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  • Publicado em 28 Set 2022
  • Week 1 Of The Creator League!
    @CashNasty @CashNastyReacts @ZackTTG @2HYPE @LSK @Kristopher London @Whit3 Iverson @DC Heat @Slim

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  • Majin Buu
    Majin Buu  +259

    Cash will literally beat the shit out them on defense but once someone does something back it’s “don’t do that.” LMAO

  • Golden_eye21

    2hype play well against these guys that literally wake up to basketball everyday. I've always loved Lsk's confidence in his shot. Doesn't matter if it's game point, this man will pull from half court. Zach was making tuff shouts, and Cash had crucial rebounds. W game

  • CarbonClutch

    Bro the “Gimme threeeee!!!!” From Raye in the background with the LSK airball got me weak 🤣🤣😂😂

  • XXX _Monte
    XXX _Monte  +350

    This was a good ass game 2hype had the chemistry but they stamina messed them up I really wanted them to get the upset W game tho💪🏽🔥

  • Glen okoinyan

    giving up an 11-0 run when youre up 8 and game is up to 11 is crazyyyyy

  • Golden_eye21

    Bruh, I cant...someone in the chat said "Lsk walking like he weighs 3000 pounds" had me crying 😂

  • NYC718
    NYC718  +22

    This was a good ass game, didn’t know 2hype had it in em. Cash mad he couldn’t get away with that shoulder drop is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • tswei
    tswei  +71

    Good close game, considering 2Hype doesn’t really play ball a lot. Their comp plays ball almost everyday. Respect to both sides playing

  • Leonel Rodriguez

    2 hype need to hit the lab for the next one! stamina bar was low at the end and no top of the key shot is crazy!!!

  • Chaoticblaze27

    I'm still amazed the lack of coverage youtube gave for this event i didn't know it was happening till it was live

  • Your Homie Chillin Vibes

    2Hype stamina killed them, age really playin a factor for real...

  • M5ivee
    M5ivee  +30

    Zach out there getting baked 😂😂

  • Lu
    Lu  +12

    I do want to see 2hype get there stamina right because as you can see they can hoop a lil even if it’s for fun, Jesser got a lil bag to him too they surprised me first game💯

  • George License

    y’all doing your thing with these 🔥

  • na
    na  +4


  • loiny zen

    Seeing Dc heat grow from high school have been crazy got a lot of great talent on BRclip that’s just hitting there peak shoutout slim always going crazy

  • Chhatwal kishore

    The 8-0 comeback in game 3 was crazy

  • Jeric Nacana-Quiambao

    For a group that doesn’t hoop for real 2 hype is great, I got them beating zone 6 since Cam just 1 v 3s😭

  • DC FC
    DC FC  +50

    if Kris didn't have the lungs of a new born baby 2hype could've won. Solid game though, better than expected.

  • Rithy H.
    Rithy H.  +53

    Zackttg trying to bully dc heat and dc dunks on him and sinks a three. Best clip