Undertale impaired pt 1 (animation)
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OMFG I'M FINISHED HOLY SHIT 3 MONTHS of drawing AND 2 WHOLE DAYS OF PAINFUL EDITING I DID IT anyway I hope you like it I had fun and YES i will do part two and any others that AbderianBunny makes Twitter; original ..
Eazy Mac - Music For The Visually Impaired (Audio Only)
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Please LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE! Album "Music For The Visually Impaired" out NOW on Itunes: MERCH: EAZY'S LINKS: FACEBOOK: @eazymac403 TWITTER: @eazymacofficial YOUTUB..
Eazy Mac - Music For The Visually Impaired - Short Film
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Please LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE! Album "Music For The Visually Impaired" out NOW on Itunes: MERCH: EAZY'S LINKS: FACEBOOK: @eazymac403 TWITTER: @eazymacofficial YOUTUB..
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Here are some of the struggles I face with having Stargardts Disease. I love to make light of these struggles and share them in a fun kind of way! Be sure to leave your struggles down below! I'm sure some sighted people have these struggles too, lets..
Vision Impaired Shooting | How Does it Work?
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Did you know that athletes with a vision impairment can now officially compete in World Shooting Para Sport?! We talked to some people within the shooting Para sport community at the recent International competition in Hannover, Germany to understand..
Impaired driver crashes in Los Angeles County
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Disclaimer: This driver is not confirmed to be drunk or impaired in anyway. This is speculation, but what I witnessed looked like an impaired driver, whether from substance, medical issues or fatigue. 210 Eastbound-Just west of Pasadena. Cadillac..
Ellen Meets a 10-Year-Old Raising Money for Hearing Impaired
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Braden Baker is hearing impaired, and was inspired by Ellen to start a GoFundMe campaign for those who can't afford hearing aids. Ellen chatted with the 10-year-old about his fundraiser and his mission to help people around the world.
Vision Impaired Classification
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Watch this explainer video to learn all about how vision impaired athletes are classified (in Para alpine skiing and Para Nordic skiing). Be prepared and educated before the next Paralympics - the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Paralympic Games, in South Ko..
Gorgon City - Impaired Vision ft. Tink, Mikky Ekko
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New album, 'Escape', out 10 Aug: Official Video for new single, Impaired Vision Ft. Tink & Mikky Ekko out now on: iTunes - Spotify - Apple Music - Fo..
Eoin Morgan plays Visually Impaired Cricket
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Find out more at England ODI and T20 captain Eoin Morgan feels the pressure as he gets busy with the England visually impaired team. This is the official channel of the ECB. Watch all the latest videos from the England Cricket Team and En..
A Guide To Visually Impaired Judo
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A Guide To Visually Impaired Judo by IBSA Judo and the IJF. Follow the IJF: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to IJF on ..
The National Blind Fashion Show celebrates visually impaired women and their contribution to social
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(5 Oct 2016) VISUALLY-IMPAIRED WOMEN HIT THE RUNWAY DURING PARIS FASHION WEEK Visually-impaired women tackled stereotypes Wednesday (5 OCT. 2016) during the second Blind Fashion Show, taking place on the final day of Paris Fashion Week. The show is..
Badhir News: Special show for hearing impaired, June 19th, 2019
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This is a special segment for hearing impaired which brings to you latest updates of the afternoon. Watch this video to know the latest news stories of the day. About Channel: Zee News is a Hindi news channel with 24 hour coverage. Zee News covers b..
#FanStream Live Session: Visually Impaired, Recurve Open Finals | Donaueschingen 2015
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LIVE coverage of the visually impaired (VI1, VI2/3) and recurve open individual finals at the 2015 World Archery Para Championships in Donaueschingen, Germany. Subscribe now: See more archery at and..
Questions about My Blindness! | VIP Tag - Visually Impaired Person Tag
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I was tagged by Emily (Fashioneyesta) to do the VIP TAG / Visually Impaired Person Tag. Other BRcliprs such as Molly Burke have already done this so I thought I'd give it a go. This is a series of 10 questions about my blindness. The question for th..
The Things You Shouldn't Say or Do to a Visually Impaired Person | Fashioneyesta
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👁 Open Me 👁 Today I'm back with a new video on Things You Shouldn't Say or Do to a Visually Impaired/Blind Person. This video is no intended to offend anyone, but there are a lot of misconceptions towards visual impairment and blindness that I ..
Guide Techniques for people who are blind or visually impaired
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Instruction in The Guide Technique for walking with a person who is blind or visually impaired plus an overview of other self-travel techniques. For more information, call 800-539-4845 or visit;
News for Hearing Impaired
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News for Hearing Impaired
New York Organizes Tandem Biking With The Visually Impaired
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For many, blindness or poor vision can keep them from activities like cycling. But a NYC non-profit called InTandem works to make cycling accessible to everyone. The organization unites sighted New Yorkers with the visually impaired so that everyone ..
What I Love About Being Visually Impaired - The Blind Life
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Discussing some of the things I love about being a VIP! This is The Blind Life! (formerly The Blind Spot) Subscribe: » Facebook: » www..
SmartVision 2 - Smartphone For The Visually Impaired - The Blind Life
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The SmartVision 2 is an Android based smartphone which has been designed for the visually impaired.Click the link below to learn more. Irie AT: ► SmartVision 2 website: ► Sma..
Independent Travel For The Blind And Visually Impaired - The Blind Life
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In this video, I share my systems for traveling independently with vision impairment. We discuss every aspect of traveling including advocating for yourself, navigating the airport, what to do once you get on the plane, and even how to find your bags..
Top 45 Blind and Visually Impaired YouTube Channels of 2019
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Top 45 Blind and Visually Impaired BRclip Channels of 2019 In this video, Matt shares 45 blind and visually impaired BRclip channels in his self promotion project. Over the last few weeks, Matt has been collecting 30 second videos from other blin..
Replacing white sticks with electronic devices: new technologies for the visually impaired
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Translate images into sounds and you have a valuable navigation tool for blind people: increasing their mobility, safety and autonomy. … READ MORE :
The Role and Value of the Teacher of the Visually Impaired
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In this webcast, Marla Runyan walks us through her experience as a child with a visual impairment and the impact of the TVI in her education. As a TVI herself, Marla discusses the importance of making the curriculum not only accessible but also mean..
How I Became Visually Impaired... [CC]
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#LovelyPeopleMerch: The story of how I went blind in one eye and how I cope with it. With added awesome things you can still do regardless! CC on the works, thank you for your patience! What Equipment I Use: These a..
Life-changing glasses for the visually impaired to help navigate the world
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Until now reading aids for the visually impaired and the blind have had limited capabilities. OrCam has launched an intuitive camera-based system intended to give the visually impaired the ability to read, recognize faces, identify objects, locate bu..
Michael Lumb plays visually impaired cricket
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Find out more at England and Nottinghamshire batsman Michael Lumb endured a training session with a difference after linking up with the England Visually Impaired squad. The team were at Edgbaston for a training session ahead of next month..
Classroom Tools for Visually Impaired Students
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VI students in the Wichita Public Schools received tools to aid in instruction. Cessna students were the first to check out a larger than life eye model, while students at Truesdell demonstrated a new, high-tech braille reader.
Braille Trails: Helping the Visually Impaired Experience Nature
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At age 11, Evan Barnard came across a vandalized Braille nature trail, one of the few places in his home state of Georgia where the visually impaired could comfortably explore the outdoors. As he began fixing up the trail and working with the Georgia..
Visually Impaired Qualified For IAS Training at #Mussoorie | LBS National Academy of Administration
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Visually Impaired Person Qualified For IAS Training at #Mussoorie || East Godavari To Mussoorie || Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration For More Latest News, Hindu Dharma Based News Updates : † Subscribe To Bharat Today Official ..
The Blind And Visually Impaired Can Cook!
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Welcome to The Blind Spot! ~ Stargardts Facebook Pages ~
Teaching Math to Students Who are Blind or Visually Impaired
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In this webcast, Susan Osterhaus from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired shares her insights related to instructional strategies and resources for teaching math to students who are blind or visually impaired. She talks about the us..
The Scary Things About Being Visually Impaired | Fashioneyesta
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Greetings Everyone! Welcome back to my latest video on my channel, in todays video I will be talking about some of the scary things about being visually impaired. Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe and check out my other social links below...
12-Year-Old Creates Tools and Technology for the Visually Impaired
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Hari Bhimaraju made a periodic table tool and a prescription label reader. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TW..
BlindShell - Mobile Phone For The Visually Impaired
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BlindShell is a mobile phone designed specifically for the visually impaired. It combines blind friendly features such as a physical Keypad with an easy to use operating system. BlindShell website ► This is The Blin..
Starbucks Opens First Sign Language Store For Deaf and Hearing Impaired Customers
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What’s new at one Starbucks store in Washington D.C. is not what’s on the menu, but how customers order it. Known as the “signing store,” it’s the chain’s first in the United States to cater to deaf and hearing impaired. Download the Rad..
Visually Impaired Awkward Moments
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Being visually impaired comes with plenty of awkward moments. I talk about some that I experience on a regular basis, plus my most embarrassing moment.
Creating Systems For The Blind And Visually Impaired
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Today we're talking about how the blind and visually impaired can create systems to help in their daily lives. A system can be anything from how you separate your socks to the way you fold your money. They don't have to be overly complicated but the..
Visually impaired family defy odds to engage in agriculture
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Today we're talking about how the blind and visually impaired can create systems to help in their daily lives. A system can be anything from how you separate your socks to the way you fold your money. They don't have to be overly complicated but the..
An Overview of the Apple Watch for the Visually Impaired | Life After Sight Loss
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In a recent video, I mentioned a few things that made life a little more accessible for VIP folks. Someone asked on the video (linked below) if I could do one on the Apple Watch. So, here it is! Today, I will go over the following: -The Basics of th..
Cooking Tips 1 - for the Blind and Visually impaired #LiveAccessible
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Join our family as we begin to make breakfast. we are making fried eggs, and sharing a few quick tips not only for eggs, but for cooking in general! Visit our website: Email:, carrie@liveaccessible...
News for Hearing Impaired: Nation celebrates 73rd Independence Day
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Nation celebrates 73rd Independence Day.... Unfurling the National Flag from the ramparts of the Red Fort Prime Minister Narendra Modi says abrogation of Article 370 is a step above politics and in the interests of nation ....says now every Indian..
Visually impaired archers at the 2019 para worlds | Archery News
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Visually impaired archers focus on the same skills of balance and repetition as able-bodied archers - just with an extra challenge. Archery News is presented by TRU Ball / Axcel Archery. More archery at and
Adding Accessibility Features to Apps for Blind and Visually-Impaired Users
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Learn More: Making Apps More Accessible: Testing your App's Accessibility: Join talkback beta: Become a tester: Join the Eyesfree user group and provide feedback: In ..
Guide to Software Engineering for Visually Impaired
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Abrar Sheikh I am a backend Software Engineer at Yelp who uses Python extensively for building Yelps infrastructure and internal tools. I also suffer from a genetic disorder called Albinism which of..
Brennan Carman '20 Demonstrates Web Accessibility For Visually Impaired
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Recently, Yale instituted a new policy aimed at making digital content more accessible to students with disabilities. Here, sophomore Brennan Carman '20, who is visually impaired, demonstrates how a screen reader helps him interpret digital content. ..
Tech 4 Good: A solution for the Visually Impaired
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Accenture Labs in India has developed a smart phone-based assistance solution that uses AI technologies such as image recognition, natural language processing and natural language generation capabilities to describe the environment of a visually impa..
How to Guide a Blind or Visually-Impaired Runner | Running
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In this video, you will discover our advice and techniques for guiding a blind or visually-impaired runner. Take a look at the next video in this chapter of our running program to find out more about running with blind and visually-impaired runners...
6 Best Keyboards For The Visually Impaired 2017
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CLICK FOR WIKI ►► Please Note: Our choices for this wiki may have changed since we published this review video. Our most recent set of reviews in this category, including our select..