Meet The Friend Group TikTok Compilation || I’m Tanner, Secat, Giggles, Rascal, Keke, Brady


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  • Hamna Khan
    Hamna Khan 3 dias atrás

    My Friend Group:
    The popular one
    The smart one
    The pretty one
    Me? Oh I don’t have any friends.

  • 4 dias atrás

    The usere5331 the first guy looks like brady

  • Vilma Vivi
    Vilma Vivi 4 dias atrás

    My friend group:
    The most picked on
    The most outgoing
    The bubly and somehow also hot headed(me)
    That's kinda it but we're all smart

  • Panda
    Panda 6 dias atrás +1

    I can’t seem to figure out if they’re using a green screen or not 😂

  • panic! stan
    panic! stan 8 dias atrás

    My friend group

    The flakey
    The mom {me}
    The broken one
    The nerd
    The two that act like one
    The one with dead hair

  • Z H
    Z H 10 dias atrás

    Where the artist at

  • ratwoman69
    ratwoman69 12 dias atrás

    the taxidermist
    the art kid
    the brainiac
    the musician
    the emo
    the goblin (me)

  • ᴅᴀɪᴀɴᴀ ᴄʜᴀɴ
    ᴅᴀɪᴀɴᴀ ᴄʜᴀɴ 13 dias atrás +1

    meet my friends group uwu
    the funny one
    the mom
    the optimistic one
    and me, the crazy, sporty potato xD

  • Jimin Got no jams
    Jimin Got no jams 16 dias atrás

    I’m the dirty minded/ crackhead/ weird/ styles /mom of the group

    Yup that’s who I am in my friend group 😂😂

  • Emma Underwood
    Emma Underwood 16 dias atrás +1

    I'm the pitcher for my champion softball team and that is so true

    Edit: I am very loud

  • i am Anonymous
    i am Anonymous 17 dias atrás

    5:43 reminds me of Monique from kim possible

  • Nani
    Nani 18 dias atrás

    my friend group: cute,cute,cute,cute,cute,cute,and i oop-there’s me looking like a paper clip

  • velvet kisses
    velvet kisses 18 dias atrás

    meet my friend group

    oh wait i don't have any...

  • Ela Calik
    Ela Calik 21 dia atrás

    Me with one friend
    Bbut i love her -as a friend-

  • Aesthetic Vibes
    Aesthetic Vibes 21 dia atrás

    What’s the title of the song lmao xx

  • Nathan Bischoff
    Nathan Bischoff 24 dias atrás

    Please you and I don't have

  • Pastel Unicorn
    Pastel Unicorn 24 dias atrás

    I’m bubbly,tomboy and funny what am I

  • • Nadiaa •
    • Nadiaa • 27 dias atrás

    4:09 - 4:11 who else thinks she kinda looks like a young Bethany mota??

  • Aubri
    Aubri 27 dias atrás

    Literally just realized this is from teen beach movie

  • Liberty Befoh
    Liberty Befoh 28 dias atrás

    2:50 my favourite

  • SweetZ SparklyMe
    SweetZ SparklyMe 28 dias atrás


  • SweetZ SparklyMe
    SweetZ SparklyMe 28 dias atrás

    0:51 omg thats iterally my friend group lol

  • SweetZ SparklyMe
    SweetZ SparklyMe 28 dias atrás


  • Christy Annabel
    Christy Annabel 28 dias atrás

    My friend group=
    -the pretty
    -the tomboy
    -the player
    -the tik toker
    -the shy
    -the vsco
    Me= the loner & most hated one

  • Tay Ya Yun
    Tay Ya Yun 28 dias atrás +1

    my friend group ( im a girl btw so all my friends are girls )

    the funny one ( me )
    the cute one
    the other cute one
    the other other cute one
    the annoying one
    the touchy one ( yes, 1 of my friend is like that. dont judge )
    the leader
    the one that has the same thinking as me so we basically bff
    the kpop one
    the anime one
    the pretty BUT kinda gay one ( she actually said it to someone b4 and i happened to hear it. not gonna explain further )
    the wild one but really bitchy at times
    the '' on off '' friendship one with the previous peerson👆( it's truly complicated )
    the crazy one with crazy ideas

  • Emely Mota
    Emely Mota 28 dias atrás

    2:51 the mistake you should be the savage one😂😂

  • Sofija Bojicic
    Sofija Bojicic 29 dias atrás

    my friend group:
    - anime addicted one
    - funny, lowkey depressed one
    - crazy loud one
    that's it, that's the group

  • player a
    player a 29 dias atrás

    *sits in the corner alone cause i have no friends*

  • Gabby Vargas
    Gabby Vargas Mês atrás

    The friend group
    Tanner ( the boy-magnet and one who’s always taken)
    Rascal( also taken and funny)
    Mack or Brady (me)(single and akward, good and always doing my work, non-rule breaker)

  • VictorTori :
    VictorTori : Mês atrás

    It’s kinda sad when they do it by themselves

  • Hi Cookie
    Hi Cookie Mês atrás


  • a person
    a person Mês atrás

    My friend group:
    Me :the soccer mom friend
    the baby friend
    the funny friend
    The artsy friend
    The crazy friend

  • Jasmyn •3•
    Jasmyn •3• Mês atrás

    my main friend group
    • the emo - yariel
    • the athlete - kendra
    • the mom - manuela
    • the crackhead - me

  • J J
    J J Mês atrás

    The smart one
    The pretty one
    The popular one
    The sweet one
    The sporty one
    I'm Mac... (Me)

  • Abbi Hymer
    Abbi Hymer Mês atrás

    Meet my old friend group
    Leah: mom of the group
    Bev: thicc
    Me: crazy
    Brock: the gangster
    Jalen: Funny
    Nick: werid and dad of the group
    Kimmy: nice

  • Angelica Schuyler
    Angelica Schuyler Mês atrás

    I’m Mac

  • Gacha Queen
    Gacha Queen Mês atrás +1

    At 2:00, I started cringing...HARD😂🤣

  • BeingAGaintsFanIsHard 26
    BeingAGaintsFanIsHard 26 Mês atrás +1

    I dont have any friends should I still watch this #BeingBulledsucks

  • miraculous loverxoxo
    miraculous loverxoxo Mês atrás

    I wish i could male a video like this i have no friend life😭😭😭

  • JuneJj
    JuneJj Mês atrás

    I'm just watching tik tok comps waiting for the day I see someone I know

  • _BTS Are 7 Deadly Sins_
    _BTS Are 7 Deadly Sins_ Mês atrás +2

    My friend group:
    The smart one
    The pretty one
    The tall af one
    The short af one
    The talented one
    The rich one
    The crazy kpopper one
    The ‘innocent’ one
    The thin af one

  • Polar
    Polar Mês atrás

    My friend group
    Me - funny
    My friend - the one that is always makes stupid choices
    My other friend - the one that is always on his phone

  • { tpgirlriya }
    { tpgirlriya } Mês atrás

    My friend group
    The dumb blond
    The brain
    The idiot (me also people call me the spicy one)
    The crack head
    The mom
    The creative one
    The fun size

    Yeah that’s all

  • Just_a_Normal_Girl
    Just_a_Normal_Girl Mês atrás

    All those people with amazing friends and then there's me here all alone :'v

  • KatM
    KatM Mês atrás

    This is my friend group:
    The athlete
    The gossip guy
    The singer
    The crazy guy
    The cute one
    Me=Awkward and weird

  • - isabelle
    - isabelle Mês atrás

    2:51 is me

  • ItsLyla
    ItsLyla Mês atrás



  • Aleah Jhang
    Aleah Jhang Mês atrás

    3:12 looks like someone I. Know but older

  • The Crazy Fox
    The Crazy Fox Mês atrás

    My friend group:
    The friendly one
    The K-pop fan
    The crazy one
    The quite one
    The funny one
    The lazy one
    The depressed one (me)

  • Stephanie Rankin
    Stephanie Rankin Mês atrás

    My friend group:
    The smart one/ the one who makes people think like a normal person
    The cute guy that all of the girls in the group (including me) have a crush on
    The popular one
    The socially awkward one
    The tea spiller
    The boy magnet
    Short guy that legit me and cute guy are taller than
    Other short guy
    Short girl
    Other short girl
    The emo
    The depressed one
    The weirdo
    The girl that has legit dated every popular guy
    And most importantly.. our favorite teachers Mr Dinkins and Mrs Burch!

  • Kendrich Badando
    Kendrich Badando Mês atrás

    My friend group:
    - The lesbian
    - The Crackhead
    - The Hot One
    - The sarcastic foodie ( me )
    ( I don't even have that much friends for this.. oof )

  • MarshMelly
    MarshMelly Mês atrás

    My friend group
    Eldest - Youngest
    The mature one
    The Artsy one
    The one that has alot of pens
    The Multifandom (me)
    The more immature one
    The funny one
    The show-off

  • Geraldine Hornbuckle
    Geraldine Hornbuckle Mês atrás

    Meet my friend group
    The smart one
    The crazy rebel(me)
    The 'mom'
    The The funny one
    The pervert who makes dirty jokes (my bf)
    The short one
    we are the popular smart group

  • Am I Normal ?
    Am I Normal ? Mês atrás

    My friend group is:
    1. The One Who Steals All My Stuff. (I guess the smart one)
    2. The One Who Left.
    3. The Leader/Weeb.
    4. The “Mom”
    5. The One Who Reads. A Lot.
    6. The One Who Berates Me.
    7. The One That Is An Okay Person.
    8. And then there’s me. The Only Guy.

  • And I Oop
    And I Oop Mês atrás

    My friend group:
    The Gay One
    The tall and funny one
    The third wheel
    The weeb
    The VSCO
    The E-Boy
    And me who’s also funny

  • Wassay Junaid
    Wassay Junaid Mês atrás +1

    My friend group which contains girls
    The smart one
    The cute one also creative one
    The funny one
    The one who is always in a relationship
    My friend group which contains boys
    The meme lord
    The cute one also the creative one
    The depressed one
    The dumb one
    The one who is angry for no reason
    U probably know which one I am 😂😂😂😂 Not trying to flex about myself lmao
    I mean cute as in every teacher is like awww ur so adorable

  • Kawaii Cupcake Master
    Kawaii Cupcake Master Mês atrás

    my friend group: the nice one, the sugar high one, the bubbly one, the popular one, the thot, then theres me...

  • Ultra Tiger
    Ultra Tiger Mês atrás

    My Friend Group ( I’m only saying the First Letters of their Name )
    A= Goofball
    Jay= Nice One
    Jas=The Girly One
    C= The Mom
    S= The Boy Magnet
    And Me= The innocent

  • misha
    misha Mês atrás +1

    my friend group:

    smart (me) and crazy and short
    normal but confused

  • AnxietyVirgil
    AnxietyVirgil Mês atrás

    the foreign exchange hangs student one killed me