Chris Pratt Knows The Best Card Trick Ever - The Graham Norton Show


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  • Online Education
    Online Education Hora atrás

    So great

  • Cam D
    Cam D 7 horas atrás

    I used to find Jennifer Lawrence so God damn hot, until my younger sister grew up to look like a clone of her. Totally ruined her for me.

  • Alex Thotse
    Alex Thotse 7 horas atrás

    Chris Pratt the man I got mad respect for Starlord🧐

  • yukineswan
    yukineswan 12 horas atrás

    Look at that thirst son. She'll never get it.

  • Сергей Ничеготакого

    How he did this trick, tell a secret!

  • nathan lie
    nathan lie Dia atrás

    i knew that trick a year before i watched this video and i used it to impress my friends XD

  • Ben7
    Ben7 Dia atrás +1

    Jennifer Lawrence just droped her pants after this one ...

  • Max Marshall
    Max Marshall Dia atrás

    completely new deck thats why is was shuffled and the seal was broken

  • Jairus Tucker
    Jairus Tucker 2 dias atrás

    That really tough

  • Aniket Pandharabale
    Aniket Pandharabale 2 dias atrás

    That was sick

  • wrotZlaff
    wrotZlaff 3 dias atrás

    how? o.O

  • Brendan Soh
    Brendan Soh 3 dias atrás

    Be careful with the Dark Arts.~Chris Patt

  • LonelyPianist
    LonelyPianist 3 dias atrás +1

    deck deck deck....

  • Non-toxic Poison
    Non-toxic Poison 3 dias atrás

    Jens was so impressed that she put down her glass of wine to clap...👏🏼

  • Konnor Robbescheuten
    Konnor Robbescheuten 3 dias atrás

    The best thing is behind the deck near the beginning

  • Stark Tony
    Stark Tony 4 dias atrás

    Chris should learn that more from Scott

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 5 dias atrás +1

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that he caused 1/2 the universe to die

  • LuL Gwahp
    LuL Gwahp 5 dias atrás

    He definitely boned jen Lawrence after

  • The anime persons .!?
    The anime persons .!? 5 dias atrás

    Wait a minute! Those two 4's can be seen on the "new deck" on back one front.

  • Jusumoner M
    Jusumoner M 5 dias atrás

    He just did the easiest trick ever ahah.

  • Chris Hall
    Chris Hall 5 dias atrás

    He did that trick the hard way

  • Harsh Kumar
    Harsh Kumar 6 dias atrás

    All I see is cleavage!

    ROZA ARTEM 6 dias atrás

    Jennifer is shook

  • logitechmk350
    logitechmk350 6 dias atrás +1

    Jennifer couldn't believe idiot man did it!

  • Inigo Mendoza
    Inigo Mendoza 7 dias atrás +6

    *What master do you serve?*

      ISAAC LOGIC 6 dias atrás

      Not lord Jesus that’s for sure

    EXTREMELY FUN AND FUNNY 7 dias atrás

    he trolls us😂

  • Michael Wight
    Michael Wight 7 dias atrás

    I wonder if he was telling the truth that it works 50% of the time. He could have after the four fails and asking which card Will has simply looked through the other deck, palmed the card and finished the trick making it more surprising. Which means if he picked the wrong deck he’d be screwed unless he had some sort of contingency plan.

  • SpiderKing2728
    SpiderKing2728 7 dias atrás

    Some one tell me how to do this

  • ReVeLaTiOn-_- Øg
    ReVeLaTiOn-_- Øg 7 dias atrás


  • tsrt ryu
    tsrt ryu 7 dias atrás

    2019 anyone?

  • Dowell Boys
    Dowell Boys 8 dias atrás

    This your card?
    Hell naw!

  • Jaacob Peterson
    Jaacob Peterson 8 dias atrás

    Chris evans can dance, Chris Pratt can do magic card tricks.

  • Eládio Oliveira
    Eládio Oliveira 8 dias atrás

    0:36 so anyone would like to magic search for dark arts

  • Akshit sinha
    Akshit sinha 8 dias atrás

    Jennifer Lawrence reaction Lol

  • dj james arundel
    dj james arundel 8 dias atrás

    A stoned Gold fish would beat will at a memory test

  • Marcus 11599
    Marcus 11599 8 dias atrás

    Him and Paul Rudd practice this in his free time

  • Ward Toledo
    Ward Toledo 8 dias atrás

    Doctor Strange doesn't stand a chance.

  • Noah Reaves
    Noah Reaves 9 dias atrás

    Chris Pratt subscribed to this channel. YOU SHOULD TOO!!!! :)

  • Kuroro Luxifer
    Kuroro Luxifer 9 dias atrás

    5:59 Jennifer was ready to bear his child.

  • Some girl on Youtube
    Some girl on Youtube 9 dias atrás

    Proof the deck was dealt with. Hav ee y o u ever opened a deck of cards a the first card was a 3

  • Vivek Banerjee
    Vivek Banerjee 9 dias atrás

    Bring Chris pat for now you see me 3

  • Marie J
    Marie J 9 dias atrás

    amazing!!!! Why should we all try to become righteous NOW? 2 Peter 2:4-9 (NIV) For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to HELL, putting them in chains of darkness to be held for judgment; if he did not spare the ancient world when he brought the flood on its UNGODLY people, but protected Noah, a preacher of righteousness, and seven others; if he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by BURNING THEM TO ASHES, and made them an example of WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE UNGODLY; and if he rescued Lot, a righteous man, who was distressed by the depraved conduct of the lawless (for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard)- if this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials and to hold the UNRIGHTEOUS for PUNISHMENT on the day of judgment. I know it is hard to do what is right all the time, but I want to warn you, so that you have time to change. Love ya!

  • AntoNeo1
    AntoNeo1 9 dias atrás

    Xmen meet guardian of the galaxy, yes please.

  • Edward Gonzalez
    Edward Gonzalez 9 dias atrás

    I tried this but i accidently added an extra card and knocked it out on accident

  • Hugo Errera
    Hugo Errera 9 dias atrás

    LOL he is so bad, he tried like 10 times

  • Bunch of Scrubs
    Bunch of Scrubs 10 dias atrás

    Jennifer needs to pick up her jaw off of the floor

  • Hasan Rony
    Hasan Rony 10 dias atrás

    This Was Fuckn Awesome

  • Sebi B
    Sebi B 10 dias atrás

    iam a guy and i totally love him🤣🤣🤣

  • Sam Conduct
    Sam Conduct 10 dias atrás

    Yes! I've found a source of ASMR.

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 10 dias atrás +1

    It Seems That He Is Good At UNO.

  • metacarpitan
    metacarpitan 11 dias atrás

    That was great

  • AussieAussieAussie OiOiOi
    AussieAussieAussie OiOiOi 11 dias atrás

    Only this man can fail eight times and leave me questioning humanity

  • Darren Ly
    Darren Ly 11 dias atrás

    If you guys want to know how he did it. Read at your own peril.

    It's a basic card trick and he is really good at keeping the audience distracted off his quick sleight of hand. You can see at 0:52 the camera zooms in on him flourishing through the deck and quickly remembers the first two cards which are Ace of Hearts and the 4 of Diamonds. He then quickly slides the 4 of Spades (at the bottom) on top of the 4 of Diamonds at 1:02. So from the top it goes: 4 of Spades, 4 of Diamonds, and the last card is the Ace of Hearts which Chris already knew. Everything else he did was a show because he already knew the card. When he was shuffling through the deck after William shuffled it, he was moving the Ace of Hearts to be the fourth card from the bottom. He then shows the bottom card and sets it down on the table, "burns" the second card to the top of the deck and shows the third card and when he sets down the third card he does a sleight of hand movement at 4:51 to move the third card out of the way and sets facedown the Ace of hearts. And the other two are for show and to build up the idea that Chris has lost the card. He is not yet done here. He then does it again a second time because the trick only works if the Ace of Hearts is at the bottom of the 4 cards. So he does the same thing. Shows the 3 of Clubs and does a sleight of hand at 5:25 to set down the Ace of Hearts and then everything is a show. You can see the 3 of Clubs again at 5:31 you will have to look closely. And now he engagesWilliama by fist bumping and having him hold pile between his ring and middle finger and smacks down on it revealing the Ace of Hearts.

  • hydra dbz
    hydra dbz 11 dias atrás

    Scott Lang: hold my beer

  • boostspike
    boostspike 11 dias atrás +1

    Why is Gamora

  • magnus Christensen
    magnus Christensen 11 dias atrás is fangirling over him so har but has to keep it to himself

  • William Hackett
    William Hackett 11 dias atrás

    It may be a whole new deck; but it has been manipulated in advance. At :52 you can see the bottom of the deck and there is a 4 of spades. On a new "untouched" deck there would be a King of Spades.

  • Alperen Yazan
    Alperen Yazan 11 dias atrás

    that reminded me the meme ''they got us in the first half not gonna lie''

  • Adam Šámal
    Adam Šámal 11 dias atrás

    Why do I find him looking like Corey Tylor a bit?😁😁

  • Kyle Gifford
    Kyle Gifford 11 dias atrás

    Jennifer Lawrence's face is priceless when Chris Pratt pulls the card trick off

  • Esaie Prince
    Esaie Prince 12 dias atrás

    Seeing only negative
    Living with the fact fist fought relative
    Taking time being more selective
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    Having DREAMS

  • Yousif Oraha
    Yousif Oraha 12 dias atrás

    He reminds me of Nathan Drake

  • mentai enthusiast
    mentai enthusiast 12 dias atrás

    He's so hilarious😂😂😂

  • Shawn Ashley
    Shawn Ashley 12 dias atrás +1

    I love how he acts like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he totally does

  • ICY J's
    ICY J's 12 dias atrás

    I saw the card upside down when he was putting it back in, chris saw it when he was looking through it

  • level 99 mafia boss
    level 99 mafia boss 12 dias atrás

    you cant even see wat he did cos how much he was talking

  • Wolfgang H
    Wolfgang H 12 dias atrás

    15 mio views... Why is that? And who is Chris Pratt?

    • i i
      i i 11 dias atrás

      Because he is the star lord ...he fights Thanos and killed the dinosaurs.

  • Jake Dressler
    Jake Dressler 13 dias atrás

    when he shuffles the deck you can see the 4 of diamonds at the top and 4 of spades at the bottom before he does the trick

  • Tropic
    Tropic 13 dias atrás

    I love how Jamie Oliver didn't react to his jokes and movements just stayed with a poker face

  • ThisIsGrayFox
    ThisIsGrayFox 13 dias atrás

    I want Will I Am to date Jennifer Lawrence

  • Jennifer Eddy
    Jennifer Eddy 13 dias atrás +1


  • Jennifer Eddy
    Jennifer Eddy 13 dias atrás +1


  • skippymon
    skippymon 13 dias atrás

    Who the Billy-no-mates to the right?

  • Selo Arremeto
    Selo Arremeto 13 dias atrás

    I love this guy such nice person

  • JS the Canuck
    JS the Canuck 13 dias atrás

    yo hol up what thats either best recovery i've witnessed or he planned it all along

  • perdana jaka
    perdana jaka 13 dias atrás

    My trick

  • Mckenna
    Mckenna 13 dias atrás

    Love Chris Pratt!

  • Anas Abdulla
    Anas Abdulla 13 dias atrás


  • koznee 2756
    koznee 2756 13 dias atrás

    The card was changed

  • seth ruiz
    seth ruiz 14 dias atrás

    Así o más guapo el mago😍😍😍

  • nick volvo
    nick volvo 14 dias atrás

    That was GREAT! side note: that guy Will doesn't know how to shuffle? Worse yet, doesn't know what an ace is?

  • Cas The Demon
    Cas The Demon 14 dias atrás

    I've known this trick since I was 8 having learned it from a pocket magic book from Scholastic. XD This is like the most elemental trick.

    • Con Cen
      Con Cen 12 dias atrás

      ya but no one knows who you are. And Chris just made Jen wet doing ever illicit that response?

  • Delilh
    Delilh 14 dias atrás

    3:41 Am I the only one who thought about Charlie's mother on It's Always Sunny?

  • Delilh
    Delilh 14 dias atrás

    It is actually good

  • Syed Shahon
    Syed Shahon 14 dias atrás

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  • Jackson Davis
    Jackson Davis 14 dias atrás


  • Monster Jack
    Monster Jack 14 dias atrás

    HELL NO!!

  • Suphasit Patthanakuha
    Suphasit Patthanakuha 15 dias atrás

    Since I haven't seen any top comments explaining the trick, I'll explain it:
    0:52 he goes thru the deck, memorizing the last 3 cards, which are: A, 4, 4 (this 4 being the top of the deck card)
    0:56 to make sure he got it right, he re-looks at the deck again to make sure he memorized the 1st 3 cards, Ace of Hearts being the 3rd card from the top
    All this time he's been just talking non-sense, "this is a deck of cards.. you haven't seen it.. I haven't seen it..." just to stall time and avoid people seeing him memorizing the cards
    1:08 he attempts to shuffle a couple of times, but he made sure that his top 3 cards are ALWAYS on top (his right hand cards always go over his left hand cards at the end, at every shuffle)
    1:37 he splits the decks into 3 piles, making sure that his top 3 cards are at the top of the middle pile
    1:57 he asks someone to put the top 2 cards into the 2 side piles, making sure that the 3rd card is the card that he "picks". This is the Ace of Hearts. He knew this since beginning.
    4:10 he arranges the deck so that he knew where the Ace of Hearts will be
    4:45 he "burns" a card. Why? Because he burned the 3 of spades(that he showed) but puts down the Ace of Hearts instead (we thought he put down the 3 of spades).
    rest of the trick is just a side track
    5:45 he puts the Ace of Hearts back at the bottom of this very tiny pile. Once you slap it, the last card is always the card that is left. Try it.

  • Lucifer PitchBlack
    Lucifer PitchBlack 15 dias atrás

    I like how he was sarcastic the while time cause the interviewer ask him to Do a card trick right there on the spot and he him self probably haven't done one in Years !

  • 93mawi
    93mawi 15 dias atrás

    Seriously? 😂😂 that trick is so stupid and easy :D you can learn that on BRclip in less than a day. Just like I did 😅

  • فيصل المالكي
    فيصل المالكي 15 dias atrás

    star lord everybody

  • Max Sterling
    Max Sterling 15 dias atrás

    Ace of hearts is the 3rd card from the top, and Chris already saw it at the very beginning. Anyone noticed when he shuffled the cards, he never did the top part?

  • Soumyajyoti Sarkar
    Soumyajyoti Sarkar 15 dias atrás

    Ahh... The boyfriend

  • Sirius Grim
    Sirius Grim 16 dias atrás

    I call this trick two fours - Or, to put it in a better way, "to force" - to force you to pick the card I want you to pick.

  • Lazar Blagojevic
    Lazar Blagojevic 16 dias atrás

    I think Jennifer came a little.

  • donplayleon
    donplayleon 16 dias atrás

    Black magic

  • Karis Kroeker
    Karis Kroeker 16 dias atrás

    Wait.... are you supposed to guess wrong in the beginning? l am confused....

  • Werner Voss
    Werner Voss 16 dias atrás

    He opens the cards and the fist one showing is a 4? No....not a new deck.

  • BiRDiE
    BiRDiE 16 dias atrás +1

    *Captivated yet?*