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Ramitheicon | Catching Fake Sneakers! (Compilation)

  • Publicado em 29 Jul 2023
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Comentários • 4 mil

  • @Ramitheicon
    @Ramitheicon  4 meses atrás +547

    Which Moment is Your Favorite?

  • @itsdarkgray
    @itsdarkgray 3 meses atrás +947

    'Some people just have too much pride to wear fakes', loved that one.
    Honestly, when people are selling shoes for 800$, 1k$... I respect those who buy reps to have a similar experience.
    The problem comes when these people want to sell their fakes and make money out of them.

    • @RonLarhz
      @RonLarhz 2 meses atrás +21

      I would wear fakes if they are comfortable and cost 50bucks.
      I used to wear fakes bcos they cheap but they hurt like fk. Until i discovered Skechers. I could get a pair for 50bucks during sale and it's authentic and supports my weight. The only down side is they dont come in traditional sneakers of the 2k gen(aka leather top). I hate these mesh uppers.

    • @NotKD35
      @NotKD35 2 meses atrás +4

      Fully agree. If they want to own them and wear them that’s great.. but they never need to sell them and put them “into circulation” to be sold again

    • @topwomble
      @topwomble 2 meses atrás +7

      The problem is that most people making and selling reps are using the money to fund other crimes

    • @Bighomiehobbs
      @Bighomiehobbs 2 meses atrás +8

      I have reps and I say they reps idgaf

    • @robertnielsen4949
      @robertnielsen4949 2 meses atrás +2

      How is that something you respect, with people knowing they are wearing fakes? Just wear regular shoes and save up to get real shoes if your heart desires.

  • @yungzigg
    @yungzigg 2 meses atrás +334

    Mad respect for how professional and respectful you are man. What a sad world we live in ppl making a comfortable ass living off of scamming innocent ppl who spend their hard earned money just hoping to get a pair of legit kicks.. ah

    • @Quazimo
      @Quazimo 2 meses atrás +4

      money is the root of all evil

    • @HairFIip
      @HairFIip 2 meses atrás +11

      Yeah, I mean if you're gonna sell fake shoes or replica shoes just tell the buyer that and sell for a fair price. I don't have a problem with fakes. Just people who try to sell them off as real for full price.

    • @W1ggumm
      @W1ggumm 2 meses atrás +4

      @@Quazimo The love of money is the root of all evil.

    • @Quazimo
      @Quazimo 2 meses atrás +1

      @@W1ggumm you literally need it to survive. so not exactly. we dont love money, we love the things we want and need in life. money divides us, money causes greed, money causes egos, money causes death, money can let you live. So, money is, the root of all evil.

    • @alysonfisher3611
      @alysonfisher3611 2 meses atrás

      I know about this stuff because I heard about it when the craze started way back when people were trying to get a certain pair of Jordan's that came out & how expensive they were. This was back when Jordan was still playing basketball. I also know that people collect the shoes, put them up, & sometimes try to resale them years later down the road. Then there are stores where the owner has bought used ones, professionally reconditioned them & then sets up a used resale shoe store for these popular shoes. So are these people buying the used shoes that have been reconditioned only to find they're fake? Or, are they trying to buy current popular Jordan's that are brand new & the current craze only to discover that they're fake? If it's the later, what reputable store would sake a fake used shoe...ie..purchasing brand new ones at a Nike store or other kind of sports store, or Neiman Marcus, etc.?

  • @zacharymichael9718
    @zacharymichael9718 2 meses atrás +594

    Not a show guy, but this dude is legit. Super professional, isn't rude to the scammers and clearly knows his stuff.

    • @jhulahula23rd48
      @jhulahula23rd48 2 meses atrás +22

      you never know whos a scammer and who got scammed and didnt realize yet 🤷🏽‍♂. I agree this guy is doing it right but thats how it always should be. I still give props to the guy for being professional though

    • @jumpinjojo
      @jumpinjojo Mês atrás +1

      I’m not a show guy, either.

    • @ssgbobbarnes
      @ssgbobbarnes 19 dias atrás

      How do you really know he knows his stuff? How do you know he’s not making it all up? The shoe paper being “too thick” seems very strange for someone to remember exactly for a particular shoe.

    • @jhulahula23rd48
      @jhulahula23rd48 14 dias atrás +2

      @@ssgbobbarnes I mean, have you ever seen him be wrong when he grabs one of his real pairs and compares them? Nothing about his videos shows hes wrong

  • @terp_de_slurp1184
    @terp_de_slurp1184 4 dias atrás +1

    I just recently found your videos. But I just have to say we need more kind and genuine people in this world like you.

  • @edyue1
    @edyue1 2 meses atrás +280

    This gentleman is the epitome of customer service, professionalism, respect and integrity. Good parenting

    • @itsbmeGaming
      @itsbmeGaming Mês atrás +3

      This. Also I loved the wholesome moment with the kid Legend.

  • @trobertson1092
    @trobertson1092 20 horas atrás +1

    I’m the father of a teenage boy and stumbling across these videos has been so intriguing….it’s also helped me with the “coolness” rating from my son by actually understanding the world of shoes ….fascinating to me is the cost of some of these and the network people really into this.
    Cheers for your videos and continued success!

  • @chrisbalondero
    @chrisbalondero 3 meses atrás +2718

    I’m not even into shoes but I watched the whole video for the respect and professionalism given to the clients.

  • @ChipJones421
    @ChipJones421 2 meses atrás +204

    I really appreciate and respect that you speak to the customers as a teacher. You're not stating matter-of-factly how and why they are fake and moving on. You're giving them clear cut examples and educating the consumer. Hats off.

    • @bigskydude8068
      @bigskydude8068 Mês atrás +5

      Think a lot of people need to get a a real job rather then trying to hustle fake tennis shoes..🤣😂

  • @stephendragon6721
    @stephendragon6721 2 meses atrás +123

    Thats awesome that you actually help people authenticate their shoes and detect fakes. I though this would be a video of someone clowning scammers but you are very respectful to everyone. Great work mate!!

    • @Phyzm1
      @Phyzm1 2 meses atrás +1

      It reminds me of a show like pawn stars but just with shoes and its actually real.

  • @samhowell6729
    @samhowell6729 3 meses atrás +307

    The mom was awesome. Wanting to make sure the shoes would be safe to wear, as well as watching out for her son wearing flashy shoes and not getting jumped. She rocks fr.

    • @stoneyj1a1
      @stoneyj1a1 3 meses atrás +19

      If you're worried about your kid getting jumped for sneakers, you're in the wrong neighborhood. You need to reevaluate your priorities in life and move, or save up money to move instead of blowing hundreds of dollars on basketball shoes.

    • @samhowell6729
      @samhowell6729 3 meses atrás +44

      @@stoneyj1a1 I’m not sure what your response is really about. 1) they were cheap fakes that aren’t even basketball shoes. 2) doesn’t matter where you live, people get robbed everywhere. 3) her checking on the validity of the shoes, structural integrity, not wanting him to wear them out too much, etc…shows she’s got her priorities straight…the safety of her kid.

    • @sleepisthecousinofdeath7395
      @sleepisthecousinofdeath7395 3 meses atrás +6

      @@stoneyj1a1there is a ghetto in every area code

  • @majalaughcomics6570
    @majalaughcomics6570 4 dias atrás

    I study your professionalism through these videos man. I recently found your channel, and with over 1M subs this message will probably get lost in the mix, but I just wanted to say you’re awesome, and inspiring. Great content from everyone involved on the channel!

  • @user-gf7lw7yq2z
    @user-gf7lw7yq2z 2 meses atrás +29

    It's fantastic that you genuinely assist individuals in identifying fakes and authenticating their shoes. I had assumed that this would be a video of someone making fun of con artists, yet you treat everyone with great respect. Fantastic work, man!

  • @NickC_222
    @NickC_222 2 meses atrás +94

    This dude is charismatic as hell. Got finesse coming out his ears lmao. Some dudes come into the store looking mean as hell but homie is so friendly and disarming that they don't even seem mad when he tells them he knows their shoes aren't real. Even the ones who are trying to trick him. That's a real life skill right there. Being able to get people to like you off jump is hard enough, but doing it while giving them bad news? Man, I envy that kind of charisma.

    • @CharlieTheWingman
      @CharlieTheWingman Mês atrás

      It’s the Rizz. He’s got that moxie that you can’t teach

    • @LiberalMindset
      @LiberalMindset 29 dias atrás +1

      It's not as hard as you think... just be nice, that's it... the fact that simply being a decent person is seen as a hard skill in today's world shows how far society has truly fallen🤦‍♂️

    • @Ishbikes
      @Ishbikes 22 dias atrás

      @@LiberalMindsetthese damn kids man 🤦🏾‍♂️ It’s madness,

    • @LeekedBeats
      @LeekedBeats 16 dias atrás

      He’s just talking normally, it’s not hard. Parents just aren’t teaching their kids how to be proper anymore.

  • @ericandrews1661
    @ericandrews1661 3 meses atrás +403

    I'm a grown working man and I only watched out of curiosity. Such things as designer sneakers are so unfathomable to me, I can't even tell you. So I expected to laugh and scoff. And I did. But I have to say the kid impressed me with his knowledge and professionalism. You won this old man over. I hope you keep doing what you're doing. You're going to succeed in life.

  • @TainoKnight1495
    @TainoKnight1495 8 dias atrás

    You are a genuine young man. I'm really impressed how you handle the sneaker culture and uphold customer service better than Nike. Imagine a million staff members in Nike Just like you?

  • @Weapon-lt1nj
    @Weapon-lt1nj 2 meses atrás +25

    I really appreciate how you deal with sketchy offers. You say no without putting anyone down. It’s a class act and I’m moved by it. I ether wear work boots or race shoes but I appreciate your craft even if I do not full understand it, or why I have watched the last 4 hours of it sir. Keep up the good work.

  • @acm1pt102
    @acm1pt102 27 dias atrás +1

    How one obtains so much knowledge from thousands of shoes is beyond me. Crazy, keep it up

  • @merius8406
    @merius8406 4 meses atrás +953

    I think it would be cool if you made a video where u teach us how to legit check and spot fakes. keep up the good shit rami!!

    • @a.alever
      @a.alever 4 meses atrás +4


    • @codyfloydactor
      @codyfloydactor 4 meses atrás +28

      Lot of BRclip videos for that bro! They can’t give everything away tho because once everybody knows then more fakes will get sold because everyone’s “a pro legit checker” ya feel me?
      Free knowledge is dope, but can’t give away it all, maybe dead give aways but not all

    • @houdinihir9549
      @houdinihir9549 4 meses atrás +8

      No Rami is the professional, he isn’t gonna give away all the authentic details.

    • @mrspeaker89
      @mrspeaker89 4 meses atrás +11

      🍉 or 🥥

    • @juniedagoonie156
      @juniedagoonie156 4 meses atrás +1

      It’s obvious most the time if u a shoe head

  • @alohakevin33
    @alohakevin33 3 meses atrás +230

    I’m not a sneaker head but this is interesting. Dude is an expert. Always cool to see a master of their craft

    • @starblender
      @starblender 3 meses atrás +3

      I find it hard to believe there's just mass-production of fakes. Feel like this is mostly cap for clout.

    • @boblebeau1363
      @boblebeau1363 3 meses atrás +3

      @@starblenderfor clout 😂😂😂

    • @Armed-Forever
      @Armed-Forever 3 meses atrás +2

      'expert' yet misses fakes

  • @josephjahn2239
    @josephjahn2239 14 dias atrás +2

    He's so nice. Doesn't try to embarrass them. Helps the people who genuinely don't know. I like this guy a lot.

  • @zachfutv9986
    @zachfutv9986 2 meses atrás +91

    Wow, I had no idea fake shoes were this common. That's crazy. You really know your craft, I respect that.

  • @Dave_B33
    @Dave_B33 16 dias atrás

    So much respect for how he handles all of these, very smooth and professional.

  • @patriciawatkins9539
    @patriciawatkins9539 2 meses atrás +19

    I've worked retail most of my life and even had my own business at one point. This young man's product knowledge and his customer service skills are impressive. Wish him continued success 🙏

  • @richardsiegfried9423
    @richardsiegfried9423 22 dias atrás

    I just watch this video and I'm very happy to see how respectful he is towards potential customers. I have a secret love for the white and maroon 91 Jordans as I purchased my first pair with money I earned helping my grandpa mix concrete for his brick jobs in Oakland/Hayward Bay area spots. Much love from Texas folks

  • @diegodirito1583
    @diegodirito1583 4 meses atrás +1756

    “Is he really your friend?” Goated quote

    • @fraggerrb631
      @fraggerrb631 4 meses atrás +43

      Yeah,at the first one,he said that the reciept is on his mums phone.The question that i was thinking will Rami say it is:Is he really your mum?😅😅

    • @JPandsheshe
      @JPandsheshe 3 meses atrás +7

      Lmao..”is he really your friend?”

    • @sushiacid
      @sushiacid 3 meses atrás +3

      Not goated

  • @jonniefraz1376
    @jonniefraz1376 3 meses atrás +8

    I am not really into sneakers, but I love your attitude, your drive and your genuine love for your followers. Much respect and hope you get to your million soon.

  • @MrDomodomoarigato
    @MrDomodomoarigato 2 meses atrás +21

    Really appreciate the friendliness and the professionalism despite some of these fools knowingly trynna flip fake pairs. You can tell he enjoys hoods work. 🙌🏼

    • @impulse894
      @impulse894 2 meses atrás +1

      Required a lot of strength and self-discipline to engage with fools and treat people with kindness and deflect unnecessary fights.

  • @sweeneystom3622
    @sweeneystom3622 17 dias atrás

    First time viewer & I have enormous respect for you how you treat each customer with such respect & how you even compliment the customer so many times & tell them there fakes look nice even though they clearly know there trying to sell fakes to you.
    I worked in retail myself & anyone who works with public knows the frustration of dealing with so many people per day & your making them know they can’t mess with you lot selling fakes but there made to feel comfortable & appreciated for coming in so they’ll probably end up coming back in the future:) so many cashiers would shout & say leave banning the person from spending money in the future were you genuinely handled all of this like a boss & tell your boss from me to give you a bonus unless you are the boss in which case talk to whoever is higher as your customer service is just amazing

  • @KaizaThaDon
    @KaizaThaDon Mês atrás +5

    I like the fact you just keep it a hunnid and all love. No negative tryna joke too hard or put people down at all, just informative and giving information to those who need it. Love the vibes in the shop. Need to come through soon!

  • @DBrown_XD
    @DBrown_XD Mês atrás +7

    I'm not anywhere near a sneakerhead so Idk why BRclip threw this in my homepage to watch. But I'm glad I checked it out cuz I absolutely loved the way this dude interacted with everybody and how unbelievably professional he was at the same time. Mega respect for this dude and his craft... Immediately subscribed

  • @drewwinn7591
    @drewwinn7591 3 meses atrás +241

    Good grief! Didn't realize how much fakes are in the US. You have a talent to identify fakes. Guess if I had a fake, I would just wear it. 😂

    • @kryptonian313rd
      @kryptonian313rd 3 meses atrás +8

      Like he said. You gotta look at the color the box the designs how heavy they are and how they feel. It's all kinda factors in play. Fyi stock x sell a lot of fake shit

    • @wavydre8547
      @wavydre8547 3 meses atrás +14

      I’m starting to think it’s because there’s so many fakes that he’s able to so easily spot fakes. Like I was so impressed when he’d say they’re fake from the second he saw the box but I’m realizing that he handles hundreds of real boxes and fake boxes daily, to the point that even small details are blatantly obvious to him.

    • @repentandbelieveinJesusChrist1
      @repentandbelieveinJesusChrist1 3 meses atrás +2

      Repent to Jesus Christ “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”
      ‭‭John‬ ‭15‬:‭12‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • @aj897
      @aj897 2 meses atrás +2

      There are fakes in every country

  • @pwnsh4rk6
    @pwnsh4rk6 2 meses atrás +25

    They way you make everyone feel valued even if they might know they’re a fake pair is a tool most business owners do not possess. Amazing skills there.

  • @stebogaming8813
    @stebogaming8813 2 meses atrás +26

    Respect to the people who brought in fakes they thought were legit but then just learning from Rami and appreciating his time

  • @justintimefortea7655
    @justintimefortea7655 3 dias atrás

    I'm a 68 yr old English guy with ZERO interested in 'trainers', but I watch every upload when I can. Why? Because I am blown away by this young guy's knowledge base, skill, diplomacy and professionalism. A fookin joy to watch you at work and see how you interact with clients. Any one of your uploads could be used in a Customer Care workshop... fuk'n brilliant!

  • @jimrussell670
    @jimrussell670 2 meses atrás +15

    I am not sure if you will see this. I am older and no nothing of your industry, but coming from 25 years in the diamond business it's amazing to see the similarities. Well done handling your customer base, and it was a pleasure watching your process with each item. I randomly found this channel and enjoyed it very much. Good luck to you in the future and keep it up.

  • @anarkia2004tj
    @anarkia2004tj Mês atrás

    I wish you didn't have to tell them how you know they're fakes. It just gives these scammers ideas on how to fix them up and fool someone else. I do however, appreciate knowing what to look for, so thank you!

  • @vtyler18
    @vtyler18 2 meses atrás +15

    It’s cool that any time you have the real pair in stock you take the time to educate and don’t immediately assume they’re trying to rip you off

  • @avatech23
    @avatech23 Mês atrás +2

    I truly value your professionalism throughout this video when you deemed a sneaker fake. Also you analysis as to why the sneakers are fake is very educational

  • @DavidVerbout
    @DavidVerbout 2 meses atrás +3

    I started watching these videos because of how knowledgeable he is. I work on rare cars and can pick our clones from 50 feet, and this dude can skim the box and instantly know.
    My respect from one aficionado to another.

  • @martingouda
    @martingouda 27 dias atrás

    Give this man a raise. His customer service towards people trying to play him is pure class.

  • @grampafpv
    @grampafpv 3 meses atrás +17

    This has convinced me to never buy a pair of designer sneakers. Wtf. Great vid, love the respect you show your customers.

    • @bryanlozoya445
      @bryanlozoya445 2 meses atrás +7

      If you do just buy fake ones lol, the only ones that really care if there real are sneaker collectors. It’s a slight gamble but fakes can be better or worse than the actual thing.

    • @blowrueow2064
      @blowrueow2064 2 meses atrás +1

      just get them from a real store bruh

    • @uuuultra
      @uuuultra 26 dias atrás

      edited 👎🏿

  • @retroryan836
    @retroryan836 Mês atrás +1

    Love the way you're so respectful in rejecting shoes. Especially knowing most people blatantly know they are fakes.

  • @BrokenBones1982
    @BrokenBones1982 2 meses atrás +10

    This guy seems nice and knows how to talk to people. Props.

  • @nicholasignaciodiocson3307

    Lol that “oh your friend??? Are they really your friend or..??” Haha Rami straight up trying to cut dead weight outta peoples lives for them 😅 gotta respect that 👏🏼

  • @wetcoats-inc
    @wetcoats-inc 17 dias atrás

    Man this was a fun watch! As an older dude who buys stocks, gold and real estate… I don’t understand this market, but RESPECT the knowledge and your game. Thanks 🙏

  • @tonydalov
    @tonydalov Mês atrás

    mad respect bro! you can tell only by looking. i cant imagine the amount of time you've spent with shoes to be able to tell the difference just by looking at the fake one.

  • @OMGreeni
    @OMGreeni Mês atrás

    that's crazy how you can instantaneously know which persons know they're fake and still trying to set you up from the ones that are genuinely thinking they're real

  • @NaviLast
    @NaviLast 3 meses atrás +8

    Honestly my totally respects for explaining every single customer how did you knew they were fake, and getting them their explanation is just top!

  • @markdee9312
    @markdee9312 18 minutos atrás

    i do not even wear these kinds of shoes......but i watched the vid and think your business dealings were awesome. Truth is always better. Keep up the good work and thank you for being so kind and friendly.

  • @wdiddy1
    @wdiddy1 3 meses atrás +10

    Great customer service skills and amazing how fast he can tell fakes.

  • @snlexa
    @snlexa Mês atrás

    This guy’s personality is kind of a rare gift. His eye for design, color, texture which he’s using to spot fakes is obvious, but HOW we manages calm interactions and tough messages could get him FAR in many industries.
    I hope this guy is getting paid.

  • @nichols5j
    @nichols5j 2 meses atrás +20

    This guy has impeccable customer service skills and an amazing attitude and demeanor.

  • @weswilliam828
    @weswilliam828 Mês atrás +1

    First time viewer here. And I love it! And I’m not even into sneakers. When he displays his talents of telling the customer why they’re fake is the best part. The hidden details only he knows and sharing them, is worth watching

  • @c.c.2763
    @c.c.2763 2 meses atrás +8

    Not sure how this ended up in my recommended but I went down a rabbit hole and I can’t stop watching these vids.
    To be able to look at the box and shoes and tell right away they are fake or not is crazy. Subbed.

  • @AbsentGod
    @AbsentGod 2 meses atrás

    First video ever, subscribed now. Gonna keep it real, I'm not a speaker head and would be caught bringing in a fake pair if I tried. Your positivity and vibe is so good. Most people with the knowledge you have come with an air and your down to earth. Great content!!!

  • @w9awx1
    @w9awx1 3 meses atrás +3

    Love that you took the time to teach people why their shoes were fake next to the real thing.

  • @theguywithone
    @theguywithone Mês atrás

    I noticed, depending on the circumstance, anything of supposed value from "a friend" and anything illegal, belongs to "a friend" you didn't know they had. Lol.
    Respect what you do bro. Knowledge is power!

  • @ericwood9513
    @ericwood9513 3 meses atrás +35

    A couple things I find crazy, how far the shoe collection thing has come and that one person knows so much about all these different kinds of shoes, insane

    • @noahcarter1056
      @noahcarter1056 3 meses atrás +1

      I mean he’s been working at shoe store since 13…

    • @ramsam4522
      @ramsam4522 2 meses atrás

      Right?? Like how does he know everything??

  • @docsimon33143
    @docsimon33143 Mês atrás

    this guy is so chill, hard to believe. i'm suriouis why you don't just immediately tell people if they are fake? also, you should be charging for an authentication service for all these people

  • @patricknez7258
    @patricknez7258 2 meses atrás +6

    It's super impressive how knowledgeable you are about shoes and how well you handle giving people bad news about them being fake. Tho probably at least some of them know already.. 😅

  • @jamesdickeson6981
    @jamesdickeson6981 2 meses atrás +1

    Dude is a natural with hospitality. Pretty cool seeing what’s up with all the shoes, kinda crazy the amount of money that could be made off some minor details that they all miss

  • @familialgameaholics7618
    @familialgameaholics7618 2 meses atrás

    It's cool to watch this, and witness the level of skill.
    It's like a car enthusiast distinguishing between a real and a replica, but way more impressive IMO, since shoes are on such a smaller scale.

  • @ujoel2
    @ujoel2 8 dias atrás

    I don't know anything about the shoe market, but the fact that these tiny differences can determine if a shoe is fake tells to the incredible quality control that Nike has.
    The payless shoes I've been wearing my whole life have all kinds of differences from one shoe to the next of the same model.

  • @markpineda7279
    @markpineda7279 2 meses atrás +5

    I had no idea how big the Nike shoe craze is. This guy is very professional and doesn’t seem to want to poke anyone’s eyes. May God bless you bro.

  • @Tainoblazed
    @Tainoblazed 3 meses atrás +123

    For those who own the fakes. You can’t wear the box. Wear them in good health. You already lost your money and a “slight” difference is what it is. But don’t try to sell them. Don’t do that.

    • @ronaldmcdonald6067
      @ronaldmcdonald6067 3 meses atrás +23

      Yee fakes are nice to wear since you dont pay an exorbitant price for some sneakers who cost 30$ to make

    • @ElPrimo10
      @ElPrimo10 3 meses atrás +11

      There all made in china 🇨🇳😂

    • @chexnfx7161
      @chexnfx7161 2 meses atrás +2

      They bought them fake on purpose. Scammers lol

    • @MisterDutch93
      @MisterDutch93 2 meses atrás +9

      I think they’re buying fakes with the intent of reselling them for more money. That said, I didn’t even know the fake shoe problem was this common.

  • @christianmenendez5284

    I think people sometimes want things to be real a lil too much. I know i do at times. But ive always been sharp catching fakes myself.....seen some good ones but i can always tell by putting them on and skating a quick sec or putting presure on the seller if youre face to face ....gotta learn them ins and outs. Great video

  • @dougntoni11111
    @dougntoni11111 2 meses atrás +1

    I accidentally came across your channel. We buy storage units and come across name brand sneakers often. Just from watching this one video I have learned so much. From the box, paper, font..things you don't think of.
    We typically look them up but now I realize we can't go by just the model/make, emblems and color.
    Subscribing! This will help a lot.

  • @kingkev6338
    @kingkev6338 Mês atrás +1

    I be wondering if I’m a hater sometimes, but then I see content like this where you can just tell the creator loves what they do, they know the ins and outs, and they carry themselves like a humble professional. I cannot hate or be mad at this hustle right here, keep killing it man🔥💪🏼🫡

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    @LucasLealDev Mês atrás

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    The way you spoke with that mom, worried for her kids health. That was something.

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  • @jcolterh
    @jcolterh 2 meses atrás +5

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  • @tommyfigs2703
    @tommyfigs2703 Mês atrás +1

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    @MrBlackem1 29 dias atrás

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    @giovannipradowrp 16 dias atrás

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    @rcmike09 3 meses atrás +25

    I'd never pay more than 100 bucks for shoes, boots for work is different. But this guy knows his stuff. Once he starts pulling the shoes and comparing and showing the difference, just showed how much he knows instantly

    • @PoraArts
      @PoraArts 3 meses atrás

      Yeah he is able to identify right out the gate no comparison but he does it just to validate the seller

    • @chexnfx7161
      @chexnfx7161 2 meses atrás

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  • @luisloboff4839
    @luisloboff4839 16 dias atrás

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    @theYT_moderator 18 dias atrás +1

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    @Brusselgriffonrbestdog 2 meses atrás +1

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    @MrGonzoify Mês atrás

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    @r4pst4r65 3 meses atrás +75

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    • @stoneyj1a1
      @stoneyj1a1 3 meses atrás +1

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    • @princegobi5992
      @princegobi5992 3 meses atrás

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    • @princegobi5992
      @princegobi5992 3 meses atrás +1

      @@stoneyj1a1 what are you alluding to? are you the riddler? the dominant mode of production in the United States has never reflected that statement as a reality, but that's the way it should be.

    • @Yukito590
      @Yukito590 2 meses atrás +2

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  • @ThereminElectro
    @ThereminElectro 3 meses atrás +12

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  • @kooaid9
    @kooaid9 Mês atrás +1

    Seeing this makes really appreciate the quality of Nike and Jordan shoes. They really put a lot of detail into them and the quality control must be pretty crazy. Definitely worth their retail price. Resale is the worst thing to ever happen to the shoe industry imo.

    • @junioradult6219
      @junioradult6219 Mês atrás +2

      Imagine somebody selling a used ford tauras for 120000 just bc of the paint scheme

  • @nessakay02
    @nessakay02 3 meses atrás +10

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  • @nickdavinci2196
    @nickdavinci2196 Mês atrás

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    • @chorlesteajones6794
      @chorlesteajones6794 3 meses atrás +8

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    • @zabvza7457
      @zabvza7457 2 meses atrás +3

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    • @KolyaTheBlackRussian
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