Rejecting Instagram Models at Coachella Parties!

  • Publicado em 23 Abr 2019
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  • NELK
    NELK  4 meses atrás +8053

    The boys are on the fkn grind baby let’s gooo! Happy Monday

    • Brightest BAE
      Brightest BAE 2 meses atrás

      Fckin shit my monday aint no good at all

    • Spencer O
      Spencer O 2 meses atrás

      yo this is some southpark shit

    • Ed Sanfran
      Ed Sanfran 3 meses atrás

      What happened between Jesse and Faze???

    • ariana.
      ariana. 3 meses atrás


  • Thibaud Bailly
    Thibaud Bailly Dia atrás

    Imagine unironically calling yourself relevant

  • tompooder
    tompooder Dia atrás

    17:39 damn she leaves kyle hangin

  • Macario Moreno
    Macario Moreno Dia atrás

    You guys need to go to electric forest

  • Nina Jenkins
    Nina Jenkins Dia atrás

    Dude when that kid was talking by the pool, in my life I’ve never seen somebody spit so many fucking times in a row around the 10 minute mark that literally blew my mind You should call Guinness book of world records

  • Thomas Auger
    Thomas Auger Dia atrás


  • Andy Castillo
    Andy Castillo 3 dias atrás

    This was like a black mirror episode

  • I to the Iz-S luv
    I to the Iz-S luv 3 dias atrás +1

    7:58 @DenzelDion + @RickeyThompson!

  • Philip Pols
    Philip Pols 4 dias atrás

    5:09 18:39

  • Geddup
    Geddup 5 dias atrás

    This video would’ve been so much funnier if their faces weren’t blurred

  • Steven Lehman
    Steven Lehman 5 dias atrás

    Jesse is the new Elton John baby . Certified beauty with a certified outfit

  • S Sawa
    S Sawa 6 dias atrás

    I just left Coachella, Kyle’s still there with his hand up lmfao but fuck that dumb bitch she mad she got punkd

  • Venomous
    Venomous 6 dias atrás

    What’s the thing he put in his mouth at 1:21

  • ahFrostyyy
    ahFrostyyy 6 dias atrás

    All these girls actually trying to prove their worth based on followers and likes and believe it matters, then when they get denied they get salty. Shows their true colors and mentality

  • Alexander Roman
    Alexander Roman 6 dias atrás +1

    1:50 if it was actual extremely hot coffee 😬

  • King Aquarius
    King Aquarius 7 dias atrás

    I’ve done herion with a guy I don’t know !

  • Pinapilezz _
    Pinapilezz _ 7 dias atrás

    What is that black thing he puts in his mouth?

  • Thomas Messenger
    Thomas Messenger 8 dias atrás

    Girl at 6:53 has the molly shts too you can just tell

  • SlimJay
    SlimJay 8 dias atrás

    Jake paul's such an overrated cuck

  • Tyrovix
    Tyrovix 8 dias atrás

    Hey I hope NELK reads this but you should add cannabis related products on your website. It would be a great business and I’d definitley want to purchase myself

  • Frhd
    Frhd 9 dias atrás

    No like on instagram no more

  • Zachary Turner
    Zachary Turner 12 dias atrás

    S L U T S. Sums up the video boys.

  • Ray Ramone
    Ray Ramone 13 dias atrás

    He looks like doflamingo with the fur coat and shades lol

  • Alvin Zhou
    Alvin Zhou 13 dias atrás

    imtriggered. i associate the intro music with pewdiepie miencraft lets play

  • xc Death
    xc Death 13 dias atrás

    at 0:30 he looked like elton john

  • Jonathan DeSouza
    Jonathan DeSouza 15 dias atrás +1

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  • pinkston_plays
    pinkston_plays 15 dias atrás

    Are wo going to ignore the massive herpes outbreak

  • lol singh
    lol singh 15 dias atrás


  • Andres Serna
    Andres Serna 16 dias atrás

    jake trynna act all cool lmfao

  • John Smith
    John Smith 16 dias atrás

    lmao look at these hoes. will do anything to suck and get in.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 16 dias atrás

    these dudes went from making fun pranks to drinking, doing drugs , partying (f**ckin) all the time. smh

    • Isaac Senske
      Isaac Senske 11 dias atrás

      John Smith you’re a half sender, no?

    • Isaac Senske
      Isaac Senske 11 dias atrás

      Nah they just started filming the party’s. They’ve always been senders. And they are still making good pranks

  • Sicc Alex
    Sicc Alex 16 dias atrás

    I can never wear white 💀

  • Jacob.G.L
    Jacob.G.L 22 dias atrás

    These clout chasing club rats are disgusting

  • Bret Smith
    Bret Smith 23 dias atrás +1

    He actually looks like he may do heroin. That wasn't a great joke.

  • BrandonspamsR2 _
    BrandonspamsR2 _ 24 dias atrás

    These guys make jake Paul actually cool lmfaooo

  • Fortnite mobile
    Fortnite mobile 25 dias atrás +1

    Haahahahaah 14:44 rejection

  • WilzOfPlague
    WilzOfPlague 27 dias atrás +1

    Jake Paul taking credit for the prank like it was his idea lol

  • The Texas Tickler
    The Texas Tickler 28 dias atrás

    Rich fags

  • Sam Brugh
    Sam Brugh 29 dias atrás +1

    no half day sends 8=======D

  • Eva Stood
    Eva Stood Mês atrás


  • Htop Skills
    Htop Skills Mês atrás +1

    Mouth check at security point , LOL

  • Nate Clasen
    Nate Clasen Mês atrás

    Woody Harrelson 14:33 whaaaat

  • Jakob Bourne
    Jakob Bourne Mês atrás

    Just make sure that your influencers are real. Audit them by tools such as *influencer auditor* to be 100% sure before collaborating with your influencers

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Those parties💊

  • klgonz
    klgonz Mês atrás

    Canada: we have Justin Bieber, Drake, and the NELK boys
    USA: we have yes, Eminem, Steve-O, and nukes

  • klgonz
    klgonz Mês atrás

    Coachella looks boring af

  • Retro Booomin
    Retro Booomin Mês atrás

    Pull up your insights ☠️

  • Seth Emel
    Seth Emel Mês atrás

    Pay the men

    FUMMINS Mês atrás

    Song at 18:48?

  • Jaxon Trower/ Fistedfalaffel

    4:36 he almost said the n word lmao

  • Mr YNOT
    Mr YNOT Mês atrás

    Glad they didn’t catch no STD

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper Mês atrás

    He definitely wasn’t playin about the heroin!🤣🤣

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper Mês atrás

    FL slang sound wack af from you Cali niggas 🤡

  • Niko Bucio
    Niko Bucio Mês atrás +1

    Whoever dislikes doesn’t know how to full send probably can’t even finish a 6pck of Coronas extras

    • Eddie R
      Eddie R Mês atrás

      Niko Bucio just call em ronas

  • Eggs Benny
    Eggs Benny Mês atrás

    Leffffff haaaangin!

  • M C
    M C Mês atrás

    I want to know who tf the chick in the black hat is. That ass made me pull my chin off the floor

  • jebboris _
    jebboris _ Mês atrás

    What’s her insta😂😂

  • Cyrus Powers
    Cyrus Powers Mês atrás

    Jesse's acting in the first clip is great

  • Al Fuqwally
    Al Fuqwally Mês atrás

    What's that shit on dudes neck? Wtf JP has aids or some shit!!!

  • Grant Jones
    Grant Jones Mês atrás

    17:39 RIP Kyles high five

  • Members_Roses
    Members_Roses Mês atrás

    Sounds like he almost said “ Fuckin nig-“

  • Alex Wondero
    Alex Wondero Mês atrás

    What's the point if you cant see the reactions

  • Dinesh oli
    Dinesh oli Mês atrás

    I am from Nepal. I love this guys.

  • Dopee 5384
    Dopee 5384 Mês atrás +1

    *14:52* Holllly hellll man that girl in the black on the right

  • Ace Melo
    Ace Melo Mês atrás

    He looks like John Lennon 😂

  • Ethan Webb
    Ethan Webb Mês atrás

    What is the stuff he puts under his lips?

  • dallasboys321
    dallasboys321 Mês atrás +2

    Love this shit. Sad how everyone seems concerned about numbers on social media

  • Derek Robb
    Derek Robb Mês atrás

    Hate him if ya want but that dude Jake WINNING

  • Chaya Moller
    Chaya Moller Mês atrás

    eww why jake

  • a w
    a w Mês atrás

    Who is the girl at 5:22 in pink

  • Mike 1204
    Mike 1204 Mês atrás +27

    The gay guy stayed with the girls lmao

  • Boots mcgee
    Boots mcgee Mês atrás

    he spent 250 on making the BRclip video and makes nothing from BRclip but I see two commercials and he has a f****** clothing company etc without that $250 video nobody would buy anything so therefore that $250 investment for that video probably turns out to be $25,000 video

  • Roxo the Bandit
    Roxo the Bandit Mês atrás

    "do I look like lil yachty?" hell yah lmao

  • Illuminati
    Illuminati Mês atrás

    they all seem like superficial people. horrible.

  • Boss Hog306
    Boss Hog306 Mês atrás +1

    Fuck jake paul