$299 Taco Bell Mexican Pizza | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen

  • Ever wondered what a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza would taste like if it cost $299? Me neither, but we're about to find out anyway on today's episode of FANCY FAST FOOD! FY #005
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Comentários • 80

  • Dark Godess
    Dark Godess 5 horas atrás

    Yeah that red head girl xoxo 😍🌹 is beautiful

  • Kenric Romel
    Kenric Romel Dia atrás

    Everything at tacobell taste the same

  • Elyel Barberic
    Elyel Barberic Dia atrás

    She’s gonna fail the corona challenge if she keeps touching her eyes

  • JOSEJR1342
    JOSEJR1342 2 dias atrás

    Instant karma

  • Fazelcp
    Fazelcp 2 dias atrás

    Can I ship them?
    Can I?

  • Marie_Smore
    Marie_Smore 4 dias atrás

    Javier is Bill Hader and Fred Armisen's son.

  • Junnoe Virtue
    Junnoe Virtue 5 dias atrás

    Can every episode have Emily and hard liquor?

  • cassandra sotos
    cassandra sotos 5 dias atrás

    As long as its not the chefs pube hair its fine....i have long curly hair to my waist. If i find a hair in my food its Usually my own

  • cassandra sotos
    cassandra sotos 5 dias atrás


  • Des_Leah
    Des_Leah 5 dias atrás

    C u next Tuesday...Nope.... ---Josh 2020...(I had to think about this as my innocent, 23 year old mind didn't understand lol!)

  • MaxStar McDonald
    MaxStar McDonald 6 dias atrás

    6:07 to 6:15 made me forget that these are all professionals, which is ideal

  • r u t h
    r u t h 9 dias atrás


  • internetonsetadd
    internetonsetadd 12 dias atrás

    Mexican pizza has been my jam for 30 years. They used to put scallion on the top, which I miss. I sometimes bring my own scallion and jalapeno to top it with.

    Mythical Kitchen is so good.

  • Tristan Kotowski
    Tristan Kotowski 14 dias atrás

    6:12 this is why we love Josh😂😂

  • omgaplane
    omgaplane 15 dias atrás +1

    This is easily my favorite BRclip series of all time.

  • Cat Sheep
    Cat Sheep 16 dias atrás

    I love Emily haha

  • Nicholas Sheffield
    Nicholas Sheffield 16 dias atrás

    Im sorry but where did the big black spot on joshes mouth go lol

  • Nicholas Sheffield
    Nicholas Sheffield 16 dias atrás

    and that wasn't enough mexcal josh...

  • Nicholas Sheffield
    Nicholas Sheffield 16 dias atrás

    o the wet comment.... nothing like some dirty jokes to get the video going. o wait and then the hard comment lol

  • Kiro
    Kiro 16 dias atrás

    The sexual tension.

  • DarknoorX
    DarknoorX 17 dias atrás

    Fck I am wet for some pizza at 4:43am now
    Oh and I almost did not recognize Emily there

  • Agnessa92
    Agnessa92 18 dias atrás

    I wanna lipstick in that color too

  • Jacobim Mugatu
    Jacobim Mugatu 18 dias atrás +1

    Black widow Hot ass lady

  • Brandon Keil
    Brandon Keil 19 dias atrás

    It would be awesome if they can get me on this show lol

  • Jose Castro
    Jose Castro 19 dias atrás

    Damn Josh really know his food i was impressed he mentioned the tlayuda
    Viva mexico

  • Squibblez
    Squibblez 20 dias atrás +1

    Josh never ceases to amaze me with his legit culinary knowledge. He's a smart boi

  • Blah Blahsen
    Blah Blahsen 21 dia atrás

    i'm so food-horny right now.

  • Ahmed Dahmeni
    Ahmed Dahmeni 21 dia atrás

    Josh is Michael scott from a parallel universe

  • TalynCo
    TalynCo 21 dia atrás

    Oh man I winced at that brunch question.

  • Spencer Hanson
    Spencer Hanson 22 dias atrás

    You need to do a competition among your fans to allow one of them to have an opportunity to cook with Josh.

  • hideyourloveaway128
    hideyourloveaway128 22 dias atrás

    Josh and Emily are just 100% delightful together, I 💗 them!!!

  • IAmCandace
    IAmCandace 22 dias atrás

    Just FYI ( I used to be a shift lead for Taco Bell when I graduated high school )
    The Mexican pizza sauce is just red sauce. It’s not it’s own special sauce. It’s the same sauce that goes on enchiladas, tostadas, and in the bean burrito. Yeah, it’s scarcely used, and it’s really disgusting. It sits out all day and if it doesn’t get stirred once an hour, a gross film will form at the top of the sauce. It’s literally just dehydrated Chile powder and they add boiling hot water, and bam. There’s your red sauce.

  • Tracey Ginn
    Tracey Ginn 23 dias atrás

    Wow, Josh - your views as of right now are almost equal to your subscribers. Is that normal?!?

  • Matt Sherrill
    Matt Sherrill 23 dias atrás

    They are so buzzing

  • NemesisPrime1984
    NemesisPrime1984 26 dias atrás

    minute 6:13 she pulled a linus

  • lori woodard
    lori woodard 26 dias atrás +1

    My mouth is so watering. You guys were hilarious.

  • TheTechWizard1337
    TheTechWizard1337 26 dias atrás

    LOL @ 6 min

  • Alex Diggs
    Alex Diggs 26 dias atrás

    josh listens to metal

  • AJ Lynch
    AJ Lynch 27 dias atrás

    pretty sure tostadas are still an item in mexico

  • Kery Mae
    Kery Mae 28 dias atrás

    C U Next Time, is still Tuesday

  • theemilyvm
    theemilyvm 28 dias atrás

    I love this pair because my name is Emily and my brother is named josh lol

  • Jeremy Chen
    Jeremy Chen 28 dias atrás

    "My mouth is wet"
    "I'm wet when we came into this drive thru girl"
    Wait isn't this supposed to be family friendly

  • Neetra Dee
    Neetra Dee 29 dias atrás


  • Do it For hurambe
    Do it For hurambe 29 dias atrás

    Asiento means seat

  • dog breath
    dog breath Mês atrás

    She's hilarious. You gotta bring her back for another episode.

  • CptMcquacken
    CptMcquacken Mês atrás +1

    "I dont know why people stress so much about hair in their food..." Thank you, let me tell ya, i've been in food service most of my life, I've been a kitchen guy and a manager over 50 employees. I've heard every complaint and soccer mom temper tantrum.
    I understand hair is from someone elses body, but, a hair is literally LITERALLY the smallest most insignificant thing to complain about, even in units of measurement "A hairs width". There is nothing more trivial to complain over than a hair.

  • Ann Margarette Sambilay

    Oh Josh. I am totally late for this episode but are you okay??? I can feel your embarrassment here in my country 🇵🇭

  • Crystal Cummins
    Crystal Cummins Mês atrás +2

    "Orc insides from Lord of the Rings" .........as if I needed another reason to love Emily

  • Tim Sisler
    Tim Sisler Mês atrás

    Food fears!!!

  • Hungerbrood
    Hungerbrood Mês atrás

    I dunno man, that seems like a lotta work.

  • Donna Mixon
    Donna Mixon Mês atrás

    Garbage aficionados. Yup. That’s TB

  • Steven Regan
    Steven Regan Mês atrás +2

    5:35 -- when the stringy cheese is introduced..
    Josh: "Can we grab some of that?? We didn't eat!"
    Just minutes earlier: Josh & Emily were shown eating Taco Bell in the car (wearing the same outfits, so it was the same day).

  • Martin Alberter
    Martin Alberter Mês atrás

    Drunk the entire episode?

  • Rachael Magerl
    Rachael Magerl Mês atrás +2

    I love Emily's characters when they do two restaurants against each other lol

  • Rien Reid
    Rien Reid Mês atrás

    Man chef josh has the best job ever haha and I want that pizza

  • Jack Spencer
    Jack Spencer Mês atrás

    Be told not to do shots and then there shooting the drink you were told not to shoot was about one of the most American things I’ve seen on the internet in a while!! This is America. God bless America!

  • Courtney Beneda
    Courtney Beneda Mês atrás

    “what are we gonna do with all this boiled mescal?.......will it souppppp?!?” -emily 2k20 :’)))

  • Ray Clifford
    Ray Clifford Mês atrás

    when you get products from the chefs you visit, you should have them come on and try the finnishing meal..

  • Blezy Augusto
    Blezy Augusto Mês atrás

    Drunk kitchen

  • Sunny Edge
    Sunny Edge Mês atrás

    I love her

  • Aarron West
    Aarron West Mês atrás

    Spank the hard meat.

  • Raya Xx
    Raya Xx Mês atrás

    Can we have you add Lucas to the duo? That would be a dream come true. But also can I join? That’d be my dying wish.

  • Italian Plumber
    Italian Plumber Mês atrás

    I have a huge crush on emily 😳

  • JK
    JK Mês atrás +1


  • dickthedestroyer
    dickthedestroyer Mês atrás

    Their toss with the tongs song actually sounds like the chalk zone theme

  • Ian Thompson
    Ian Thompson Mês atrás

    I’m so glad Josh got his own show!!! He’s so personable and gets me so stoked to cook

  • TheRealConcertKing
    TheRealConcertKing Mês atrás

    I literally had to pause the video because I was laughing so hard when Josh casually said "spank the hard meat."

  • Luis Aguilar
    Luis Aguilar Mês atrás

    Josh used the knife from every COD to cut a scorpion kinda overkill.

  • Megan Lamb
    Megan Lamb Mês atrás

    Josh being drunk with Emily for 23 minutes

  • Brandon Wahlstrom
    Brandon Wahlstrom Mês atrás

    Tacocidal Tendencies? All Josh really wanted was a Jarritos. 😉🤘

  • CutiePie4325
    CutiePie4325 Mês atrás

    emily’s face when she opened the jar made my day

  • Bataan
    Bataan Mês atrás

    Spank the hard meat

  • Byzan
    Byzan Mês atrás

    Emily reminds me so much of emma stone

  • Arkham Knight
    Arkham Knight Mês atrás

    I really like Josh's glasses, what brand??

  • Arkham Knight
    Arkham Knight Mês atrás +1

    "Time heals all wounds"
    Darth Vader: *Breathes angrily in Asthma*

  • Matthew Harrington
    Matthew Harrington Mês atrás +1

    Emily reminds me of a Female comic, but i forget her name.

  • Maximilian Townsend
    Maximilian Townsend Mês atrás +8

    Emily: u ever wanna slap the meat

    Josh: u can slap the meat
    Emily: (slap meat)
    Emily: oooh the meats hhaaarrrddd

  • Diego Hernandez
    Diego Hernandez Mês atrás

    They found the beans in Rhett's kitchen

  • Capsy
    Capsy Mês atrás

    I need more of Josh and Emily in my life

  • Timothy Bjorling
    Timothy Bjorling Mês atrás

    That high school friends joke "o u aged terribly" made me legit spit out my beer lolz