5 Foods You're Eating Wrong | The 10s

  • Publicado em 16 Mar 2019
  • 5 foods you're eating wrong.
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    5 Foods You're Eating Wrong | The 10s
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    • Lora Elizabeth Jones
      Lora Elizabeth Jones 4 dias atrás

      REACT #TheStruggleIsReal with the pineapple 🍍

    • Microsoft Edge
      Microsoft Edge 11 dias atrás

      +Suhaani Dhawan no

    • Derrek solomon
      Derrek solomon 13 dias atrás

      REACT when you eat the pineapple that way the best way to do it is to get the most ripped one the more orange-ish the more easier it is to pull/peel the pineapple and the more juices come out just letting you know

    • Enoch Wagers
      Enoch Wagers 14 dias atrás

      Austin was funny shut the front door

  • Alex Gaming
    Alex Gaming Dia atrás

    The pineapple wasn't ripe thats why it didnt work

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl Dia atrás

    With the cupcake one I always just rip the bottom off

  • Gamer girl Letz play
    Gamer girl Letz play Dia atrás +3

    Um the last one or whatever it’s called I never eaten before so I don’t know :/

  • /ένα_1\
    /ένα_1\ Dia atrás +2

    I eat the leaves off the strawberries

  • Sammy Plays
    Sammy Plays Dia atrás

    You need to cut with the zig zags on the pineapple

  • Nathan’s random pic feds

    Tori says some of them need utensils or something extra, so she chooses the one you need a utensil to do.

  • Nicole Time
    Nicole Time Dia atrás +4

    6:08 got me deadddddd 💀

  • Julian Marco
    Julian Marco Dia atrás

    If anything this video kind or debunks some of them or prove them.

  • Alex World
    Alex World Dia atrás

    I already e like half of these hacks they are really smart

    SSR SHADOW Dia atrás +2

    Tori is such a mood and like the honest opinion lol.
    Kennedy couldn't do most of the stuff because she didn't want to get dirty at all..... you could tell she didn't want to get stuff in her nails and stuff, lol.

  • Daisy Cole
    Daisy Cole Dia atrás +6

    The pineapple has to be ripe enough to do it. Like the pineapple has to be yellow on the outside no green.

  • Kayla Thacker
    Kayla Thacker Dia atrás +1

    I would but I have plans with my kids that I wanna do myself.

  • atl4nz.
    atl4nz. Dia atrás +3

    Ive never even tried Toblerone, idk why but i think it has coconut in it :/

  • Graeme Clayton
    Graeme Clayton Dia atrás +1

    thats the way ive always eaten toblerone

  • MJS Vlogs
    MJS Vlogs Dia atrás

    I New the cupcake on since nursery school lol

  • A Pignatello
    A Pignatello Dia atrás +2

    This is one of the most informational videos on BRclip

  • Kloud Mode
    Kloud Mode Dia atrás +1

    Brandon is the best💥💥💥

  • Maria Cotton candy
    Maria Cotton candy Dia atrás +4

    6:57 ALWAYS complains like just deal with it

  • itzmeziyaaa
    itzmeziyaaa Dia atrás +4

    9:08 is liiitttt

  • Justin Jonathan
    Justin Jonathan Dia atrás +7

    The pineapple needs to be ripe. Most of theirs were green

  • Johann Cortes
    Johann Cortes Dia atrás +2

    Honestly, every food hack made me HUNGRY!! 😋 I feel like eating pineapples 🍍 and cupcakes 🧁 and other food!

  • Player Unknown
    Player Unknown Dia atrás +1

    The cupcake one is just a glorified semla.

  • Joris tammes
    Joris tammes Dia atrás +11

    I like the guy with the hat and the beard. He already knows so much.

    • Esthela Potato !
      Esthela Potato ! Dia atrás

      Brandon? He has a BRclip channel with his friends TheCrazyGorilla

  • Ali Fadayee
    Ali Fadayee Dia atrás +1

    I already knew the chicken wing one

  • Yo mom Ha
    Yo mom Ha Dia atrás


  • rosetae 75
    rosetae 75 Dia atrás +4

    god i was always eating the cupcake in the sandwich way I’m smart y’all

  • Rosa Oro
    Rosa Oro Dia atrás +6

    The strawberry one is kinda dumb, you can just pull it off🤷‍♀️

  • murdered by malice
    murdered by malice Dia atrás +4

    They're not the right way if they're just ways of being extra when eating the food plus they can't be right if a very VERY small amount of the population doesn't do whatever they're doing just call them "food hacks (but not really)"

  • Kevin Jiang
    Kevin Jiang Dia atrás +6

    Erm who tf sticks pointed chocolate bar that is designed to be broken into pieces straight unto their mouth and bite down and expect not for their gums to be pierced to pieces.

    TSLSAVAGE1 Dia atrás +2

    Actually boneless wings are actually the wings with the bone out not chicken nuggets BTW

  • Patrick Trinidad
    Patrick Trinidad Dia atrás +4

    you should not take the toblerone off the packaging that will hold it so you can pick it one by one.. and it was more useful if the toblerone came from the fridge.. its harder to pick it the other way..

  • Patrick Trinidad
    Patrick Trinidad Dia atrás +1

    the cupcake part is for evenly eating with frosting..

  • Alexa Gacha
    Alexa Gacha Dia atrás +2

    *I'm so unlucky I freakin' eat the chocolate and the chicken wings yesterday but the wrong way, I wish I could change back the time so I could do the right way to eat it*

  • Landon Loomis
    Landon Loomis Dia atrás +1

    I did the cupcake one senses kindergarten and I am on fifth grade

  • Kittyart05
    Kittyart05 Dia atrás +2

    5:00 JUST PUT THE WHOLE ThING IN YO MOUTH BROTHER!! it Aint ganna bite you

    EA PLAYS Dia atrás +1

    3:33 ''twist a little bit'' puts 9000 megatons of force into wing

  • Kayla Snethun
    Kayla Snethun Dia atrás +3

    I feel like some of these people are lazy

  • Phương Hải Lê
    Phương Hải Lê Dia atrás +2

    Yang Subin - Delicious Food Eating Compilation | Eating sushi train
    Subscribe for more videos

  • Mr Troll V2
    Mr Troll V2 Dia atrás +2

    Wow my man “I am shookith.” 6:39

  • littleeleven 11
    littleeleven 11 Dia atrás +2

    who eats a toblarone like straight away ? 😂

  • Mariana Garcia
    Mariana Garcia Dia atrás +1

    If you are eating the cupcake that way... just get a piece of cake with filling... that's it

    KBH PLAYS Dia atrás

    I just eat the whole strawberry green part and all

  • Ethan Cedillo
    Ethan Cedillo Dia atrás +2

    "5 foods you're eating wrong"
    FBE: "tHe 10'S"

  • •Maris Neko•
    •Maris Neko• Dia atrás +2

    No 🅱oneless pizza??

    • The FBI
      The FBI Dia atrás

      that’s dead...

  • Abby Hennessy
    Abby Hennessy Dia atrás +1

    Yesss metal straws ur saving the TURTLES 🐢

  • Crystal Alpha
    Crystal Alpha Dia atrás +6

    What happens when the cupcake has some sort of filling?

    • Maddie
      Maddie Dia atrás

      Crystal Alpha bravery

  • Yaniv Amar
    Yaniv Amar Dia atrás +5

    the pineapple one didn't work cause u guys cut it wrong

  • The Empress
    The Empress Dia atrás +4

    Pineapple trick definitely works if the pineapple is ripe. Yellow, no green in the skin and its much sweeter then.

    • The Empress
      The Empress Dia atrás

      A. B. Right!

    • A. B.
      A. B. Dia atrás

      @The Empress : That's what I thought when I saw the pineapple they gave them. It clearly wasn't ripe enough.

    **COMPLICATIONS ** Dia atrás +2

    Here’s a hack: stop being lazy and just EAT THE DAMN FOOD! (Some of them were more innovative but some of them u could just eat..)🤨

  • Ellone Barrett
    Ellone Barrett Dia atrás +9

    That’s why there called strawberries XD

  • Yungeen. Aj
    Yungeen. Aj Dia atrás +5

    1:50 my favorite person even though all of them are my favorite

  • Matthew kinsella
    Matthew kinsella Dia atrás +5

    Who TF eats there tolbralone by just biting into it,like wtf 😂

    • Chase Man1015
      Chase Man1015 Dia atrás

      Matthew kinsella my question is wtf is tolbralone

  • Ava Zuniga-Munoz
    Ava Zuniga-Munoz Dia atrás +2

    I have been eating my cupcakes like that since I was 2

    • Jung Kookie
      Jung Kookie Dia atrás

      Ava Zuniga-Munoz weird flex but okay 👌

  • OREO
    OREO Dia atrás +11

    im sorry but chicken wings without bones taste DIFFERENT.

  • Emma Murphy
    Emma Murphy Dia atrás +1

    Ive eaten cupcakes that way for years I never did it to be less messy but more because of the cake to icing ratio

  • Amelia Saito
    Amelia Saito Dia atrás +7

    Am I the only one who had kids in there class do they cupcake sandwiches when it’s someone’s birthday?

    • OrigamiNinja Boss
      OrigamiNinja Boss Dia atrás +1

      Amelia Saito no I loved to do that I was the only one in the class with common sense

  • Antonio
    Antonio Dia atrás +5

    Eating chicken wings is too much trouble? Wtf have you ever eaten seafood with shell?

  • al gum
    al gum Dia atrás +3

    Why woul you debone chicken wings @@ scraping meat from the bones is the best part

  • Aleksi Äikää
    Aleksi Äikää Dia atrás +2

    the skinny guy in the grey shirt is hot tbh

  • Yer boi CARLOS
    Yer boi CARLOS Dia atrás +1

    The first person that was shown talking looked like my teacher

  • Consperacyy
    Consperacyy Dia atrás +3

    Or you can get boneless chicken wings

  • mommienique78
    mommienique78 Dia atrás +2

    I’ve dine these forever with out videos

  • Brooklyn Massey
    Brooklyn Massey Dia atrás +11

    Why is Brandon so good at this?

  • EpicGaming21YT
    EpicGaming21YT 2 dias atrás +17


  • SYGxamque _98
    SYGxamque _98 2 dias atrás +2

    With the strawberries start from the top

    • ARES EZclapz
      ARES EZclapz Dia atrás

      SYGxamque _98 the way to eat strawberries is stab a straw through the middle then it pulls all the greens out

  • Chloe Porter
    Chloe Porter 2 dias atrás +6

    What in the world is Toblerone?

  • Zack Gaylord
    Zack Gaylord 2 dias atrás +7

    8:38 to 8:47
    Close you eyes and listen

  • Lonk
    Lonk 2 dias atrás

    It' toblerone and not toblerone!

  • Gacha Cupcake
    Gacha Cupcake 2 dias atrás +3

    I Eat Cupcakes With A Fork

  • Kamal LB
    Kamal LB 2 dias atrás

    I hate pineapple.

  • Alexx Ng
    Alexx Ng 2 dias atrás +3

    8:40 yes girl. You are absolutely right

  • DiamondGamer06
    DiamondGamer06 2 dias atrás +7

    That pineapple is definitely not ripe enough...

  • Victor Evans
    Victor Evans 2 dias atrás +2

    I've been doing the cupcake one for years but instead of cutting I tear the bottom off. Also I've only ate toblerone the way she said.

  • Alanis Negrón
    Alanis Negrón 2 dias atrás +1

    Tori looks alike to the female protagonist of Five Feet Apart💙💙

  • Dazzle
    Dazzle 2 dias atrás +3

    The one with the strawberrys is actually very good but they just didn’t do it right

  • Savannah Gelinskey
    Savannah Gelinskey 2 dias atrás +1

    Ok with the cupcake one in my class every single time we get a cupcake everyone does that it’s so delicious

  • Autumn2raw Loves
    Autumn2raw Loves 2 dias atrás +2

    For the wing, you mine as well get boneless

    • ARES EZclapz
      ARES EZclapz Dia atrás

      Autumn2raw Loves the bones are amazing coz u can scrape the meat off

  • GamingGirl Emm101335
    GamingGirl Emm101335 2 dias atrás

    It may make them feel stupid lol (The people that they watched to do their style)

  • GamingGirl Emm101335
    GamingGirl Emm101335 2 dias atrás

    I’m not that frosting fan 🚫

  • The Oldi
    The Oldi 2 dias atrás +5

    Most of these tricks are so unnecessary ...

    Pineapple: Unless it´s the right kind of pineapple, it does not work.
    Chickenwings: I have always eaten them that way? Soo I guess for people who didn´t it´s usefull.
    Cupcake: why? So Unnecessary...
    Strawberry: Useless. Simply twist the green leaves on top and pull a little bit -> same result
    Toblerone: Unnecessary... Is it really that big of a deal in which direction you break it? I don´t even think about that when I eat one.

    I hate these trick videos... most of them are just trying so hard to seem like they are usefull when in fact they are just a waste of time.

  • LAZY Battle Ground
    LAZY Battle Ground 2 dias atrás

    It's not working because of the straw

  • Inquisitor Master Fan!! 2468

    1:38 Y̤̮o̤̮ṳ̮ a̤̮r̤̮e̤̮ g̤̮o̤̮n̤̮n̤̮a̤̮ b̤̮r̤̮e̤̮a̤̮k̤̮ t̤̮h̤̮o̤̮s̤̮e̤̮ n̤̮a̤̮i̤̮l̤̮s̤̮ b̤̮a̤̮d̤̮l̤̮y̤̮!🤦‍♂️😤😳

  • havana banana
    havana banana 2 dias atrás +7

    The pineapple has the be ripe enough lol

  • bearhood2004
    bearhood2004 2 dias atrás +1

    I'm already sticky LOL

  • Madison Welch
    Madison Welch 2 dias atrás

    Do many people do the cupcake trick in our school

  • Once Upon A Blink
    Once Upon A Blink 2 dias atrás +2

    The bone in the chicken gives it flavor that’s why bone in is better

  • Once Upon A Blink
    Once Upon A Blink 2 dias atrás +3

    You have to have a specific type of pineapple

  • Alex Contreras
    Alex Contreras 2 dias atrás

    That who I eat my cupcakes so I am not surprise

  • Jo'shanna Quintanilla
    Jo'shanna Quintanilla 2 dias atrás +11

    Tori literally complained about every single food that she ate, like just give it a try holy crap

  • Xyclone Turbo
    Xyclone Turbo 2 dias atrás

    Austin kind of looks like someone famous/familiar but I'm not sure who.

  • Riley Rohrenbach
    Riley Rohrenbach 2 dias atrás

    The cupcake hack isnt new. My friends have been doing it their whole life and they're 13. ITS NOT A NEW HACK. Yes, I think it sucks but it's not new. And the strawberry hack sucks soooo bad.

    • Mac TheDog
      Mac TheDog Dia atrás

      Toonstarjc DAMNIT RILEY

    • Toonstarjc
      Toonstarjc Dia atrás

      Dammit Riley

    • Alex
      Alex Dia atrás

      yeah RILEY

    • Mac TheDog
      Mac TheDog Dia atrás

      Riley Rohrenbach no one ever said it was new RILEY

  • Christian Schoff
    Christian Schoff 2 dias atrás +1

    I dig her hair. It looks really cool.

  • BrEnNa BrEnNa
    BrEnNa BrEnNa 2 dias atrás +4

    April 2019?

  • Kazuri_ Todoroki
    Kazuri_ Todoroki 2 dias atrás +9

    Its kinda weird seeing comments that just came minutes go and this video was on March

  • Ethan Wakeman
    Ethan Wakeman 2 dias atrás +3

    I think they need to say “cool ways to eat Food” rather than saying “food you’ve been eating wrong

  • Sara K.
    Sara K. 2 dias atrás +2

    Was this video on private?

  • Rainbow Six News
    Rainbow Six News 2 dias atrás


  • Gacha Angelica
    Gacha Angelica 2 dias atrás +2

    *Imma try this :3*

  • Trogdor The Burninator
    Trogdor The Burninator 2 dias atrás +4

    How I eat cupcakes: take the frosting off, throw it away, eat frosting-free cupcake. I don't put frosting on cake either.