Jim Beam 13 dias atrás

    Shannon and John are wasted on one another. They are both high energy, uninhibited and should be paired up with quieter more subtle Try celebs.

  • Subguy686
    Subguy686 13 dias atrás

    First off, are mail-order Irish brides a thing? Second, if Ciara put her arm around my shoulder and said, “Babe, babe”, I could die a happy man on the spot.

  • Martha Weasel Bear
    Martha Weasel Bear 13 dias atrás

    Holy fuck fuck love it

  • Mark Drinkard
    Mark Drinkard 13 dias atrás

    Whiskey and beer= a boilermaker

  • mEEp nope
    mEEp nope 13 dias atrás

    Yes! Ciara!

  • Vjp80
    Vjp80 13 dias atrás

    That's a Brooklyn hooker! Love those shots!

  • TBoneBoomBoom
    TBoneBoomBoom 15 dias atrás

    "Like a birthday cake that's been dropped in a toilet!"...CLASSIC!!!

  • ExoticFrost_EMP
    ExoticFrost_EMP 15 dias atrás

    i friggen love irish people

  • tyrone jeter
    tyrone jeter 15 dias atrás

    John's drink descriptions are the best thing that happened to drinking videos

  • Cerillion Blue
    Cerillion Blue 15 dias atrás

    I finally had some Jameson this weekend. SUPER mild. Very inoffensive. Great beginners whiskey

  • DeEnna Matthews
    DeEnna Matthews 16 dias atrás

    Brian, Foynes? I love Irish coffee.

  • juvalencia
    juvalencia 16 dias atrás

    The lady with the black Adidas jumper needs to toughen up a bit

  • djjerome
    djjerome 16 dias atrás

    Sorry Donal Whiskey Beer is a thing. In the States we call it a Boilermaker

  • ReaperInc
    ReaperInc 16 dias atrás

    You’re supposed to shoot the whiskey then the pickle juice not mix them you animals

  • Christopher B.
    Christopher B. 17 dias atrás

    Whiskey and beer is called an Irish car bomb.

  • Seamus Simpson
    Seamus Simpson 18 dias atrás

    you're supposed to pour the beer and then drop a shot of whiskey in it and slam it.

  • Brandon Lovell
    Brandon Lovell 18 dias atrás +15

    Ciara, Brian, Dermot, and Leather Jacket Guy in a dining competition video. Moonshine shots!

  • T D3434
    T D3434 18 dias atrás

    Ciara, I have to say...... I think I love you.

  • Large Knives
    Large Knives 19 dias atrás

    I just want 20-30 min of Jon singing.

  • Rick SanchezCC-173
    Rick SanchezCC-173 19 dias atrás

    I would work here just to drink and here the that guy sing 🥃 🎤

  • Krys Field
    Krys Field 19 dias atrás

    5:20 has never had a big mac

  • Bryan Miller
    Bryan Miller 19 dias atrás

    Ciara loves alcohol and she can out drink everyone.

  • Trish
    Trish 19 dias atrás

    The whisky and beer one is funny because that’s actually super common in America 😂

  • Chris
    Chris 20 dias atrás

    My keeeyyyyy to drinking beeerrrr!!!

  • Kirk Bolas
    Kirk Bolas 20 dias atrás

    Whisky 🥃 mixed with beer 🍺 is known as a Boiler Maker. It’s like getting in the express lane going to Hammered Town, Hurling Heights and Hangover-ville and in that order.

  • camden Marian
    camden Marian 20 dias atrás

    Nah. Whiskey and pickle juice is a no go. You gotta take a shot of cuervo then take a shot of pickle juice. It's called a Puerto Rican prostitute. It's the fucking bomb.

  • DeEnna Matthews
    DeEnna Matthews 20 dias atrás

    Ciara and Brian are perfect together.

  • Dick nose turd waffle
    Dick nose turd waffle 21 dia atrás

    No jacket guy!?! :(

  • TJ Ellis
    TJ Ellis 21 dia atrás

    the like like a like ya know like

  • Philip Rosseel
    Philip Rosseel 21 dia atrás +1

    What does John say at 4:02? Scumbag of a drink? lol

  • Robert McFadden
    Robert McFadden 21 dia atrás

    I fucking love drunk Irish purple

  • Nick Yashnyk
    Nick Yashnyk 23 dias atrás

    You're supposed to drop a shot into the beer and down it! It's called a submarine

  • Andreas Friedel
    Andreas Friedel 24 dias atrás

    Funny thing, those pickles are from a German company called Kühne....

  • SRL
    SRL 24 dias atrás +3

    "they won't be too angry if you bang their wife"
    Well then....
    I also high-key want to go drinking with Ciara and Brian!

  • Andrew Goodwin
    Andrew Goodwin 25 dias atrás

    Foynes. Co. Limerick.

  • Diamond White
    Diamond White 25 dias atrás

    Ciara is like a real life Cana...idk if anyone understands this reference tho lol

  • C Rowe
    C Rowe 26 dias atrás

    Pickle juice is a good chaser. It immediately gets rid of the alcohol taste

  • John Smith
    John Smith 26 dias atrás

    Damn I'd love to go on a night out with Brian and Ciara but my liver kind fo died a little just thinking about it.

  • A MAC
    A MAC 27 dias atrás

    Fuck no. Caffeine and alcohol. They do not mix.

  • mikelo303
    mikelo303 27 dias atrás

    Ciara can drink... That's that....

  • Kyle Foster
    Kyle Foster 27 dias atrás

    how do you guys even know their names?!

  • Jonathon Jeffries
    Jonathon Jeffries 27 dias atrás +1

    John's actually got quite a good voice.

  • Ali Khadour
    Ali Khadour 27 dias atrás +1

    “It’s like a hot whiskey, just with coffee” 🤦🏽‍♂️
    And she’s definitely an alcoholic 😂

  • Joseph Murray
    Joseph Murray 27 dias atrás

    I'm in love with the brunette

  • Joshua Tildon
    Joshua Tildon 28 dias atrás

    Is having gorgeous eyes a prerequisite for being Irish or something?

  • Kenneth Weast
    Kenneth Weast 28 dias atrás

    Whiskey and beer, Boilermaker

  • Temo Palmer
    Temo Palmer 28 dias atrás

    I'm just here for Ciara

  • Robert R O'Brien , Jr
    Robert R O'Brien , Jr 28 dias atrás

    Love Ciara's reactions

  • Sariah Meyers
    Sariah Meyers 28 dias atrás

    The best way to do the pickle juice one is to use the pickle juice as a chaser. That way you get the pickle taste and not bread and butter pickle. Worth a shot. I call it a Tennessee Hooker, but it goes by a few names.

  • AE Reilly
    AE Reilly 28 dias atrás

    F-ed up version of Malibu. I'm rolling!😄

  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell 29 dias atrás +1

    Bring Daithi De Nogla To This

  • Cody Brown
    Cody Brown 29 dias atrás +2

    That is NOT the way whiskey and pickle juice should be presented

  • Darin Rothwell
    Darin Rothwell 29 dias atrás

    Find someone who looks at you like Ciara looks at whoever they happen to pair her with.

  • randy staller
    randy staller 29 dias atrás

    Drop a shot of whiskey into your beer and down it, in America that's called a BOILERMAKER

  • Luis Soto
    Luis Soto 29 dias atrás

    Is it weird that I REALLY want to date an Irish girl after watching these videos?

  • Deadman
    Deadman Mês atrás

    Beer and whiskey is commonly called a boiler maker in the US.

  • Christopher Eason
    Christopher Eason Mês atrás

    Ciara is a "feely lass" when she's had a few

  • Filosofo Tacio
    Filosofo Tacio Mês atrás +5

    "I'd be great on a stag." "I'm sure you would." *side eye. LOL!

  • Tara Subbarao
    Tara Subbarao Mês atrás

    Healthy beauty guru content

  • Regina Petty
    Regina Petty Mês atrás

    Pretty sure my husband would marry Ciara

  • Regina Petty
    Regina Petty Mês atrás +1

    John, wow. Seriously, wow.

  • Regina Petty
    Regina Petty Mês atrás

    Ciara is a freaking rock star

  • Regina Petty
    Regina Petty Mês atrás

    My uncle used to make me Irish coffee

  • pullstringgoboom0811
    pullstringgoboom0811 Mês atrás

    Should have given them a shot of whiskey to drop into the lager. That's we always do it. It's called a Boilermaker.

  • Geist Draco
    Geist Draco Mês atrás +3

    Anyone else notice that John has some singing talent?

  • P r a d B i t t
    P r a d B i t t Mês atrás

    drinking whisky while eating pickles is grand.

  • ZMugg1
    ZMugg1 Mês atrás

    Whiskey Beer is the drink of Georgia Tech alumni.