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I'm going to regret this...

  • Publicado em 29 Nov 2023
  • now that's what i call a barnyard banger
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    0:00 - why my barn is so ugly
    4:43 - the revamp
    6:55 - what if we just...paint it red
    9:46 - drywall update
    15:05 - 2 am nightcap
    If you're reading this comment: slay is a disease

Comentários • 949

  • @silentdreams1985
    @silentdreams1985 Mês atrás +1128

    The best thing about regretting a paint choice? It's paint! You can always go over it! Also, 100% the right choice to paint it red.

    • @curly.e
      @curly.e Mês atrás +5

      Exactly what I was thinking !

    • @filmzen281
      @filmzen281 Mês atrás +35

      But also... thousands of dollars.

    • @annawilliams9020
      @annawilliams9020 Mês atrás +17

      @@filmzen281 why do you feel the need to take a positive comment and make it negative? Self reflect for a minute. It will be fine either way it’s just a paint color.

    • @madisonk2195
      @madisonk2195 Mês atrás +18

      @@annawilliams9020I don’t feel like her comment was truly negative. It’s a factual comment.. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @filmzen281
      @filmzen281 Mês atrás +2

      @annawilliams9020 wait what?? Negative? What do you mean?

  • @mitali_singh
    @mitali_singh Mês atrás +1002

    I feel like the whole modern/white farmhouse aesthetic is going to age poorly, but a red barn is *classic*. Can't wait to see more reno progress 💖

    • @nadjak3410
      @nadjak3410 Mês atrás +11


    • @RockinLoud360
      @RockinLoud360 Mês atrás +16

      But classic is ugly

    • @mitali_singh
      @mitali_singh Mês atrás +43

      @@RockinLoud360 One could say black and white is boring and ugly too lol. Taste is subjective. Something that isn’t subjective tho is that trends go in and out of style. I feel like modern farmhouse is already on its way out

    • @saraH-yu1mx
      @saraH-yu1mx Mês atrás +4

      It’s paint. Trends change every few years.

    • @skypowers.
      @skypowers. Mês atrás +8

      😄 glad it’s not grey

  • @kristinelager8905
    @kristinelager8905 Mês atrás +143

    I’m so happy Morgan found Bryan and his team. They care so much for her & you could see how much they mean to her ❤ the universe works in mysterious ways for sure. This will be a lifelong friendship

  • @sksainc688
    @sksainc688 Mês atrás +568

    Is anyone else rooting for Morgan and Lucas to get together?!

    • @Gustavo-vs6qy
      @Gustavo-vs6qy Mês atrás +45

      I’m hoping they will date in the future, once the whole house thing is over and they don’t need to see each other everyday on business stuff cause we know our girl Morgan

    • @kristie979
      @kristie979 Mês atrás +107

      She don't gotta marry the next nice guy that she has a friendship with... y'all are too much

    • @okbye1772
      @okbye1772 Mês atrás +5


    • @shortsarcade101
      @shortsarcade101 Mês atrás +7


    • @lizalove91
      @lizalove91 Mês atrás +22

      I think he might be way younger than her he posted prom pics on his insta just a few years ago

  • @rebeccacute7
    @rebeccacute7 Mês atrás +83

    I love how much Bryan enjoys his job. Him admiring his teams work says so much about him and he was so excited when he went in that room and said “it’s beautiful!”. Can’t wait to see the finished barn I love red.♥️

  • @ashtonketchum13
    @ashtonketchum13 Mês atrás +345

    You may regret whatever this video is going to be about but I know I won't regret watching it 🤷‍♀️

    • @alexander-np5sc
      @alexander-np5sc Mês atrás +8


    • @angelahill8782
      @angelahill8782 Mês atrás +11

      I love when Morgan posts! So happy for her and her house finally getting to the finish line! She’s looking better than ever too!

    • @miichelle421
      @miichelle421 Mês atrás

      she had to throw in a "to be continued"!! aggghhh

  • @natalieporter9858
    @natalieporter9858 Mês atrás +84

    Barns are red, red is barn. This choice was obvious and it’s going to look GORGEOUS

    • @ajplays7241
      @ajplays7241 Mês atrás

      my aunt and ex uncle used to have a barn when i was little and had a shetland pony in it and now that barn after they had to move cause they couldnt afford it anymore that barn unfortunately is now a bright blue shed. with nothing there. its sad going by there

  • @melissak8892
    @melissak8892 Mês atrás +48

    I love the red barn. It's going to look SO gorgeous through the changing seasons, especially winter. A warm cozy red barn lit up with little lighs in the glistening snow sounds magical.

  • @ktkupkake
    @ktkupkake Mês atrás +154

    I love rustic red and the house color together. I love that the barn looks modern but has a "rustic" color. They go great together & I haven't even seen the whole barn yet!!!💜

    • @han6061
      @han6061 Mês atrás +2

      Ikr and in a few years it will be a bit brighter from the sun and looks still amazing

  • @shalecewyatt4103
    @shalecewyatt4103 Mês atrás +221

    I love Morgan’s videos. They’re my glimmer of hope in a bleak world. 😂😂

  • @MellowGypsy
    @MellowGypsy Mês atrás +217

    Who else is having a better day because Morgan posted… ❤❤❤

  • @brendasnow8255
    @brendasnow8255 Mês atrás +3

    I loooove stories like the one about the horses! I’ve lived in a rural area for 32 years, and have had just two similar animal escape experiences. One was about 20 race horses circling in a country road before the boss horse leads them, running, up and over a grassy hill. Beautiful. Another time, a ragtag bunch of farm animals-I swear-a cow, a goat, a pony, a donkey stood the the middle of yet another country road until my husband and I yelled “Go home!” And they did, but not without rolling their eyes at us like a bunch of teenage girls.

  • @danielletrapp4522
    @danielletrapp4522 Mês atrás +172

    morgan has grown so much, to see her thriving is so amazing. so many people relate to her including me so thank you

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube Mês atrás +12

    lifelong dreams from the week before are the best dreams 😊 happy yours are coming true ❤

  • @AM.000
    @AM.000 Mês atrás +67

    You are going to love the Red Barn once Christmas hits and you put lights on it.

  • @emkenobi
    @emkenobi Mês atrás +141

    I think the red is such a good contrast from the house

  • @RochelleZhane
    @RochelleZhane Mês atrás +53

    Omg not gonna lie I loveeeeeeeed The white & black aesthetic of the barn it just gave glamour but honestly seeing a big red classic barn and going inside to a complete modern dream oasis will really blow anyone away

  • @H3ath3r4596
    @H3ath3r4596 Mês atrás +3

    Personally I liked the white barn, it was very clean and modern looking, and I'm not particularly keen on red barns, but im sure itll look great regardless

  • @haleytackett3768
    @haleytackett3768 Mês atrás +3

    I am 10000% here for the red barn! When it snows in the winter, it is going to look so dreamy, like straight out of a Hallmark christmas movie. I can’t wait to see the final product! ❤

  • @katieperryman7502
    @katieperryman7502 Mês atrás +8

    The more the house is completed the more morgan looks truly happy and fulfilled ❤ the glow up has been full circle

  • @CryStealHeart
    @CryStealHeart Mês atrás +3

    I love the white barn. I'd love a red barn too. Good thing is you can repaint it. If it were me I would do a blue shade. Maybe even Purple. Do what you love

    • @ajplays7241
      @ajplays7241 Mês atrás

      thats hillarious that u said blue lol thats now the barn color of my cousins old barn.

  • @alyssaalbie
    @alyssaalbie Mês atrás +35

    The good thing about owning your own barn is that you can always repaint it. Also I’m all about being that auntie with the barn 💅🏼 iconic moment, they won’t care about the white aesthetic

  • @SailorVdizzle
    @SailorVdizzle Mês atrás +50

    Morgan’s like a fairy godmother, whenever I start thinking about how I could go for watching a Morgan vlog, bibbidy bobbidy boop, a new video pops up in my notifications! 💖🧚‍♀️

  • @gigibelle7465
    @gigibelle7465 Mês atrás +32

    I´m so so happy for you, Morgan. Finally things are falling into place.

  • @kaylavaldes311
    @kaylavaldes311 Mês atrás +6

    ugh i loved the white barn!!! but man it’s nice to see so much progress!!! so happy for you girl

  • @oliviabrock7128
    @oliviabrock7128 Mês atrás +42

    It always blows my mind that poor Morgan has been fighting so hard for this for years, contemplating selling the house, meltdowns and it led her to a wonderful contracting team and Lucas 😉
    It takes a lot of determination to fight wanting to give up, but Morgan is proof that it is all in God’s timing!!

    • @Made8202010
      @Made8202010 Mês atrás

      Are they "dating"? 🙄 like figuratively 😉🤫

  • @sophiazada
    @sophiazada Mês atrás +5

    Your videos are so satisfying to watch. I feel like I am such a hot mess all the time and so it's really fun to see you not only create content in a fun way, but also you share your vulnerabilities too, which makes me feel very similar to you. (I am trying so hard not to say "relatable", but you definitely are lol). Have a wonderful day and keep up the good work! It's so nice to see you glowing & thriving.

  • @cokopuffz
    @cokopuffz Mês atrás

    Just wanted to say you are glowing girl. You genuinely seem so much happier out here on your farm, than in the craziness of the city. Watching you progress has been so magical 🫶🏻 hope you’re doing well!! 💖💖💖

  • @crazedmom23
    @crazedmom23 Mês atrás +11

    I definitely think the red barn/white duck duo is perfect. So glad to be seeing it all come together 🙌

  • @FallenHellcat
    @FallenHellcat Mês atrás +2

    I personally loved the white barn.

  • @theoneonlymichelle3.082
    @theoneonlymichelle3.082 Mês atrás +5

    I think it looks absolutely stunning in the white. Maybe a red trim but whatever you choose you will love it or grow to love it. Stands out more how white it is. Just my opinion

  • @jillybynature4851
    @jillybynature4851 Mês atrás +1

    The farm is looking great Morgan! I hope the builders are your homies for life. They seem rad.🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨

  • @hollymccabe7932
    @hollymccabe7932 Mês atrás +1

    I like the white barn, but do whatever you want! It’s gonna be gorgeous! ❤

  • @desiraylayton584
    @desiraylayton584 Mês atrás +2

    I’m invested in this house series. Love you Morgan! I hope your day is great

  • @dawnalexandropoulos6231
    @dawnalexandropoulos6231 Mês atrás +1

    150% Yesss on the red barn, you said it perfectly about the nieces and nephews!

  • @giovannachavez2644
    @giovannachavez2644 Mês atrás +14

    You and Ryland posting making my Sunday Bliss 🧡🎃

  • @katblake
    @katblake Mês atrás +13

    I love to see the work in the house. To be honest the struggles are more interesting than a "I built a house in 3 months and everything went smooth"
    Above all, I hope you're content with the progress, soooo much work has been done.
    Also, I know this matters nil, and our bodies are just a shell blablabla but I wanted to say, your body is banging! ❤

  • @zander7671
    @zander7671 Mês atrás +1

    About you not being able to make choices...
    You made a choice to buy a beautiful piece of property, you made a choice In every single inch of designing your home, including the RED barn. I say you're damn good at making choices and making your dream come true no matter how long it takes!
    I truly hope one of your choices is sewing the ever living hell out of your first contractor!!

  • @karimoore106
    @karimoore106 Mês atrás

    I love your videos, I love your indecisiveness when deep down inside you know what you want and in your mind you’ve made that decision! lol I do the same thing, but it’s always nice to have several opinions! I believe in you and can’t wait until it’s all done!

  • @victoriadanielis7936
    @victoriadanielis7936 Mês atrás +1

    The red is going to look so good with the big windows and doors it’s going to look so good😍❤️

  • @obscuraxxxx
    @obscuraxxxx Mês atrás

    YESSSSSSSSS!!! I think keep the white barn aesthetic for the house, but the red is SO classic and so lovely! Also I love Bryan and the team- they're all so happy and excited, I LOVE them!

  • @Aragedie
    @Aragedie Mês atrás

    I love your contractor and team so so much. I know this house has been a nightmare, but you met all of these guys and that is pretty cool.

  • @BrianaBudgets
    @BrianaBudgets Mês atrás +5

    Yes to the red barn!! Nobody on planet earth dislikes a red barn.😍 and if they do they don’t have to look at it haha

  • @nikkisbooknook
    @nikkisbooknook Mês atrás +5

    I’m so glad you went with red for the barn! It’s so classic and cozy. Also, it feels like it was kinda a blessing in disguise that this process is taking its time, because the white and bright Joanna Gaines trend has kinda run its course. It’s given you time to think about what you really want long term. Love seeing this continue to come together! It’s gonna be a dream ❤

  • @tiffanymyers27
    @tiffanymyers27 Mês atrás

    you look so good!! and i’m so excited for you that your house and barn are coming together!!💛

  • @monkeydude285
    @monkeydude285 Mês atrás +2

    I love the white barn or maybe beige, red is sooooo traditional.

  • @ashleycortes2054
    @ashleycortes2054 Mês atrás +1

    I for sure thought the barn was gonna be painted pink because of the pink Christmas from the year before :) but red is a classic, and a dark red definitely looks elegant

  • @hollyrotella9931
    @hollyrotella9931 Mês atrás

    I smiled throughout this whole video, thank you Morgan ❤️

  • @staceyleenagavard7051
    @staceyleenagavard7051 Mês atrás +3

    MORGAN!! Watching you grow has been such an experience!! I adore you!❤

  • @jmarciniak3834
    @jmarciniak3834 Mês atrás

    You made the right choice by painting barn red. ❤️ Looking forward to see it finished. Love you 😍

  • @jackydoualan8539
    @jackydoualan8539 Mês atrás

    Way to go Morgan I see the change in your spirit glad you found the right medication 💊 finally the barn is going to be beautiful in red looking forward to seeing the whole tour of the house and barn if anyone is deserving of a happy ending it’s you girl friend love ❤️ from Montreal

  • @mommashawna707
    @mommashawna707 Mês atrás +1

    Listen a red barn will give you a little color in your life and that’s always a good thing.
    You are looking so beautiful and so happy from within it just makes my heart happy. 😊

  • @TokyoDC90s
    @TokyoDC90s Mês atrás


  • @cause4creation982
    @cause4creation982 Mês atrás +7

    Morgan is the most relatable person to me. Her speech about not being able to make a decision because there’s a million options to choose from…I conquer. It is the biggest obstacle for me to overcome. 🤦🏼‍♀️ at least I know I’m not alone with my thought processes 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • @nunya69business
    @nunya69business Mês atrás +16

    I always look forward to your vlogs. I'm crazy invested in your home journey 😂 Also, you and our queen, Kendall Rae, should collab.

  • @Kase3322
    @Kase3322 Mês atrás +1

    I'm so excited to see the red barn, and the whole house finished. I'm so invested, and love watching your home renovation vlogs. I never want them to end. I could watch this for hours. You're doing amazing, and so are the boys. I hope when this is done, you feel so accomplished, proud, and at HOME! ❤❤

  • @ivie.t123
    @ivie.t123 Mês atrás +1

    Morgan’s vlogs make any day a million times better!

  • @cassidy983
    @cassidy983 Mês atrás +1

    I love the red barn! You can always change it later!

  • @chelseaelliott8213
    @chelseaelliott8213 Mês atrás

    Bryan being as excited as Morgan is everything

  • @solecito96
    @solecito96 Mês atrás

    New subscriber, rooting for you Miss Morgan, and super excited to see how lovely your home turns out! 🌷

  • @creepyteachers01
    @creepyteachers01 Mês atrás +6

    a moody dark grey/black barn would have given night life vibes!

  • @JosephinaRenee
    @JosephinaRenee Mês atrás +1

    For some reason I feel like a pale green would look so lovely for your barn home 💚

    • @JosephinaRenee
      @JosephinaRenee Mês atrás

      Ope jk I just saw that you painted it later in the video 🤪

  • @annwitten4359
    @annwitten4359 26 dias atrás

    Morgan- I’m 43 and I wish I was more like you…so brave, so funny, and so loving…. You are a wonderful woman- be proud of who you are and where your life is leading you!!

  • @Hall_Meli
    @Hall_Meli Mês atrás +1

    Ah! It's so exciting watching everything finally coming together!

  • @Star-hk4jt
    @Star-hk4jt Mês atrás

    It's okay to regret things it's normal ❤good thing you can always redo it❤

  • @katiphillips2897
    @katiphillips2897 Mês atrás +9

    Rooting for Lucas and Morgan getting married and little babies in a few years 😊 also red was an amazing choice for the barn had you done your house color it would have been a nightmare to keep looking clean and white I promise you will love the red ❤

  • @OuranMom101
    @OuranMom101 Mês atrás

    can't wait to see the barn finished!!! 😊

  • @blondey1124
    @blondey1124 Mês atrás

    The house and the barn are looking gorgeous!

  • @LeendaRella
    @LeendaRella Mês atrás

    When I see your blogs pop up, I’m like a kid on Christmas!!❤

  • @musicsoulhaysgrl
    @musicsoulhaysgrl Mês atrás +1

    Nothing to start the spoopy season than a Morgan vlog. So so excited that progress is getting done!! Also can’t wait until you furnish and decorate the house (esp during holiday season)

  • @EveryoneLovesShelby
    @EveryoneLovesShelby Mês atrás

    I always pictured your barn as either white, black/grey or a pale pink! But I LOOOVE the red!!! If i had a barn I’d have to paint it red too honestly

  • @doniciahilchey5149
    @doniciahilchey5149 Mês atrás +10

    Give it time so you can grow on it! I love how much effort you put in! Just know, creating a masterpiece or space of your own can take YEARS! Only because it’s your choice to do whatever you want!!Take your time! 😊❤ love your videos!!

  • @kikitanner3910
    @kikitanner3910 Mês atrás +1

    You’re so relatable 😂 thank you Morgan for being a relatable and funny queen 👸🏼 ❤🎉

  • @jaked05
    @jaked05 Mês atrás

    Morgan, your videos give me life. Thank you for the updates

  • @aprildawnlindsey8024
    @aprildawnlindsey8024 Mês atrás

    We love the red barn look!♡

  • @glamcandy2
    @glamcandy2 Mês atrás

    I have been watching this journey since day one and everytime you post I get more excited for you

  • @calliea9064
    @calliea9064 Mês atrás +2

    I can’t believe Morgan is just such a natural with vlogging. She got the fan base booster from Shane, but her and her brother are really their own style of vloggers.

  • @ana_mondragon
    @ana_mondragon Mês atrás +19

    Perfect way to enjoy my Sunday morning... watching my bbg Morgan ❤❤❤

  • @wanda7859
    @wanda7859 Mês atrás +1

    I'm so invested in this house journey lol It's really coming together now! It's going to feel so good when you finally get to sit in your home you built and get to enjoy the peacefulness of it, barn and all. I'm excited for you! I hope this journey keeps going in a positive direction and by the end of year you're in your home!
    You look great morgan, you're glowing ✨️

  • @sngray11
    @sngray11 Mês atrás

    I think the red barn with the white trim to compliment the color of your home is iconic! 🫶🏽

  • @Simmy3Tara
    @Simmy3Tara Mês atrás +1

    You can never go wrong with a classic red barn! I would like to see you paint the barn red! 🥰

  • @mikaelarule178
    @mikaelarule178 Mês atrás +2

    I love how they've alllll conformed to your sayings, jokes, and cute little dainty gworl poses. I love you Morgs

  • @mariadowdy2526
    @mariadowdy2526 Mês atrás

    love love love the red color for the barn! I can’t wait to see it 😍

  • @gata1887
    @gata1887 Mês atrás +7

    Seeing you and your house finally coming together makes me a bit more hopeful about my own house remodeling!

  • @killionaire3651
    @killionaire3651 Mês atrás +1

    You are one of the most depressive, fun person to watch. Everything is negative in a funny way. I have to be in a certain mood to watch your content though. Can't be in a good headspace, and watch you. I'll when you when I'm sad. P.S good job with the horse's!!

  • @jennasamples2691
    @jennasamples2691 Mês atrás

    I love that she was indecisive about the barn color until she asked Lucas, seems like miss girl is giving us signs

  • @LuneEleven
    @LuneEleven Mês atrás

    Your vlogs bring me lots of happiness ❤

  • @MeganSmithxo
    @MeganSmithxo Mês atrás +1

    i relate to making long stories longer 😂 but i am so excited by seeing the progress finally coming along with everything 😊

  • @bnbakkar
    @bnbakkar Mês atrás

    Living for this farmhouse sweater. Ugh I love sweater season 🍁🍂🧡🎃

  • @makenziebatstone
    @makenziebatstone Mês atrás +25

    Your turning these
    💪Men💪 to ✨Men✨
    They keep saying "cute!" And "adorable!!" You deserve these guys so much I'm so happy for you great job!!

  • @pinkmarie21
    @pinkmarie21 Mês atrás

    I loved rustic red. Can't wait to see the finished result.

  • @tiaratran
    @tiaratran Mês atrás

    Love the red barn and the house is looking incredible!!

  • @kb9847
    @kb9847 Mês atrás

    I'm excited to see the red barn!! I'm team red barn. You won't regret it!

  • @laurastarbrook1308
    @laurastarbrook1308 Mês atrás

    The barn will be beautiful red, don't worry or second-guess yourself it's fine🎉❤ and your hair looks so pretty😊

  • @katrinaminshew5152
    @katrinaminshew5152 Mês atrás +1

    Yass! Paint the barn red! It’s a classic!! ❤❤❤❤

  • @BrianaBudgets
    @BrianaBudgets Mês atrás +3

    House and barn aside, your property and the properties around it are GORGEOUS. That drone footage really showed how absolutely stunning that area is!

  • @taylorclark8126
    @taylorclark8126 Mês atrás +1

    I love the traditional red but I think a taupe with black trim would be so modern and iconic. It would also hide dirt well rather than pure white with black trim that people have been commenting, it’s also seen everywhere. I vote taupe barn and black trim.

  • @dawneeverett1365
    @dawneeverett1365 Mês atrás

    hurray, wonderful things are finally moving forward. u r very entertaining morgan as well as competently reflective. and looking happy and healthy as well. thank you for a good production. kudos. onward and upward

  • @LexFerraro
    @LexFerraro Mês atrás

    I love it. It’s so classic. Who doesn’t see a barn and WANT it to be red?!?

  • @ashleymufasa
    @ashleymufasa Mês atrás

    Morgan, I love you! I love your editing. I love your house. God bless you ❤