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Blueface & OG Bobby Billions - Outside (Better Days)

  • Publicado em 25 Mai 2021
  • BlueFace -Outside (Better Days) ft. OG Bobby Billions Official Video
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    5th Amendment/Entertainment One/Billionaire Music Group/EMPIRE
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Comentários • 25 684

  • blueface bleedem
    blueface bleedem  2 anos atrás +18456

    My new iG is @bluefasebleedem my album will be dropping this summer follow my IG for more details

    • J Earby
      J Earby 2 anos atrás +1610

      @F get a life

    • Clutch Cousins
      Clutch Cousins 2 anos atrás +339

      Blueface coming different (PAUse)

    • Seanjade Burton
      Seanjade Burton 2 anos atrás +292

      Can you upload this to apple music🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥

    CUFBOYS 2 anos atrás +30065


    • Eggy
      Eggy 2 anos atrás +284


    • Jose Pineda
      Jose Pineda 2 anos atrás +118

      YOOO CUFBOYSSS WASSAP you comment after the reaction

    • Mason Tyler
      Mason Tyler 2 anos atrás +82

      Shiz slaps

    • Trizzy
      Trizzy 2 anos atrás +59

      yo mom reacts coming soon?

    • Anujithan
      Anujithan 2 anos atrás +25

      NO CAP FR FR

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama Anos atrás +5716

    This is living proof that it is possible for blue face to rap on beat...

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    All fatherless child jokes aside, this song is actually a banger.

  • Charles Lantzy
    Charles Lantzy 5 meses atrás +1288

    If Blueface was always this good on songs he'd be a hit tbh

    • Nuggetsin4
      Nuggetsin4 5 meses atrás +24

      But he’s not

    • Optimal
      Optimal 5 meses atrás +7


    • Wesley Hendricks
      Wesley Hendricks 5 meses atrás +4

      I'm your 99th like...one more and you'll get 100👍

    • eric fejza
      eric fejza 5 meses atrás +4

      @Optimal where your new vette??? Goofy

  • Lincoln B
    Lincoln B Anos atrás +1375

    All memes aside, this is actually a song with a lot of meaning. Like there’s little to no bragging or flexing. This is a story.

    • Giovani Avila
      Giovani Avila Anos atrás +13

      Listen to the original one RIP Mo3

    • ASKO
      ASKO Anos atrás +13

      Bobbys verse was kinda meh. Like bluefaces had alot of meaning and was unique, but bobbys had alot of "aint nobody safe on my momma on my gang, we gon put it in they face"

    • Dee Cee
      Dee Cee 11 meses atrás +11

      He's literally flashing his patek lmao

    • Air_
      Air_ 11 meses atrás +2

      He got the Patek and the vette bro

    • BTuna
      BTuna 11 meses atrás +6

      @Air_ yeah but he said little to no bragging like flexed those but normally blueface is lile lemme just flex stuff in my whole verse

  • Kidd_Kapo
    Kidd_Kapo 3 meses atrás +84

    The hook is soul touching by itself. Blue face verse was surprisingly deep, meaningful, inspiring, relatable, everything a good verse should be even though his other music is 🔥🗑️ Either way, love this song. I can listen to the instrumental for days. The instruments hit just right. Lot of emotion running through them chords. Shoutout to the engineer💯

    • hi that's me gomunkul
      hi that's me gomunkul 3 meses atrás +1

      @Who tf listening Blueface in 2023? All school ganstas on Gomunkul 6 now

    • Straïght Drøpp
      Straïght Drøpp 2 meses atrás +8

      @hi that's me gomunkul Y'all just be saying anything . Wtf is a school gangster 💁🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤭🤣😂😫

    • Childish Gambino
      Childish Gambino 2 meses atrás +2

      Lmao 🤣 not me saying to myself "fire trash?" 😅😅 (hot garbage i kno i know)

    • Kidd_Kapo
      Kidd_Kapo 2 meses atrás

      @Childish Gambino 🤣🤣🤣

    • 「inMei」
      「inMei」 2 meses atrás

      The glazing is crazy

  • ICEEE Gaming
    ICEEE Gaming 2 anos atrás +39893

    Blue face has the potential to make such good music and this right here is an example...

  • Yovis
    Yovis Anos atrás +1322

    A message to the future generations.
    Don't let this song die

  • Thanks🐣
    Thanks🐣 7 meses atrás +349

    The chorus is so damn good it literally touches your soul

    • Yvngquan1
      Yvngquan1 3 meses atrás +5

      That’s mo3

    • Larry Smith
      Larry Smith Mês atrás +2

      It touched my groin too

    • Trevor Phillips
      Trevor Phillips Mês atrás +3

      Yeah, I literally felt blue face coming inside of me

    • Kiera Miffin
      Kiera Miffin 29 dias atrás +5

      ​@Trevor Phillips bruh what 😂

  • the_casual1
    the_casual1 7 meses atrás +92

    I was so proud of Blueface for this verse. He did that shit for real.

  • Solomon
    Solomon Anos atrás +71

    Filled with goosebumps and chills 👌

  • Dorgeles Kouamé
    Dorgeles Kouamé 11 meses atrás +17

    Never thought blue face could go that hard n spit some relatable lines. And he on beat too. Damn 😮‍💨

    LUoIS ARI 2 anos atrás +1876

    "Another fatherless child, can't act right cause they left him fatherless, but ain't no hood harder then fatherhood, who's gon teach your son to go further then father did, all these kids raising all these kids" 🔥 🔥 🔥 ... Hands down some of the most realest bars I've heard from this generation... wish our music and culture was more like this.

    • Valitics
      Valitics 2 anos atrás +35

      ong i felt this 😭

    • Drogas
      Drogas 2 anos atrás +7

      U aint heard much then lmao. Plenty new artist have way deeper lyrics than this, like Kipp Stone, JID, Mick Jenkins... etc

    • Yourmom
      Yourmom 2 anos atrás +7

      He just need make sure he say it more crisp

    • Dat Tepo
      Dat Tepo 2 anos atrás +4

      He knows what needs to be fixed

    • Justice Harmony
      Justice Harmony 2 anos atrás +2


  • Tara Nicole Dod
    Tara Nicole Dod Anos atrás +369

    This song makes me cry everytime.
    This is an extremely powerful music video. I am very impressed.
    “I’m a victim of the system
    But I’m a suspect to the victim” 💔💔💔

  • Duje Bacinic
    Duje Bacinic Anos atrás +714

    I get goosebumps ever time I listen to this song.

  • Bonita Long
    Bonita Long 4 meses atrás +6

    One of my favorite songs by him ❤

  • Veta Adams
    Veta Adams Anos atrás +302

    This song came out a month after my son died. This song has literally helped me through so much.

  • William Gregory
    William Gregory 15 dias atrás

    “All these kids raising all these kids.”
    That part hit home for me 😢

  • Eric Zepeda
    Eric Zepeda 2 anos atrás +675

    " No hood harder than fatherhood"
    Became a fan just by the verse 100%

    • Percocet
      Percocet 2 anos atrás +2

      Lol this was weird and backhanded

    • Riccy Tan
      Riccy Tan 2 anos atrás +5

      Damn it's that easy huh??

    • Md Swagboi
      Md Swagboi 2 meses atrás +1

      Who Gon teach ya son to farther than father did🔥

  • Reaniman
    Reaniman Anos atrás +634

    When I was 14 my dad got sent to jail for pedophilia. All the love and connection I had for him is broken now and I just go by my lonesome trying to better myself and its hard to ask for help. Yall that don't have relationships with ur dad I feel for you and I'm praying for your blessings I get it. Luckily my moms is a soldier and strongest women I know.

    • artiomas melnikov
      artiomas melnikov Anos atrás +61

      dam that is really sad losing your father

    • Chelsie Milstead
      Chelsie Milstead Anos atrás +48

      Same here. Habitual offender, got a life sentence, and then was beaten and raped to death. We were very close before he was murdered.

    • yoobster
      yoobster Anos atrás +52

      damn bro, my mom legit cheated on my dad with men on Facebook, they got divorced and it seemed she didn't even want me or my siblings had never seen her since, I don't think I want to either.

    • Ahnaf Rayeed Ahmed
      Ahnaf Rayeed Ahmed Anos atrás +24

      @yoobster cant have shit in detroit.

  • Marz Mafidi
    Marz Mafidi Anos atrás +67

    Blueface played the game, he always knew how to rap, he just wanted to be talked about with the offbeat flows and then flip the script, brilliant move! great song...

    • Marz Mafidi
      Marz Mafidi 10 meses atrás +5

      Ion care bout what you think✌🏾

  • Ivan Milord
    Ivan Milord 2 meses atrás +10

    "I'm a victim of the system, but the suspect to the victim." That hits deep

  • Playboy Melody
    Playboy Melody Anos atrás +15

    This song has touched and helped a lot of people thru the shit motivated greatness masterpiece best song @blueface for the decade and for the people 💯🗣

  • Jaden Brewer
    Jaden Brewer 5 meses atrás +208

    Best blue face verse ever heard 🔥

  • Jackson Murphy
    Jackson Murphy 2 anos atrás +2125

    Blueface just gained a lot more respect from me because of this song

  • Yeet Sweet
    Yeet Sweet Anos atrás +286

    Yeah, yeah
    They scared to come outside
    Tell them boys they better pray
    Tell them boys stay out the way
    Tell them ain't nobody safe
    On my mama, on my gang
    We gon' put it in they face
    They scared to come outside
    Niggas know we stepping night and day
    Niggas know we stepping now and later
    Until it hurts, it ain't no mercy, that's just how we made
    You hear that church up in my verses, that's just how we raised
    Fuck 'em, I'ma murk 'em
    God said, "ain't nobody perfect"
    Lost my little brother, I been tryna hide the hurt
    Push up on the other side and put 'em all on shirts
    (I clean this blood off my Jesus piece)
    Jesus, please say there's a heaven for a real one
    I had to smoke 'em, even Moses had to kill one
    Do it for the bills, I swear this shit is getting ill
    They scared to come outside
    Niggas know we stepping night and day
    Niggas know we stepping now and later
    Until it hurts, it ain't no mercy, that's just how we made
    You hear that church up in my verses, that's just how we raised
    I ain't pray for these baguettes, I pray for better days (Better days)
    I ain't pray for that new 'Vette, I'd rather have my dogs back
    Lord, protect me with this TEC, I ain't pray for this Patek
    Remember the day I got the text, another fatherless child
    Can't act right, 'cause they left him fatherless
    No hood harder than fatherhood
    Who gon' teach your son to go farther than father did?
    All these kids raising all these kids
    Push to start up my starter kit
    Another fatherless child influenced by the crowd
    I'm a victim of the system but I'm a suspect to the victim
    I'm in church with a loaded weapon, I can't even trust the reverend
    I'm praying with my eyes open, hoping I don't catch the COVID
    Nineteen bullets in a .40, you not from 'round where I'm 'round
    Boss up or get bossed around
    They see I'm with the top down, would you look at me now?
    If you ain't come see me then, why would you come see me now?
    They scared to come outside
    Niggas know we stepping night and day
    Niggas know we stepping now and later
    Until it hurts, it ain't no mercy, that's just how we made
    You hear that church up in my verses, that's just how we raised

    • bored person
      bored person Anos atrás +8

      i read this comment just to see the “another fatherless child” part

    • Creation
      Creation Anos atrás

      how did you say the n-word

    • Adorbs
      Adorbs Anos atrás +2

      @Creation he/she might be black

    • Hraklis Mpeka
      Hraklis Mpeka 11 meses atrás +1

      @Creation wdym how

    • Tre Powell
      Tre Powell 11 meses atrás +1

      People can't even type the n word omg

  • Joe Quinlan
    Joe Quinlan Anos atrás +15

    This shit hits my soul every time💯

  • PistolPdotVamp
    PistolPdotVamp 8 meses atrás +63

    Just went to my lil cousins funeral today and this song found me.
    Man this hit me on the chin like no other.

      RHG DEVONTAE WICK 7 meses atrás +3

      RIP TO THE BROSKI. no cousins man they brothas :;(

  • The Crew
    The Crew 2 meses atrás +2

    My favorite video and song by Blueface. This need to be performed on an award show

  • Jaylen Faulks
    Jaylen Faulks 17 dias atrás

    Imma always pull for blue face. He has potential

  • Vonte
    Vonte Anos atrás +2401

    Blueface is so respectful that he does sign language for people who can't hear

    • Cecilia Mayoria
      Cecilia Mayoria Anos atrás +166

      This shit had me sent 💀😭😭

    • vireae
      vireae Anos atrás +38

      Im gone

    • guy
      guy Anos atrás +34


    • Gene Borrego
      Gene Borrego Anos atrás +29

      I read this and went back and i was dead 😂

  • ᴷⁱⁿᵈˡʸ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁹⁹ᴷˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳˢ ᵂⁱᵗʰ ᴺᵒ ⱽⁱᵈᵉᵒˢ

    I could listen to this song all day and never get tired of it

    • Centimeter
      Centimeter 21 dia atrás

      I see you everywhere bro

  • Sage Brady
    Sage Brady Anos atrás +161

    Much respect to Blueface for doin this song. I gotta give it to em...this is his best song yet.💯💯💯💯

  • AyeOn TheTrack
    AyeOn TheTrack 6 meses atrás +207

    No hood harder than fatherhood

    • Kidd_Kapo
      Kidd_Kapo 4 meses atrás +9

      Yea that line got me.

  • Nicholas Quaid
    Nicholas Quaid Anos atrás

    i just really love listening and feeling the lyrics

  • Ian Kuhn
    Ian Kuhn 9 meses atrás

    i love this beat. the vocals are fire too. good job bros

  • Eugene 10
    Eugene 10 2 anos atrás +2369

    This ain’t bad he actually showing major improvement as artist

    • kash
      kash 2 anos atrás +40

      yeh but I think this is the only
      Blue face song I like

    • H C
      H C 2 anos atrás +25

      @kash cos it’s the first song of him trying i feel like

    • BaconGun321
      BaconGun321 2 anos atrás +3

      @H C ya but then go to the youtube channel and its back to dogshit

    • Brandon Kopp
      Brandon Kopp 2 anos atrás +6

      He found his flow 🔥

    • Joejoe Joe
      Joejoe Joe 2 anos atrás +16

      Ain’t bad? Man this is heat stop playing

  • LMA
    LMA Anos atrás

    You can just feel the emotion

  • Amazing Smile
    Amazing Smile Anos atrás +3

    Give me chills Everytime

  • WeirdLuck
    WeirdLuck 5 meses atrás +170

    I like how this is such a meaningful song on a meaningful topic but the internet made it a meme lol🤣😅

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 11 meses atrás +10

    Happy Father's Day to all the dads who been there for their children even if they aren't recognize for it

  • Mason Reynolds
    Mason Reynolds 6 meses atrás +6

    "Lost my lil brother I been tryna hide da hurt" LLK💙🕊

  • void
    void 2 anos atrás +9919

    “No hood harder than fatherhood” 🔥🔥

    • Caze
      Caze 2 anos atrás +63

      Leg wtf is u doing

    • Gon Kill
      Gon Kill 2 anos atrás +12


  • Christian Weast
    Christian Weast 2 meses atrás +2

    I wish blueface made music like this more he’d be worth listening too

    xXKINGx DIJONXx 2 meses atrás +2

    No Hood Harder Than Fatherhood. Props there. ✊🏼😔

  • Armani Toki
    Armani Toki 8 meses atrás +15

    respect to blueface and bobby for making this song.
    god bless💯🇼🇸

  • RDP Mizo
    RDP Mizo Anos atrás +9

    Blueface can rap very good🔥🎶🎵...he does the offbeat and funny shit on purpose😂

  • Jay got rizz88 Fizz god
    Jay got rizz88 Fizz god Mês atrás +2

    bro i remember when this first drop it still goes crazy

  • heyxclark
    heyxclark Anos atrás +2370

    Rip to all the lost friends, family and artists we love.

  • BigBirdStanAcount
    BigBirdStanAcount Anos atrás +5

    I want this played at my funeral

  • GwopLord$wayze
    GwopLord$wayze 7 meses atrás +2

    WOW!!!.....I mean like...WOW? I Did NOT expect this type honesty & vulnerabilty from Blueface. Homie absolutely killed dat shit 🔪🔥💀 I guess he does have potential after All? LoL. Mad respect 💯

  • Inesha Williams
    Inesha Williams Anos atrás +2

    This shit goes so hard 🔥😎

  • LWATSON Crantshaw
    LWATSON Crantshaw 11 meses atrás +7

    Love this song blue needs more recognition for this one ☝🏾

  • Alan Asda
    Alan Asda Anos atrás +6916

    Blueface: “No hood harder than fatherhood.”
    Dads: “That’s that real music coming back, homie.”

    • Raider Teeezy
      Raider Teeezy Anos atrás +106

      😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭real music coming back I’m weak cuz

    • travisrb
      travisrb Anos atrás +112

      @Edin ur weird

  • Xyneff Lés-Pierre
    Xyneff Lés-Pierre Anos atrás +7

    *this one of THE best blueface songs. respect!*

  • 2ExclusiveMatt
    2ExclusiveMatt 10 meses atrás +6

    Once u lose a family members to the streets this song will hit different 💯💯

  • Bertie Wilson
    Bertie Wilson Mês atrás +2

    really good song bro keep it up!

  • Butterfinger
    Butterfinger Anos atrás +3

    “Ain’t nobody perfect”
    That has to up there for the most motivational line in the song
    This shows the fact that nobody no matter how rich or poor, smart or dumb, disabled or not, we as humans aren’t perfect

  • Charlene’s Big World
    Charlene’s Big World Mês atrás +3

    The realist sh!t I’ve heard in a minute, the way blueface slid Covid in that verse, I felt that in my spirit ❤🎤🎼🔥💯

  • Μανος Ψυλινακης

    if blueface continues with this style everyone will change their mind about him

  • Trevor Richardson
    Trevor Richardson Anos atrás +13

    I Get Chills Everytime I Hear This !!!!!

    FORTNITEGAMERVY Anos atrás +1

    This is giving me chills

  • Jordan J
    Jordan J Mês atrás +1

    “I’m a victim of the system, but I’m a suspect to the victim” very good wordplay there🔥

  • Bolts
    Bolts Anos atrás

    Blue face killed it and as always Bobby killed it too

  • Destiny Love
    Destiny Love 10 meses atrás +2

    Been sleeping on blueface when he do serve us music it’s a hit

  • Jamzwtf
    Jamzwtf 2 anos atrás +1684

    “Another fatherless child, can’t act right cuz they left him fatherless no hood harder than fatherhood” ik alot of ppl that can relate 💯

    • Jay Duarte
      Jay Duarte 2 anos atrás


    • Breezyt0cold
      Breezyt0cold 2 anos atrás +14

      Can relate to much bro that’s the sad part love to y’all bois 💯❤️🙏🏼

    • Kameron Colby
      Kameron Colby 2 anos atrás +7

      Me right here

    • maki
      maki 2 anos atrás +12

      @Breezyt0cold Man, ian know what to say, I miss that nigga but he hurt me and my family too much. Imma learn to be a man from these influencers who take care of they kids. Stay safe my guy.

  • Luke Carter
    Luke Carter Anos atrás +4

    It’s almost year later and U have to come back to this masterpiece, Keep it up 💪

  • Nardz
    Nardz Anos atrás +4

    “No hood harder than father hood” That gave me goosebumps

  • Bluelegendfam
    Bluelegendfam 3 meses atrás +2

    As me being fatherless this song touches my soul.Blueface is the Best

  • Lele&Lanlan
    Lele&Lanlan Anos atrás +2

    I’m in love with this song now 😭

  • Jim Jones 22
    Jim Jones 22 3 meses atrás

    I cannot believe I discovered this gem from a Harry Potter Tiktok meme! Also, this is Bluefaces best verses to date hands down.

  • Robert Jimenez
    Robert Jimenez 2 anos atrás +1229

    Probably the realist thing, and hardest lines Blueface has ever made.

    • Henrik Hodgson
      Henrik Hodgson 2 anos atrás +21

      Nah what about holy moly donut shop😂

    • C2dajoint
      C2dajoint 2 anos atrás +2

      Yea it is

    • Ace Royale
      Ace Royale 2 anos atrás +10

      As soon as that nigga said "I didn't pray for the baguettes, I prayed for better days" I was like Hol up lol

    • Inferno
      Inferno 2 anos atrás +1


    • ybn4k1
      ybn4k1 2 anos atrás +3

      R.i.p lil loaded

  • Blak Pearl &Th MvmnT
    Blak Pearl &Th MvmnT Anos atrás +2

    " If you ain't come seen me then why would you come see me now " - This line is poetic rap.

  • Sense S4VAGE
    Sense S4VAGE 11 meses atrás

    Daaamn Blueface gave me goosebumps in this one man he was actually spazzing and on beat🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The AK Guru
    The AK Guru 9 meses atrás +12

    "Another fatherless child, influenced by the crowd, I'm a victim of the system but a suspect to the victim, I'm in church with a loaded weapon I can't even trust the reverend" SHEESH I felt that one. Hit home.

  • King Leo Tv
    King Leo Tv Anos atrás

    That's the hardest verse ever by Blue face! Proud of you for this one my boy

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J 11 meses atrás

    lit vibe how did i just find this fire record they though you was done but you came back with another major hit record it has now sold over 500k records worldwide

  • Andile Nyathi
    Andile Nyathi Anos atrás +1572

    The worst thing about this song is
    Is that it ends

  • 6foot4meme
    6foot4meme Anos atrás +3

    coming back to appreciate what once was

    BLITZ Anos atrás +14

    "no hood harder than father hood" the words of a real legend

  • Cathrina Oshinowo
    Cathrina Oshinowo 6 meses atrás +2

    Love from the UK 🇬🇧❤️💪🏾, this has the potential of being a CLASSIC!!!!! IF this is heavily promoted.

  • Daniel Saksa
    Daniel Saksa Anos atrás

    This song hits different. walking somewhere in summer theres warm and ur looking good.

  • LadySmithzNailzNBraidz
    LadySmithzNailzNBraidz 2 meses atrás +1

    Blueface deff showed here he has so much potential.. this song deff has u in your feelings . 💪💪🔥

  • anroid user
    anroid user 2 anos atrás +1010

    I can't believe Blueface is that lyrically deep in his raps.

    • Le Thrill
      Le Thrill 2 anos atrás +53

      Blueface been slick with the lyrics. He just chooses to be off beat sometimes for some fucking reason.

    • Franshae English
      Franshae English 2 anos atrás +14

      @CDN u sloe kid u never knoe if he amde those

    • CDN
      CDN 2 anos atrás +1

      @Le Thrill his lines were never hard the fuck theyre just catchy 😂

    • Franklin Saint
      Franklin Saint 2 anos atrás +9

      He's having the Part of life which be the fun days, then we have the growth periods which goes for both boy and man ...

  • Samuel Urias
    Samuel Urias Anos atrás

    Blueface always got that 🔥, ppl just put to much attention to the beats .

  • Olds Cool
    Olds Cool  11 meses atrás +2

    Humble Music, Great Job.

  • Ace Boogie
    Ace Boogie 9 meses atrás

    Crazy how I first heard this and I wasn’t a father, today this randomly plays next and now it hits different

    PROTOCOLS Anos atrás +2

    Actually my Best Song last year (2021) and also the Best Verse I have ever heard from Blueface.💯

  • spino mite
    spino mite 10 meses atrás

    This is actually a sad song man I hope that you guys are doing well God Bless all your hearts and souls

  • Calvin Herrington
    Calvin Herrington Anos atrás +2397

    “Ain’t no hood harder than fatherhood”
    Dads: This nigga spittin 🙏🏽💙

  • leahh.
    leahh. Anos atrás

    this hit hard⚡

  • That girl
    That girl Anos atrás +1

    This give me goosebumps when I listen to dis❤

  • TheHoodGoneLoveIt
    TheHoodGoneLoveIt 2 meses atrás +1

    “I aint prayed for these i guess I prayed for better days”❤️‍🩹

  • Rae1630 KT
    Rae1630 KT Anos atrás +5

    I ain't pray for these baguettes, I pray for better days. That's my favourite verse from him

  • Girlygirll
    Girlygirll 6 meses atrás +60

    Beautiful song ❤

  • Gage
    Gage 2 anos atrás +8405

    Blueface has actually improved alot, anyone agree?

    • Downy
      Downy 2 anos atrás +334

      Pink is a color and blue is another

    • Bryce Green
      Bryce Green 2 anos atrás +184

      he been hard y’all just getting use to him

      BAYU JAAAMEESSS 2 anos atrás +60

      this is like his first good song the rest are only catchy

    • Maniac D God
      Maniac D God 2 anos atrás +73

      @BAYU JAAAMEESSS isn’t that the main part of a good song ?

  • DeMond France
    DeMond France Anos atrás

    I love this song, hot🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Beat is extra hard🔊🔊🔊. Perfect song to memorialize a deceased love one. BlueFace, OG Bobby Billions, great song👏👏👨‍🎤👨‍🎤💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  • Ph00ly
    Ph00ly Anos atrás +1

    Straight fire 🔥🔥

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 3 meses atrás +4

    The best bars blue face ever said..💙💙