Taylor Swift - Lover

  • Publicado em 22 Ago 2019
  • Official music video by Taylor Swift performing “Lover” - off her new album ‘Lover.’ Stream/Download the album here: TaylorSwift.lnk.to/Loversu
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    Director: Drew Kirsch & Taylor Swift
    Producers: Tara Razavi & Megan Gutman for Happy Place, Inc.
    © 2019 Taylor Swift
    Official “Lover” Lyrics
    Written by Taylor Swift
    We could leave the Christmas lights up
    ‘Til January
    This is our place, we make the rules
    And there’s a dazzling haze
    A mysterious way about you, dear
    Have I known you 20 seconds or 20 years?
    Can I go where you go?
    Can we always be this close?
    Forever and ever
    Take me out
    And take me home
    You’re my, my, my, my...
    We could let our friends crash
    In the living room
    This is our place, we make the call
    And I’m highly suspicious
    That everyone who sees you wants you
    I’ve loved you 3 summers now, honey
    But I want them all
    Ladies and gentlemen
    Will you please stand
    With every guitar string scar on my hand
    I take this magnetic force of a man
    To be my lover
    My heart’s been borrowed
    And yours has been blue
    All’s well that ends well
    To end up with you
    Swear to be overdramatic and true
    To my lover
    And you’ll save all your dirtiest jokes
    For me
    And at every table, I’ll save you a seat
    Can I go where you go?
    Can we always be this close?
    Forever and ever
    Take me out
    And take me home
    You’re my, my, my, my...
    Oh you’re my, my, my, my...
    Darling you’re my, my, my, my...
    © 2019 Sony/ATV Tree Publishing / Taylor Swift Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission
    Music video by Taylor Swift performing Lover. © 2019 Taylor Swift
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  • Миллион
    Миллион 19 horas atrás

    негры чмо

  • Vector Clubberlang!
    Vector Clubberlang! 19 horas atrás

    Prequel to ME!

  • Babek Abbasov
    Babek Abbasov 19 horas atrás


  • ItzMaddie 15677
    ItzMaddie 15677 20 horas atrás

    What about your cats

  • Nathasya Susilo
    Nathasya Susilo 20 horas atrás

    Tagalog lyrics

  • Marisa Cohen
    Marisa Cohen 20 horas atrás

    This is my favorite song on her album ugh it puts me in my feels 😩❤️

  • best Karim
    best Karim 20 horas atrás


  • Freedom Pro Trading
    Freedom Pro Trading 21 hora atrás +1


  • lary -
    lary - 21 hora atrás

    This song makes me want to get married with the man that I don't have

  • lary -
    lary - 21 hora atrás

    Taylor your hands are gold I want to kiss them ❤

  • Rawan Mamdouh
    Rawan Mamdouh 21 hora atrás


  • Rawan Mamdouh
    Rawan Mamdouh 21 hora atrás


  • Gomez Queen
    Gomez Queen 21 hora atrás

    Lover is her best album

  • Bergfex
    Bergfex 22 horas atrás

    Was ein Schwachsinn

  • Brian Schon
    Brian Schon 22 horas atrás

    taylor we love spaghetti too

  • Brian Schon
    Brian Schon 22 horas atrás

    taylor you lok great on everything u wear love yellow color u great doing videos

  • Enrrique José
    Enrrique José 22 horas atrás

    can we always be this close?

  • Brian Schon
    Brian Schon 22 horas atrás

    love ya taylor

  • Emmy Covers
    Emmy Covers 22 horas atrás +3

    *I did a cover of this song if anyone wants to peep it ;)* I love Taylor and the song is so beautiful that I wanted to pay tribute to it!

  • Mike Crossley
    Mike Crossley 22 horas atrás

    I hear Mazzie Star's Fade Into You so heavy in this.....

  • Kayla Ann
    Kayla Ann 23 horas atrás

    Reputation: “You should think about the consequence of your magnetic field being a little too strong”
    Lover: “I take this magnetic force of a man to be my Lover”
    i’m crying

  • suraj shrestha
    suraj shrestha 23 horas atrás

    Such a beautiful and lovely song . Just love it !! 😍😍😘😘

  • Elina Milanova
    Elina Milanova 23 horas atrás

    Girl, you're such an inspiration

  • X Y
    X Y 23 horas atrás

    This is totally Country T-Swift and even feels a bit like Christmas music

  • Romi Glikman
    Romi Glikman 23 horas atrás

    Tailor you amazing

  • hkr h
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  • Belle Delos Santos
    Belle Delos Santos Dia atrás

    So much love 💋

  • 아네
    아네 Dia atrás +1

    축가하나 갱신했네

  • htut chan
    htut chan Dia atrás +1

    i am really taylor swift fan and my friends also

  • Despina Theodorakatou

    Reminds me so much of "Wildest dreams". Great songs both 😍

  • bob sacamento
    bob sacamento Dia atrás

    Can anyone tell me if this video is in 4K resolution?

  • lu bramalho
    lu bramalho Dia atrás


  • Sammy Noyb
    Sammy Noyb Dia atrás

    I love the fact that no one can put this young lady in a box. She's bringing me into her world and I love it.

  • Sangeeta Menon
    Sangeeta Menon Dia atrás


  • W Smith meos
    W Smith meos Dia atrás

    forx you. the boy,
    I'm in Taiwan, you know, fxxxxxx

  • Party Geeker
    Party Geeker Dia atrás


  • siny siny
    siny siny Dia atrás

    I love 💕

  • siny siny
    siny siny Dia atrás

    I love 💕

  • Kristýna Klimova
    Kristýna Klimova Dia atrás

    Perfekt song 😃

  • Donpablo Escobar
    Donpablo Escobar Dia atrás

    This song reminds me of my girlfriend. And my girlfriend doesn't even exist.

  • Wolfgang Salzmann
    Wolfgang Salzmann Dia atrás

    I like the melody, the video, the comment section, all of it. :-)

  • The Black 9
    The Black 9 Dia atrás

    Most people actually leave their christmas lights past then...what's the big deal...same as everyone else

  • Alexander Umaña
    Alexander Umaña Dia atrás

    This video deserves more views

  • Renee B
    Renee B Dia atrás

    Awwww. The love this song and the video. Warm and cozy cool. 😍

  • Judy Lalrengpuii
    Judy Lalrengpuii Dia atrás


  • Shayhriyar Music ♪
    Shayhriyar Music ♪ Dia atrás +1

    I made a cover of Breathe, hoping if somebody sees it :')

  • tharyeek
    tharyeek Dia atrás

    The song is all about it’s okay to show that you’re hopelessly in love with someone ❤️

    CLAUDIA BELTRAN Dia atrás +1


  • Joseph Sparrow
    Joseph Sparrow Dia atrás

    I don’t like Taylor that much. But this songs reminds me of her old music and I love it.

  • Jagoda Hrynkiewicz
    Jagoda Hrynkiewicz Dia atrás

    see u in poland at 3.07 taylor 💗🥰

  • 김수인
    김수인 Dia atrás +1

    노래 듣는데 눈물이 나는 이유 알고 싶다

  • Maui Anne Taylor
    Maui Anne Taylor Dia atrás


  • JY Chieng
    JY Chieng Dia atrás

    i love u

  • Free Fire- Engin
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  • Tashdid Nazafi
    Tashdid Nazafi Dia atrás

    Subscribe my Channel for love xD

  • Chiara Leandra Duharte Holguin

    I thought I over my crush and then I heard this. Uu....lover.

  • tckv99
    tckv99 Dia atrás

    Like VS Comment
    Comment: Like
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  • ღitsKristianღ
    ღitsKristianღ Dia atrás

    At the first line of her song we do that on our country we start at September to January to our Christmas

  • sendi irham
    sendi irham Dia atrás

    Epic!!!!! I can say that this One is one of her best song 🔥🔥

  • Aizha Pollock
    Aizha Pollock Dia atrás

    Doesn’t everyone leave their Christmas lights up till January? Wth? You waited a whole 4 days. What a free spirit lol