GIANT Go!Go! Curry Challenge (x2) | Tokyo, JP

  • Publicado em 18 Abr 2019
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    One of the few challenge I did in my last trip to Japan!! I did order this "plate" the last time I was there, and it was awesome and delicious! Figured this trip I'd have to give a shot at eating 2 in one go..
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Comentários • 8 689

  • toofine9
    toofine9 4 horas atrás

    you are the bottomless GUT my friend

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 5 horas atrás


  • Crystal R
    Crystal R 10 horas atrás

    Holy shit bro! Ima hafta subscribe!

    MACMETALFACE 21 hora atrás

    Someone told me you from san jose? That’s wild man i saw a vid you was at the pizza box. I am from Wast Oakland East Osaka my home now always good to see a bay cat make it out here to nihon

  • みやかずあき
    みやかずあき 21 hora atrás +1


  • Arja Cholendra
    Arja Cholendra 23 horas atrás

    That's not a challenge for Matt stonie.. I have seen him devour lot more food.

  • Blue Chairs
    Blue Chairs Dia atrás

    I can only imagine how big the shits must be

  • Marco Akfidan
    Marco Akfidan Dia atrás

    10 k patat eten

    MAXNAMD Dia atrás

    Looks like he's not in good shape now compared from previous years. Hope you're in good shape brother!

  • James Lee
    James Lee Dia atrás +1

    He said itakimasu instead of itadakimasu

  • にーよんめい
    にーよんめい Dia atrás


  • tomas acevedo
    tomas acevedo Dia atrás

    Matt stonie are you bulimic?

    BROTHA NIGGZ Dia atrás

    here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again... here we go again...

  • Mayhem ?
    Mayhem ? Dia atrás

    *everybody gangsta until matt stonie finish the food

  • Mayhem ?
    Mayhem ? Dia atrás

    *everybody gangsta until matt stonie finish the food*

  • KyneGG
    KyneGG Dia atrás


  • Firman Hasan
    Firman Hasan Dia atrás +1

    Bisakah kamu menikmati makanan yang kamu makan?
    ☝translet (indonesia)

  • Boskingethan
    Boskingethan 2 dias atrás

    You think that’s the challenge the challenge starts when you get to the toilet

  • Bryan Miguel
    Bryan Miguel 2 dias atrás +2

    Matt I went to that Japanese restaurant and I ate the same cury as u and it took me abt 38 mins for that one cury and it was hella good

    • Booty Slapper
      Booty Slapper 15 horas atrás

      If he had wings and burgers i would finish faster than him

    • Bryan Miguel
      Bryan Miguel 15 horas atrás

      Booty Slapper I only got one curry

    • Booty Slapper
      Booty Slapper 15 horas atrás

      What both or 1

  • Being Nobody
    Being Nobody 2 dias atrás

    He’s a food ninja

  • 周思瑜
    周思瑜 2 dias atrás


  • Nour Eddine Minawi
    Nour Eddine Minawi 2 dias atrás

    You Are In Tokyo????? WHAT THE F**K

  • Bryant Pareja
    Bryant Pareja 2 dias atrás

    Who else eats while watching these vids just to see how fast they can challenge themselves to eat

  • o k
    o k 2 dias atrás

    Go go baby yah more bastard huker

  • rocky playz
    rocky playz 2 dias atrás

    I need to try this

    D3FY_ADAM 3 dias atrás +1

    Anyone just look at the fridge when it’s empty and u keep on coming to see if there is anything in the fridge but you know there is nothing in the fridge

  • TheCausalParadox
    TheCausalParadox 3 dias atrás +1

    Are Japanese toilets adequately equipped to handle the aftermath of this challenge?

  • ᄏᄏᄐᄏᄏManHwa
    ᄏᄏᄐᄏᄏManHwa 3 dias atrás

    Fork > Spoon

  • Koi Matai
    Koi Matai 3 dias atrás

    Fuck ain't nobody original in these comments stop copying the next guy and be original!!!

  • saket vadlani
    saket vadlani 3 dias atrás

    Matt:"this will easily take an hour"
    Proceeds to inhale Africa's annual food supply in less than 35 min

  • jxilys baybee
    jxilys baybee 3 dias atrás

    *fork falls on the plate and gets good on it *

    person in the back: ahhhhh now you gotta eat the fork
    me :LMMFAOOOOOO😭😭😭😭😭

  • ꧁Kathy Miao ꧂
    ꧁Kathy Miao ꧂ 4 dias atrás +2

    your brother always sounds perpetually high

  • Lester Capanas
    Lester Capanas 4 dias atrás

    Matt stonie your my idol from philippines im small youtuber her pls support me pls search
    Fast eating (laftrip) watch my video and subscribe 🤗

  • KeMono
    KeMono 4 dias atrás

    You eat with fork in japan... Thats...sad....

  • starryoongs
    starryoongs 4 dias atrás


    me @ my familys food: 2:53

  • Dren Gashi
    Dren Gashi 4 dias atrás

    I know one dish that you can find very challenging to eat it all. An albanian traditional dish called "Flia" I challange you to do it @MattStonie

  • Personal Cook
    Personal Cook 4 dias atrás +2

    I think if you ask for more curry for the rice, they would give it to you at no charge.

  • Ranajit Pratinidhi
    Ranajit Pratinidhi 4 dias atrás +4

    I don't think that this guy can digest all the stuff he he barely bites each mouthful 5 times he just gulps down everything immediately.

  • ぽん太
    ぽん太 4 dias atrás


  • Rhomer Bulos
    Rhomer Bulos 4 dias atrás

    Go to the Philippines and eat to mang inasal count your rice cops

  • IT'S SENARIO Gaming
    IT'S SENARIO Gaming 4 dias atrás +1

    (me watches him eat rice without mixing the curry)
    me: no we dont do that here

    CineplexOFFICIALTECHNO 4 dias atrás

    I figured out his secret... ever notice you never see his lower half... hes pooping while hes eating so his stomach stays empty even though he eats tons of food

  • Brandon Nino
    Brandon Nino 4 dias atrás +2

    Holy goodness, definitely not inviting you in my party.

  • Rohit lama Tamang
    Rohit lama Tamang 6 dias atrás

    Me: there is no one who eats more than me 😎
    Matt: hi brother

  • OneWierdDude
    OneWierdDude 6 dias atrás

    can i have one?

  • Asmae Bekraoui
    Asmae Bekraoui 6 dias atrás

    سيء في نطق كلمات يابانية اش نار المستوى 😓

  • Devon Collins
    Devon Collins 7 dias atrás +3

    Here's a challenge; try finishing Four Scorpion Bowls in FIVE Minutes. Worl record.

  • jaque silva
    jaque silva 7 dias atrás

    I Love you😍

  • ぬぬぬ
    ぬぬぬ 7 dias atrás

    thank you for coming in japan!
    How do you think japanese food?

  • Dirt Gee
    Dirt Gee 7 dias atrás

    It just amazes me how long you can actually eat I got a good 7 mins in me 😂

  • Castaneda Kids Castaneda
    Castaneda Kids Castaneda 8 dias atrás

    That was like 100,000 tiny little pieces of rice

  • Pinkujohnny Depp
    Pinkujohnny Depp 8 dias atrás

    Wht food is tat u are eating???

  • Pinkujohnny Depp
    Pinkujohnny Depp 8 dias atrás

    How much is tat food cost?

  • Pinkujohnny Depp
    Pinkujohnny Depp 8 dias atrás

    134k = likes
    1.8k = dislikes
    Ahhhhh.....why why????

  • Eddie Scarf
    Eddie Scarf 8 dias atrás

    I am recovering from food poisoning and this hurts to watch people enjoy real food as I can’t

  • Peter Martinez
    Peter Martinez 8 dias atrás

    His not human lol

  • Double 02
    Double 02 8 dias atrás

    that curry looks delicious

  • Abdullah-Al- Faisal
    Abdullah-Al- Faisal 9 dias atrás

    This doesn’t seem to be a big deal

  • Lisenok _1
    Lisenok _1 9 dias atrás

    Русские ребята поставте лайк чтобы амерекосы подумали что тут что интересное

  • hjkljhhkl
    hjkljhhkl 9 dias atrás

    I think I could do 1. Is the curry good at least? Looks like teriyaki

  • 나의미레는?
    나의미레는? 9 dias atrás +1

    I ate it all by myself, big cutlet than my face! Ah I'm Korean so I use a translator!

  • Anna Drum12
    Anna Drum12 9 dias atrás

    Matt have superpowers😂

  • Andre Bedward
    Andre Bedward 10 dias atrás


  • yokuhara Lovers
    yokuhara Lovers 10 dias atrás

    1 like for respect the camera guy or camera girl.

  • yokuhara Lovers
    yokuhara Lovers 10 dias atrás

    Thats looks delicious

  • Js M
    Js M 10 dias atrás

    모여 돈까쓰는 2장이고 죄다 밥이네

  • アルレルトアルミン


  • kozmik__WZRD
    kozmik__WZRD 10 dias atrás

    LMAO that tiny pube beard
    Wtf how old are you man? Looking like a bitch

  • Clout Giver
    Clout Giver 11 dias atrás

    How is he so skinny, how
    Reply plz

  • Iron Resolute
    Iron Resolute 11 dias atrás

    It looks like chocolate :)

  • Shichi Takesu
    Shichi Takesu 11 dias atrás

    How come he don't get fat

  • Woodrow Woody
    Woodrow Woody 11 dias atrás

    I eat a large pizza and I can’t move, this guy eats two enormous curry platters and is ready for dessert

  • drica lima
    drica lima 11 dias atrás +1

    Po cara eu não ia aguentar tudo isso cê é sobre-humano

  • Marsckal RJ
    Marsckal RJ 11 dias atrás +1

    Oh i really love curry🤤🤤

  • ねこいぬ
    ねこいぬ 11 dias atrás +4