Lawmakers face pressure to tackle health care after voters ranked it top issue in midterms

  • Publicado em 15 Nov 2018
  • Health care is set to be a key issue for lawmakers in the new year. CBS News exit polling showed it was voters' No. 1 concern in the midterm elections. Sarah Jane Tribble, senior correspondent for Kaiser Health News, joins Red & Blue to discuss if we could see compromise in the future.

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  • Kathryn Boyle
    Kathryn Boyle Mês atrás

    It won't be! It was all a lie!!!!! DEMOCRATS promise. And DEMOCRATS OBSTRUCT!!!!!!!!

  • Tim England
    Tim England Mês atrás

    Montana didn't vote against medicaid expansion. We voted against taxing a minor percent of total retail customers and singling out a specific industry to finance it!

  • Joseph Boyat
    Joseph Boyat Mês atrás

    The feminists and marxists will never have enough of working mens' money to pay for the women and immigrants who think they're entitled to it.

  • Willy Wood
    Willy Wood Mês atrás

    It's funny this chart reflects what is most important to the American people, yet CNN still reads it from the bottom up when reporting for the American people.

  • Joseph D
    Joseph D Mês atrás

    We are never going to pay a fine for not having health insurance ever again.

    • slofool
      slofool Mês atrás

      Waiting for them to end the taxpayer ER visits.

    • Lor M.
      Lor M. Mês atrás

      Thank our president for that

  • Lynette Danley
    Lynette Danley Mês atrás +7

    “Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.”
    🇺🇸James A. Baldwin

  • Non Sibi Sed Patriae
    Non Sibi Sed Patriae Mês atrás

    YES INDEEDY!! National Health Care is #1. Support it and we all [Except for the Party of Trump!] win.

  • blanca Jesus Christ
    blanca Jesus Christ Mês atrás +4

    Republikkkans health care is for everyone to just die ASAP!!!!!................ BDS!!!!

    • Lor M.
      Lor M. Mês atrás +1

      Are you willing to pay high health insurance premiums and high deductibles I doubt it

  • Alamo Defender
    Alamo Defender Mês atrás

    Democrats will not tackle any health care, Tax Reform or anything else, until they finish with their 85+ investigations of Trump, they expect it will take up to 2 years in 2020 just in time for elections, when they can brag of their Accomplishments.

    • Joe Villaflores
      Joe Villaflores Mês atrás

      zero oversight for two years to anything, what do you expect ? Not gutting or defunding medicare, medicaid and ACA is enough to cheer about.... if your state voted for expansion, it needs funding... defunding it makes the expansion impossible... which means they gonna get more money through taxes from..
      A. Upper class
      B Middle class
      C Lower class

    • Alamo Defender
      Alamo Defender Mês atrás

      Lor M.
      I am not stupid, I am a Deplorable Redneck Hillbilly with Common Sense.....

    • Lor M.
      Lor M. Mês atrás +1

      The Democrats don't do anything
      And people still vote for them how stupid can you be