Phone Booth with Hugh Jackman and Shaquille O'Neal


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  • Zeus Bolt GT
    Zeus Bolt GT 43 minutos atrás

    i thought meghan moon was miley cyrus

  • Lauren Aksdal
    Lauren Aksdal 3 horas atrás

    oh my. the blue man is MY FAVORITE

  • Sophie Rich
    Sophie Rich 7 horas atrás

    can you PLEASE do a phone booth with Kevin Hart PLEASEEEEE !!!!!!

  • Collin Yang
    Collin Yang 13 horas atrás

    Damn that girl thought she bout to get pregnant if she goes in the booth with shaq

  • Matthew Levy
    Matthew Levy 18 horas atrás

    *5.10 rejected 😂

  • Andrew Hawkins
    Andrew Hawkins 20 horas atrás

    I wouldn't mind being trapped in a phone booth with Megan Boone.

  • Dauntless Ravenclaw
    Dauntless Ravenclaw Dia atrás

    I guess you could call him a Shaq in the box

  • Jalka Rahi
    Jalka Rahi Dia atrás

    Torilla tavataan

  • Grégoire Castin
    Grégoire Castin 2 dias atrás

    0:35 that's one and ... 4:10 that's two! Sorry Hugh...

  • Rèd Frappé
    Rèd Frappé 2 dias atrás

    I met Hugh Jackman
    He was at My Uncle’s Art Gallery and
    I Happen to come along and Meet him
    It was Really Exciting and I photobombed
    A photo of a fan with him as well!

  • wadsash Potato
    wadsash Potato 3 dias atrás

    I love Hugh jackman

  • Super Erdnuss
    Super Erdnuss 3 dias atrás +1

    0:48 awwww❤️

  • Shammy Dhaliwal
    Shammy Dhaliwal 3 dias atrás

    This is too funny!

  • Joel Bulger
    Joel Bulger 3 dias atrás

    I could not do that even though I'm not claustrophobic I will become one that's just too much

  • Keya Menon
    Keya Menon 3 dias atrás

    Jimmy how do u know Shaq is an outie 😭

  • Cherie Laub
    Cherie Laub 4 dias atrás

    I sure love you guys in a tuxedo you guys look great tonight

  • Teagen Smith
    Teagen Smith 4 dias atrás +1

    I need new bedding. Anyone know where Shaq buys his suits?

  • Pola Pori
    Pola Pori 4 dias atrás

    The blue man is ugly

  • 2F4ce
    2F4ce 4 dias atrás


  • Beatriz Pires
    Beatriz Pires 4 dias atrás

    Subway feelings kkkk

  • lyomon
    lyomon 5 dias atrás

    She is afraid to be blacked by the shakaconda

  • Rae Sloan
    Rae Sloan 5 dias atrás

    I only know who Shaq is because of fresh off the boat.

  • justECV
    justECV 5 dias atrás

    4:50 see results of math final

  • Carter Elmy
    Carter Elmy 5 dias atrás

    6:43 Shaq still takes up half of the booth 😂

  • Stone Muzza
    Stone Muzza 5 dias atrás

    Shaqs hands are the same width as jimmys shoulders 😂😂

  • Marvel Underground
    Marvel Underground 5 dias atrás

    I thought Alec was going to die.

  • jeff jefferson
    jeff jefferson 5 dias atrás


  • Julie Rebecca
    Julie Rebecca 6 dias atrás

    john mulaney with a beard is the third property brother

  • Oscar Tyminski
    Oscar Tyminski 6 dias atrás

    6:17 ...what the ....?

  • Clara Holst
    Clara Holst 6 dias atrás +2

    *FINLAND IS NOT A PART OF SCANDINAVIA!!!* (denmark, norway and sweeden is..) Im from Denmark, and so many people think that Finland is a part of Scandinavia!

  • Andy Lopez
    Andy Lopez 6 dias atrás

    This Video made my Day!

  • Phoenix Uprising
    Phoenix Uprising 7 dias atrás

    God, I think I'm only to Shaq's waist. I'm less than 5ft short.

  • Vishal Vashist
    Vishal Vashist 7 dias atrás

    Megan is a bit--h, she didn't hand shake with the guys.

  • alysha ramos
    alysha ramos 7 dias atrás

    i thought hugh jackman was tall until..

  • Milk
    Milk 7 dias atrás

    And to this day Hugh Jackman never got a hug from Shaq.

  • TigerMoon22
    TigerMoon22 7 dias atrás +1

    What do you do when you are stuck in a phone cabi. With Hugh Jackman? Writting help as disguise as a blue chocked alian

  • Skalesov
    Skalesov 7 dias atrás +2

    The blue man is scared of Shaq

  • wtfduud
    wtfduud 7 dias atrás

    Not fair. Hugh Jackman used to be a teacher.

  • Gitanjali Bhaisora
    Gitanjali Bhaisora 7 dias atrás

    I luv huge jackman 😍

  • Kirstine Grann
    Kirstine Grann 7 dias atrás

    Sooo good, ahah!!

  • _audreei_
    _audreei_ 7 dias atrás

    I would feel so claustrophobic

  • Indian Trucker
    Indian Trucker 8 dias atrás

    Feeling sorry for the chick :(

  • 2FrigginBlazed
    2FrigginBlazed 8 dias atrás

    Daaamn Megan😍😍😍

  • Native Wombat
    Native Wombat 8 dias atrás

    When a man that big kisses you, you don’t say shit.

  • The Cryptid hunters group

    What is the longest bone in the human body me “what time of day”

  • Triton 23
    Triton 23 9 dias atrás

    I loved that in Shaquille's booth, everyone was too scared to touch each other.

  • Dr. Awkward
    Dr. Awkward 9 dias atrás

    I wanna see Elon musk on this

  • Kevin Bullock
    Kevin Bullock 9 dias atrás

    I think Megan Boone is disappointed she's not in there with Hugh Jackman...

  • britbrat327
    britbrat327 9 dias atrás

    This was so funny I wonder why they stopped this he should bring this one back

  • Sir Reid
    Sir Reid 9 dias atrás

    She was about to get gangbanged

  • TheBardeng
    TheBardeng 10 dias atrás

    Shaq face when the alarm went off. 06:49

  • Emily Juwono
    Emily Juwono 10 dias atrás

    Fun fact: Hugh Jackman studied at an acting university in Perth called WAAPA and he studied with my uncle and was one of his best friends 🤭

  • sardynka szprotka
    sardynka szprotka 10 dias atrás +1

    Finland is NOT Scandinavia!!! :)

  • Lori Curl
    Lori Curl 10 dias atrás

    I had claustrophobia for Shaq!!!

  • fokGoogol
    fokGoogol 10 dias atrás

    How can you NOT love Shaq :)

  • soy coconuts
    soy coconuts 11 dias atrás

    the blue man = Jenna marbles

  • Easter Morgan
    Easter Morgan 11 dias atrás

    tall man in small box

  • Mr. Pickle
    Mr. Pickle 11 dias atrás +1

    She was so happy with the bbc touching her

  • lia
    lia 11 dias atrás


  • Xjim Official
    Xjim Official 12 dias atrás

    Megan is damn cute

  • M.W. Loves Chocolate
    M.W. Loves Chocolate 12 dias atrás

    Why is no one mention the little blue help on the glass!?
    Like seriously 😂😂😂

  • Scott Galpin
    Scott Galpin 12 dias atrás

    Blueman is stupid

  • Bigscheme 23
    Bigscheme 23 12 dias atrás

    What is Megan's last name Lmao

  • Mitchell Adlem
    Mitchell Adlem 13 dias atrás

    Shaq should be a wrestler

  • Tavaearii Landry
    Tavaearii Landry 13 dias atrás

    Who's the woman?

  • Elizabeth Webster
    Elizabeth Webster 13 dias atrás

    Hugh jackman♥️😍😍😍

  • Ze Atheist
    Ze Atheist 13 dias atrás

    Jimmy Fallon is pretty tall bruv

  • Mackenna Hope
    Mackenna Hope 13 dias atrás

    Have you ever see Shaquille o Neal drink a normal sized water bottle? It’s amazing

  • Chrisan Daniel
    Chrisan Daniel 13 dias atrás

    Oh no I am married

  • Chrisan Daniel
    Chrisan Daniel 13 dias atrás

    I love you Hugh😘😍😙😚 I am your bride👰👫💏

  • Shooter 125
    Shooter 125 14 dias atrás

    0:26 lol

  • Isabel O
    Isabel O 14 dias atrás

    I love how the blue man stayed in character even when no one was looking

  • Laura Peck
    Laura Peck 14 dias atrás

    Lol go Hugh taking one for Australia Aussie Aussie Aussie!

  • SinZ
    SinZ 14 dias atrás

    They gave Shaq the master of Trivia in round 1.

  • Greg Enos
    Greg Enos 14 dias atrás

    Shaq covering his junk lmao

  • Quyen Tran
    Quyen Tran 14 dias atrás


  • Bashar ِAlmahmoud
    Bashar ِAlmahmoud 14 dias atrás

    I think Megan wanted to be in Hugh's booth so bad 😂😂

  • Psychonaut75
    Psychonaut75 14 dias atrás

    I'm sorry but that old man was touching that girl and it was awkward.

  • Joey S
    Joey S 14 dias atrás +252

    if I were Hugh Jackman I would've picked up and said "Hugh" is this?

  • A D
    A D 14 dias atrás

    From what i see , alex was sexually harassing megan

  • minecraft world
    minecraft world 15 dias atrás

    They should have brought fat Amy

  • Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    What are those ridiculous rumors about Hugh in Avengers Endgame!? Oh, and Shaquille is so huge, he makes Hugh looks like Wolverine, in comparison!!! Also, the should have put in that phone booth, with Hugh, Darrell Hammond, as Sean Connery, if you get my meaning...!

  • Amira Campbell
    Amira Campbell 15 dias atrás


  • The Unheard
    The Unheard 15 dias atrás

    Always know the difference between a Hugh Jackman and a huge yak man

  • noge
    noge 15 dias atrás


  • Trey George
    Trey George 16 dias atrás

    Shaq: chello

  • Just Boo
    Just Boo 16 dias atrás

    I lost it at “What up boi boi” XD

  • Lee Xiong
    Lee Xiong 16 dias atrás

    can the blue man talk

  • Kassandra Ramirez
    Kassandra Ramirez 16 dias atrás

    4:03 omg hugh's laugh!!!

  • Kyrie Frz
    Kyrie Frz 17 dias atrás

    Megan was soooo uncomfortable

  • Josimara Gomes
    Josimara Gomes 17 dias atrás

    6:17 someone saw what I saw?

  • pikiwiki
    pikiwiki 17 dias atrás

    how did anyone ever guard O'Neill

  • MonoJonito
    MonoJonito 18 dias atrás

    El hombre azul escribiendo "ayuda" fue demasiado hilarante.
    P.d.: el hombre azul me hacía recordar a "tape man" o algo así del programa de competencia de talentos donde está Simon... no se bien como explicarlo porque no recuerdo bien cuál es el nombre.

  • book of nightcore
    book of nightcore 18 dias atrás

    At 0:47 was the star of the longest lasting relationship ever

  • vDyingInside
    vDyingInside 18 dias atrás

    I feel bad they must be getting clausterphobic

  • Kylee Young
    Kylee Young 19 dias atrás

    5:30 look at the blue man

  • Master Of The Bating
    Master Of The Bating 19 dias atrás +1

    Shaq like white woman

  • Kael Zildjian
    Kael Zildjian 20 dias atrás

    2:09 you're good with answers 😁😂🤣 I can't even..lmao

  • The Real Yoda
    The Real Yoda 20 dias atrás

    I dont think thats how you use those types of phones jimmy

  • Rachel Mohammed
    Rachel Mohammed 20 dias atrás

    Shaq's hands are as big as Fallon's face