True Confessions with Matthew McConaughey


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  • JaneJane
    JaneJane 20 horas atrás

    6:13 ...Well that escalated quickly..ahahahaha

  • Lava 321
    Lava 321 20 horas atrás

    I honestly thought you was telling the truth when he said Kanye when he was in his trunk until he mentioned the detail of what type of car they were in and then I was like yep he's over selling it it can't be true and I was right

  • Jacob Ironclad
    Jacob Ironclad Dia atrás

    It's like the Colosseum whenever something important was going on, fights and stupid entertainment would rise to distract the Roman populace

  • Michelle Ramirez
    Michelle Ramirez Dia atrás

    Damnnn that was goodo

  • Gerardo Villarreal
    Gerardo Villarreal 2 dias atrás

    Tarik is so far the best player in this game. He's such a good liar.

  • Jaclyn M
    Jaclyn M 2 dias atrás

    Cd RAM hah

  • Tha1Was2asy
    Tha1Was2asy 2 dias atrás

    I’m a simple guy I see Matthew I click

  • Kevin Petersen
    Kevin Petersen 3 dias atrás

    Can't hop in the trunk if the engine there

  • Hlalumi Dalingozi
    Hlalumi Dalingozi 3 dias atrás

    damn!!!! Tariq a pretty damn good liar!!!

  • Lisa Alkire
    Lisa Alkire 5 dias atrás

    Did he just tell us a story about how he killed his dog in the Grand Canyon?

  • S P
    S P 5 dias atrás

    15 feet lol

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 6 dias atrás

    They don't show part 2 where Jimmy says "I once told a story without laughing" and Tarik and Matthew both just immediately say "Lie!!".

  • MissLilyputt
    MissLilyputt 7 dias atrás

    McConaughey can just read from a dictionary and I’d listen to him.

  • B Ë T T Ÿ P Å Š T Ā
    B Ë T T Ÿ P Å Š T Ā 8 dias atrás

    Tarik with the all time lie right there

  • Liv Payne
    Liv Payne 8 dias atrás

    Gustavo: you remind me of Matthew McConaughey, I CANT STAND MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY ( please tell me someone gets that reference)

  • PokerJolly1
    PokerJolly1 8 dias atrás

    i feel like they all drunk or stoned😂

  • Trevor Setzer
    Trevor Setzer 9 dias atrás

    A porshe cayenne doesn't have a trunk. its an suv.

  • Ricky 18
    Ricky 18 10 dias atrás

    Isn’t the trunk of a Porsche in the front ? Lol

  • Le Chiffre
    Le Chiffre 11 dias atrás

    true confessions with mathew is good but true detective with him back is what we want

  • Jennifer Piper
    Jennifer Piper 13 dias atrás

    Soon as Tarik said "2004 Porsche Cayenne" I knew it was a lie. The Cayenne has a hatch back, not a trunk!

  • Chaosal Rpd
    Chaosal Rpd 15 dias atrás

    I thought that Tarik was telling the truth until he said it was a Porsche, because no one can fit in the trunk of a Porsche

  • Chanel S K Alexanderia
    Chanel S K Alexanderia 16 dias atrás

    Matthew McConaughey is so fuckn sexy omg seriously I would marry him today like right now drop everything and just say yes lol 😂 a little bit of a thirst but hey it's Matthew McConaughey lol

  • Jennifer Reid
    Jennifer Reid 16 dias atrás

    Cayenne doesn't have a trunk. It's an SUV. Know your cars Jimmie!!

  • Julie Hoffman
    Julie Hoffman 16 dias atrás

    The trunk?

  • Spiritualvibes only
    Spiritualvibes only 17 dias atrás

    This is an odd statement BUT,
    I find it interesting how Jimmy stated that cell phones weren't really popular back then so everyone wanted an autograph. He's 100% right....everyone wants a picture now.

  • Kevin Mwari
    Kevin Mwari 18 dias atrás

    This has to be the best confession in the show

  • Rainbow Writer
    Rainbow Writer 18 dias atrás

    Im just glad Matthew stopped doing creepy car commercials

  • J Bradwell
    J Bradwell 18 dias atrás

    Cayennes dont have trunks lol

  • jldude84
    jldude84 19 dias atrás

    Porsche Cayenne ain't got no trunk it's an SUV.

  • Prentice USAF
    Prentice USAF 20 dias atrás

    I knew it was a lie when he used the word Porsche

  • Matt Billy
    Matt Billy 20 dias atrás

    Tariq is so good that it's almost scary

  • Jamie D.
    Jamie D. 21 dia atrás

    "And if it ain't it oughta be" LOL

  • Alice from wonderland
    Alice from wonderland 22 dias atrás

    When he started talking about details, Mathew already new he was saying a lie.

  • Daniel Hernández
    Daniel Hernández 24 dias atrás

    "Im not gonna mention it" the sneaker store

  • Amy Kemp
    Amy Kemp 26 dias atrás

    I literally can't believe Matthew McConaughey's life

  • Fenris17
    Fenris17 29 dias atrás

    that hand shake lmao

  • Jasmine Kaprelian
    Jasmine Kaprelian Mês atrás +1

    He literally said i had comens next to me and then he said i dila was in the car w me

  • mmon56
    mmon56 Mês atrás

    Porsche cayennes didn’t exist in 2004 you s**** fu**s

  • Taren Sosa
    Taren Sosa Mês atrás +1

    J dilla is a legend

  • Brandon Barber
    Brandon Barber Mês atrás

    Pourche has the engine in the trunk, i sniffed that lie out

  • ferny castillo
    ferny castillo Mês atrás

    I got all three wrong lol

  • MBix
    MBix Mês atrás

    McConaughey knew the last one was a lie

  • Tony Key
    Tony Key Mês atrás +4

    Cant believe Black Thought added The god J Dilla in his lie! The audacity! Lol

  • Manuel Escalante
    Manuel Escalante Mês atrás +1

    the immortal Rustin Cohle

  • Tyler Illis
    Tyler Illis Mês atrás

    Tariq is spelled wrong

  • Uwa Izekor
    Uwa Izekor Mês atrás

    the way MAtthew said J dila! lmaoooo

  • Cameron Speer
    Cameron Speer Mês atrás

    I’m sure this was mentioned already, but these guys clearly don’t know their cars. Tarik kept pointing backwards to “the trunk” but Porsche’s engines are in the back. The trunk is up front. 😂

  • Lucia Andy
    Lucia Andy Mês atrás

    Jimmy Fallon team probably watch Graham norton( or some show) lol wonder if Jimmy already knew

  • Bob Billy
    Bob Billy Mês atrás

    "If it ain't it outta"
    No smoother words have ever been spoken

  • IronRyan
    IronRyan Mês atrás

    Yo this needs to be a whole show!

    TORULEZ10 Mês atrás

    Got a Justin Timberlake commercial before the video.. means this is about to be great!

  • Derick Ellsworth
    Derick Ellsworth Mês atrás

    I knew he was lying when he said it was a porsche, the trunk is under the hood. He said ye went through the back

  • Chef Wavy
    Chef Wavy Mês atrás

    si the black man lied 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Mason Goldwater
    Mason Goldwater Mês atrás

    Last one was definitely a lie I could tell cause that’s how I lie lmao

  • Shawn
    Shawn Mês atrás

    is the smoke real??

  • Jim meh
    Jim meh Mês atrás

    Leading the witness

  • Frances
    Frances Mês atrás

    Is this just a rip off of "would I lie to you?"

  • Acanadian Dude
    Acanadian Dude Mês atrás +1

    Matthew is a great story teller

  • JJ pink31
    JJ pink31 Mês atrás

    I thought Matthew McConaughey story was such a lie, b/c Im like this can't be true. Also he his the perfect person to be in True Confession

  • Jasmine Krista
    Jasmine Krista Mês atrás

    My mouth dropped with the very first one.

  • Rachel Boehm
    Rachel Boehm Mês atrás +1

    It was so funny when Tarik said “I once drove around with Kanye West in the back of my car” and jimmy couldn’t stop laughing and Matthew and Tarik just kept talking 😂

  • Kyle Kyle
    Kyle Kyle Mês atrás

    Chayennes don’t have a big enough trunk to fit a person that’s how I knew

  • alexandarmakxmov
    alexandarmakxmov Mês atrás

    WTF kind of British television moment is this??? Be original maan! (Would i lie to you) reference...

  • Sho Nuff
    Sho Nuff Mês atrás

    McConaughey is great. A good conservative Texan.

  • David Jaime
    David Jaime Mês atrás

    that may 100% be a story that Matthew McConaughey tells people, but I don't believe it for second.

  • Godcaly123
    Godcaly123 Mês atrás

    I would've caught him in the lie when he said it was a 2004 Porsche Cayanne, the engines are in the back not the front and the front trunks on those cars are way too small and uncomfortable to be in lol.

  • Medical Opinions
    Medical Opinions Mês atrás

    I grew up with 3 NHL hockey players and I wasn't supposed to be as good as I was. I was getting ready to get drafted but then I hurt my shoulder and knee during a shit hockey tournament that wasn't even on the radar. I went to a business school and only a handful of people ever knew how good I was... I now work in medical sales and my life is a total 360... truth or lie : )

  • Willy Wood
    Willy Wood Mês atrás

    Sorry Mathew, they aren't rams. They are Big Horn Sheep.

  • vic ferg
    vic ferg Mês atrás +1

    Matthew McConaughey told that story on the graham norton show.


    @ 1:37 ... that's when i knew matthew was telling the truth

  • Fifthelement203
    Fifthelement203 Mês atrás

    That story from Matthew was so outrageous it had to be true

  • Cryptonian
    Cryptonian Mês atrás

    tarik's his gf/wife better be carefull

  • Changchang Chia
    Changchang Chia Mês atrás

    detect lose appreciate tgdxqtz terrorist satisfaction recently description federal chicken comedy

  • BubBaL00
    BubBaL00 Mês atrás

    i wonder if he could play willy wonka

  • Ryan Tse
    Ryan Tse Mês atrás

    Holy shit I thought McConaughey's story was fake

  • 7mandoblu
    7mandoblu Mês atrás

    M. McConaughey is the coolest celebrity. You can sit down with him over a beer and talk about anything and everything with him.

  • marie campbell
    marie campbell Mês atrás

    I love M.M.

  • Rifat Masud
    Rifat Masud Mês atrás

    Jimmy fallon is my motivation right there.

  • Brandon Martin
    Brandon Martin Mês atrás

    Shout out to dilla

  • Michael Coatney
    Michael Coatney Mês atrás

    Is it me, or does McConaughey seem like a pretty cool dude to share a beer with? * Plus, I like Lincolns ;) PLUS, Kanye in a trunk? BUT all those details and so rapidly and smoothly disseminated. BEST "true" confession yet!

  • strongpillow
    strongpillow Mês atrás

    Easily the best lie I've ever heard. That is totally something I could see Kanye doing too. Well done. Tarik!

  • Philip Mills
    Philip Mills Mês atrás

    The Cayenne is an SUV. So it doesn't have a trunk.

  • DopestArtista
    DopestArtista Mês atrás

    I can listen to McConaughey tell stories all day

  • Milind
    Milind Mês atrás

    I'm a simple man , I see Matthew and I close my eyes , my hand on my chest and hmmmmmm....hmmmhmmhmmmmm

  • Hayden Stidham
    Hayden Stidham Mês atrás

    Wouldve had to have been in the bonnet porsche is mid engine

  • Shadab Ahmed
    Shadab Ahmed Mês atrás

    when matt tells a story, you listen.

  • someoneAwesome
    someoneAwesome Mês atrás

    Didn't Jimmy do an interview with McConaughey where he told the same story? So every emotion in this video is staged?

  • Mike T
    Mike T Mês atrás

    He told that ram story on Graham Norton.

  • Freida Wimpee
    Freida Wimpee Mês atrás

    Too bad Kanye didn’t stay in the trunk.

  • sherifproduction
    sherifproduction Mês atrás

    I knew trunk story was a lie when he said it was in porshe and porshe has trunk infront and not in the back.

  • Ya Donovan
    Ya Donovan Mês atrás

    He gave away the Kanye one because he said “maybe today he would but this wasn’t today”

  • blondebutterfly84
    blondebutterfly84 Mês atrás

    Man. I for sure thought the ram one was a lie.

  • Karina Emilie Frandsen

    Matthew told that story before so kinda knew it was true 😂 got no clue when but it was crazy enough for me to remember it 😂

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown Mês atrás

    White supremacy at work again Jimmy and Mathew were telling the truth.Yet they set it up to make it look like Quest was a liar.

  • nu range
    nu range Mês atrás


  • Also Ryan
    Also Ryan Mês atrás

    Porsche is rear engined. The trunk is full of motor. No room for ye.

  • Kiwi Me
    Kiwi Me Mês atrás

    Im sorry for asking but what is Matthew accent?

  • Lorenzo Lima
    Lorenzo Lima Mês atrás


  • Joshua Zongte
    Joshua Zongte Mês atrás

    handshake fail 9:00

  • Sankhadip Mazumder
    Sankhadip Mazumder Mês atrás

    This story was already said by him in graham norton show , no wonder why jimmy got it straight away