Tucker: Republicans shouldn't get too confident about 2020

  • Republicans think Trump's victory in 2020 is assured.
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Comentários • 80

  • Ash Compton
    Ash Compton 26 dias atrás

    Honestly if you want to see the return of the middle class, vote Bernie. It's clear that the wealth in this nation has been going away from the middle class (that is why it is shrinking) and it needs to be pumped back with taxes on the rich.
    Donald Trump is the exact opposite of what 99% of his base should be voting for: a rich man who says that you will make more money because he will cut taxes on himself and other billionaires.

  • kiggityk
    kiggityk 27 dias atrás

    What in the.... This is what Tucker tells his audience us lefties want? Wow! I hope you don't believe this crap.

  • frances vincent
    frances vincent 27 dias atrás +1

    do not worry Trump WILL GET IN!!!!! God is the one who got him in the frirst ime but no one believes it; So God IS going to do it again!!!

  • estebancomulet
    estebancomulet 28 dias atrás

    Even Fox News can see Bernie has huge appeal. CNN are such a joke.

  • Doug Shaw
    Doug Shaw 28 dias atrás

    Republicans are not to be trusted. Think where we would be if Republicans like Ryan had not been buttstabbing traitors!! Romney needs bullets looking for a brain in his head... McCain got what he deserved...

  • Jerry Junior Official
    Jerry Junior Official Mês atrás

    Please get cocky, after all you’re just running against Democrats, they have NOTHING to lose at this point, please trust the polls that says Trump will win in a landslide.

  • Sarah Shanahan
    Sarah Shanahan Mês atrás

    Omg a Republican who cares about student loans? I think I'm glitching out

  • Zachary B
    Zachary B Mês atrás

    I was following you Tucker until you started talking about what the Left believes. No dude. There is a lot of disagreement and debate on the Left, and it doesn't easily break down into simple "more Left" or "less Left". Recognize how much the authentic Left HATES the symbolic pandering that the Democrats throw us to avoid actually doing anything for working people of any color. Bernie Sanders is the farthest Left economically but does the least pandering to empty symbolic "wokeness". And he's actually attacked from the "left" on immigration, since he voted against a bill the SPLC said "would be like slavery" and allow the importation of low wage workers to undercut American wages. The Democratic debates are run by the DNC, and they are asking bad questions about the wrong things. So everyone there ends up looking stupid. He looks his worst at the debates because he's forced to answer dumb questions and yes, sadly, he has to check some of the dumb boxes that you have to check to run in the Democratic Party. But he's going to do exactly what you want - he'll make it easier for 30-year-olds to get married and have kids - he will win the election and deserve to.

    • Zachary B
      Zachary B Mês atrás

      P.S. This country actually IS infected with gross racism and sexism that damages the lives of millions of people. "Traditional values" has become code (with some people) for gross bigotry and kneejerk fear of anything new and different. Like freaking out about transgenderism, which is BEYOND stupid. NEWS FLASH: there are many different kinds of people in the world. Chill the F out. It has no effect on your life and its not bringing down society - the social Left is NOT the cause of the social fabric being disrupted - TV, social media, a culture of greed and selfishness, the abandonment of any conception of a social contract, the draining of our country's resources to fund endless war - THESE are damaging the social fabric, not transgender people and immigrants.

      Of course, the Democratic establishment is insincere and corrupt and don't really understand how to address social issues (or much else). So the "socially Left" ideas presented at the top of the Party are nonsensical and confusing. Because the Party establishment is nonsensical and confused.

  • Hun Ter
    Hun Ter Mês atrás

    Sometimes, I wonder if Tucker is a low-key Bernie supporter trying subtly to pull strings behind the scenes at Fox News to help Bernie win. I don't know. He's definitely the tallest kid in the Kindergarten classroom that is Fox News, I'll just say that.

  • Bob Tillich
    Bob Tillich Mês atrás

    christ this fear mongering is disgusting

  • Joe Imhof
    Joe Imhof Mês atrás

    Oh but we all know that president Donald Trump is a winner for sure.

  • Brian Longshore
    Brian Longshore Mês atrás

    That is the best commentary l have heard Tucker say yet. Democrats today represent chaos.....just like the radical leftest from the 60s. The current democratic party needs to be moderated, or abolished.

  • Carie Sammut
    Carie Sammut Mês atrás

    Tucker, some of this is really over the top. It’s too bad you are spreading divisions. You are the first one to complain when AOC makes broad sweeping statements about republicans? Come on Tucker you are better than that

  • Heather Lewison
    Heather Lewison Mês atrás

    Taxes, Taxes, Taxes and.....more taxes ! Really!
    Tim US Army Veteran

  • Heather Lewison
    Heather Lewison Mês atrás

    And the Ruling class? Do not care about you Democrats, either. They are using all of Us.
    Tim US Army Veteran

  • Heather Lewison
    Heather Lewison Mês atrás

    Tim US Army Veteran
    Trump has the power. To go after A.I. ! And shut down big tech.
    Our so could ruling class?
    Wants a War.
    Let's give it too them.
    1984 is 1776 !
    Our ruling class...rules Us.
    What do they know?
    They don't,t know anything about how hard WE WORK FOR A....LIVING.

  • Ismael Fernandez
    Ismael Fernandez Mês atrás

    Bernie has real followers . He can beat a Trump, I’m voting for Trump. But Bernie is a real threat

  • Ismael Fernandez
    Ismael Fernandez Mês atrás

    I agree

  • B. B.
    B. B. Mês atrás

    Nice tie!

  • Tokhi
    Tokhi Mês atrás

    There were nuggets of pure truth in here mixed with dramatic exaggerated propaganda lol

  • hydrolife tech
    hydrolife tech Mês atrás

    The evil brilliance of Tucker.. He narrates the truth about the poor state of the economy the regular Americans feel which might even make some of the hurting Trump fans to again flip the bird on the establishment(which includes Trump now) by electing Bernie who has been fighting and promise to deliver them respite through expansion of social programs. He then goes on to urge the hurting Trump supporters to be good little boys and girls using fear mongering about socialism and issues driven by their biases. Brilliant Tucker, brilliant!

  • danielsonnv
    danielsonnv Mês atrás +1

    Tucker sounding like a socialist, wow!

  • yorkel snorkel
    yorkel snorkel Mês atrás

    Republicans shouldn't get too comfortable, you're right. Trump won on the pretense of fixing the system, did nothing but party with his cronies and put babies in jail (not to mention wasting billions of tax dollars on a wall that he knew wouldn't do a thing) and keeping hundreds of undocumenteds on his payroll, and now has nothing to run on. He will lose. If he doesn't I call shenanigans.

  • Hans Portner
    Hans Portner Mês atrás

    🇦🇹 As a European and a staunch socialist, I would like to wish Bernie Sanders all the best on his way to the presidential election. he should be aware of this, Russia is the most peaceful society in Europe and has not waged an aggressive war in over 250 years, while the United States government and NATO are the greatest terrorists and war criminals of the present day.

  • PfEMP1
    PfEMP1 Mês atrás

    It was good until the straw manning at the end

  • Orphaned Zombie
    Orphaned Zombie Mês atrás

    Guys, Bernie can beat Trump! Don't get too confident!

  • dixon pinfold
    dixon pinfold Mês atrás

    Wow. A refreshing absence of confusion.

  • Beth Keenan
    Beth Keenan Mês atrás

    If It's Bloomberg or Biden... I think Republicans can be pretty confident

  • keys island hopper
    keys island hopper Mês atrás

    We need to vote
    Do not underestimate m bloomberg,
    Bernie is going to put up a fight,
    The trump need to finish his work.
    The fun thong the trigger of no trump will be a stock crash.

  • Shawn Considine
    Shawn Considine Mês atrás

    Tucker is a toady for grumpism.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Mês atrás

    Bernie 2020!

  • Ddd Kkk
    Ddd Kkk Mês atrás

    Any one with Tulsi Gabbert wins, period.

  • MMABeijing
    MMABeijing Mês atrás

    great monologue as usual, wonder who write those...anyway Tucker is correct, pro trump should not get cocky

  • kingpest13
    kingpest13 Mês atrás +1

    I hate to even say it but if you want to MAGA you need to vote for Bernie Sanders, he the only candidate that's in it for the right reasons.

  • Benjamin Cheney
    Benjamin Cheney Mês atrás

    Thank God somebody out there is speaking the truth.

  • Vilma Vega
    Vilma Vega Mês atrás

    Tucker is saying things no other news outlet dares to either speak about or dig deeper. Tucker focuses on bringing up issues of what voters need...”debt is crushing an entire generation”

  • Lucas Mulcahy
    Lucas Mulcahy Mês atrás

    Count how many lies are in this video. “your kids will be taken from you” - tucker carlson

  • Will P
    Will P Mês atrás

    You should run you got my vote

  • Mike K
    Mike K Mês atrás

    Tucker it's no longer about raising our voices it's about raising our fists, it's about the willingness to fight for what you believe in, it's all good to talk but will you go the distance when the time comes.

  • Zubair Ahmed
    Zubair Ahmed Mês atrás

    Im not a fan of Fox News but watching Tucker’s less biased views was worth the watch.

  • WinterHell
    WinterHell Mês atrás

    Correction: the official unemployment figures are essentially a lie because they don't include the millions of people who have simply given up finding jobs or millions of others who have only part-time employment.

  • DrRight
    DrRight Mês atrás

    If you people, Americans, would live here in Latinamerica, you would love your president and your economic system. Sometimes you need to visit other countries to see how god you are doing things.

  • Spencer Sundstrom
    Spencer Sundstrom Mês atrás

    God I hate Tucker Carlson, I feel like he's unprofessional and has very little respect for journalistic integrity, but goddamnit this man is hitting the nail on the head recently

    • Voice of Dissent
      Voice of Dissent Mês atrás

      Spencer Sundstrom U can question bais but there is something called facts, reporting, incidents.
      Almost all MSM journalists r baised. But what I hv observed in 🇺🇸 🇬🇧, 🇮🇳 🇧🇷 & Australian media that Right wingers are morr honest. They don't pretend to be idealist or revolutionary journalism.
      Leftist are fake dishonest.
      open (true) conservative is better than pseudo liberal

  • slickrick13130
    slickrick13130 Mês atrás

    Only person that could possibly beat trump would be Bernie. The DNC is going to make sure Bernie doesnt get the nomination so it will be trump again

  • msnpassjan2004
    msnpassjan2004 Mês atrás

    People, ultimately, must vote with their wallets if they want to pay rent and eat.

  • Dave Riley
    Dave Riley Mês atrás

    0:34 "... SO NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, nobody is going to win this election in a national landslide. Those don't happen anymore." (Emphasis mine.) There is a good chance you will have to walk back that confidently delivered line. There is a lot that can happen in the next 8 months. There can be an electoral college landslide, and it could go in either direction.

  • dugroz
    dugroz Mês atrás

    "Great! ... don't get cocky, kid!" - H. Solo.

  • Steve Banks
    Steve Banks Mês atrás

    Most intelligent summery of the upcoming election.

  • Jason J Mitchell
    Jason J Mitchell Mês atrás

    This is why you need to vote.
    Also Tucker, just because someone feels the economy isn't helping them doesn't mean it isn't. As Shapiro keeps saying, "facts don't care about feelings"
    IS the economy better? Yes

  • Wulfee
    Wulfee Mês atrás

    Let's help put Andrew Yang on the last debate stage with Trump. He's the only one that seems neutral, and not a pitch fork and torch wielding maniac.

  • 5 second Videos
    5 second Videos Mês atrás

    Bernie 2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ronald Harrison
    Ronald Harrison Mês atrás

    Come on Tucker you know polls are worthless.

  • Ronald Harrison
    Ronald Harrison Mês atrás

    All republicans will be permanently on guard against democrat dirty tricks and deceit, especially after their recent behaviours.

  • Mijnendonckx Bart
    Mijnendonckx Bart Mês atrás

    Hey dumbass guess who installd a socialisme in europe the republicains

  • Mijnendonckx Bart
    Mijnendonckx Bart Mês atrás

    So i guess republicains don't like free speech

  • NightsLament
    NightsLament Mês atrás +1

    I hope Tucker Carlson has Andrew Yang on again sometime soon.

  • fish_tacocat
    fish_tacocat Mês atrás

    Yang Gang!

  • lgbt bathroom
    lgbt bathroom Mês atrás

    I'm very confident. The Dems are going extict.

    • Alex Podolsky
      Alex Podolsky Mês atrás

      Dems party. Not the progressive movement!

  • Brent Razz
    Brent Razz Mês atrás

    I'd say if Bernie doesn't win the primary. The party is doomed. And the next generation will be hyper radical. It will become far worse.

    • Alex Podolsky
      Alex Podolsky Mês atrás

      Why don't you register to vote for Bernie in democratic primaries. And after that u r welcome to switch back anytime. Some did it in 2016.

  • Lloyd Maz
    Lloyd Maz Mês atrás +1

    We do it 5 times a week I want that as a tattoo 😂

  • Paper Lord
    Paper Lord Mês atrás


  • Evan Dodson
    Evan Dodson Mês atrás

    I stopped watching Tucker because he's a coward that only talks to literally insane actors that take bogus stands and make it easy for him to "debate".

  • Seth Adelmann
    Seth Adelmann Mês atrás

    If the democrats are smart enough to support Andrew Yang, Trump is in for an incredibly difficult campaign.

  • John Jaynes II
    John Jaynes II Mês atrás

    They are all crazy and don’t care about the people!!! The rich doesn’t care about you wake up people!!!

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Mês atrás

    This is very true, I see great confidence in republicans but I still get a feeling that they could easily win if nobody notices this

  • Ellen Smith
    Ellen Smith Mês atrás

    I agree but he shouldn't discount how many people who elected Trump the last time around have been peed off by the approach the Dems have taken since that election. It's a slap in the face to suggest that a duly elected official, who was primarily supported by a particular echelon in a society (in this case, mostly blue collar workers who wanted jobs returned, etc.), were somehow "faulty" and "stupid" when they elected that official. And that is, essentially, what the Dems have been saying since Trump swore allegiance a few years back. These voters are NOT stupid and I think the Dems persistence in suggesting such a thing is going to blow up in their faces. THAT may be what actually puts Trump in again next November...

  • no arrests 4 you no arrests 4 you

    If there are no high level arrests people will not vote for him and I am one of them. These is so much hard evidence it would be a slam dunk. If there are no arrests this crap we have been going through will be the new normal. What happened to justice for all and lock her up? Huge fail for Trump on this!! Severe consequences are need.

  • Ross Mackenzie
    Ross Mackenzie Mês atrás

    I hope trump see’s this

  • Erin Bailey
    Erin Bailey Mês atrás

    Repubs and Dems have no interest in helping people. They just want power. A revolution is desperately needed. Only Sanders is addressing the concerns expressed in those polls.

  • S D
    S D Mês atrás

    Elections are won on speechs and plans.
    Reflections are won on work done.

  • Strawhatboy
    Strawhatboy Mês atrás +8

    Bernie 2020 fix the student loan problem an Medicare problem I pay more for insurance than my mortgage

  • Ok cool
    Ok cool Mês atrás

    BERNIE 2020!!!

  • Josh Tomlinson
    Josh Tomlinson Mês atrás +1

    Very well said

  • Jean-Pascal Heynemand
    Jean-Pascal Heynemand Mês atrás

    Voting matters and works.
    Brexit proved it.

  • Emmanuel Obi
    Emmanuel Obi Mês atrás

    Tucker's brutal honesty is chilling

  • TheEnd117
    TheEnd117 Mês atrás +1

    I'm not a Republican, I'm a Democrat. With that said I agree with everything Tucker said here. If a Republican candidate tackled these issues I would seriously consider voting for them. For me it's not about party, it's about which candidate can give the middle class the best options going forward.

  • Hulagan 808
    Hulagan 808 Mês atrás

    Well I am planning with many other people to vote as early as possible.
    Never in my life have I seen the eagerness to re-elect a President.
    Trump 2020 KAG!

    • Stijn Broekhuis
      Stijn Broekhuis Mês atrás

      Why would you want to re-elect trump? He has done nothing but improve the well-being for the rich. Nearly started a war. He constantly lies. I see no good in him, never have.

  • Oliver Martinez
    Oliver Martinez Mês atrás

    Well, well anyone following the latest developments have probably realized that Bernie Sanders can not only win his party nomination but the national election.

  • rockn roll
    rockn roll Mês atrás

    4.15 omg.. empty our prisons, giving convicts right vote!! how dare the democrats bring the country into becoming a decent honorable society where everyone have human worth

    • rockn roll
      rockn roll Mês atrás

      rest of that rant with the exception of perhaps immigration.. is just blatant lies or severe twisting of the truth

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin Mês atrás

    in his heart of hearts tucker is a never trumper. it comes out from time to time if you know this.