I Gave My Best Friend An Extreme Body Makeover

  • Publicado em 10 Dez 2018
  • Welcome to my new series, where I help guide someone through the fitness makeover of their dreams!
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  8 meses atrás +5013

    I hope you guys love my brand new series! What other things would you like to see in upcoming episodes? :D Follow Olivia via her socials in the description!!! She kicked ass in this challenge :)

    • Jessie J 271
      Jessie J 271 26 dias atrás

      You should travel to different cities and work with subscribers like *cough cough* me!! In Boston!!

    • Ashleigh Berger
      Ashleigh Berger Mês atrás

      Would you be willing to do this with a single mom of 2 ??

    • Humaira Waseem
      Humaira Waseem Mês atrás

      I want meet you from pakistan

    • Mariah Sullen
      Mariah Sullen Mês atrás

      Michelle Khare
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  • Hannah Kirby
    Hannah Kirby 3 horas atrás

    why is it a makeover to become skinny, THIS IS DISGUSTING. stop being fat phobic u dumb fuck

  • Justice 2017
    Justice 2017 3 horas atrás

    Looks like tanna mog

  • Brookolyn Alexis Newton
    Brookolyn Alexis Newton 6 horas atrás

    Awe! I love this video! So encouraging! 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Esther
    Esther 17 horas atrás

    oof she even looks beter than Kim K

  • jewel baticados
    jewel baticados Dia atrás

    she is so- wow! beautiful before, during, and after 💘

  • Diana_aka_queen eyy
    Diana_aka_queen eyy Dia atrás

    Omg your lips 👄 I live for it

  • C.N. Vitale
    C.N. Vitale Dia atrás

    does anyone know the name of the instrument that they use to measure the body fat?

  • Gitte Van de velde
    Gitte Van de velde 2 dias atrás

    I am underweight (borderline, at 1m66 and 47 kg) and I am pretty skinny thereofre and honestly I'd just like to gain a shit ton of muscle, being FIT, but...Like...How? How do you start doing that as a thin tiny young woman? There isn't a lot of content on that, muscle is geared towards men and 'become thinner through cardio and pilates' is always advertised towards women. I don't need that.

    By the way, I do some random squats and other easy 'do it quickly in the bathroom when you go to the toilet' exercices daily, and some stretching and yoga-like stuff, and some planks once in a while, and combined with low body fat I do have abs and stuff (I don't have a lot of fat to hide my muscle) because of that but I just want to know how actually fit I could get, instead of just being 'relatively toned'. I have started just eating a little more and making sure I get a lot of 'healthy' food in there and exercising more and giving myself excuses to not sit down, but honestly, actually doing stuff at a gym and getting into nutrition hardcore is simply intimidating because I already being thin and relatively fit I am not the person who it is expected from.

  • crystal espinoza
    crystal espinoza 2 dias atrás

    Wow she looks so good 😍😍😍

  • Belinda Achieng
    Belinda Achieng 2 dias atrás

    i think imma need this kinda transformation too

  • aishwarya sen
    aishwarya sen 2 dias atrás

    The nutritionist though *heart eyes*

  • c p
    c p 3 dias atrás

    very inspiring! thank you for sharing

  • Isti I.B
    Isti I.B 3 dias atrás

    Happy n beautiful

  • It’s Yari
    It’s Yari 3 dias atrás

    i’m almost 170 pounds and i’m only 12 idk how i don’t even eat that much and it’s not like i’m not active idk what to do😕

  • Sapir Angel
    Sapir Angel 4 dias atrás

    She’s a bombshell

  • Tonia Murray
    Tonia Murray 5 dias atrás +3

    The body fat percentages always seem inaccurate. 16 percent is so low for a woman. You'd be able to see clear ab, leg, back, and arm definition and vascularity by that point

    • Tonia Murray
      Tonia Murray 3 dias atrás

      @Aya Hassan Definitely, the transformation is highly over exaggerated just like most of these videos. She looks about 28% before and about 25% afterwards.

    • Aya Hassan
      Aya Hassan 3 dias atrás +1

      Sonia Murray I don't think body fat percentage was measured right

  • Lyla Cin
    Lyla Cin 6 dias atrás

    I get it, J.Lo is my Beyoncé. I really like J.Lo, so beautiful and hardworking. I wanna be like that too😊
    Edit: I really like mayo too! It's ok in keto. Proud of you, you look great and beautiful!

  • Juju Apples
    Juju Apples 6 dias atrás

    Olivia is honestly one of THE most beautiful and truly adorable people out there :')

  • Brown Girls
    Brown Girls 7 dias atrás +1

    Hey Michelle
    I am trying to loose weight through workouts but failed. Can you help me out

  • cessa g
    cessa g 7 dias atrás

    okay this really inspired me

  • ghostie7790
    ghostie7790 8 dias atrás

    She was on buzzfeed right?

  • Lau Domínguez
    Lau Domínguez 8 dias atrás +1

    Things that celebrities have that makes it easier: personal chefs, drivers, assistants and MONEY.

  • Isabel nunez
    Isabel nunez 8 dias atrás

    She looks like iggy Ezelia and tana Mojo combined also I know I probably spelled there names wrong but it’s okay

  • AmeliaRose Music
    AmeliaRose Music 9 dias atrás

    Do you or Film Fit have Olivia's workout routine anywhere, with specific workouts and stuff? What i saw in the video i think is stuff that id love to try so id love to see a breakdown of the workouts?

  • hanna Allen odonnell
    hanna Allen odonnell 9 dias atrás

    what are you using for meal planning?

  • Skyler 2487
    Skyler 2487 9 dias atrás

    Damn girl you rock that black dress!! Keep up the great work, I support you!!!🤗😄

    You know to be honest I wish I had a trainer to help keep me on task and help me lose the weight I've always have tried but I can never stick with it I either get to busy or I have no one who thinks I can do it. So if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you

  • LEON
    LEON 9 dias atrás

    She is sooo beautiful

  • Lauren Lowery
    Lauren Lowery 9 dias atrás

    Im trying to lose weight but I just dont believe in myself. All I want is a flat stomach but...I dont know
    Olivia is gorgeous i mean her face, body. But im not like that

  • Jillian Jacques
    Jillian Jacques 9 dias atrás

    I had this huge moment, one that Olivia maybe had too with how quickly she saw results. I spent so much time continuing to treat myself like shit because I was convinced I was just naturally chubby. I started at exactly 175 lbs a few weeks ago and I've been losing about 3 lbs a week like Olivia was. Seeing such dramatic results I just had this moment where I broke down because I felt like this whole time my body had been SCREAMING at me to take care of it and I was just being complacent to my own physical decline. My body was relishing in the fact that for the first time in my life I wasn't abusing myself by completely ignoring my own needs and I felt so guilty.

  • Jinny CanFly
    Jinny CanFly 10 dias atrás

    I went from 188 lb to 165 lb in less than 5 months 💪🏻✨ My goal is to be at 140 lb by christmas ( I’m 5’6 )

  • Rahul Patel
    Rahul Patel 10 dias atrás

    Of all of your extreme body transformations videos, this is my favourite.. just look at that change and the energy in her and her confidence is sky high.. When i saw the before and after photos, i was so stunned but at the same time I could notice those changes all though the video, that her face started appearing slimmer and her belly went in and damn those biceps.. Man this is so motivating..

  • h 2
    h 2 11 dias atrás

    wow! probably one of the most impactful transformation videos I have ever seen. well done Miss Khare and your stunningly beautiful friend Ms Maree (was it).

  • Hannah Maria
    Hannah Maria 13 dias atrás

    she's stunning! Ahhh so happy for her!

  • Tawnni Cisneros
    Tawnni Cisneros 14 dias atrás

    I NEED her meal plan 😭

  • Яна Русских
    Яна Русских 14 dias atrás

    Girl, you are such a Beyonce! Hardworking, determined and glowing! Gorgeous!

  • MissNurki
    MissNurki 14 dias atrás +1

    Also how does someone have THOSE lips, my god, so beautiful!

  • kayla
    kayla 15 dias atrás

    I’ve literally watched this video 15 times because it motivates me so much 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Camilla Uiterwijk
    Camilla Uiterwijk 16 dias atrás

    I love how Michelle Always does the workouts with them such a boss!

  • Camilla Uiterwijk
    Camilla Uiterwijk 16 dias atrás

    Omg that black dress was perfect on her. It really showed off her awesome curves

  • Lexa Sadowski
    Lexa Sadowski 17 dias atrás

    Hooold up
    Why the heck is she so pretty

  • Lol Animations
    Lol Animations 17 dias atrás +1

    im watching these daily to inspire myself to continue my work out and diet consider me fucking inspired lol

  • June
    June 17 dias atrás +1

    she’s needs to be a model like yassss

  • Avery A
    Avery A 17 dias atrás


  • Agahahbsbs Babsbdbdbf
    Agahahbsbs Babsbdbdbf 17 dias atrás +1

    You both are STUNNING💞

  • Ayse Berber
    Ayse Berber 17 dias atrás

    she is damn beautiful

  • OggaBoogaArts
    OggaBoogaArts 17 dias atrás

    wtf she’s so pretty-

  • Ishma Mumtaz
    Ishma Mumtaz 17 dias atrás +1

    Amazing.. respect

  • Itzel Aportella
    Itzel Aportella 18 dias atrás

    How many weeks was this??

  • chlomit elkyess
    chlomit elkyess 18 dias atrás

    Omg you look so good omg 🤭🤭🤭

  • Hannah Williams
    Hannah Williams 18 dias atrás +1

    Michelle and Olivia look amazing and gorgeous 💝❤️💗

  • yoli oussanov
    yoli oussanov 18 dias atrás

    How much do they charge you? Does anyone know?

  • just grace
    just grace 19 dias atrás

    She is so gorgeous!!

  • Tammy Long
    Tammy Long 19 dias atrás +1

    Me getting inspired to workout now... but continues to watch BRclip and eat out of bordom
    Edit: dont worry, I'm not as lazy as I sound

  • María Burgos
    María Burgos 19 dias atrás

    Olivia is such a **BOMB**

  • Kara Cruz
    Kara Cruz 20 dias atrás

    So happy for her !!!

  • sherialkiller 98
    sherialkiller 98 21 dia atrás

    That nutrisionist is sooo Hot

  • Aisha Marie
    Aisha Marie 21 dia atrás

    Wow her body transformation 😳👏🏼👏🏼

  • Emma Beell
    Emma Beell 21 dia atrás

    Give me a fucking body make over

  • Nina Rindfuss
    Nina Rindfuss 22 dias atrás


  • Reeva A.
    Reeva A. 22 dias atrás

    can i be r best friend? lol for at least a month i wanna get FIT

  • Danielle McManus
    Danielle McManus 22 dias atrás

    She looks like Gabbie Hanna and tana m

  • Gacha Kitty
    Gacha Kitty 22 dias atrás

    Literally my name is Olivia Marie Moses

  • Tracy and Mya
    Tracy and Mya 22 dias atrás

    Do more extreme body makeover

  • Natalia Toledo
    Natalia Toledo 23 dias atrás +1

    Omg her results were absolutely amazing!!! So inspiring

  • Caitlyn Faith
    Caitlyn Faith 23 dias atrás

    Almost skipped going to the gym today and then this video popped up on my suggested list

    VICTORYA LEVITSKAYA 23 dias atrás +1

    olivia u r amazing

  • Holly Wisniewski
    Holly Wisniewski 23 dias atrás

    Love Olivia!

  • Lindsey Boyle
    Lindsey Boyle 24 dias atrás +3

    yo she's really freaking pretty
    i am so gay

  • Elena Barti
    Elena Barti 24 dias atrás

    I love the series and I think Michelle is doing a great job, but a thing I have noticed that seems a bit exaggerated are the body fat percentages. For females, 24% body fat is considered 'fitness' level and 16% is athlete. At 16% most people have a very visible six pack for example. I know she used to be a dancer but that's one thing and 16% body fat is another. The same thing was mentioned by other people on the episode with her boyfriend saying he was aiming to get down to 9% body fat which is the body fat percentage of male athletes. I am by no means trying to body shame anybody and I think both her boyfriend and best friend have done a great job, but I do think it's misleading to people who don't have a background in nutrition or fitness.

  • IGAV gymnastics
    IGAV gymnastics 24 dias atrás +6

    Each like= a workout
    Each reply= a day without junk food
    No one will see this so

    • Whisper N.
      Whisper N. 23 dias atrás

      IGAV gymnastics no junk food

  • Taylor Orris
    Taylor Orris 24 dias atrás

    I’m 14 years old and I weigh 176 and I just started doing 75 squats! (4 days going strong) I’m so unhappy with my body...

  • Violeta Rodriguez
    Violeta Rodriguez 24 dias atrás +1

    A nutritionist would hate me (I’m such a picky eater)😂

  • Aziza Musa
    Aziza Musa 25 dias atrás

    @mitchelle Khare please take me as your next challenge I really need to get in shape but can’t afford to go to the gym. Please help.......

  • Elizabeth Spain
    Elizabeth Spain 25 dias atrás

    I come here and to Jazzmyne's video to know I'm not alone :)