• Publicado em 22 Abr 2019
  • Welcome to EVERY BURGER KING EVER, where you can have it your way- but only if it’s on the menu.
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    Ian Hecox (@smoshian)
    Shayne Topp (@supershayne)
    Courtney Miller (@co_mill)
    Damien Haas (@damienhaas)
    Olivia Sui (@oliviasui)
    Keith Leak Jr. (@keithleakjr)
    Noah Grossman (@noahgrossman214)
    Director: Ryan Todd
    Writers: Monica Vasandani, Ryan Finnerty
    Production Manager: Margo McHugh
    DIT: Matt Duran
    GFX: Brittany Metz
    Community Manager: Cece Wrenn
    It/Equipment Manager: Tim Baker
    Executive Assistant: Nancy Azcona
    Smosh Sketch Editor: Mike Small
    Art Director: Steven Cirocco
    Props/Stage Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
    DP: Mitch Anderson
    Cam Op: Brennan Iketani
    Gaffer: Billy Yates
    Key Grip: Justin Thatcher
    Sound Op: Greg Jones
    1st AD: David Gutel
    2nd AD: Marcella Gersh
    Make-up: Rachel Jenkins
    Costumer: Jennifer Newman
    Set Decorator: Tayler Nicholson
    Script Supervisor: Merina Seidel
    Carpenter: Phil Huertas
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  • Default Skin 2.0
    Default Skin 2.0 11 horas atrás

    wow they REally don't like burger king it's not that bad the burgers are 10/9

  • LittleBilly_169 games
    LittleBilly_169 games 17 horas atrás

    Those sideburns cause physical pain.

  • Nour Zergani
    Nour Zergani 18 horas atrás

    Hey don't talk about my bugerking

  • NinjaBoy7681
    NinjaBoy7681 2 dias atrás +1

    I don’t like Burger King

  • XxsassysariyaxX Queen
    XxsassysariyaxX Queen 2 dias atrás +1

    ( . ) ( . )
    ( )

  • Altex
    Altex 2 dias atrás

    Bruh Burger King is better than maccas in nz

  • Yumpward
    Yumpward 2 dias atrás

    Since when did Burger King become shit? I always that is was the #2 of fast food, behind McDonald’s.

  • theodd1sout H_______________i


  • NsUniverse _
    NsUniverse _ 3 dias atrás

    I got a MacDonald's ad , great!

  • Super Guy101
    Super Guy101 3 dias atrás

    Why are the menus and burgers hungry jacks

  • Black Widow maker
    Black Widow maker 3 dias atrás +1

    Burger King is amazing man

  • Jim Shoes
    Jim Shoes 3 dias atrás

    2:45 You could practically walk out of those bars 😂

  • Enoch Posada
    Enoch Posada 3 dias atrás

    Burger King is the same as McDonald's
    Change my mind

  • Hillary Loves Kpop
    Hillary Loves Kpop 3 dias atrás +3

    I don't eat at Burger King very often

  • Lulz
    Lulz 3 dias atrás

    Burger King’s onion rings are pretty gross tbh 😂

  • Brent Mongan
    Brent Mongan 4 dias atrás

    The first time I went to Burger King in my city they told me that they were out of burgers and only had chicken

  • onceapiece
    onceapiece 4 dias atrás

    I suppose this is how you solve your own adpocaplypse crisis. whoever doesn't sponsor you gets blasted.

  • Cyberpunk Electra
    Cyberpunk Electra 5 dias atrás

    The only thing good here is the Hersey’s pie, and fries.

  • Coda Golan
    Coda Golan 5 dias atrás

    Seriously though they said a Big mac is better than a whopper what size wrong with them

  • Karl Viaje
    Karl Viaje 5 dias atrás

    BK for Breakup

  • Computer 45123
    Computer 45123 5 dias atrás

    5:08 lol 😂

  • Gr8estWalter 8
    Gr8estWalter 8 5 dias atrás

    “Can i get my whopper with mushrooms!” “uh we dont have mushrooms!”
    “Can i get my whopper as a lettuce wrap!” “Uh NO!”
    “SHUT UP!”

  • SoyNutsAndKale
    SoyNutsAndKale 5 dias atrás

    As an Australian, I have no idea what any of this stuff means

  • Jo Baron
    Jo Baron 5 dias atrás

    I love how they always make Keith a lady

  • Mr.Coolz
    Mr.Coolz 6 dias atrás +1

    I aways find onion in my fries

  • Mr.waffles Roblox Minecraft

    I like burger king

  • Psycghost !!!
    Psycghost !!! 6 dias atrás

    It's funny because Burger King is absolutely awful.

  • Maya Galea
    Maya Galea 6 dias atrás

    the whoppers are better than the bigmacs-

  • TheAddiction88
    TheAddiction88 6 dias atrás

    Tortas laying on the floor you're not really stuck

  • MissAquaGamer
    MissAquaGamer 6 dias atrás

    Soo...I ordered a bacon king and they were out of bacon...how cray 😂

  • daviethemaster plays
    daviethemaster plays 7 dias atrás

    Is Anthony Padilla still alive

  • Liam Shoemaker
    Liam Shoemaker 7 dias atrás


  • ppw vlogs
    ppw vlogs 8 dias atrás

    In Indonesia Burger King is better than McDonald's

  • ღHaru - Kunღ
    ღHaru - Kunღ 8 dias atrás

    Spanish pls ;-;

  • Lane Bennett
    Lane Bennett 8 dias atrás +2

    i- i actually (unironically) like burger king.... more than maccas

  • FireNinja
    FireNinja 8 dias atrás

    In Australia we call it ‘Hungry Jacks’

  • Orf Mal
    Orf Mal 9 dias atrás


  • Cat Cat
    Cat Cat 9 dias atrás +1

    Burger king foot lettuce

  • Bojan Krsrić
    Bojan Krsrić 9 dias atrás

    The legend says he is still on the floor

  • Abstruse Visions
    Abstruse Visions 9 dias atrás

    What are you looking at ? 😂😂

  • Charles Weiller
    Charles Weiller 9 dias atrás

    Ian must had a bad experience at Burger King...

    Or he really hates Burger King.

  • JordanCoolPro
    JordanCoolPro 10 dias atrás

    I personally like the Whopper better than McDonald's Big Mac

  • DJ Davis
    DJ Davis 10 dias atrás

    I actually like whoppers

  • Jennifer Gryte
    Jennifer Gryte 10 dias atrás +2

    I’m so old I knew Burger King when he was a prince

  • chad yoshi
    chad yoshi 10 dias atrás


  • More TJC
    More TJC 11 dias atrás

    Is it just me or does Keith look good as a girl?

  • Alaa Wehbi
    Alaa Wehbi 11 dias atrás

    In my country BK has a play place for kids. 🤔

  • game vs brandon
    game vs brandon 11 dias atrás

    Number 15

  • avip
    avip 11 dias atrás

    burgerking foot lettuce

  • melissa hernandez
    melissa hernandez 11 dias atrás

    Guys you should post more in the spanish chanell this video is from april and isn't in the other chanell yet

  • Nin Gaming
    Nin Gaming 11 dias atrás

    I have been to Burger King every time i go nothing ever happened like this

  • Dexter John Yabut-Ilagan
    Dexter John Yabut-Ilagan 12 dias atrás

    Noah be thin wolverine

  • Supersky Games
    Supersky Games 12 dias atrás

    I got an ad for Wendy’s on this video 😂

  • nadohawk
    nadohawk 12 dias atrás

    The only thing bad about Burger King is really the fries. Their burgers are so much better than McDonald's. But we have In N' Out here, so yeah.

  • Nimbleduck 424
    Nimbleduck 424 13 dias atrás

    Who came here from Burger King foot lettuce

  • Katrina Godfrey
    Katrina Godfrey 13 dias atrás

    I’ve never had Burger King… How good is it?

  • Tom Dawson
    Tom Dawson 13 dias atrás

    You got this mixed up with McDonald's

    BURGER KING 14 dias atrás

    How dare you!?

  • TSM_Savage Playz
    TSM_Savage Playz 14 dias atrás

    I love ❤️ your movie the massage in the butt girl

  • Saul G
    Saul G 15 dias atrás

    Ya why was Olivia smelling a book

  • Harvir Sahota
    Harvir Sahota 15 dias atrás

    every basketball ever

  • RoboEnderman 2.0
    RoboEnderman 2.0 15 dias atrás

    I didn’t get the giving your girlfriend a Burger King gift card means your breaking up, can someone explain it

  • Heuristic Did
    Heuristic Did 15 dias atrás

    Who loves female Keith

  • Lumpy Bisquick
    Lumpy Bisquick 15 dias atrás

    Whoopers are way better then Quarter pounded

  • Matt
    Matt 16 dias atrás

    BK much better than MCD😂

  • Reboot PapyrusFan A corrupted life

    Burbur Kurg

  • Drawn MYTH
    Drawn MYTH 16 dias atrás

    Smosh u should make every chick fil a ever

  • boyzwithfun Yt
    boyzwithfun Yt 16 dias atrás

    The comedy is cringey

  • iiTrickzter
    iiTrickzter 16 dias atrás

    i like burger king burgers

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 17 dias atrás

    But I actually like Burger King...

  • Sanford Isitolo
    Sanford Isitolo 17 dias atrás

    In NZ to me BURGER KING is amazing. Personally I think BK is better is better than Maccas

  • Sweta Das
    Sweta Das 17 dias atrás

    The first customer in glasses and maroon tee looks like Daniel Radcliffe.

  • pipe8009
    pipe8009 17 dias atrás

    Is Burger King really that bad?

  • Thunder Jay
    Thunder Jay 17 dias atrás

    And I like a whooper better than a Big Mac

  • Team Punk
    Team Punk 18 dias atrás

    In my place BKs ain’t that bad tho