• Publicado em 17 Ago 2019
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    Have an idea for a compilation/montage or Sidemen Saturday, let us know below!
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  • Escapist's Voyage
    Escapist's Voyage 3 dias atrás

    Amsterdam 4K:

  • Flavoured Exotics
    Flavoured Exotics 3 dias atrás

    Yo lowkey that kid got some moves 😂

  • gaming tech GT
    gaming tech GT 4 dias atrás

    4:09 I regretted it,plz u do regret 😂

  • Sean Thorburn
    Sean Thorburn 4 dias atrás

    Song at 1.10?

  • XDgamer
    XDgamer 4 dias atrás

    harry sounds like tekkez when hes ill

  • Josh Phipps
    Josh Phipps 4 dias atrás

    Wow this is well edited

  • cool stev
    cool stev 4 dias atrás


  • Hahah Haha
    Hahah Haha 5 dias atrás

    4:00 😭

  • Naomi Baker
    Naomi Baker 7 dias atrás

    wats the song at 0:13 (the start)

  • jordan hulme
    jordan hulme 7 dias atrás

    Ethan's on it

  • David Chris
    David Chris 8 dias atrás

    well ofc the will be sick after 1 day in amsterdam walking with T shirts

  • Alex Z.
    Alex Z. 10 dias atrás +1

    Lol I'm Dutch

  • nick austinxfan
    nick austinxfan 10 dias atrás +1


    KSI FOLABI 10 dias atrás +6

    Who is here after KSI beats up Logan Paul

  • Aurnove Ghost
    Aurnove Ghost 11 dias atrás

    5:05 looks like Theo 🤣

  • Ruben Wolffenbuttel
    Ruben Wolffenbuttel 11 dias atrás

    i live in Amsterdam but didn't see you :(

  • Arturs Meiers
    Arturs Meiers 11 dias atrás

    come to latvija

  • ItzZ Harveyyy
    ItzZ Harveyyy 12 dias atrás +1

    Economy btw

  • Joe Suggs.x.x
    Joe Suggs.x.x 13 dias atrás

    Where’s Harry

  • pyro 0297
    pyro 0297 13 dias atrás


  • Romman Khanh
    Romman Khanh 13 dias atrás

    i went blind at 13:50

  • Core Kirson
    Core Kirson 13 dias atrás

    5:07 makes sense cause rangers are dead 💀 🍀🍀

  • Kert Allik
    Kert Allik 13 dias atrás

    "Sidemen spend 24 hours in 100k dollars"

  • HandsomeBerry
    HandsomeBerry 14 dias atrás

    6:01 not in Amsterdam ;)

  • KHF
    KHF 15 dias atrás +18

    JJ is lucky he didn’t get punched in the throat scaring people

  • eulinkpower
    eulinkpower 15 dias atrás

    Hey nederland gekste

  • Zac Louw
    Zac Louw 17 dias atrás

    Vik is that autistic friend who walks behind the group to avoid the sign poles

  • Bailey Holohan
    Bailey Holohan 17 dias atrás

    0:03 not anytime soon then

  • Hugo Gammon
    Hugo Gammon 17 dias atrás

    4:15 *LEAKED* jj and ethan THREESOME**(GONE SEXUAL)

  • Beau Leury
    Beau Leury 18 dias atrás

    sidemens coming to australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TonganWarrior 12S
    TonganWarrior 12S 18 dias atrás +6

    anyone watching this still thinking if they come australia AHAHA

  • Darren Lai
    Darren Lai 18 dias atrás +1

    Why is Simon posting a faze up while they're taking a pic with a fan

  • Henry Mgn
    Henry Mgn 18 dias atrás

    U gotta love jj

  • Jo Collins
    Jo Collins 19 dias atrás

    They’re going the longest way possible to the red light district😂😂😂

  • Ellie S
    Ellie S 20 dias atrás

    So pissed that I caught the yawn from Vik 😬

  • ReeceWB
    ReeceWB 21 dia atrás +12

    Ethan vikk and harry were so stoned in this vid. Going to amsterdam and the amounts of coughs in the vid also vikk was on about the herb

  • Xander Sorrentino
    Xander Sorrentino 22 dias atrás

    Why didn’t you go to den Haag dats epic city parks and shops Gucci Louis Vuitton and more

  • Anblue
    Anblue 22 dias atrás

    awokoawkoak dj gagak backsound nya

  • Martin Oj
    Martin Oj 25 dias atrás

    Yo jj scare count was funny

  • Fudgie Mcfadden
    Fudgie Mcfadden 28 dias atrás +1

    8 mins. in Ethans fried defo

  • K&M bro
    K&M bro Mês atrás +1

    whos ur fav sidemen

  • Abbatheboss
    Abbatheboss Mês atrás

    if i was here i shoulf of help you guys so that sucks
    bc im in belgium and they speak netherlands to there

  • Marco Arteaga
    Marco Arteaga Mês atrás

    1:49 reason why tobi is the worst sidemen...……….humor of an 11 year old I swear its nothing but cringe when tobi does anything

  • kaylee
    kaylee Mês atrás

    KSI makes things so awkward hahahah

  • BiG L
    BiG L Mês atrás

    Who's adding the music to these videos , cuz they are assss

  • Everyone
    Everyone Mês atrás

    ayyyyeee big weeeeedd

  • Ty Garland
    Ty Garland Mês atrás +1

    I hate it when KSI bullies fans, all Logan paul fans are just KSI fans that a KSI bullied so they went to kogan

  • Tompsu
    Tompsu Mês atrás +1

    HOLY SHIT did that guy in that blue shirt just throw his phone in the air randomly at 4:58 what kinda fucking madman is he

  • Stefan oudkerk
    Stefan oudkerk Mês atrás

    Amsterdam but no coffeeshop visit???

  • tezla
    tezla Mês atrás

    using an LA timescape in an amsterdam video... big brain time

  • Dubstep Mc BOSS
    Dubstep Mc BOSS Mês atrás

    You just know they got stoned there

  • BmXaydan
    BmXaydan Mês atrás


  • Steven Hayward
    Steven Hayward Mês atrás

    What’s the song at the start??

  • Richie haster
    Richie haster Mês atrás

    Somebody noticed that ksi give the streatmusican 100 euro 7:55. Gg wel done

  • Mr. HEAVEN Sir. Church
    Mr. HEAVEN Sir. Church Mês atrás +1

    Sidemen Hype Man Permanent Position Opening.
    Job Description: Early Riser Nuclear Levels of Energy From Dawn Past Dusk & Repeat.

  • Mohamed El Ahrami
    Mohamed El Ahrami Mês atrás +1


  • Shane
    Shane Mês atrás

    There all fucking backed lol

  • clank441
    clank441 Mês atrás

    Ksi scaring off all stoned people... classic.

  • Yorick Besselink
    Yorick Besselink Mês atrás

    G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  • Aviation_UK
    Aviation_UK Mês atrás

    5:05 rangers 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙