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Sheriff: Death Toll In "Hundreds" In Lee County, FL During Hurricane Ian

  • Publicado em 28 Set 2022
  • The Lee County Sheriff said the death toll is in the "hundreds" from Hurricane Ian.
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Comentários • 1 694

  • paul may
    paul may  +66

    I lost my house in 92 in hurricane Andrew. I remember hearing neighbors and other people saying ahhhhh I’m staying here. We will be fine. When I got into homestead (I fled the storm using common sense) the same people were on their knees just petrified from what they just endured. If you have the capability to leave during a hurricane, I would say, do it.

  • V
    V  +7

    To those who are unfamiliar with the area, matlacha is a very small island off the coast of Cape Coral, they’re connected by 1

  • Stormchaser85

    That's rare for Florida. Hurricane deaths are usually sparce, especially in hurricane country. My heart goes out to the families who woke up today without their loved ones. I also hope there's people alive that are simply presumed dead. Maybe hiding in the rafters of the attics of some of those homes. No one really was expecting it too be this bad. The night before landfall, I'm calling foul on just about every meteorologist. At 11pm the night before, the eye of Ian underwent a replacement cycle. It looked a bit disorganized and the untrained eye would see a weakening hurricane. Meteorologists were quick to claim that was the beginning of a weakening trend the models had been hinting at for many days. Wake up 8 hours later to almost a Cat 5 bearing down. I'll admit, the models really did show only a Cat 1 or weak 2 at best the day before. Once again proving hurricane guidance is not seeing ALL the variables that shape, build and direct these monsters and how there's plenty of room for improvement. If steering flow forecasts are off by just 1° or 1 to 2mph, over just a 100 mile path, can equate to a vastly different landfall location. Hence why Tampa Bay was spared being destroyed as predicted just a few hours before. We aren't done with Ian. The Carolinas, Maryland and Virginia is in for 6 to as much as 10 inches of rain and gusty winds over a large portion of the area. Never underestimate a heavy rain event while a tropical system is involved. Ian will be with us til atleast Monday if not longer. Stay safe everyone.

  • Caridad Revilla

    I have in FL all my life and never have heard of that many people passing during a hurricane. I believe the flooding was the main factor. Very very sad news this morning.

  • Debbie Pendleton

    Prayers for the families who have lost loved ones. Prayers for healing and strength at this time. This is a sad day in America.

  • Yvonne Johnson

    😢😢😢😢 wasn't expecting to hear this at all this morning...Knew there would be catastrophic flooding because of the size of Ian but so much death I'm numb...with tears in my eyes my thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends...may they R.I.P💔💔

  • Mary Elizabeth

    Some of the elderly couldn't get out for many reasons🙏

  • onei jike

    I'm sorry for all my fellow Floridans hurt by this. Keep up your strength we are almost thru it

  • Betty Worley

    So heartbreaking that so many had no place to go or financially could not leave, rest in peace 💔

  • Ninja Dog
    Ninja Dog  +72

    Unfortunately, there are some people who cannot evacuate due to circumstances beyond control. I am such a person here in NW Florida. If this beast had come here, I have no choice but to ride it out, because I have to take care of someone who cannot be evacuated. God speed to these people in SW Florida. It's time to get to work.

  • Starkey Farmstead

    Our son is in Lee County as a National Guardsmen. They were stationed in Fort Myers. I spoke to him last night nothing so far. I am heartbroken for Florida and for our guardsmen as they begin moving into those areas to help rescue and recover.

  • Just C
    Just C  +9

    Very sad for all the lives lost. Prayers for Florida 🙏🏻 please take evacuation orders serious.

  • Kevin Mann
    Kevin Mann  +132

    Its very sad that people don't take these storms serious enough to get out of its path. I watched 3 young men on a pier camera in Fort Myers playing in the water as the storm was pushing waves onto the beach pretty violently. Sad to think those 3 probably are among them. :-(


    Prayers for everyone in Florida🙏 can't imagine what they're going thru❤️‍🔥

  • SharonLynn

    My heart aches for all. I’m so sorry 😢 My prayers are constant.

  • miou joer

    My thoughts are with everyone affected. I am in the U.K,but have 2 friends living in Ft Myers,so truly hope they are ok. Prayers to you all. Xx

  • The Reapings

    The whole time last night I was thinking how peaceful it was and that disaster is happening elsewhere it's crazy to think about and the fact that there were hundreds of casualties scares me. I hope everything gets better for the ones who lost anyone and everything during Ian.

  • Adlih Kristopher

    My prayers are with everyone affected by hurricane 🌀Ian stay safe y'all ❤love from the islands 🏝🙏

  • jacqueline santelises

    OMG. I am so sorry for the family that has lost a love one. Today my prayers are for them.

  • Sean Crespo

    We have a good family friend who lives in Fort Myers. We haven't heard from him since yesterday; I really hope that he's alright and not the worst case scenario