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Ellen’s 'Watch Me Work It' Challenge
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Get Schooled
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Dogs Gone Wild
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Brad Pitt Responds to Dax Shepard's Huge Crush
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Ellen Makes Brad Pitt's 12 Days Dreams Come True
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The Star of 'Hustlers' You'll Never Forget
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Reese Witherspoon Channels Oprah with a Giveaway!
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Ellen's Writers Speak the Lyrics at Barnes & Noble
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Ellen in Melissa McCarthy's Ear
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Ellen Celebrates Her Writer Lauren's 40th Birthday
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Ellen Gives Her Own Keynote on the Apple Keynote
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Melissa McCarthy’s Full Interview with Ellen
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Ellen and tWitch Get Down in Their New 'Dos
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Ellen & Her Writer Lauren Go Wig Shopping
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Ellen's Summer Visit with the Royal Baby
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Alyson Stoner Returns After 17 Years
Visualizações 9 mi10 dias atrás
Average Andy at the U.S. Open
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'Epic or Fail': Summertime Radness
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Pennywise Takes a Turn in the New 'IT' Sequel
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A Sneak Peek at Season 17
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BROCKHAMPTON Performs 'Sugar'
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tWitch & Kid Dancer ZaZa Take the Stage - Exclusive
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Ellen Addresses Guest-Host Rumors
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Taye Diggs Got Dating Advice from His Son
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Ellen's CVS Receipt Frustration Continues
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Ellen Reviews the Newest Foldable Phone
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Kind Shoppers Rewarded in 'Karma's a tWitch'
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Dog Days of Summer
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YouTubers Take On Ellen’s 'Burning Questions'
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Ellen Is on Steroids
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Happy Women’s Equality Day!
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Slip Up
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Copy Cat Kids
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Ellen Reviews Products Made Just for Women
Visualizações 1,3 miMês atrás
For Your Amusement
Visualizações 84 milMês atrás
Mini-Me, Myself, and I
Visualizações 147 milMês atrás
Ellen Salutes Your Work Scares
Visualizações 467 milMês atrás
Ellen Is Sick of Being Sick
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Best of 'The Angry Birds Movie 2' Cast
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Ellen Reviews the Oscar Contenders
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Two Cute to Handle
Visualizações 94 milMês atrás
Namastay Outside
Visualizações 65 milMês atrás
'Heads Up!': The Challenge
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The Best of 'Big Little Lies' Cast
Visualizações 97 milMês atrás
'OMKalen': Kalen Reacts, ASMR Edition
Visualizações 123 milMês atrás
The Git Up Challenge
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  • Paola Alexandra Araya Araya
    Paola Alexandra Araya Araya 32 minutos atrás

    CChicago es igual a kim.Chicago is the clon de kim

  • Harsh
    Harsh 32 minutos atrás

    I get only apple ad on this channel

  • Pavel Maliouguine
    Pavel Maliouguine 33 minutos atrás

    Plot twist: It was Meredith

  • Matthew Cody
    Matthew Cody 34 minutos atrás

    Ellen the handler degenerate.

  • gordon rettmann
    gordon rettmann 34 minutos atrás


  • d hart
    d hart 35 minutos atrás

    Should have Jennifer Aniston come out as a surprise guest

  • My weave too tight 35
    My weave too tight 35 35 minutos atrás

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard Ellen laugh so hard with a guest

  • Jolyssa Robledo
    Jolyssa Robledo 36 minutos atrás

    My dog just ate his own poop.. Top that?

  • Paola Alexandra Araya Araya
    Paola Alexandra Araya Araya 37 minutos atrás

    El mas chiquitito es el mas hablador.

  • pavelow
    pavelow 38 minutos atrás

    He loves his wife

  • Speedfighter
    Speedfighter 38 minutos atrás

    the person who wrote the i survived series?

  • Кирилл Шишканов

    I really like Brad Pitt's cap!

  • •Alinaplayzgacha •
    •Alinaplayzgacha • 40 minutos atrás

    this girls r so lucky :(

  • True RomanticMind87
    True RomanticMind87 41 minuto atrás

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm just MAD at HOW he was just cool with it!👍

  • Abc Def
    Abc Def 41 minuto atrás

    Im here in 2019

  • Suela Bislimi
    Suela Bislimi 43 minutos atrás

    Catherin in 3:26 is everything

  • Cindy James
    Cindy James 43 minutos atrás

    Chrissy is iconic 😍😍

  • HelterSkelter
    HelterSkelter 43 minutos atrás

    This is everything wrong with the modern world 😂😂😂

  • Adam Hanly
    Adam Hanly 43 minutos atrás

    this is too cringey.

  • yadiraa
    yadiraa 44 minutos atrás

    So many liberals 🙄

  • Stephany Moreno
    Stephany Moreno 47 minutos atrás

    Awwwww the kids are growing too fast❤️

    TAYLSE MUSIC 47 minutos atrás

    this is a comment under a video

  • Juan Garcia De Ortega
    Juan Garcia De Ortega 47 minutos atrás

    Cures already exist and it's not on big pharmas interests.

  • Barbara Corona
    Barbara Corona 47 minutos atrás

    Get Jensen,Jared and misha on the show

    TAYLSE MUSIC 47 minutos atrás


  • murderoustendencies
    murderoustendencies 49 minutos atrás

    That has got to be the most unflattering outfit since Diana's wedding dress.

  • Barbara Corona
    Barbara Corona 49 minutos atrás

    When is she going to have supernatural on the show

  • Patrick Mcveigh
    Patrick Mcveigh 50 minutos atrás

    He seemed like an aging alcoholic 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Love & Peace
    Love & Peace 50 minutos atrás

    He is so hot .

  • Santi
    Santi 51 minuto atrás

    Naomi is too real.

  • こんにちは
    こんにちは 51 minuto atrás

    I want that hat

  • Wendiline MV
    Wendiline MV 54 minutos atrás

    I love Chrissy she is my spirit animal 💜❤️🧡💛💚💔🖤💓💓💞

  • Samaya Luna
    Samaya Luna 54 minutos atrás

    Camp rock Zack and Cody Cheaper of the dozen 1 and 2 Isabella from Phineas and Ferb Love her she played such good roles

  • J ayee
    J ayee 55 minutos atrás

    *SHE'S REALLY GOOD ! ! !*

  • Spencer Parker
    Spencer Parker 56 minutos atrás

    Hold this L Cordae

  • piyush misra
    piyush misra 56 minutos atrás

    Can anyone please let me know the name of the song playing in the background during Dax's montage? It sounds awfully familiar and yet I just can't seem to remember what's it called!!

  • i hate kpop
    i hate kpop 58 minutos atrás

    Anyone thought it was a pair of airpods because i did

  • Vspunk Jpt
    Vspunk Jpt 58 minutos atrás

    Your show was amazing Ellen keep making people laugh and lots of love from roof of the world🙏🇳🇵♥️

  • Venus Aziara
    Venus Aziara 59 minutos atrás

    I thought this was Katy Perry 😂

  • greg fuzi
    greg fuzi Hora atrás

    Ellen your the best. Such nice things for people. You have a beautiful heart.

  • Aicirt Ollitsac
    Aicirt Ollitsac Hora atrás

    Am I the only one who thinks Ellen is a bully? Always have. 😳🤪🥴

  • Darxx
    Darxx Hora atrás

    I don't trust people who put fullstop at the end of every sentence. They might be serial killers.

  • bpxl53yewz
    bpxl53yewz Hora atrás

    She looks so pretty here. She's so shy. : )

  • Kay G
    Kay G Hora atrás

    Ellen: Let me tell you how to get a man lol

  • Sophia Baky
    Sophia Baky Hora atrás

    *we make you cry a lot*

  • Cyrra M
    Cyrra M Hora atrás

    God looking at these comments now is so funny now that Scott is engaged to another woman

  • i stan way too many groups

    wheres the unseasoned chicken

  • SofIa Garces
    SofIa Garces Hora atrás

    Reese is so cute, and when she told Ellen to please not call Oprah, so funny

  • joelybgood
    joelybgood Hora atrás

    Seeing Maura dance has made my YEAR.. so cute.

  • Dragomir Damaris
    Dragomir Damaris Hora atrás

    I love Brad 😘😘

  • Anew3A3
    Anew3A3 Hora atrás

    I would still get pregnant by him. 😣

  • rural juror
    rural juror Hora atrás

    Suppose she's embarrassed yet?

  • HorseGirlb
    HorseGirlb Hora atrás

    Lol, Ellen was never on the Mentalist

  • Amazing and Happy Vlog

    I thought Judy was in her early 60s

  • Jeyson Serafini
    Jeyson Serafini Hora atrás

    6:19 "Please, Bread Pit"

  • Edgar Cardona
    Edgar Cardona Hora atrás

    Who thinks Brad looks like Noah from The Notebook?

  • Alisi Tuivai
    Alisi Tuivai Hora atrás

    I love you Shia

  • FaZeis TrAsH
    FaZeis TrAsH Hora atrás

    Someone else pls like losing likes :(

  • FaZeis TrAsH
    FaZeis TrAsH Hora atrás

    I don’t get it

  • FaZeis TrAsH
    FaZeis TrAsH Hora atrás


  • Ozara Areebah
    Ozara Areebah Hora atrás

    All the questions asked to Sofia were really difficult but Ellen got super easy ones...

  • lizyongwae
    lizyongwae Hora atrás

    Lol the 1st time am seeing Japanese people claiming a black person.... Aight, I'mma head out!

  • Amy's World
    Amy's World Hora atrás

    Omg on Thursday I'm going to perform a dance with her song😂

  • Kofoworola Shittu
    Kofoworola Shittu Hora atrás

    Ellen and Naomi are like two goofy friends

    SHQIPE Hora atrás

    Dax and Brad should do a movie 🎥 together.. Just putting it out there. It would be something I’d definitely watch👀🍿

  • lizyongwae
    lizyongwae Hora atrás

    Naomi: *I have a crush on you* No, am just kidding Ellen : *Wat do you mean you kidding* 😂😂😂😂 I keeent!

  • Ronja Kallioinen
    Ronja Kallioinen Hora atrás

    Ellen:you dont have to come to the audience for the 12 days show Brad: ... oh...

  • enlightenedapple
    enlightenedapple Hora atrás

    Who’s who who do I shoot who’s the real Brad Pitt?

  • Veronica Leong
    Veronica Leong Hora atrás

    He’s so humble and down to earth and carries himself very well. Much love for Chance 💕

  • macmusikpro
    macmusikpro Hora atrás

    I miss Robin. And the Jafar in this movie is not evil enough.

  • B Size Indian
    B Size Indian Hora atrás


  • Jason Jaimon
    Jason Jaimon Hora atrás

    This video would’ve been so much better without Lele Pons

    K MAMATHA Hora atrás

    I love you ellen

  • Willjane' opinion
    Willjane' opinion Hora atrás

    Brad Pitt is not one of my favourite Actors but he is good at it. He is much better without Angelina.

  • Akio Aslan
    Akio Aslan Hora atrás

    Wait..... Reese is a mom of 2????'' Holly Jesus where i have been

  • Jovinard Pineda
    Jovinard Pineda Hora atrás

    He's like a little man. More mature than other kids. This kid is intelligent.

  • Heidi McMahon
    Heidi McMahon Hora atrás

    Zac and Cody and camp rock ❤️ loved her 😍💯childhood

  • Kaitlyn O
    Kaitlyn O Hora atrás

    I've never seen someone move their arm as fast as the guy giving Ellen the plate when Dax yelled "I CAN'T WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS"

  • anthony boddie
    anthony boddie Hora atrás

    Watch out sister, that it, maybe trying to hit on you.

  • josie g
    josie g Hora atrás

    The whole comments section became a resume for all of Alyson's iconic roles

  • explore 2580
    explore 2580 Hora atrás

    brads a legend although we cant name one movie hes been in

  • Jodi A.
    Jodi A. Hora atrás

    I wish I loved anything as much as Kristen loves sloths.

  • TemporaryFamineShip
    TemporaryFamineShip Hora atrás

    Straight male here. Yup, he's the exception. And maybe Timothee Chalamet. Aaaaand perhaps Andrew Lincoln. Maybe I'm not as straight as I think.

  • Phil D'souza
    Phil D'souza Hora atrás

    Malala Yousafzai is an ISI promoted cnut, who only speaks for Mohammadans but not a word about the plight of thousands of girls, as young as 12 years, from the minority Christian, Hindu and Sikh communities in Pakistan, who are forcibly abducted, sexually assaulted and converted to Islam.

  • Akio Aslan
    Akio Aslan Hora atrás

    He is so good

  • Charnesha
    Charnesha Hora atrás

    Brad is still Gorgeous 😍😍

  • Big Whyte
    Big Whyte Hora atrás

    I thought it was Tom cruise. In his tropic thunder look lol

  • Agnes Malik
    Agnes Malik Hora atrás


  • Makeuby Coconut
    Makeuby Coconut Hora atrás

    Bring hem again plezz

  • Robin Stone
    Robin Stone Hora atrás

    When I first saw billi we those shorts are way to baggy 2 yrs tater ewwwwwwwwwwww those pants and too skinny

  • Sinaluki Kastro
    Sinaluki Kastro Hora atrás


  • Opulent ‘OD’ Divinity

    I love Kylie

  • Lauren
    Lauren Hora atrás

    After binge watching the Dallas cowboys cheerleaders show, it’s refreshing to see a diverse group of girls, and all the positivity in the room- not just from the girls, but the coaches as well

  • Me. Cook
    Me. Cook Hora atrás

    Can Kristen and fax get there own show pleassseee!!

  • White Ranger Tiger Power

    But yea you get what ya give lol it had to happen

  • Hollywood
    Hollywood Hora atrás

    He is not a good stage performer...what was that?!

  • Igor Paiva
    Igor Paiva Hora atrás

    This power of your voice!!!! Amazing ❤️

  • Miss O.P.
    Miss O.P. Hora atrás

    I wish they would let him eat at the end?

  • Dennis White
    Dennis White Hora atrás

    I'm sorry, but who's the girl with the legs two rows behind him?

  • Cyn Moore
    Cyn Moore Hora atrás

    Are these tears? When did I get all sappy?!