Lil Wayne - Mirror ft. Bruno Mars (Official Music Video)

  • Music video by Lil Wayne performing Mirror. © 2012 Cash Money Records/Young Money Ent./Universal Rec.
    #VEVOCertified on May 11, 2012.

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  • Melanie Murczak
    Melanie Murczak 13 minutos atrás

    Mein Vater war Beamter.

  • Navid Deres7
    Navid Deres7 29 minutos atrás +1

    My favorite song at this moment, what a hit this is especially if you realize the lyrics which I didn’t 8 years ago

  • 162hrs
    162hrs Hora atrás +1

    time goes so fucking fast 😟

  • Rohan Bhardwaj
    Rohan Bhardwaj 3 horas atrás

    Hit like if it is just you and the mirror in quarantine.

  • Arafate Ismaile
    Arafate Ismaile 4 horas atrás

    Blesss yut lilly

  • Marat Maratbekov
    Marat Maratbekov 5 horas atrás

    Нихрена не понял но смысл хорошо 👌 🥴

  • Joudi Ismaeel
    Joudi Ismaeel 6 horas atrás

    Bruno his voice so beautiful.

  • Sasuke santana
    Sasuke santana 7 horas atrás

    Lil Wayne greatest of all time ❤️ this song is a master piece

  • Super Dmanninja YT
    Super Dmanninja YT 7 horas atrás

    I thought the background music was like Chris Brown, but since I remember this song, it's lit
    Edit: Its like Chris Brown Ducis

  • Dorryen Christensen
    Dorryen Christensen 7 horas atrás


  • Malu Gomes
    Malu Gomes 8 horas atrás

    Quarentine mood

  • One punch
    One punch 8 horas atrás

    Whos here after lil tunechi sneaker compex?

  • Бахтияр Сраилов


  • Arkan Alhadromy
    Arkan Alhadromy 12 horas atrás


  • pravin tigga
    pravin tigga 17 horas atrás

    I love it...😍😍

  • Norbert Uzabumwana
    Norbert Uzabumwana 17 horas atrás

    Still worth watching in 2020 amid COVID-19

  • John Conner leader of the Resistance klingensmith

    Damb i see the mick/. Jac$on in me

  • XyedXalman
    XyedXalman Dia atrás


  • Timab'sWorld
    Timab'sWorld Dia atrás

    This still a bop in 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥‼️‼️‼️Wayne🖤🖤🖤hardest

  • Francesco 32
    Francesco 32 Dia atrás +2


  • Jovory Williams
    Jovory Williams Dia atrás +1


  • F1 Various Clips #19
    F1 Various Clips #19 Dia atrás +1

    Why this great song is not on Spotify?

    MY MOODY MOMMA LIFE Dia atrás +1

    Damn one scene Wayne looks like he has some Blue eyes? I know it’s probably the glare? Well Brown Black Green Blue fuckin’ orange One of the sexiest rappers alive!

  • Bernard Boateng
    Bernard Boateng Dia atrás +1

    God i fuckin miss this wayne!

  • Lol wakp
    Lol wakp Dia atrás

    Every message carried a lot of informations well done,who noticed that .Nice

  • TheJunior45
    TheJunior45 Dia atrás +2

    2020 where here 😘

  • save Philip love God fazejames


  • save Philip love God fazejames

    #save philp

  • Xanım Mirzəyeva
    Xanım Mirzəyeva Dia atrás


    BARONLAR 2 dias atrás


  • Mehmet Aydın
    Mehmet Aydın 2 dias atrás

    Hayatım mahvoldu

  • Deadpool's lil Sister
    Deadpool's lil Sister 2 dias atrás

    This song made me like Bruno Mars. But Lil Wayne is still my favorite singer.

  • عابر سبيل
    عابر سبيل 2 dias atrás +1

    اعشق الاغنيه ذي لها ذكريات مانساه في عرب هنا ولا انا لحالي .😭

    • ᄂ줘 마 ᅡ렐نجوم الليل
      ᄂ줘 마 ᅡ렐نجوم الليل Dia atrás

      انا هم مثلك هل اغنيه كثيررر مؤثره
      وذكرايات مؤلمه💔💔 عفكره في عرب معك 😂😂😂👌👍

  • minecraft gamer
    minecraft gamer 2 dias atrás

    Love you Wayne ❤️

  • NewTsadangB Chare
    NewTsadangB Chare 2 dias atrás

    2012 mumble rapper

  • Ghost Glock21
    Ghost Glock21 2 dias atrás +1

    this was the best song and music video back then😔 crazy how time flies😢

  • guy
    guy 2 dias atrás

    i love you

    GRACIE TV 2 dias atrás +1

    So I forgot about this song & I was looking at Lucas & Marcus old videos & dis song came on so I searched it up from over 5 years 😭!

  • Надежда Васильева

    Who misses this time of music.2007-2012 was an amazing time.

  • terry grimes
    terry grimes 2 dias atrás


  • Ehab issa
    Ehab issa 2 dias atrás +1

    Listening to this while quarantined

  • Journie James-Sullivan
    Journie James-Sullivan 2 dias atrás

    The best song ever it is the best

  • Journie James-Sullivan
    Journie James-Sullivan 2 dias atrás

    # the best show ever

    GAMER NOOB 3 dias atrás +1

    I cant believe Bruno Mars is not throwing around and kicking around paint with Lil Wayne

  • TEAM 10 SQUA D
    TEAM 10 SQUA D 3 dias atrás

    True if your here you are doing something right don't worry

  • Dalila Puille
    Dalila Puille 3 dias atrás

    The mirror claim this was mine best music that time back then in the house God bless African to all over the world I love African the present makes me cry now people's are daying everyday by day let the world pray to our father for save the disaster is too much on us pls forgive us father avat the disaster to us pls the mirror gout. Me like this tonight 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🌍🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎

  • Khamys Zahor
    Khamys Zahor 3 dias atrás +1

    2020 give a like

  • Kosimah Palor
    Kosimah Palor 3 dias atrás


  • Kijm Poortinga
    Kijm Poortinga 3 dias atrás +1


  • Champagnepapi VEVO
    Champagnepapi VEVO 3 dias atrás

    Still Wayne’s best song

  • Mark Morton
    Mark Morton 3 dias atrás

    I Love Lil Wayne Lil Wayne Is My Favorite Rapper.

  • Amina
    Amina 3 dias atrás


  • Jaynett
    Jaynett 3 dias atrás

    I love this song.. It always comes to me ... its peaceful and real.. love love...

  • BonezSeinOnkel
    BonezSeinOnkel 3 dias atrás

    Als Musik noch Musik war

  • Sekela Devid
    Sekela Devid 3 dias atrás

    That is fantastic song and fresh

  • Corona rey V
    Corona rey V 3 dias atrás +1

    2020 ? Coronavirus

  • Rayvin Hemlall
    Rayvin Hemlall 3 dias atrás


    RAVEN BLACK 3 dias atrás


  • Spill It
    Spill It 3 dias atrás

    This is one of my favorite lil Wayne songs

  • Aman Smith-martin
    Aman Smith-martin 3 dias atrás +1

    Nice to see him shout out Michael Jackson like that. I'm glad I'm not the only one to take that song to heart.

  • Larissa Rodriguez
    Larissa Rodriguez 3 dias atrás

    The painting tho is good👌👍🏼

  • Gashirabake Dieudonne
    Gashirabake Dieudonne 3 dias atrás

    Still 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • King Loki
    King Loki 3 dias atrás +6

    They say the smartest most intellectual people have not only been misunderstood but we are empathetic to the people who are not knowing what’s going on love you brother

  • Chris Mccullough
    Chris Mccullough 3 dias atrás +1

    Will always be a classic

  • Ronald Diego
    Ronald Diego 3 dias atrás

    Mano tu e muito feio kkk

  • Diego Fioretti
    Diego Fioretti 4 dias atrás

    Why this song is not on Spotify?
    Perché cazzo questa canzone non è su Spotify?

  • magloire peterson
    magloire peterson 4 dias atrás

    Amazing l want to hear him for 2021👌 again

  • Vườn Lan AN Dũng
    Vườn Lan AN Dũng 4 dias atrás

    26/03/2020 :) are you listening like me?

  • lolipop popi
    lolipop popi 4 dias atrás

    He do 666 logo

  • Ahuma Vincent
    Ahuma Vincent 4 dias atrás +1

    One love

  • Mark B
    Mark B 4 dias atrás

    Listening to this in March 2020 just because I’m bored and I wanna look at throwback songs

  • Roan Mc Farlane
    Roan Mc Farlane 4 dias atrás +1

    One off my favorite lil Wayne plus there’s Bruno Mars wicked combo words can explain only a mirror on the wall

  • Nonstopkillin598
    Nonstopkillin598 4 dias atrás +1

    Is the paint like supposed to be blood or something cause he’s like showing it a lot
    That’s stupid
    Let’s begin the hating comments

  • Efson Freddy
    Efson Freddy 4 dias atrás

    Corona virus brought me back too you old friend

  • Erşan Öztürk
    Erşan Öztürk 4 dias atrás

    Beni terk ettiğin gibi geri dönsen. Ben o arabaya hiç binmesem, bu parça hiç çalmasa. Ya da zaman geri alabilsem. 2 aya sığan mutluluk için 8 yıl daha acı çeksem. Her neyse..

  • Away Perplecto
    Away Perplecto 4 dias atrás


  • Sisk
    Sisk 4 dias atrás

    Still making since years later in a completely different chapter of my life. A reminder to check yourself once in awhile because you are the only one who knows all the good bad and ugly you have indored in this life.

  • ayyoub hamdani
    ayyoub hamdani 5 dias atrás

    Bad voice

  • sukruoosten
    sukruoosten 5 dias atrás


  • Tarich Doran
    Tarich Doran 5 dias atrás

    When i hear this song, I think about 2013 2014 2015