Why Flat Earthers Are Dead Wrong

  • What was supposed to be a relaxing trip home to visit Mom turned out to be a battle of science and spite. One of our writers shared his head-butting story about his mother and her new affinity for the Flat Earth "Theory". Is it even a theory? Watch our new funny video to find out!
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Comentários • 80

  • loveforthegame3
    loveforthegame3 2 meses atrás +15414

    The earth is shaped as a donut. Look at the facts. You people are sheep. i will never believe anything the government tells me. nobody has ever actually been in soace. we cant even feed starving people how are we going to space

    • Aschentae
      Aschentae 22 dias atrás


    • Abhi
      Abhi Mês atrás

      @Infinity Studios you can never tell. Internet sarcasm has become so much complex(too simple)

    • Lil Ava
      Lil Ava Mês atrás

      Neil A. : Am I a joke to you?

    • Aiwanano
      Aiwanano 2 meses atrás

      He spelled space wrong lol

    • Aiwanano
      Aiwanano 2 meses atrás

      :o he got pinned

  • Rishabh Khare
    Rishabh Khare 43 minutos atrás

    Flat Earth Shape Is Mentioned In Hinduism, Indus Valley Civilization , Mayan Civilization , Egyptian Civilization , Bahai Civilization , Judaism....
    The Title of the Video should be "Why Round Earthers are Scientifically Dumb"

  • Draco cosmic
    Draco cosmic 44 minutos atrás

    How does a flat planet even form

  • Colin Weisberger
    Colin Weisberger Hora atrás +1

    Nah, according to me, a die hard Minecraft player the Earth is a cube. Period.

  • black guy
    black guy Hora atrás

    Everybody gasta till imoyourbz joins

  • Ju
    Ju 2 horas atrás

    Why would anyone lie about the earth being round in the first place?

  • Franco GamerTV
    Franco GamerTV 2 horas atrás

    If the earth was flat you know gravity holds our you know and if the earth was flat it would stop spinning it would need for serious problems

  • Francisco Álvarez
    Francisco Álvarez 3 horas atrás

    Whit what about when you go close to

    SNOOZE DOG STUDIOS 4 horas atrás

    i dont get the ending :/

  • de tnters
    de tnters 4 horas atrás

    His mom believes to much from the internet

  • Tigers_insane
    Tigers_insane 4 horas atrás

    Man grandma smart but also dumb I called it smadong

  • aadre asafötida
    aadre asafötida 5 horas atrás

    It's doesn't prove the ball, and doesn't disprove the flat earth. Just a cartoon like all the nasa pictures.

    ILIKECHEZDUDE 5 horas atrás

    I don’t understand what she is talking about, therefore she doesn’t exist

    It’s a fact

  • Donnie Inzodda II
    Donnie Inzodda II 6 horas atrás +1

    My mom used to be a flat earther😂
    Also all the dislikes are flat earthers

  • MC Tiger
    MC Tiger 7 horas atrás

    You fools the world is a goldfish everything we know is a lie

  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W. 7 horas atrás

    I've lost a brain cell listening to this.

  • Yeehaw Man
    Yeehaw Man 8 horas atrás +2

    Velociraptor Earth society, where you at?

  • Castor Troy
    Castor Troy 8 horas atrás

    Next level crazy.

  • Paul Kerton
    Paul Kerton 9 horas atrás

    This whole conversation.... Didn't happen.

  • Voa93
    Voa93 9 horas atrás

    You better listen to your mom and your senses! She knows what she’s talking about.

  • Springtrap Purple guy
    Springtrap Purple guy 10 horas atrás +1

    If the earth was flat it wouldn’t be a planet 🌎

  • Olivia Das
    Olivia Das 11 horas atrás +1

    “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts." - Daniel Patrick Moynihan

  • Samuel Hart
    Samuel Hart 11 horas atrás

    Read the Book of Enoch 👀

  • ra bA
    ra bA 12 horas atrás

    the earth is actually more round than like anything.

  • Rohan Clare
    Rohan Clare 13 horas atrás

    You didn't cross the pacific?

  • Jake Neutron
    Jake Neutron 13 horas atrás

    The whole thing should've stopped at 1:00 exactly. This is not opened for a debate, it is a moment when you hand over sick minded to authorities and they try to help them

  • Angry Old Canadian
    Angry Old Canadian 13 horas atrás +2

    flat earthers are morons who haven't made it out of grade 3 science. Seriously, I work with one and he challenged me to 'do the math' on why a local mountain is visible... he said he would be convinced if I could do it. So I did it... gave him the calculations and showed him... he still believes the world is flat. NOTHING will convince these people. They need psychiatric help.

  • Flying pigs
    Flying pigs 13 horas atrás

    Wow, I didn’t know!

  • Adnan Shah
    Adnan Shah 16 horas atrás

    Shane doesn’t agree

  • Rex74t
    Rex74t 16 horas atrás +2

    Flat earthers are extremely frustrating to talk to

  • mled31611
    mled31611 17 horas atrás

    Maybe they don't want us to reach heaven. Tower of Babel was constructed for that purpose. If earth is over 7000 thousand miles thick how come we are bound by measly 10 miles. Deepest hole ever dug by the Russians is less than 10 miles. Our planes can't fly more than 10 miles above. How can we know what's out there beyond 100 miles???

  • The New Minecrafter
    The New Minecrafter 17 horas atrás +2

    This started as an April fools joke now it's a cult WHAT THE FRIK

  • Golden Ninja
    Golden Ninja 19 horas atrás


  • The 8-bit Jake
    The 8-bit Jake 20 horas atrás +1

    Did this video even need to be made?🤔 Next video: "Why 2+2=4".

  • t the rexy
    t the rexy 20 horas atrás +2

    The earth is a square because when I play Minecraft everything is a square and Minecraft is real life

  • Parengthony Castillo
    Parengthony Castillo 21 hora atrás

    Believes that the Earth is flat but does not believes in dragon glass. At least she agrees in something that science can agree with

    STILLCHILL Roux 21 hora atrás +1

    The earth is smllr than my pp

  • Nakirike Roblox
    Nakirike Roblox 22 horas atrás +1

    If the earth was really flat lets make the flat earthers annoyed by saying that the earth is round

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 22 horas atrás

    Ok boomer

  • DyzTroYa x
    DyzTroYa x 23 horas atrás +1

    I love when people destroy flat earthers.

  • Joshua Yonson
    Joshua Yonson 23 horas atrás +1

    Flat earthers have flat brains

  • Alexii Campbell
    Alexii Campbell 23 horas atrás +1

    Flat Earthers heads:🌍=🧇.
    Every one else’s heads:🌍=🍈

  • Unknownz
    Unknownz 23 horas atrás +1

    Every planet or object in space is round
    Flat earthers: well the moon is actually a hologram made by the government to lie to us and the sun is actually an illusion and so are the planets

  • Prism Steve
    Prism Steve Dia atrás +1

    Not like anyone who knows how to do 2+2 needs to watch this but I want to lol

  • Lexoco
    Lexoco Dia atrás +1

    Flat earthers: explain that seasons, day and night are possible if flat,

    But not eclipse

  • Dank Sanchez
    Dank Sanchez Dia atrás +2

    I’m making a new religion the cat earth society

  • Jacob Mccormick
    Jacob Mccormick Dia atrás

    EVERY OTHER PLANET IS A FUCKEN BALL VUT SOMEHOW EARTH IS NOT ARE BRAINS ARE MAKING US THINK THAT THE EARTH IS FLAT BUT ITS NOT think about are brains are programmed like this to make it feel and think that the earth is flat but its not just go to space you will see yourself

  • Jacob Mccormick
    Jacob Mccormick Dia atrás

    "The earth is flat" that just likes saying water is not wet so water is a solid like how much did you take before saying the earth is flat

  • Dave A
    Dave A Dia atrás +1

    Why not send a flat earther to the moon so we can end the debate?

    • David Mescher
      David Mescher 16 horas atrás

      As long as it's a one-way trip with no gentle stop at the end. No sense in spending for extras.

  • nassim alzuhairi
    nassim alzuhairi Dia atrás +1


  • Sea Era
    Sea Era Dia atrás

    I’m so posed that I can’t find any of my real truth channels and this sh** keeps popping up

    • worm 4769
      worm 4769 8 horas atrás

      Sea Era are you serious?

  • Efren Flores
    Efren Flores Dia atrás

    Asgard in the MCU is flat,just ask Thor and Loki!!🤣🤣🤣

  • SirSethery
    SirSethery Dia atrás +1

    This is actually remarkably similar to a conversation I’ve had with a flat earther. They were a generally smart and really nice person, but I was completely at a loss trying to explain why a plane doesn’t have to turn down every few minutes. It feels like trying to explain why things move when you push them. And they were just refusing to understand it, like they were too proud of this “secret knowledge” to let it be questioned.

  • Hurricane Studios
    Hurricane Studios Dia atrás +1

    You didn’t have to make a video on this. It’s obvious.

  • STARWARS1234
    STARWARS1234 Dia atrás +1

    How do people think the earth is flat?

  • lychee luv
    lychee luv Dia atrás +1

    But why would the government lie about the earth being round?

  • TylerPlays123 Game
    TylerPlays123 Game Dia atrás +1

    Of earth was flat there would be no magnetic pull

  • Craig List
    Craig List Dia atrás


  • Farhad Keyvan ghazvini
    Farhad Keyvan ghazvini Dia atrás

    The only thing you replied to your mother was, it's been scientifically proven. How?!? For instance you can see the ship with a telescope for more than the curviture should allow you to see

  • Christopher
    Christopher Dia atrás

    Round Earthers Are Dead Wrong. No one can prove it to be round.

    • worm 4769
      worm 4769 8 horas atrás

      There are literal pictures of the Earth from space.

    • Gracekk24PL
      Gracekk24PL 11 horas atrás +1

      One word that basically should end the conversation

    • happy muttonchop
      happy muttonchop Dia atrás +3

      It's trivial for anyone of nearly normal intelligence to prove the earth is a sphere and can not be flat. Maybe you can find someone that can help you.

  • Thenoobgamer76_ 2
    Thenoobgamer76_ 2 Dia atrás

    Everyone who disliked this video is a flat earther

  • Alexander Tomilov
    Alexander Tomilov Dia atrás +3

    I am indeed disappointed with the flat earth society which does not use math correctly and indeed I would want them to be taken to space to see for themselves how the earth is not flat their ignorance dumbfounds me and even more so is counter intuitive to the progression of humanity as a whole with the idea of earth being flat which was proven many years ago to not be true even during the time of the Greeks

    • coolguy 284
      coolguy 284 4 horas atrás

      It's very easy to ignore evidence and come up with pet theories that are confirmed by confirmation bias. It's much harder to set aside that bias and truly look at everything objectively. Even if you know that the earth is round, there may still be other things that you don't know the truth about due to confirmation bias and such, as it's only human to have confirmation bias.

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute Dia atrás

    And if the sun and moon are going around the earth, their would never either never be eclipsed or be one every day

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute Dia atrás

    Also, don't magnets need gravity?
    I'm only in sixth grad and school just got canceled, so I don't know yet.

  • Name Name
    Name Name Dia atrás

    Lol I just went to globe busters comment section and started proving people wrong. Now I’m waiting for replies.
    It’s such a big relief to start seeing comments by people who have a brain.
    I got really tired of seeing idiots commenting in there

  • Kylie Collins
    Kylie Collins Dia atrás

    Imagine if gravity pulled the sun and all the planets closer to earth

  • 2025-Robert Ciotti
    2025-Robert Ciotti Dia atrás

    why the f do u need a video to prove his

  • Fukuro
    Fukuro Dia atrás

    Never thought we would have to explain this

  • JamesDragon576
    JamesDragon576 Dia atrás

    The earth is actually flat😱🤯🤯🤣🤣

  • Jeremiah Hall
    Jeremiah Hall Dia atrás

    Yes Flat earth!

    • happy muttonchop
      happy muttonchop Dia atrás +1

      Yes flat earth is a scam on the gullible and delusional.

  • David C.
    David C. Dia atrás +1

    The earth is dinosaur shaped.

  • bruce nassar
    bruce nassar Dia atrás +1

    but but the ice wall keeps the water in

  • Capital Bratwurst
    Capital Bratwurst Dia atrás

    Sadder than flat earthers are people that get off on ridiculing them. This video is the best I've seen so far in terms of factual arguments and summarizing a typical fe-mindset. But feeling superior and smart over someone who blatantly ignores science is pathetic nonetheless.

  • Toasteddd Toast
    Toasteddd Toast Dia atrás

    Flat earthers are the one kid that got picked last during PE

  • Roddny Jones
    Roddny Jones Dia atrás +1

    The flat Earth theory people are the same ones that think that the Coronavirus wont do as much damage as ebola and the black plague.
    You only believe what these politicians and news outlets tell you. Keep in prayer because these pestilences are prophetic and WILL get worst😔🙏

    • happy muttonchop
      happy muttonchop Dia atrás

      I don't know about your superstitious mumbo jumbo, but this is definitely going to get worse before it gets better.

  • Alfonsus Magnus
    Alfonsus Magnus Dia atrás +1

    Idiot flat earthers

  • The David Beast
    The David Beast Dia atrás +6

    The guy explaining how the earth is not flat

    Flat Earthers: *Angry Noises*

  • Blacksmith Hero7
    Blacksmith Hero7 Dia atrás

    I hate flat earthers, thinking the earth is flat.

  • New Wave Production
    New Wave Production Dia atrás

    Never have I ever heard a flat earther claim the Pac-Man theory. This video is full of half truths to make the flat earth POV look crazy. And for the record we aren’t allowed to fly over Antartica because of environmental concerns. Look up Antartica treaty for reference. To believe this treaty is written in truth is to believe that Soviet Russia and North Korea care about the penguins. In addition it also means you believe no nation (as greedy as they are) would care to use Antartica’s resources. Apply these terms and conditions with their participating parties to any other spot on earth and it’s laughable.

    • Gracekk24PL
      Gracekk24PL 11 horas atrás

      Let that sink in

    • happy muttonchop
      happy muttonchop Dia atrás +4

      Flattards don't need any help looking crazy.
      Where in the Antarctic treaty does it say we're can't fly over it?

  • Ms. Japan
    Ms. Japan Dia atrás

    If the earth is flat... where is antactica

    • SSM4 Bloopers
      SSM4 Bloopers Dia atrás

      where is australia too?

    • SoupHater27 Good morning
      SoupHater27 Good morning Dia atrás

      grahvis earth is not flat

    • grahvis
      grahvis Dia atrás

      More to the point, how is it there is a spot called the South Pole where the Sun can be seen circling round it for 24 hours a day during the southern summer.