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[XG TAPE #2] Surround Sound (TEST VIDEO / COCONA)


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  • Lc-7
    Lc-7 2 meses atrás +4669

    I want her to have a solo song to listen to on Spotify

    • JP Draws
      JP Draws 3 dias atrás

      @perry jones chill It’s too early to tell

    • Éden Ferreira Martins Lima
      Éden Ferreira Martins Lima 3 dias atrás

      @Abc Xyz e PP

    • YTVermon
      YTVermon 5 dias atrás

      I want them all to

    • alexis puentes
      alexis puentes 6 dias atrás +2

      we don’t need solo stan in this group

    • Sakaru Royal
      Sakaru Royal 9 dias atrás +1

      @abcxyz1469 surprisingly after listening to there Cypher after seeing cocona go viral all over instagram and they all hold there own as rappers I've never seen anything like that in jpop.

  • jistarlights
    jistarlights 2 meses atrás +2448

    genuinely never been swept away THIS hard by a female rapper before this is on a whole other level.. her flow is crazy 😭

    • LexiLovesKpop
      LexiLovesKpop 5 dias atrás

      @ædwin soyeon can’t even speak English. She could never rap like this. Nor does she understand authentic hip hop.

    • ædwin
      ædwin 5 dias atrás

      @LexiLovesKpop You wish, Soyeon ended her.

    • LexiLovesKpop
      LexiLovesKpop 6 dias atrás

      @Cosmic Soul you think soyeon is in this conversation? 😂😂 no active kpop rappers compare to cocona or maya

    • Amy Che 車鈺瑩
      Amy Che 車鈺瑩 7 dias atrás +1

      Sameeeee🥹🥹🥹XG girls are truly beating other K-pop girl groups I’ll say

    • Dara O.
      Dara O. 9 dias atrás

      her and maya

  • G Pen
    G Pen 2 meses atrás +1485

    English, Japanese, Korean
    Flow, dynamics, and wordplay
    Feminine, masculine, androgynous
    She has so much range it’s incredible

  • my k-beauty bible
    my k-beauty bible 2 meses atrás +11

    she’s a total queeeeeen. i can’t believe she’s this talented and she’s this young! 🤯. when i saw the other clip with the other girls, i absolute love it but for me this was the most 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I Don't Care
    I Don't Care 2 meses atrás +673

    Not only is her flow tough as shit, but she got that swag fit and movement. Love to see more of her stuff in the future

  • Melonie Mac Go Boom
    Melonie Mac Go Boom 2 meses atrás +5

    She needs a solo rap song!

  • NNA
    NNA Mês atrás +190

    Tbh I didn't even know XG existed til Cocona caught me on Tiktok with her section of rap! Her rap is stunning!! She can go solo at some point

    • Erwin
      Erwin 13 dias atrás


    ZERO RAICE Mês atrás +626

    Sé que XG no es k-pop pero seamos honestos... Cocona sola podría dejar en ridículo a la mayoría de las idols/raperas del k-pop. La diferencia es que Cocona parece una rapera profesional que se ha estado dedicando a esto durante mucho tiempo y por su periodo de entrenamiento me doy cuenta que es verdad. Vaya que XG no fueron como otras trainees de Corea con un entrenamiento corto y valorando más el visual, sino que realmente la agencia se empeñó en buscar talento y pulirlo sin importar cuantos años haya tomado. Este es el fruto de lo que cosecharon, Cocona a sus 16 ya es mejor que media industria del k-pop.

    • um chile anyways
      um chile anyways 15 dias atrás

      kpop groups need to take notes. k hip hop too

    • J natural
      J natural 22 dias atrás +3

      This is Hip-Hop but Japanese style. No it's not K- pop.

    • Nia hernandez
      Nia hernandez 27 dias atrás

      @Antonella pues si

    • Nia hernandez
      Nia hernandez 27 dias atrás +3

      @Raymundo Ramón vazquez se nota qué ni oyente casual eres hablamos de rap y mencionas a jimin, v y jungkook el chiste se cuenta solo

    • Nia hernandez
      Nia hernandez 27 dias atrás +1

      @Raymundo Ramón vazquez reciclando pero si run lo único igual qué tiene es el nombré si la escuchaste verdad

  • Panda
    Panda 2 dias atrás +5

    Legit I only got interested in XG after a friend show me this song. They really need to give her more rap songs like this. She was made for it.

  • まんもすゆか
    まんもすゆか 2 meses atrás +255


  • Estefania
    Estefania 2 meses atrás +278

    increíble que cocona y maya tengan 16 y parecen que ESTUVIERAN AÑOS EN LA INDUSTRIA CON EL RAP, increíble su técnica, su respiración SOBRETODO SU FLOW son increíbles que aún así siendo "novatas" no hay otras que puedan superarlas ❤️✨

  • ruru
    ruru 25 dias atrás +67


  • Rose Mun
    Rose Mun 2 meses atrás +9

    Omg I love her

  • Roman Triste
    Roman Triste 2 meses atrás +7609

    bruh she’s only 16 and been training since she was 11, she’s gonna be so good when she’s in her prime 😭

      NAKO ANOBAYAN 15 horas atrás

      Why almost everyone keep saying Korean? They all Japanese and global artist. Their not level as Kpop or Jpop categories. You get it?

    • Kimi97
      Kimi97 15 dias atrás

      @rainy_season if

    • rainy_season
      rainy_season 15 dias atrás +1

      @Kimi97She debuted as an idol. In her group she just holds rapper and dancer positions so it’s normal for idols to not write lyric. If she becomes a professional rapper and not writing her own lyrics that another story.

    • Cpt Darkon
      Cpt Darkon 19 dias atrás +2

      You're totally right and what's wild about that is that she's already insane

    • daisy's era
      daisy's era 20 dias atrás +2

      @Visitor She isn't a kpop idol!

  • Rupinder Kaur
    Rupinder Kaur 20 dias atrás +49

    Oh she's good good. Definitely wanna hear more rap songs from her.

  • きり
    きり 11 dias atrás +5


  • mylesaminute
    mylesaminute 27 dias atrás +145

    Cocona needs to be a solo rapper now. She is internationally loved and respected off one joint.

  • パッセン
    パッセン 2 meses atrás +14


  • 外岡そら
    外岡そら 23 dias atrás +35


  • Jenny Torres
    Jenny Torres 2 meses atrás +221

    Como es posible que alguien tan joven tenga semejante talento, tanto en el rap como en el baile

  • Melika A
    Melika A 2 meses atrás +146

    She is soo talented
    Damn she is a really good rapper
    Wish she can showcase her rap skill more and works with producers who can make rap songs cause she will slay it 🔥🔥

  • 구마
    구마 2 meses atrás +60


  • Mysterious
    Mysterious 2 meses atrás +2250

    She slayed it guys !!!
    So proud to stan these girls from begining.

  • mkejd
    mkejd 2 meses atrás +75


  • tsuki
    tsuki 2 meses atrás +67

    she has the kind of charisma that's so nonchalant and effortless that it gives you straight up chills. i can't believe she's only 16

  • Yuki An
    Yuki An 25 dias atrás +39

    XG is so talented! I hope they shine bright in 2023! Cocona is a baby boss! So much swags!

  • イワン
    イワン 2 meses atrás +56


  • 酔ってるなジジィ
    酔ってるなジジィ 2 meses atrás +21


  • Kate -H🔥T - Girl - Vlog
    Kate -H🔥T - Girl - Vlog 2 meses atrás +357

    ラップでソロデビューしても売れそうなココナ🥺 それぞれ個々の個性がぶっ飛んでるXGってやっぱレジェンドグループ👑

  • Y Nozomu
    Y Nozomu 2 meses atrás +39


  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 2 meses atrás +13

    A la industria que se prepare, Cocona tiene un futuro prometedor. Espero que su empresa sepa manejar increíbles talentos como lo son las chicas de XG!

  • r
    r 2 meses atrás +39


  • Scarlet
    Scarlet 2 meses atrás +747

    Cocona has a very firm, typical rapping voice...she is a pure rapper, and this genre suits her very well

  • lucky88
    lucky88 Mês atrás +43

    cocona's tone sounds really good and the way she moves while rapping is fire 👏👏

  • AYSEL.
    AYSEL. 20 dias atrás +36

    Cocona is now getting the value it deserves, I'm very happy for her 💚

  • みーさん
    みーさん 2 meses atrás +17


  • Sasam
    Sasam 2 meses atrás +31


  • Mabamad
    Mabamad 6 dias atrás +5


  • e u
    e u Mês atrás +13


    ASAKA 7 dias atrás +10


  • R
    R Mês atrás +15

    Love that she’s gone viral and people like me in the Uk has the privilege to see her talent, keep at it! That was cold 🥶 🔥

  • M F
    M F 2 meses atrás +12


  • Suzie
    Suzie 6 dias atrás +8

    This girl hit different she super talented 🔥.. i am just obsessed with this girl 😩

  • Helen
    Helen 27 dias atrás +47

    Realmente no parece una novata, realmente se nota su manejo de dominio del rap y su actitud. Realmente tiene mucho por delante, felicidades.✨🔥

  • 隣のY子
    隣のY子 29 dias atrás +23


  • wafflee
    wafflee 2 meses atrás +37

    cocona tiene un talento innato para el rap, tiene mucha fluidez y swag... realmente XG esta lleno de talento

  • ioana
    ioana 2 meses atrás +829

    so happy to see more people appreciating them😩 they deserve so much more

  • t
    t 2 meses atrás +21


  • /
    / 2 meses atrás +61

    XG does not need commercial promotion or advertising. Because XG will compete with their performance. XG has enough power to do that.

  • Nash Reddy
    Nash Reddy Mês atrás +42

    The future of female rap is in good hands😍

  • Mayu
    Mayu 2 meses atrás +28


  • M
    M 2 meses atrás +88


  • どけしゃ
    どけしゃ 2 meses atrás +20


  • Deja R.
    Deja R. Mês atrás +15

    Yooo this goes so freaking hard!! I hope she keeps excelling in her career, she's mad talented. Gotta give flowers to her... wow she's dope.

  • にとちん♪
    にとちん♪ 2 meses atrás +28


  • Oli mlem
    Oli mlem 2 dias atrás

    I know I can't afford to stop for one moment
    That it's too soon, to for
    [Chorus: COCONA]
    C to the O-C-O-N-A
    Be poppin' on them 808's
    Who woulda' thought lil' 'ting would turn up on them like a fadeway?
    Here for the throne, Khaleesi Flow
    Burn 'em all, ain't no playin' no games
    Hol' up, lemme just claim my throne real quick, okay? Okay?

  • 姚貞致
    姚貞致 23 dias atrás +18

    第一次聽到直接嚇到 好喜歡她喔!
    繞舌的聲線好好聽 循環播放❤

  • laughingfox26
    laughingfox26 Mês atrás +22

    i really like cocona's tone and the way she moves while rapping 👍👍👍

  • nez navlas
    nez navlas 5 dias atrás +2

    Idk how may times i heard this rap but i still get goosebumps 😳

  • おにくスキー
    おにくスキー 2 meses atrás +25


  • そんなとこからワンコ
    そんなとこからワンコ 2 meses atrás +216


  • SuperMrozzy
    SuperMrozzy 17 horas atrás +2

    She is like female Shady. The bars the Flow the Dance . Awesomeee

  • Chrissie
    Chrissie 2 meses atrás +13

    So happy cocona is getting the attention she deserves 💚💚🤩🤩
    hope everyone who is new to xg here will check out the other content as well, the other vocalists are amaaazing too!!

  • Maria Morais
    Maria Morais 2 meses atrás +9

    "ok, ok, ok" I really love your rap🔥 I'm Cocona Stan now 💓🔥
    You are so incredible! I'll support you and the other girls in yours next projects. I feel so excited for the things to come.

  • xli.lxo
    xli.lxo 2 meses atrás +13

    i’m glad to see that they were taking advantage of Cocona going viral on tiktok and doing this video. they should do more of these more often!

  • これってフィクション?


  • uuul vi
    uuul vi 2 meses atrás +11

    я готова это слушать нон стоп, реально, это очень круто. ДАВАЙТЕ КОМБЕК!!!

  • Jacinthe
    Jacinthe 5 dias atrás +3

    I don’t know who wrote this song but it’s SO GOOD and Cocona was the good person to rap it 🔥🔥

    • Bbasjtr Zone
      Bbasjtr Zone 23 horas atrás

      Cocona wrote this rap line by himself.. She is just to cool!

  • Mayu
    Mayu Mês atrás +27

    才能と努力の塊👏COCONA 大好き💗

  • miko
    miko 2 meses atrás +36


  • たるたる
    たるたる 2 meses atrás +47

    There is absolutely no need to implicitly discredit other groups or cultures in order to praise Cocona, and by extension, these women.
    These girls are capable of performing insanely amazingly with the skills they have acquired through their unflagging efforts.
    And they have very good production to back it up. It's just that wonderful thing happening.
    I hope the girls will not be influenced by unnecessary words (e.g., stupid adults with power) and just shine.

  • EXO-L
    EXO-L 2 meses atrás +11

    Simplesmente apaixonada por essa menina ❤️

  • Angelina Max
    Angelina Max 2 meses atrás +16

    It’s one of the best rap parts that I’ve ever heard🖤 Why doesn’t they include such a rap in their own songs? I hope they will in their next comeback🖤

  • poccha
    poccha 2 meses atrás +15


  • Rey
    Rey 2 meses atrás +504

    ラップでソロデビューしても売れそうなココナ🥺 それぞれ個々の個性がぶっ飛んでるXGってやっぱレジェンドグループ👑

  • 283 gama
    283 gama 2 meses atrás +14


  • Tú Phạm
    Tú Phạm Mês atrás +20

    I listened to it over and over 10000 times

  • Miluska Stylinson
    Miluska Stylinson 2 meses atrás +16

    Dios estas chicas tiene mucho talento

  • laughingfox26
    laughingfox26 Mês atrás +5

    i really love cocona's tone 💖💖💖

  • t
    t 2 meses atrás +30


  • Cactus Scoville
    Cactus Scoville 21 dia atrás +10

    Give her some dope beats and release her full album. she's dope

  • sana
    sana 7 dias atrás +8

    She's so good

  • TheBiggz808
    TheBiggz808 2 meses atrás +7

    Man your whole group is fire!!! Keep spitting bars XG!!!!

  • Brittany Tucker
    Brittany Tucker Mês atrás +16

    Major amazing talent. I have listened to this over and over and over on TikTok and it brought me here.

  • Pj Intoy
    Pj Intoy 2 meses atrás +174

    *Cocona is indeed the new Genesis! She’s only 16, and her flow is madly natural. She was flawless in switching between Japanese, English, and Korean, like it was nothing. I’m impressed!*

  • Jane sweet Jane
    Jane sweet Jane Mês atrás +19

    She's so goodddd broo ,she will be the rap queen in a such short time with her talent

  • Nojamcity
    Nojamcity 2 meses atrás +34

    There’s something about Japanese artists they have natural coolness like the swag is not forced at all

  • Blancheeee
    Blancheeee Mês atrás +4


  • あほはげ
    あほはげ 2 meses atrás +17

    声がもうイカしてる👊 カッコよすぎ😎

  • Jacqueline Monteiro
    Jacqueline Monteiro 2 meses atrás +454

    Cocona minha querida, meu coração já é seu! Como pode ter 40 anos de rap por dentro muié?

    • Suzana Silva
      Suzana Silva 2 meses atrás +2

      Pois é! A menina no corpo de 16 anos mas com altos skills do rap… é pra poucos!

      PINHEIRO SECCO 2 meses atrás

      apenas nao USA... se liga

    • Jonathan Duaz
      Jonathan Duaz 2 meses atrás +2

      No mas 16

  • Elize
    Elize 2 meses atrás +7

    Me encantó su rap, me recordo a un grupo de mi juventud que me encanta TLC

  • Hiba Shookari
    Hiba Shookari 2 meses atrás +11

    This is so good that it's on repeat 💥

  • Chromatic Vanity
    Chromatic Vanity 28 dias atrás +17

    This will remain in my mind as a masterpiece

  • Niclas Lundberg
    Niclas Lundberg 22 dias atrás +7

    Amazing talent and performance, wow

  • 怒邪キャット
    怒邪キャット 2 meses atrás +215


  • Ha Nguyen
    Ha Nguyen 2 meses atrás +7


  • RO - KI
    RO - KI 2 meses atrás +24


  • Killective
    Killective Mês atrás +6

    Cocona will receive offers to go solo. If you look at the amount of views she has WITH ONLY THE 60 seconds versus the other XG clips there's only mild contest. All of them are wildly talented, but let's be real. If Cocona keeps up that flare and cadence she can be the biggest star in kpop rap.

  • Авдотья
    Авдотья 2 meses atrás +13

    я только что увидела её в тиктоке и пошла искать сюда😍 я в восторге 🔥🔥🔥 я влюбилась😍

  • sai
    sai 2 meses atrás +40