Name That Song Challenge with Jared Leto


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  • Rida Shariq
    Rida Shariq 3 dias atrás

    Can't believe they took so long for bittersweet symphony

  • Rida Shariq
    Rida Shariq 3 dias atrás

    Wannabe sounds nothing like that wth

  • BMGGaming
    BMGGaming 3 dias atrás

    Outro song pls

  • Phoebe Grigor
    Phoebe Grigor 6 dias atrás

    Sometimes I come back to this and remember his beard and just kind of want to cry

  • Bleached Hopgrasser
    Bleached Hopgrasser 9 dias atrás

    Looks like Jordan can read now

  • Umurcan Cgl
    Umurcan Cgl 10 dias atrás

    Jesus wears gucci. That’s gucci my hirra.

  • bboy tiger
    bboy tiger 10 dias atrás

    jared Leto the man is fucking slave of The Illuminati and do signs
    all the fucking show (0;39 3:39

  • hxrle.y_
    hxrle.y_ 11 dias atrás

    Wait, wtf is he wearing

  • Halcyonvirtual
    Halcyonvirtual 12 dias atrás

    Thats a cool outfit Leto

  • Steven Paulson
    Steven Paulson 12 dias atrás

    Super pissed me off when I heard bittersweet symphony without the three snare drum hits every other

  • Miguel hernandez rojas
    Miguel hernandez rojas 14 dias atrás

    Nice leto's pijama

  • ElkkoDrums
    ElkkoDrums 15 dias atrás

    How does Jimmy always win this game hmm????????

  • Zion Nili
    Zion Nili 17 dias atrás

    " let me welcome everybody to the wild wild west."

  • Bald Uzi Vert
    Bald Uzi Vert 20 dias atrás

    Nigga that’s Jason Derulo Ridin solo y’all cappin

  • namita nigam
    namita nigam 20 dias atrás

    How come they didn’t guess bittersweet symphony faster 🙄

  • Martha De Sandoval
    Martha De Sandoval 21 dia atrás

    Jared seems like such a sweet wonderful person

  • Yashwanth Kalyan
    Yashwanth Kalyan 22 dias atrás

    0:41 he kept that gum in his pocket

  • Kat Hodges
    Kat Hodges 22 dias atrás

    Personal jesus papa was a rolling stone

  • Katie Way
    Katie Way 22 dias atrás

    Poor Jared Leto. He was terrible!!! Still cute though 🤣🤣🤣

  • cpc1009
    cpc1009 22 dias atrás

    Jared did the Carlton

  • imogenbegins
    imogenbegins 22 dias atrás

    Jordan Catalano

    THE BESAO FACE 24 dias atrás

    You need kuya wil

  • LuxBelle
    LuxBelle 25 dias atrás

    This is what happens when you listen too much hip-hop.

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 25 dias atrás

    jared leto touches kids

  • Tania Marais
    Tania Marais 25 dias atrás

    I wanna braid his beard.

    AMAZING GRACE 25 dias atrás

    I down right refuse to believe that Jared Leto is 47 I’m sorry I can’t comprehend it I mean he’s older than my dad

  • Inkredibule
    Inkredibule 25 dias atrás +1

    I was lucky enough to meet Jared Leto back when he was touring for there first album I saw him in passing he was I'm assuming staying in the same hotel I was bc it was in the hall it was just him and his brother Shannon and he was beyond cool and friendly tbh I was a little starstruck at first I'd loved him in requiem for a dream but he actually initiated the conversation by reaching out to shake my hand and he said "I fucking love your shirt brother!" and shook my hand then I got to talk to both of them probably 3 or 4 minutes both of them we're extremely normal and I'll never forget that moment.
    Sadly I didn't get a picture I didn't have my phone on me but Jared did have a sharpie clipped to his pocket and they both signed the shirt I was wearing haha.
    Just thought I'd share my story for anyone out there who might be fans of his!

  • Soumi Mitra
    Soumi Mitra 26 dias atrás

    It's like Jared didn't even care. He surely would have won!

  • Maximillian Ford
    Maximillian Ford 27 dias atrás

    Jared didn't even recognise Bittersweet Symphony. How tf did he end up on this segment.

  • Shadax
    Shadax Mês atrás

    ''Hip to be Square starts playing'' Jared gets a panic attack

  • Lealani Svoboda
    Lealani Svoboda Mês atrás

    Jared! Uh, such a beautiful man!

  • MsXsavi
    MsXsavi Mês atrás

    when you're actually watching all of this for Jimmy, not for his guests.... ;D

  • Elizabitty213
    Elizabitty213 Mês atrás

    I love Jared Leto he’s like a Martian lol 🤪 👚

  • zogfe
    zogfe Mês atrás

    when jared says he is a musical jenius i really felt that

  • Melissa Do
    Melissa Do Mês atrás

    I love that Jimmy thinks the opening licks of California Love “has an El DeBarge vibe to it” HAHAHAHA

  • James Harden
    James Harden Mês atrás

    I guess joker payed well

  • 7A Sigurd Fabricius Grønborg - SkaarupSkole

    Am I the only one who thinks Jared Leto is annoying?

  • EstebanDC
    EstebanDC Mês atrás

    He is the only person that can make gucci look cheap

  • Mrs Libertas
    Mrs Libertas Mês atrás

    Jared Leto looks like a homeless person.

  • Leilani Gitehi
    Leilani Gitehi Mês atrás

    Well...Loki's chilled out

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer Mês atrás

    Both are coked out lol WTF

  • Luna Lee
    Luna Lee Mês atrás

    Jordan Catalano forevaa

  • hansduiven
    hansduiven Mês atrás

    Wat een afgang...
    Wallpaper guy looks and acts very stupid..

  • WolfThorn Gamer
    WolfThorn Gamer Mês atrás

    Our lord and savior Jesus Christ on tv

  • Aronigfse Navarro Risco

    ese Gucci será de gamarra?

  • Yael
    Yael Mês atrás

    i always dislike when i see absolute human trash wearing shirts like that.

  • fonnie gray
    fonnie gray Mês atrás

    He probably listened to rap growing up.. he has swag vibes... lol You see he knew California song right away..

  • Evil Empire Network
    Evil Empire Network Mês atrás

    Godfather of the scum bro

  • timur ll
    timur ll Mês atrás

    Atreus when Kratos got old.

  • timur ll
    timur ll Mês atrás

    Atreus what ta heck are you doin' here?

  • Bazooka Joe
    Bazooka Joe Mês atrás

    the band sucks

  • Scott Clarke
    Scott Clarke Mês atrás

    Worst bitter sweet symphony EVER

  • Lautaro Quiroga
    Lautaro Quiroga Mês atrás

    I miss the camera going to the keyboards player's face being all serious forever.

  • Emma Karamehic
    Emma Karamehic Mês atrás

    Why all the oldiessss tho

  • Honey Weed
    Honey Weed Mês atrás

    the drummer played bitter sweet wrong

  • El Viola Feos
    El Viola Feos Mês atrás

    2:30 let me see the comments,
    from where is the dance Jimmy did?? I know the answer btw

  • Kurt Sudheim
    Kurt Sudheim Mês atrás

    Even I recognised bittersweet symphony 5-10secs before they did

  • adam harper
    adam harper Mês atrás

    Paul Allen??? I thought you were dead!!!

  • Anj Bubbles
    Anj Bubbles Mês atrás

    Did Jared just put his chewy in his back pocket?

  • Jackjack Ruiz
    Jackjack Ruiz Mês atrás

    Dude Jimmy is a badass

  • Colby Gleason
    Colby Gleason Mês atrás

    4:27 I swear that was Led Zeppelin immagrint song

  • Strap
    Strap Mês atrás

    when I heard that last song I wanted them to finish it goddamn its a nice version

  • Shivaji
    Shivaji Mês atrás

    What's the outro music of the show ?

  • KVB
    KVB Mês atrás

    He'll always be Jordan Catalano to me.

  • Sara Rambo
    Sara Rambo Mês atrás

    No disrespect to Jared because he is a beautiful gorgeous man but why does his Gucci shirt look like a Dollar General knockoff?

    RICO PARADISE Mês atrás +8

    Jared has a very odd persona to me but i cant pinpoint what it is exactly. he seems like a nice guy but it feels hallow in a way.

  • Ezequiel C
    Ezequiel C Mês atrás

    The Roots are Littt 🔥🔥🔥 💯💯💯

  • Brittni Romero
    Brittni Romero Mês atrás

    Saw this and thought it was Dave Navarro at first. 😂

  • uwldluvme21
    uwldluvme21 Mês atrás

    Wtf is he wearing.... just because something is expensive doesn't mean you just stack them all together. He looks ridiculous

    • Joshua Blou t
      Joshua Blou t Mês atrás

      uwldluvme21 I mean that’s literally high key fashion, it’s a thing. Look vibrant and ridiculous because what he’s wearing is worth more than your car. I dig it

  • Louie Jalimbawa
    Louie Jalimbawa Mês atrás

    Is jared leto having a problem around his neck.,? Cause every time he turns his head the whole shoulder goes along., How ironic that he played the joker but moves like batman, at least in this video..hahaha

  • Badr Elm
    Badr Elm Mês atrás

    That's Sexual Heling not If you wanna be my lover

  • Antonio Benitez
    Antonio Benitez Mês atrás


  • break joey
    break joey Mês atrás

    Jared was feeling California Love so much he forgot to buzz in 😂. You could tell he was about to

  • pottedplant
    pottedplant Mês atrás +1

    he’s wearing gucci but why he look homeless

  • Mandi B.
    Mandi B. Mês atrás

    So no one else had to look up kajagoogoo lolz

  • Ska Paul
    Ska Paul Mês atrás

    Leto is stoned

  • peekpen
    peekpen Mês atrás

    the roots are so goddam *tight* but we need a few more bars. c'mon guys.

  • ghettomex92
    ghettomex92 Mês atrás

    please somebody what is the outro song been looking for 20 years! do you know how many songs say "and its on and on and on"

  • Aryaman Yadav
    Aryaman Yadav Mês atrás

    2:35 😂😂😂😂

  • Mara Barnes
    Mara Barnes Mês atrás

    Jimmy over jared any day!

  • Jorge Ostos
    Jorge Ostos Mês atrás

    Jimmy should play this with Mike Portnoy.

  • Jymel Ryan
    Jymel Ryan Mês atrás

    That's one fashionable hobo

  • Anita Hardesty
    Anita Hardesty Mês atrás

    Cant stop laughing at the way jimmy was dancing after he got it's not unusual by Tommy Jones. Lolloll

  • Miguel AV
    Miguel AV Mês atrás

    My god Jared leto has disappointed me! He was raised in the 70,s how is it possible that he didh,t know the verve?, human league? spice girls? Come on this has to be a joke!!

  • Sheri Racine
    Sheri Racine Mês atrás

    Saw 30 Seconds to Mars in concert once Jared was climbing the outside of the staging scaring the shit out of me cuz if he fell it was I will never forget the horrible sunburn I got and almost dying in a mosh pit...good times

  • Aievuog Yra
    Aievuog Yra Mês atrás

    It feels like Leto is always acting

  • GSMM
    GSMM Mês atrás +1

    The second he started playing bittersweet symphony on the drums I was like how tf are they not getting it

  • Yourbeautiful666
    Yourbeautiful666 Mês atrás

    Actually The Verve doesn’t make any money off of bittersweet symphony.

  • Isaac Pelott
    Isaac Pelott Mês atrás

    I still don't understand why this guy is famous. What is he good at again? 30 seconds to lame

  • Enter A Life
    Enter A Life Mês atrás

    Jared is like Jon Snow...

  • ‎ ‎
    ‎ ‎ Mês atrás

    is that really how he act or he just become that crazy after the joker ?

  • sboodymakk
    sboodymakk Mês atrás

    is there a full version of their wannabe?

  • James Comer
    James Comer Mês atrás

    Blade Runner 2049. Must have just been a blip because I never heard of it and this is been a year.

  • Zach H
    Zach H Mês atrás

    He is such a down to earth guy. I’d go gay for him.

  • punkindun banditos
    punkindun banditos Mês atrás +1


  • Roomaline C
    Roomaline C Mês atrás

    That sounded nothing like “Don’t you want me”

  • Sastlamurai
    Sastlamurai 2 meses atrás

    What's that dance called?

  • avocados789
    avocados789 2 meses atrás

    he is high asf lol

  • André Angelic
    André Angelic 2 meses atrás

    Jared Leto errou Bittersweet Simphony, não esperava isso

  • TRomantzgames
    TRomantzgames 2 meses atrás +1

    its the joker wearing Gucci he expensive asf