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Universe in 2020 | Dev Video - League of Legends
Visualizações 2,3 mi22 dias atrás
Season 2020 Teaser | League of Legends
Visualizações 2,8 mi22 dias atrás
Clash | Theme Song - League of Legends
Visualizações 789 mil2 meses atrás
Clash Explained | Clash - League of Legends
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What is Teamfight Tactics? Told by Nevercake
Visualizações 2,5 mi2 meses atrás
League 10-Year | Live from Europe
Visualizações 217 mil3 meses atrás
Dev Doodles: K/DA | League of Legends
Visualizações 1,2 mi3 meses atrás
League of Legends Origins | Documentary Trailer
Visualizações 221 mil3 meses atrás
Ten Years | Anniversary 2019 - League of Legends
Visualizações 384 mil3 meses atrás
Making of Phoenix | Worlds 2019 - League of Legends
Visualizações 823 mil3 meses atrás
Pantheon Gameplay Preview | League of Legends
Visualizações 2,6 mi6 meses atrás
Dark Cosmic Jhin | Login Screen - League of Legends
Visualizações 789 mil7 meses atrás
Dark Star 2019 | Skins Trailer - League of Legends
Visualizações 640 mil7 meses atrás
Qiyana: Empress of the Elements | Champion Trailer
Visualizações 2,2 mi7 meses atrás
Mordekaiser Gameplay Preview | League of Legends
Visualizações 2,3 mi8 meses atrás
Glory | 2019 League of Legends College Championship
Visualizações 280 mil8 meses atrás
Behind the Scenes | Giving Yuumi a Voice
Visualizações 332 mil8 meses atrás
League of Legends: Lux | Comic Series Preview
Visualizações 744 mil9 meses atrás
Cats VS Dogs | Skins Trailer - League of Legends
Visualizações 1,2 mi10 meses atrás
Cats VS Dogs | Login Screen - League of Legends
Visualizações 361 mil10 meses atrás


  • Kahaplayz Gaming
    Kahaplayz Gaming 5 horas atrás

    Yasuo: T poses BRclip: *200 IQ*

  • Ahmad Abusamieh
    Ahmad Abusamieh 5 horas atrás

    RIP Mamba

  • Fernanda hatake
    Fernanda hatake 5 horas atrás

    coisa maravilhosa

  • el señor humo 9
    el señor humo 9 5 horas atrás

    confirmamos aurelion sol egg

  • chuckles de clown
    chuckles de clown 5 horas atrás

    report fleg for feeding.

  • Lou
    Lou 6 horas atrás

    Since TWO YEARS I only come for URF - otherwise I wouldn't play League anymore at all. I wanted to play my main Azir ONCE - AND NEVER GOT HIM BECAUSE OF THE "ALL RANDOM" - and now - now I finally got him - and a teammate left because he didn't get the Champ he wanted. Azir gone. This crushed me. The "all random" in combination with the "limited timeframe" of urf crushed my faith in LoL. You are hurting me. I paid 320€ since Season 3...

  • Antonino Pollina
    Antonino Pollina 6 horas atrás

    remember when league of legends wasn't a game 100% designed to appeal to china and korea? Back in the days when champions were released regularly once a month, game was patched trying (trying) to make sense and you did not need to play 50 games to get enough ingame currency to get a new champion?


    This clip got so many people to know about The Word Alive

  • Neru Nguyen
    Neru Nguyen 6 horas atrás

    Lux: Used magic to call for Galio and eradicate Babarian army to defend Demacia. Demacian Soldiers: Hey! Isn't that illegal?

  • burak yavas
    burak yavas 6 horas atrás

    Leage of legends or series of legends?

  • ka Ra
    ka Ra 6 horas atrás

    2:28 "now kiss" 🤣

  • Thịnh cao
    Thịnh cao 6 horas atrás

    Soo basically power rangers

    RANZOT 6 horas atrás


  • Thịnh cao
    Thịnh cao 6 horas atrás

    Now can riot make a movie now

  • Maria dos anjos
    Maria dos anjos 6 horas atrás

    Oshi que jossa é essa carai fi os br e loco

  • Martial Arts Peephole
    Martial Arts Peephole 6 horas atrás

    2020 check

  • Little Girl
    Little Girl 6 horas atrás


  • GG MOoN
    GG MOoN 6 horas atrás

    Rito Gomes planejam fazer um filme n? Todo mundo quer isso

  • aaron sedillo
    aaron sedillo 6 horas atrás

    Rip kobe Bryant and gigi Bryant rest in peace Legends never died

  • Diego Sigua
    Diego Sigua 6 horas atrás

    Leave no man behind!!!

  • XN3KO dündar
    XN3KO dündar 6 horas atrás


  • Sharlytzssx Pandulce uwu
    Sharlytzssx Pandulce uwu 6 horas atrás

    Akali: *raps* RIOT: nerf akali

    ITACHI UCHIHA 6 horas atrás

    Thanos kids

  • Allen Gomez
    Allen Gomez 6 horas atrás

    SÚPER COOL!!!!!!

  • Lavin LuLu
    Lavin LuLu 6 horas atrás

    작화보면 그림쟁이들이 얼마나 갈렸는지 알수 있는 작화임.... 존경스럽다

  • Asian_power27
    Asian_power27 7 horas atrás

    Legends never die? RIP Kobe the legend

  • DredgeX97
    DredgeX97 7 horas atrás

    Man, this is way better than Taylor Swift's, "Bad Blood".

    LUC4S GAMES 7 horas atrás

    Why BRclip recomend this for me ?

  • Ariene Stefany Vargas Castedo

    Me encanta

  • Dean Mu
    Dean Mu 7 horas atrás


  • Charlaine Rivera
    Charlaine Rivera 7 horas atrás

    Bring Soyeon back for 2020 opening ceremony

  • Justin FONTAINE
    Justin FONTAINE 7 horas atrás

    Seriously as a support main, I love this champ

  • rani siboniyo
    rani siboniyo 7 horas atrás

    Hi my Name is Rani LoL🐱🐹🐰🦥

  • CS gediegen
    CS gediegen 7 horas atrás


  • Staghein
    Staghein 7 horas atrás

    T h a n k s I l o v e it

  • rafael bretas
    rafael bretas 7 horas atrás

    3:04 Kaisa forgot to pose.

  • Manny Muchacho
    Manny Muchacho 7 horas atrás


  • 조현오
    조현오 7 horas atrás

    He got gold rank 2020 rice!

  • Swaroop gamer
    Swaroop gamer 7 horas atrás

    Who love this song like here 👇👇👇👇

  • Alan Román
    Alan Román 7 horas atrás

    Le hicieron la media raja a la Qiyana XD

    CHARA 7 horas atrás


  • Geo Nif
    Geo Nif 7 horas atrás

    Lastima que el juego sea una basura

  • Ho_oH
    Ho_oH 7 horas atrás

    "Imagine if I had a real weapon."

  • FeLowwy99
    FeLowwy99 7 horas atrás

    Me: Bro, can I have a cigarette? My friend: so are you gonna die today or make it out alive

  • Niko Yukinon
    Niko Yukinon 7 horas atrás

    So it was a *great* song and all (plus the fantastic visuals), but is no one going to talk about that one dude vibing in the background at 1:54?

  • 김용규
    김용규 7 horas atrás

    Kda zoe

  • 112
    112 7 horas atrás

    legends never die

  • God Win
    God Win 7 horas atrás

    I Love KDA

  • Sohum Khaladkar
    Sohum Khaladkar 7 horas atrás

    I dedicate this song to a fallen legend. His name is Kobe Bryant

  • God Win
    God Win 7 horas atrás


  • Matheus Lanerre
    Matheus Lanerre 7 horas atrás

    So, not one single white person in this group??? That's a revolution right here!

  • Kaidan Thibert
    Kaidan Thibert 7 horas atrás

    wana go on youtube and lmao but not get the game theres a champion for that

  • Shad Anims 2
    Shad Anims 2 8 horas atrás

    "Mamba out" -Kobe

  • Randall Articulo
    Randall Articulo 8 horas atrás

    Im Shock till the end

  • Samet Yenme
    Samet Yenme 8 horas atrás

    lan ezreal duvardan geçiyo kaisa niye geldi oha riot rep aq

  • H Toufik
    H Toufik 8 horas atrás


  • Tearlicia
    Tearlicia 8 horas atrás

    Rip kobe bryant

  • Tyler Fun
    Tyler Fun 8 horas atrás

    I always wondered what happened to Sloth after The Goonies. Guess he started working for Riot.

  • inisial R
    inisial R 8 horas atrás

    stranger things season 5

    DERP FACE 8 horas atrás

    when i heard kobe byrants death i thinks of this song, one of the world most legendary basket ball player, also an inspiration to alot of people to not give up, a definition of a legend, and legend never die, they become a part of us

  • Paulo Henrique
    Paulo Henrique 8 horas atrás

    Ehhhhh..... garena ainda não conseguiu chegar no patamar dos grupos do lol kkkkk

    • Rebeca Marini
      Rebeca Marini 6 horas atrás

      Boi fêmea ???? Eu jogo ff e acho lol incrível ( não jogo por motivos de não ter pc ) eu só falei que era da mesma empresa (não tô defendendo até pq foi cópia sim kkk) só comentei que é da mesma empresa

    • ωєѕlєу ѕιlνα 韦斯
      ωєѕlєу ѕιlνα 韦斯 7 horas atrás

      @Rebeca Marini Calma lá boi fêmea, só num vai dar golpe de chifre no cara kkkkk. Garena é dona do Lol mas a Tercent e a Riot possuem a maior parte das ações do League, além disso e o Lol da Garena é horrível, se dependesse só dela, ele nunca faria tão sucesso quanto faz hoje. Quem sabe quando lançar o Lol mobile ela consegue...

    • Paulo Henrique
      Paulo Henrique 7 horas atrás

      @Rebeca Marini A Tencent é dona do lol, a garena apenas distribui o lol na china (se eu não me engano)

    • Rebeca Marini
      Rebeca Marini 7 horas atrás

      Amado ???? A Garena é dono do LOL

  • Elsy Dealmonte
    Elsy Dealmonte 8 horas atrás

    Sleeping gaints fave part

  • Vera Sotelo
    Vera Sotelo 8 horas atrás

    Chido ritmo ❤😘😎

  • Eavan Light
    Eavan Light 8 horas atrás

    Why would you as a person with a gun come closer to a person?

  • Apenas um enjoado
    Apenas um enjoado 8 horas atrás

    só eu que achei o cara do inicio igual o super shock? kkkk musica e animacao mt topp ❤❤❤

  • kitty Senpai
    kitty Senpai 8 horas atrás

    Ótimo trabalho amei 💕💕

  • TheRealLoneLynx
    TheRealLoneLynx 8 horas atrás

    Urgot player: TIME TO DIE! Vi player: Takes off glove. Urgot player: PLZ NERF.

  • 파국에하랜
    파국에하랜 8 horas atrás

    가렌말고 라이즈였으면 마지막에 짱멋질텐데 ㅜ

  • Crimson _Elite
    Crimson _Elite 8 horas atrás

    I'm just imagining Nautilus laughing inside while he's in a 3v1

  • Apolo 9414
    Apolo 9414 8 horas atrás


  • Janko Kotur
    Janko Kotur 8 horas atrás

    2020 needs a little bit of panic, kpop is taking over

  • 深蹲俠
    深蹲俠 8 horas atrás

    manba never die. R.I.P

  • Kaneboy
    Kaneboy 8 horas atrás


  • TheGodron
    TheGodron 8 horas atrás

    Legends Never Die...Kobe, your legacy lives on forever...

  • Snake Death
    Snake Death 9 horas atrás

    Cadê o Brasil Faltou idioma aí em 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Erik Lehnsherr
    Erik Lehnsherr 9 horas atrás

    KOBE BEAN BRYANT, you will never, ever die, coz you live in the hearts of sports fans everywhere.

  • Joshua.17
    Joshua.17 9 horas atrás

    Imagine dragons : Are we a joke to you

  • Erik Lehnsherr
    Erik Lehnsherr 9 horas atrás

    KOBE BEAN BRYANT! Legends never die, Mamba. Forever greatest.

  • —;s t a r l i g h t
    —;s t a r l i g h t 9 horas atrás

    Plot twist: All the tf was for get the blue.

  • Yasser Alluqmani
    Yasser Alluqmani 9 horas atrás

    ياخي كل ما اسمعها اتذكر شونق بونق♥️🤣

  • MaddyBanana Gacha76
    MaddyBanana Gacha76 9 horas atrás

    Legends do die Kobe 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sorgulayan Budist
    Sorgulayan Budist 9 horas atrás

    Iron 4

  • Willian dos santos
    Willian dos santos 9 horas atrás

    Best cinematic <3

  • Zael Heimricht
    Zael Heimricht 9 horas atrás

    *Mordekaisee es numer uno* *HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE*

  • BORG3S
    BORG3S 9 horas atrás

    Em quanto isso continua o cliente bugadao lag a Mill fps dando drop tá ótimo

  • 0.1늑대맛 치킨
    0.1늑대맛 치킨 9 horas atrás


  • Praise the sun *-*
    Praise the sun *-* 9 horas atrás

    And then you go and install it, and looks like a 90's game lmao

  • BaDi max
    BaDi max 9 horas atrás

    4:04 all normal playera love this moment

  • Clad16
    Clad16 9 horas atrás

    1:06 Just noticed the detail sylas took his magic at this moment